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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - May 2017


It's a case of what you give this month, you'll receive and the first matter that needs addressing in your emotional world is communication – or possibly a lack of it – between you and someone close. Recent weeks might have brought tension or confusion to your romantic or relationship exchanges and if you make an effort on communication fronts, you'll receive positive and heartwarming responses. A new level of intimacy can be reached around the Full Moon on the 10th. Sending out positive, loving vibes will ensure they're returned in delightful ways!


Recent weeks might have encouraged you to take stock of a romantic or relationship situation or arrangement and, from early May, you'll feel a strong urge to convey what you've been thinking and conclusions you've drawn. Don't be concerned a loved one or potential partner will see your thought processes as being too analytical. If anything, it will be clear to them how seriously you're taking the bond between you. A Full Moon on the 10th brings a new chapter to your deepest commitments. The deepening or strengthening of one bond in particular can happen.


As clear as your words might have been in your mind during recent weeks, releasing thoughts and feelings to a certain person might have been a frustrating or confusing exercise. Fortunately, from early May, that starts to change and if your inability to express yourself clearly has delayed a friendship becoming something more, then coming weeks offer a chance to put that right. If you're a single Gemini, then a New Moon in your sign at month-end could make available more than one romantic possibility. If a choice needs to be made, then let your heart be your guide.


Emotions could become intense around the Full Moon on the 10th but what comes to light will give you plenty to consider. Single Crabs could discover a platonic friendship conceals deep feelings and a relationship could be taken to a very new - and intimate - level. This month is all about forming or strengthening partnerships and whatever is agreed will be underpinned with an understanding that you and someone else are working in tandem as a team – and possibly once again!


Affairs of the heart benefit from security coming from your home or family life this month. Whether a domestic project that has required focus and attention from you and a loved one is reaching completion or you and your lover have plans to move in together, your love life will be enhanced due to changes on home or family fronts. A shared willingness to adopt an open mind to what you or your partner have been seeing in a blinkered way can bring the two of you closer together, too. Be willing to consider what either or both of you dismissed previously.


Your words are powerful this month in every area of your world and your love life, in particular, can benefit from long-overdue communication. It will likely be around the Full Moon on the 10th that concealed thoughts or feelings come to light that have potential to transform a relationship or bond. A certain conversation or exchange can escalate quickly and passionately, encouraging you and someone close to be honest with yourselves and each other about how deep your feelings for each other really are.


What has been confusing or downright nonsensical where communication between you and object of your affections is concerned in recent weeks is about to be blessed with new levels of clarity. Relief and reassurance can replace turbulence and perplexity. However, as May draws to a close, a family or domestic matter could cause you and a loved one or potential partner to lock horns in some way. Plenty of preparedness to listen and willingness to reach a compromise will be needed on both sides to overcome this potentially tense hurdle.


To truly understand and make sense of your feelings – either for a particular person or your romantic or relationship needs – you'll need to reconnect with how you feel within yourself and that's something the Full Moon in your sign intends to assist with. Forgiveness or finally being prepared to put behind you at least one disappointing or upsetting episode from your romantic or relationship past will help you put a relationship on a firmer footing – or make embarking upon one considerably easier! Be willing to let go of what has needed letting go of for some time.


Events during April might have brought delays or confusion to your emotional world but coming weeks will see you piecing together aspects of your love life in order to create a stronger foundation for the future. With much emphasis on self-expression and creativity, you could be surprised at how delightfully easily romantic words flow and this won't go unnoticed by the object of your affections, either. Progress in your emotional world relies on you being more open-minded toward what – or whom – you dismissed stubbornly in the past.


Plenty of patience will be required to make romantic or relationship progress this month but you'll be quick to understand and accept why developments need to unfold slowly. For some Sea Goats, a friendship has potential to become deeper but it's likely to be a cerebral connection you'll make with a certain person that stimulates you mentally and makes your heart beat faster. Getting-to-know-you chitchat will be replaced with something much more fulfilling and intriguing. It might be someone's amazing ability to say the right words that captivates your heart.


If you've felt you've been speaking an alien language to a loved one or potential partner during April, then May offers a chance to feel more reassured you're being listened to and understood. Your words will carry a new level of clarity and if you convey them positively and enthusiastically, then you can expect someone close to respond similarly. Single Water Bearers need to make a note of what occurs around the 25th. Having more than one romantic option will be more exciting than frustrating!


If financial matters have proved to be problematic in your love life or a bone of contention between you and someone close, then May offers a superb chance to resolve issues. Balance is being brought to what has become - or been perceived as - imbalanced where money matters between you a loved one are concerned. It's by working as a team to agree ways forward that can strengthen an existing bond or, if single, help form new ones. By month-end, expect to feel relieved that tension or defensiveness you've grown used to accepting is finally waning.


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