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Monthly Chatty Style Horoscopes - July 2018


When we struggle to make progress, we're reminded of the sayings about 'wading through treacle' or 'walking through concrete.' Although there will likely be times during July that you feel as if making progress in key areas of your world reminds you of both, the progress you do make will be far-reaching and enormously satisfying. Overcoming obstacles will require a bit more patience, determination, and strength than you might be used to summoning. However, you could discover, to your delight, how easily obstacles become removed with the right levels of each.


A sense of rebelliousness could grow strong, but it's important you make the distinction between being adventurous and reckless. Fortunately, the cosmos is assisting you to bend a rule or two constructively instead of carelessly or foolishly. 'Sticking to the rules' in a certain area of your world might have resulted only in obstacles presenting themselves so far. That's why you're likely to feel pushed to consider the alternative. Coming weeks bring a chance to break free of a restriction, but this liberating experience will need to be handled with care. Be a rebel but with a carefully thought-through cause.


Think of all the fantastic, life-changing inventions that have transformed millions of peoples' lives that nobody would have been aware of had inventors kept ideas to themselves for fear of being laughed at. We all experience, from time to time, ideas that make perfect sense to us, but we believe might be subjected to criticism or ridicule if we shared them. This month, you could find yourself nurturing a powerful vision that you're confident could become real. However, keeping this in the realms of fantasy will prevent this from happening. It needs and deserves sharing. The sooner you do, the sooner a process can get underway to realize it.


You have a clear and perhaps fixed idea about what you want from others. You might also believe you know what's best for them, too. Life would be much simpler if everyone simply agreed with you, but human beings are fickle creatures. They don't take kindly to being told what to do, even if someone has their best interests at heart. During July, you might feel as if one or two people are deliberately ignoring ways you want your relationship with them to progress and strengthen. Fortunately, this opens up new lines of communication between you and allows new levels of understanding to be reached.


This month, you're likely to find yourself looking more closely at an option or opportunity you dismissed in the past. Perhaps, the time wasn't right to pursue it previously, but it could hold considerably more appeal during coming weeks. However, as the month progresses, you could feel pushed to turn a thought or vision into something real. The first half of July is all about reconnecting with an idea and seeing the new level of potential it holds. The second half will be about taking steps to transform it into something tangible - and immensely delightful!


July heralds a period when you might feel as if you possess a Midas Touch. Much of what you pursue has a strong chance of becoming 'golden.' However, we can all become suspicious of developments that go 'our way.' We look for 'catches' or 'traps' that confirm our reasons to be apprehensive or doubtful. This month, you have fantastic cosmic support that can alleviate such thoughts. A tremendous boost to your confidence – possibly due to the surge of love, affection, and appreciation permeating your world – can work some real magic during coming weeks. Embrace it, don't be mistrustful of it.


Countless Klondike gold prospectors in the 1800s dug for years without finding a single nugget and sold their mines for a pittance to someone who struck gold within one day. Sometimes, we're oblivious to how close we are to success, and it's important to bear that in mind during July. Your optimism and enthusiasm toward an idea or plan aren't misplaced, even if it feels as if progress involves one step forward and three steps back. You'll soon feel less frustrated by any apparent backward steps and excited by the tangible and delightful results that come from the steps forward you make. All you need to do is continue to allow faith to override doubts.


One interesting point about luck is, it tends to look very much like something we've earned. That confirms the saying about 'luck' standing for 'labor under constructive knowledge.' Recently, you might have felt as if luck has been busy working its magic on everyone else and determined to ignore you. Where you have allowed pessimism to have too loud a voice, it's time to start heeding the voice of optimism. Coming weeks bring more than one opportunity to feel assured and positive. At long last, your luck is about to change.


Happiness, we're told, is a state of mind. We either make ourselves miserable or choose to be strong and happy. The amount of effort required is the same. However, this month, a small shift in attitude can make a huge difference to more than one area of your world. Fortunately, you won't have to make a huge effort to bring the changes you've wanted to see happen recently. Coming weeks bring tangible reasons to feel more optimistic and buoyant. The only magic involved with these surrounds some very real reasons to adopt a positive attitude toward what you might have felt pessimistic or doubtful toward recently. It's time to let some sunshine permeate your world.


Being a practical and methodical person, you tend to have fixed ideas about how something should be done to achieve a specific result. That works well – most of the time. However, there are times when you find yourself thrown by developments that arise out of the blue that you didn't anticipate and can, wrongly and unfairly, see these as unwelcome setbacks. This month, be appreciative of what doesn't go completely to plan. You've done a superb job of getting essential foundations in place to bring something you want. However, the cosmos has a trick up its sleeve that can bring you what you need. Give it a chance to support you in the fantastic ways it's determined to.


This is a month to 'roll with changes.' As a sign more welcoming of change than most, you shouldn't struggle to do so, but even you have your limits regarding how much change you can deal with at any given time. However, the good news is, you understand ways in which change equals progression. Without change, we remain stuck in stagnant situations, and that's something the cosmos is keen to address on your behalf. That's why it's essential you view changes unfolding in your world curiously and positively. Each offers something magical in its own way and coming weeks can be transformative if you simply embrace what occurs rather than resist or question it.


This month, you could be aware of an increase in options in more than one area of your world. Normally, you can probably rely on your sharp instincts to help you make the best selections but, this month, it might feel as if your intuition is struggling to get a signal. This means a decision-making process is likely to be hampered, leaving you feeling confused about whether you're taking sensible steps in the right direction. However, all that matters is that you take small steps, even if they're taken cautiously or apprehensively. That will prove to be much more effective than trying to take strides, as you'll discover for yourself.


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