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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Sunday 24 June


How many of life's questions are unanswered? Aha! That question itself is questionable. We can spend lifetimes trying to find answers to rhetoric questions when we should spot and appreciate the magic that exists within what's refutable. As fun as puzzles might be to ponder, there's no point inflicting headaches upon ourselves through trying to solve them. Bear that in mind now. Rather than dissect a situation for an answer, try to accept what's worthy of appreciating as it is.


When explaining a goal that fires you up with motivation and desire, you must feel a bit like a chef explaining the complexity of breaking an egg. You wonder why something so straightforward needs to be made clear or justified. If someone doesn't share your enthusiasm in some way or connect with what inspires you, then don't let that become your problem. Your goal is your mission, not theirs.


Years ago, a popular mobile phone company promoted the point about how an important phone message left via an untrustworthy phone connection could be misinterpreted. All it takes is one word to be unheard and a crucial message like 'I'm not leaving without you' takes on a very different meaning. That's why it's important you take care when conveying yourself now. One simple oversight can be a catalyst for confusion.


If ignorance is supposed to be 'bliss' and knowledge brings 'power,' which would you prefer? You might not be as fully 'in the picture' as you wish you were but can trust certain information is finding its way to you when it's appropriate to receive it. Don't believe you're in a disadvantaged position through not knowing something you wish you knew more about. You'll soon discover 'ignorance' is replaced with 'power.'


People seen by others to be skilled at what they do are often approached for help, support or advice. This makes such people constantly in demand in some way. Try to bear that in mind as pressure increases for your input or support. It probably has much to do with the confidence you emit - and a good job you're doing in some way! Be more concerned if others didn't want your time and input.


Enthusiasm and confidence must be balanced evenly. We can feel enthusiastic, but a lack of confidence can bring a halt to pursuing what makes us feel so excited. Your enthusiasm for something is genuine and deserves to be nurtured. What's needed is a boost to your confidence. The cosmos is determined to assist you to get the balance right.


You might feel it's increasingly necessary to put your foot down where a demanding or draining situation is concerned. Where your patience or possibly other resources have been tested and depleted, it might be time to make clear what you've had enough of. By doing so, you're not selfish or insensitive. You'll be sending out a clear message that needs to be finally understood.


Riding a bicycle is an ability that, once learned, is rarely forgotten. When learning, something 'clicked' eventually and we grasped the concept of a logical process. Similarly, something you believe yourself unable to do can be learned just as easily. All you need to do is spot the logic that plays an essential part in accomplishing it.


It can be easy and, at times, feel appropriate to 'turn a blind eye' to some situations. This tends to be particularly true when we feel we might be at risk of making a bigger deal of an issue than is necessary. For some time, you've chosen to ignore a situation in your world, but it might be something you're not able to disregard for much longer. Your input is needed, so be willing to intervene or face what has been avoided.


Someone might believe you're 'the right person for the job,' but you could be unsure if it's something you want to involve yourself with. You could be right with spotting how someone can gain more from your input or assistance than you will. An agreement or arrangement might need to be tweaked to suit you better. Trust what your instincts tell you before you commit yourself. Give proper thought to what doing so will mean.


Some conversations have positive outcomes because one person knows what another wants to hear. One side steers a discussion in a way that appeases the other. Salespeople are often skilled at doing this, but the process must always involve the person steering the exchange being willing to listen closely for clues given by the other person about what they need to hear. If you can do that now, then you can successfully maneuver a conversation in your favor.


We should, at times, be grateful for indecisiveness. It helps with resisting an urge to make decisions impulsively. Rather than become frustrated with options available to you in a particular area, try to look at how you're encouraged to assess each properly. Don't confuse this with indecisiveness. You'll soon see how doing so is helpful in ensuring you choose and pursue the right option for you.


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