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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - July 2018


A new era commences this month with affairs of the heart, and it starts with a Solar Eclipse targeting your emotional foundations on July 12. A new level of structure and security is about to be put in place and, for this to happen, you'll need to draw upon past love life experiences and assess how previous love life lessons have shaped your attitudes previously, in the present and what needs to change for the future. Forming a new love connection – or strengthening an existing one – relies on you accepting and learning from the past because it's about to shape your future.


If ever there was a month to experience truly delightful romantic moments, it's this one! Love planet Venus influences affairs of the heart from July 9 until August 6. If you're a single Taurean, then you couldn't want better cosmic support to form a new love connection. However, you'll need to guard against setting expectations too high, whether they are set for yourself or boxes a potential lover must tick before you're willing to take things further. If you're attached, then the cosmos also appears determined to bring magic to partnerships, along with a fantastic new level of optimism about the future – and a revived sense of adventure. You'll remember how exciting it is to do things in 'twos' again!


Coming weeks could bring communication issues to affairs of the heart, possibly resulting in discussions with a loved one being delayed until confusing – or confrontational – energy subsides. You could be focused more intently on what you and a loved one or potential partner disagree with than agree on and it might feel as if discussions go around in circles at times. However, common ground can be found, and it might need to be you who shows willingness to accept a loved one's point of view. If you're willing to enter into discussions with a more open mind and the intention of reaching a compromise, then one can be reached. Single? Old ground might be covered with a previous flame but possibly with the intention of finally putting a past issue behind you.


A Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign on July 12, and this could highlight ways in which you need more emotional security in your emotional world or a close relationship. If you're attached, then a loved one could be taken aback by what you say or steps you take to feel a stronger sense of love and stability in your connection. You might believe you've left the proverbial ball in a loved one's court to provide what you need and see a long list of reasons of where they fail to do so. If single, then you're likely to set new expectations about what you want and need from a partner. Either way, a lesson looks set to be learned that puts your heart and future expectations on more stable foundations.


With energy and passion planet Mars weakened, you might feel as if progress in your emotional world simply doesn't happen despite your well-intended efforts. As the month progresses, it might also feel as if trying to bring issues into the open to be discussed results in conversations going off on tangents. Your best plan of action has to involve ceasing to force developments or progress and waiting to see what circumstances arise that require you to deal with them independently. There are limits to how much you can plan, and the cosmos is determined to move things forward romantically or within a love partnership in ways it deems suitable. So, relax and see what becomes easier by doing so. The cosmos has your back. Trust it.


As much as you might wish you had a clear road ahead with affairs of the heart, a sense of confusion could grow stronger as the month progresses. Your confidence could soar one minute and nosedive the next, making you feel as if you can't find solutions to the increasing number of questions arising. However, try to connect with the need to step back and resist instigating potentially confrontational discussions or bringing issues into the open to resolve them, even if you're determined to take as much time as necessary to do so. Instead, connect with the insight you gain from being an observer or waiting. Venus is in your sign from July 9 until August 6, and despite what might feel awkward or confusing, you'll also feel comforted by what's changing.


You've probably experienced reduced assertiveness or libido due to Mars slumbering from the end of June, and he'll be out of action until the end of August. However, that shouldn't stop you from setting higher love life aspirations or being willing to experiment with new ideas, romantically or sexually. If you're single, then you could feel drawn to someone you might not normally have considered getting closer to. If you're attached, then your desire to explore unfamiliar territory could intensify. However, in both cases, you could discover more effort is needed to make progress then you're prepared to give. Fortunately, the Lunar Eclipse could give you the push you need to break a stalemate or experience a breakthrough.


Is a sense of optimism or anticipation misplaced this month? Not at all! You could discover from as early as the 10th that you've been right to trust what you've been looking forward to or where you've felt lucky! Experiencing more than one heartwarming development is possible, and this will spur you on to encourage more. It could also become apparent why certain delays and setbacks encountered in your love life were necessary, too. Whether you're single or attached, something is shifting in an undeniably positive way, and this makes it so much easier to experience deeper levels of love and intimacy than you've felt in recent months.


Coming weeks could be a period of assessment or reassessment where affairs of the heart are concerned. Rather than come right out and make thoughts or feelings clear, you might opt to remain in the shadows and be clearer in your mind about what you think or feel before instigating any exchanges with a loved one or potential partner. Chances are, you're gaining an accurate understanding of what's unfolding in your love life, and certain undeniable truths need to emerge. Your dilemma this month involves connecting with the benefits of saying nothing – for now. By the end of the month, you could be clearer in your mind and will be able to choose your moment to say what needs to be said or do what you've delayed doing.


A Solar Eclipse on July 12 influences partnerships and commitment, so events this month are unlikely to go unnoticed when it comes to significant and far-reaching change with affairs of the heart. Once the dust settles, you'll see how whatever has altered offers a fresh start or new beginning but before this clarity can arrive, you'll need to get through the other side of tension that the Eclipse is bound to bring. Something between you and a certain person looks set to be brought into the open, and this can transform your connection. Your personal circumstances will dictate how positive or pleasant this will be, but you can be certain that you'll be in unfamiliar but potentially exciting new territory by the end of the month.


With Mars, the planet of energy, drive, and libido moving backward in your sign, you're likely to be aware of how considerably more effort is needed to take even small steps with affairs of the heart. Your energy reserves will feel depleted, and if you're attached, then you'll need to make this clear to a loved one. Otherwise, they could misinterpret your decreased mojo as a lack of interest in them. Adopting a 'whatever will be, will be' attitude toward love, romance or relationships is your best strategy because you risk boosting frustration levels by trying to force any developments. With a backward-moving Mercury influencing partnerships and commitments, you could be amazed at how rife miscommunication becomes, too. Whatever apparent delays or setbacks arise, do your best to spot how necessary they are and why you're better off accepting rather than resisting them.


There are so many opportunities on offer with affairs of the heart this month. However, there are also many distractions on offer too that can take your eye off of what or who you should be focusing attention on! You could experience numerous doubts about what you should or shouldn't do regarding one connection, especially if others in your world have suddenly decided they know what's best for you where your love life is concerned. You can either take on board the advice or input coming your way from others and make a love life scenario more confusing or simply heed your never-failing instincts to guide you through the decision process. The cosmos is trying to encourage you to do the latter. Your romantic or relationship progress relies on you trusting what you feel and nothing more.


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