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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 20 July 2018


It could become apparent this week that a decision isn't as set in stone as you believed it to be. This could be due to someone not necessarily having a change of heart but drawing your attention to how their hands are tied, or they're at the mercy of someone else before they can agree to what you want from them. In the meantime, allow yourself to consider a more creative or unique way to boost your earnings. You could be pushed a particular direction to do so and resisting this might not be in your best interests.


You'll need to be shrewd and cautious this week. One or two individuals could see your caring and accepting nature as a weakness, or you could believe them to be more loving or generous than they are. This isn't a week to accept offers or commit yourself without allowing your instincts to have a loud voice about what or who you're committing to. The main areas where deceptiveness could occur involve both love and money. If you sense all isn't as it appears or something suggested or proposed sounds too good to be true, then that's likely to be the case.


You could feel as if something is finally going your way in an area of your world where delays and restrictions have been rife recently. That's why it's important to embrace the boost to your confidence this brings, rather than be wary of it. However, progress requires small steps, not excessive strides. Whatever unfolds this week is probably the result of having pushed your luck in the past. You don't need to create a big, 'new' solution. All you need to do is focus a bit more confidence into a solution you've already implemented. If you give itself a chance to work, then it won't disappoint you.


This week, your desire to do something differently could cause you to be unconcerned about what anyone else thinks. You might even take pleasure in 'standing out from the crowd' or displaying eccentric qualities you're proud of. However, your determination to be seen to differently could come across as overpowering. Someone might even believe you're deliberately challenging or provoking them. What you might regard as playfulness, one or two others could be offended by. Try to keep others' sensitivities in mind, even if you think they're too sensitive.


People who excel at something or possess an extraordinary gift don't always feel it's necessary to make everyone aware of their abilities. It's often the humblest people who possess the most powerful talents. You undoubtedly have many reasons to draw others' attention to what you can do or are capable of but might experience a rare lack of confidence in doing so. This week, summon confidence and believe that others in your world want to hear about what you can offer. Better still, they'd like to see it for themselves. Seize a chance to truly shine this week.


There is always something enormously satisfying about words that flow effortlessly from our minds or mouths. There's something even more satisfying when what we say in whatever way we convey it touches someone deeply. Whether it's an idea you share with a certain person this week or effort made to speak from the depths of your heart to bring comfort to their world, something heartwarming can occur. Your confidence is likely to be boosted delightfully and help you to convey yourself lovingly and reassuringly. Someone will love you even more for it.


This week, try not to focus on or take too seriously any fluctuations in your self-image or self-esteem. Both could be due to you setting some unrealistic expectations about what someone else expects of you. As Venus forms a tense link with Neptune, you could believe you must invest far more effort than is necessary to gain someone's praise or affection. Accept that the person you're keen to impress loves you already for who you are. If there's one person you should make an effort show more love toward, it's yourself. The more you connect with and share the deep levels of compassion and sensitivity within you, the more you'll see both returned to you


This week, your head might convey one message, and your heart might have a completely different agenda. Therefore, it's important to see a situation accurately by removing rose-tinted glasses. What's seen in a distorted or unrealistic way is likely to be the source of any tension or confusion this week. However, if you're willing to summon as much objectivity as possible and be honest about the reality of what you're dealing with, then you will identify a practical solution that you'll be both happy and relieved with.


You could be aware of how certain ideas and aspirations are increasing in size and strength. The cosmos is encouraging you to think bigger, bolder and to venture into new or unexplored territory. All would be fine if you weren't so determined to cling to what's familiar or comfortable. This is hampering your ability to take your powerful visions a step further. You'd love to do so but appear to be nurturing an obligation to a routine or something you believe offers comfort. This week, the cosmos intends to make you a bit less comfortable. Trust that is necessary if you're going to turn one cherished vision into something real.


To transform an area of your world that you want to experience significant change within, you're going to have to be a bit clever, or possibly cleverer. You might see clearly the result you want and might also be considering the same, tried and tested methods that achieved a similar result in the past. However, what 'worked' then is probably unlikely to 'work' this time around. You can probably sense how you're being encouraged to remove yourself from a comfort zone to pursue untried ways of bringing an improvement to your world, possibly money-related, and a greater sense of security generally. See what events this week bring regarding that first, crucial step.


Change you're keen to introduce to an area of your world would probably be easier if it affected only you. In truth, you appear to have someone else's needs to take into account, and this could be a source of frustration, even if you choose to conceal it. However, it's by considering the needs of this person or your obligation to them that you can gain a clearer idea of precisely what needs to change. Seeing it strictly from your perspective has resulted in you being focused on your needs. When you consider those of another individual, you could see they're not as far-removed from yours as you thought. What suits them will ultimately suit you too.


As a particularly gifted and talented individual, you understand the need to allow your imagination to roam freely. People born under your sign are known to create creative masterpieces when it is allowed to have the freedom it needs. It's probably understandable that you dislike having to rein your imagination in sometimes and return back to Earth, where the world is unlikely to be as colorful and ethereal as the one you prefer to dwell in. This week, you could experience the need to curtail your imagination. Fortunately, this is likely to be brief, but it is necessary. You could be at risk of seeing something too idealistically, and the cosmos is keen for you to see it logically and sensibly. Be willing to oblige it. It's for your benefit, after all.


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