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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Tuesday 27 June


If you're feeling any tension in any area of your world, then it could be intensified now. What's likely needed on your part is a preventative measure to keep a certain tense scenario from escalating. The only effort this requires from you is a willingness to speak openly and honestly. If any issue or topics are left to remain concealed, then they'll emerge with a vengeance later.


You might be considering the pros and cons of an impulsive action or one that goes against the natural grain of how you'd normally deal or cope with a particular situation. You want to take what believe to be an exciting and possibly crucial step forward in one way yet are determined to cling to what's familiar in another. The more patient you can be now, the more grateful you'll be for having done so later.


A long term goal could be a focal point and you might need to be honest about whether you're being effective or efficient where pursuing it is concerned, as there is a difference between the two. You don't want to make effort sporadically but might have concerns that not doing enough isn't going to bring the result you need. The cold, harsh fact is, something is moving forward, it is progressing. Don't succumb to a belief that doing more will speed this process up.


You've invested plenty of effort and faith in a particular plan or project and want now to see what the investment of both has brought you. Where you might be wanting acknowledgment, recognition or praise, all you might be hearing is the rustling of tumbleweeds. Don't misinterpret silence or a lack of response as having wasted time or effort. You'll soon be aware of the level of momentum you have created in some way.


A certain goal or aspiration close to your heart might need to be revised or reasons might present themselves as to why it must be delayed. Don't take this as a sign to throw in the proverbial towel and focus time and effort elsewhere. There's no need to go back to the drawing board, either. All that's needed is a tweak that takes into account circumstances that exist now that didn't exist before. You have progressed and matured and your goal now needs to do similarly.


Your desire to speak nothing but the truth to a certain person could be intense or packing more of a punch than you realize. You might understandably want to make an impact or possibly ensure what's said forms a magical or memorable moment but the recipient of your words could find them overpowering. A gentle and mellow approach will have a much better effect. Try both.


A relationship or commitment of some kind might require you to gauge someone else's feelings or intentions before revealing your own. As much as you might want to lay proverbial cards on a table and make clear what you think and feel, you'll need to be guided by a vibe someone else is giving first. If now isn't the right time to state your case or instigate a deeper discussion, then that will likely become clear by allowing someone space to communicate openly with you.


The past might appear to be firmly entrenched there where your involvement with a certain person is concerned but you do have a chance to put something right that went wrong some time ago. You could be pleasantly surprised by how they react to the extending of an olive branch, too. Your motives and intentions are genuine and that's all they need to know to make progress or bring closure.


The current cosmic climate is providing solid ground for you to express yourself clearly and in a way that facilitates a greater depth of understanding. Just guard against focusing your expressive efforts in an intense way to a certain person. Believing it's best to leave absolutely nothing left unsaid removes the magic that comes from being a bit more reserved, restrained – or mysterious!


You could teach lessons on restraint to others if you had to but might struggle now to take your own advice on board where keeping certain thoughts, feelings or emotions in check is concerned. You might feel you're reaching a breaking point with suppressing something that needs to be released. Intense feelings could be brewing. Release them in a calm and measured way and will be fine.


If a feeling or urge to do something completely off the wall or unorthodox is becoming stronger, then allow it to emerge. You're being encouraged to reveal your uniqueness in some way and it's time others truly understood what a unique individual you are. Expressing yourself requires you to be your authentic self and that might be overdue.


You can likely see clearly what you want to see happen on the work or career front but might be aware of how the time isn't right to take the step you want to take. Progress appears to rely on the cooperation or support of someone who might not yet be in a position to provide either. The right time will present itself soon for you to ask that question but, for now, use this time to get your spiel watertight.


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