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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - March 2018


You're blessed with the influence of Venus in your sign from the 6th until the 31st, and if you're a single Ram, your powers of attraction will make you irresistible to more than one potential sweetheart. Your words can be delightfully romantic during the first three weeks, and if you've struggled recently to conjure the right words to sweep someone off their feet, then make an effort until the 22nd. After then, it it won't be so easy to do so. Also, a Full Moon affecting relationships and commitments on the 31st could increase emotions and tension, complicating your message of love and possibly making it unintentionally barbed, too.


A Full Moon affecting anything related to love and romance occurs on the 1st, and for a new chapter to commence, one must end. However, the 'ending' the cosmos has in mind involves your connection with a certain person deepening and being taken to a new level. Are you ready for it? Emotions could run high, and emotional beans could be spilled, but you and a loved one will appreciate what gets revealed that has possibly been suppressed for too long. Whether single or attached, a love life situation or arrangement is about to be shaken, but in ways you'll be grateful for!


With work-related responsibilities demanding more focus this month, you could feel inclined to leave anything connected with affairs of the heart until a time when you're able to return focus to it in ways you know you need to. However, that doesn't mean a loved one or potential partner doesn't understand and appreciate why your professional To Do List needs so much attention. It will probably be around the Full Moon on the 31st that you return your focus properly to affairs of the heart, and if it becomes clear you and someone close want different things, then a parting of ways is a distinct possibility.


You could feel relieved at knowing lines of communication between you and a loved one or someone you have your eye on are open in ways you've wanted them to be for some time. Once powerful and passionate Mars starts to influence relationships and commitments from the 17th until mid-May, things could become rollercoaster-like. Passions will be noticeably increased but so too will tension. Overcoming this will involve ensuring Mars' energy isn't focused solely on discussions and conversations. There are far more interesting and pleasurable ways to focus the passionate boost on offer!


As the month commences, you can still benefit from the boost to your passions and libido offered by Mars, as it influences anything connected with love and romance until the 17th. However, whether you're a single or attached Lion, coming weeks offer a superb chance to explore new romantic or relationship territory and travel could play a part in your plans. New surroundings or cultures could provide perfect settings for love to blossom, be re-ignited or found. You're encouraged to think bigger and bolder with affairs of the heart, and you'll love what comes from doing so!


With a Full Moon occurring in your sign on the 1st, you might feel increasingly emotionally vulnerable or that a love life matter is escalating uncontrollably. However, any frustration you feel is probably due to your determination to control something connected with affairs of the heart that needs to be accepted as it is or given a chance to reveal itself fully to you. The 17th is definitely a date of your diary, with a New Moon influencing relationships and commitments and Mars commencing a two-month visit to your love and romance sector. If you've wanted to experience more passion or wished your passionate mojo would return, then you look set to be very pleasantly surprised and relieved during coming weeks!


There's much activity and focus on what's occurring behind the scenes in your love life this month, and for many Librans, this could be a pivotal period of assessment and 'stock-taking.' To gain a necessary and realistic perspective on your love life, some distance or detachment might be needed. For some Librans, this might be enforced in some way, with a loved one being distanced briefly for a host of reasons. It's also possible you and someone close will distance yourselves from others and enjoy focusing only on each other during coming weeks. The Full Moon in your sign will either bring you back to the real world – or, in some cases, encourage the theme of separation to continue.


Whether single or attached, you can still benefit from the influence of Venus in your true love sector until the 6th of March. Then, she'll focus her magic on work and health matters, so if you're a single Scorpion, then a workplace romance isn't out of the question, and neither is finding love in places connected with health. A brilliant New Moon influences affairs of the heart on the 17th, marking a fresh start, especially for single Scorpios wanting to meet someone imaginative, creative or spiritual. The really good news involves Venus influencing partnerships from the 31st to the 24th of April. Something is about to get even better for you and a certain person!


With Venus influencing true love from the 6th until the 31st, things are about to move up a gear or two in the romance department. Mercury is on hand to assist with conveying your message of love with crystal clarity but don't delay any deep exchanges because, from the 22nd, communication becomes prone to misinterpretation and misunderstandings. As Mercury commences its three-week backward motion, this could also be a time of reflection and preparation, or when an ex-partner emerges from the woodwork to surprise you. The best advice surrounds being non-committal during March. Save decisions or commitments until mid-April if you can.


If you think March gets off to a sluggish start where any area of your life is concerned, then wait and see how you feel from the 17th onwards. Passion planet Mars enters your sign and brings a tremendous and timely boost to your mojo, libido, and attractiveness. You might have been enjoying a delightful mental connection with a loved one or potential partner, but things look set to become increasingly physical during the second half of March – and until mid-May! The proverbial icing on the cake involves Venus entering your true love sector on the 31st until the 24th of April. Affairs of the heart are about to have a noticeably more sensual flavor!


Communication is likely to feature more prominently, and with Venus helping you to convey yourself in the most romantic ways, you cannot fail to sweep someone off their feet during the first half of March. If attached, then something promising and inspiring can come from discussions held this month. It's also possible short-distance travel could feature in plans, and again, with Venus involved, you can be certain any brief excursion will be memorable. If you're a single Aquarian, then don't rule out the possibility of finding love close to home. A new neighbor or someone who lives nearby who you've wanted to get to know better could be possibilities!


The month kicks off with a Full Moon influencing partnerships and commitments. Emotions could run high, but they could also run exceptionally deep at this time, and your connection with a certain person can become more formal or move up a gear. A New Moon in your sign on the 17th marks a fresh start or new beginning in every area of your world and your love life can truly benefit from plans put into action at this time. If you're a single Piscean, you could discover a friend has been concealing deep feelings, and could see far more benefits than disbenefits to this friendship becoming something more!


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