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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 19 May 2017


Levels of defensiveness on both your and someone else's part should be showing signs of crumbling as they play no helpful part in romantic or relationship discussions now. Where you might have grown used to a loved one or potential partner adopting a contrary or polarized view to your own, it could become clear this week how far you've both come and on the same page you are. A bond can be strengthened this week by focusing on what's positive, strong and undeniably agreeable rather than defending or justifying viewpoints.


This week, focus on what's understood and agreed between you and someone close rather than what appears complex. You and the object of your affections might have been focused so intently on the finer details and trivialities within your relationship that you've overlooked what's strong and worthy of appreciating within it. That doesn't mean complexities will suddenly vanish overnight but recognizing the strength and depth of your bond will make them much easier to resolve - especially if one of you believes your commitment or loyalty levels outweigh the other's.


A New Moon in your sign could highlight more options available to you than you believed you had in your emotional world or within a close relationship. Where you might have felt options were limited or immovable restrictions applied, you could find proverbial doors easier to open or ways in which you've felt hampered have been due largely to your fear of pushing a relationship boundary – or taking a risk with your heart. Having more choice in your love life will boost your confidence. All you need to do is trust your heart to help to make the right choice.


This week could be crunch time for one association, especially if you're a single Crab undecided about whether or not to take a relationship to a new level. A feeling of uncertainty could be strong and shouldn't be ignored and this applies to both single and spoken-for Cancerians. Your head wants you to take a certain step while your heart is demanding you heed the voice of uncertainty. Your mission this week is to be honest about how much of your decision-making process involves the needs of others – and how many of your own needs might be overlooked in the process.


You could take the lead where introducing the object of your affections to a new way of thinking is concerned. It's by showing your willingness to be open-minded about a particular matter that they might, in turn, see what being open-minded themselves can bring. You and they look set to make more than one helpful and surprising discovery and, together, find a new quest for knowledge commences. Shared learning or discovering is well starred and will be a much more enjoyable journey if you do it together.


It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it this week and if you've grown bored of or uninspired by the levels of depth offered by conversations or exchanges with a loved one or potential partner, then events this week could restore your faith in more than one way. You might not be able to put your finger on it immediately but will sense what's being said carries more depth, honesty and passion than you've been aware of previously. Can this transform a relationship and strengthen a bond? Absolutely!


Events this week could highlight how right you believe yourself to be and how 'in the wrong' a loved one or someone close is. You might see it as simple as that, too. However, romantic or relationship progress relies on flexibility and willingness to compromise and this shouldn't be seen by you as 'giving in'. You hold much influence where bringing the end to a certain power struggle is concerned. Rising above it and being willing to be more of a listener can bring swift closure where it's needed.


There has been much emphasis recently on you learning to love yourself before you can give your abundance of love and passionate energy elsewhere and the coming week continues to emphasize that message. Learning to love yourself has much more to do with forgiveness, self-forgiveness and accepting you're not obliged to carry weighty and boring burdens from your romantic or relationship past. You deserve to be freed from these and it might take only a very small point this week to be conveyed to you in order for that to be understood.


A New Moon in your partnership sector could be very timely as it injects a new lease of life into your emotional world. Many Archers might discover more than one romantic opportunity is on offer which could be more exciting than complicated. It's also possible a fresh start you've long wanted in your love life can happen by being fully prepared to wipe a certain slate clean and banish the past to where it belongs.


Physical desires could take a back seat – very briefly – in order for you to focus more intently on the pleasures of mental stimulation. Sounds dull? It could be far from dull if you're receptive to embracing opportunities on offer this week to form a delightful mental or possibly communicative connection with a certain person. A meeting of minds is on offer and someone's way with words could prove to be extremely sensual and erotic, encouraging you to respond similarly!


A New Moon in your love and romance sector is bound to assist with love life developments and many Water Bearers could have an additional option they'd not considered or been aware of. Romantic thoughts or visions might have been hampered recently but you're about to see how persuasive you can be or able you are to offer a strong foundation to any relationship-based discussion or exchanges. Where communication might have been a struggle recently, make an effort to see what emerges or transpires this week because thoughts and words can merge beautifully.


If you're aware of loose ends that exist in your emotional world, especially where unfinished discussions or negotiations are concerned, then events this week could reassure you that conversations and exchanges can be restored. This could be helped by clarity you or a loved one experience that helps to make sense of what has been senseless or acting as a barrier to progress recently. You and the object of your affections can pick up where you left off but in the knowledge that current circumstances are so much more conducive to heartwarming and reassuring progress.


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