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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 20 July 2018


Any nervousness or anxiety you feel about your current love life circumstances will likely be short-lived. If anything, you have so many reasons to feel optimistic about what's changing, rather than daunted by or defensive toward it. Welcome any changes occurring with affairs of the heart. They are a clear indication of a certain connection deepening, even if you're aware of the increased responsibilities or obligations that accompany them.


You might have experienced a Eureka Moment recently where a certain commitment or relationship is concerned, and the coming week brings the second chapter regarding this. Piece by piece, you're forming a more accurate and realistic picture regarding where you stand with someone. This might alter your perception of some them but in a positive way. You're about to have a clearer idea of what someone wants and needs from you, and this will help you to become clearer about whether you can – or want to – provide it.


We know we cannot recreate 'a good thing,' regardless of how much effort we make to create circumstances that are identical to what they were previously. Doing so is impossible which also makes it futile and therefore unnecessary. As keen as you might be to cast your mind to the past and want to relive or revive a previous experience connected with affairs of the heart, look instead at the very promising circumstances on offer in the present. Something you'll look back fondly upon in the future can happen now.


You might be aware of how a certain person is paying you 'lip service' in some way. There might not be anything deceitful about this. If anything, their ability to tell you what they think you want or need to hear is reflective of how tuned in to your needs they are. However, talk, as they say, is cheap. You're aware of what someone says or promises. However, if you can be patient and give someone a chance to support words with actions, then, very soon, you will feel more reassured and optimistic about the future of one special connection.


Recent events might have brought some level of confusion regarding where you stand with a certain person or if you're able to offer what they need from you. Although all might feel hunky dory on a basic level, an issue might have existed on a deeper level. Events this week could bring more confusion or doubts. However, without either, you probably wouldn't be experiencing the depth of personal exploration you're experiencing. You're asking yourself the right questions about your romantic or relationship needs. Finally, answers look set to outnumber these.


For many reasons, both obvious and unobvious, life tends to teach us the most valuable lessons through love. Nothing teaches us more about human experience than our closest interactions with others and you appear to be experiencing a learning curve of sorts where affairs of the heart are concerned. Fortunately, this has been timed brilliantly with Venus in your sign, which makes the experience sweeter than it might have been otherwise. However, having the planet of love helping you to learn something valuable about your connection with someone else can make this week potentially memorable for many lovely reasons.


Where affairs of the heart are concerned this week, the sky implies you have plenty of reasons to be appreciative of what you have, rather than focus on what you believe is missing. However, it's what you believe is missing that can drain much of your energy and focus. That doesn't mean you aren't grateful for the amount of love that exists in your world, but you appear to want to experience something deeper, more powerful or passionate. This can happen, but only if you consolidate what you have and allow it reveal how it can meet any unfulfilled needs with patience and faith.


Rather than focus your attention on several changes you want to experience in your emotional world, try focusing instead on introducing one, subtle change you're encouraged to instigate. You might see this as so small or seemingly insignificant that it doesn't warrant the modicum of effort required. However, you might be underestimating how far-reaching one small change can be. That makes it worth making. Dramatic effort isn't needed. What's needed is a willingness to push a boundary in a close relationship along with your luck!


This week, it will hopefully become apparent that you can manage to do a balancing act between your needs and someone else's. However, the key word is 'balance' because, recently, you might have had a good reason to believe someone else's needs were overshadowing yours. This shift of focus doesn't make you mean or selfish. Your obligation to someone needn't become problematic as you focus more on what fills your heart with warmth and inspiration and gain a clearer understanding of what physical and intimate closeness really means to you. Only then can someone play a part in providing all of the above.


You are likely to feel confident that you're not oversensitive this week, even if one or two others believe you to be. However, any oversensitivity might not be connected with emotions. It might be the way you're taking a certain matter or responsibility too seriously in someone's eyes that causes tension to escalate. They want you to lighten up and release the tight grip you insist on having with a certain situation. This week, you could discover, to your delight, that whoever is trying to encourage you to reveal your fun and carefree side not only has a valid point but can be integral to you experiencing a bit more sunshine in your world.


Sometimes, the first requirement of taking a step in the right direction is to take a step in any direction. There are times when it's wise to do nothing, but such times tend to be outnumbered by the need to do something, anything, even if we have no idea if a direction we're heading is the right one. This week, you might experience similar confusion where affairs of the heart are concerned. Fortunately, as long as your heart is in the right place and anything you do is done with someone else's needs in mind, you're unlikely to put a foot wrong!


You and your instincts tend to have a very strong relationship. They rarely fail you and definitely deserve to be trusted this week. My reason for highlighting this stems from a possibility that you could be inclined to dismiss them and, particularly, the glimmer of hope they offer with something connected to your emotional world. It might only be a mere glimmer at this stage but can become something powerfully inspiring in a short space of time. All you need to do is have faith in the insight they offer. Do that, and you can introduce a wave of love and comfort that can transform one special connection.


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