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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - May 2018


This month is an important one for affairs of the heart, due to the departure of Uranus from your sign, albeit until November. Since 2010, you've probably grown used to volatility and unexpected developments in all areas of your world and can expect a greater sense of calmness and predictability, your love life included. You have less to justify or defend to a loved one or potential partner. You're also less likely to take impetuous risks or create chaos in your emotional world to instigate change for the sake of it. It might take you a bit of time to relax into this less turbulent phase, but you'll soon see proof of what the past eight years have been in aid of where affairs of the heart are concerned.


Affairs of the heart are about to be shaken, rattled and rolled, so hang on tightly! It's as if the cosmos is looking at all areas of your world including your love life and can see past the comfort zones you've created or found yourself in at how unhelpful they are. You might feel it's necessary to dig your heels in and cling to them with all your might, but by doing so, you're hanging on to what's familiar and needs upgrading. A powerful, far-reaching era is commencing, and if you adopt an open mind and accept you're in safe cosmic hands, then spontaneity that's about to permeate your emotional world will have a chance to work some truly delightful magic for you.


The saying about the heart wanting what it wants applies to you this month. However, to heed your heart's message, put yourself in a position to hear it properly. This means detaching yourself from umpteen distractions and making a concerted effort to connect or reconnect with yourself. If you're a Gemini reeling from a past hurt or disappointment, then coming weeks could bring a chance to heal any open wounds. A Full Moon influences relationships and commitments on the 29th. Apart from shining a bright light on where you and a certain stand with each other, it could be a case of opposites attracting. Sometimes, differences of opinion add necessary 'spice' to any connection! However, it will become clear what you do agree upon – and wanting 'the same thing' ultimately will help with taking a wonderful step forward.


This month, you're singled out for magic offered by the planet of love, Venus. From May 19th until June 13th, you'll emit a sexy, attractive and youthful vibe that many will find irresistible. Just being your sexy self could be all that's needed to turn heads! However, your social scene is about to experience the most significant and far-reaching changes. With a New Moon influencing friends, groups, and networking, profound changes are underway, so if you're a single Crab, then don't believe you've done or 'experienced it all' socially to find someone. Surprises await! If attached, then you're about to become a bit more explorative and inventive with meeting your physical needs. This is bound to surprise one lucky person.


This month, Mars influences relationships and commitments. This has many benefits, especially where increased passion and libido are concerned. However, we all know passion can manifest in less than pleasant ways and if you're an attached Leo, then heated or confrontational exchanges could occur. Of course, you can direct this passionate energy in positive and interesting ways, especially as there's sexy fun to be had with making up afterward. There could also be something fun and sexy about increased competitiveness between you and your sweetheart if Mars' energy is harnessed constructively. A Full Moon on the 29th influences love and romance and attaining a deeper level of romantic fulfillment might need you to be proactive in asking for it – or better still, seizing an opportunity on offer!


If you're a single Virgo, then Venus works some magic on the social scene between the 19th and 13th of June. Friends could be integral to your relationship status changing, and if you're willing to make yourself available, meet and mingle, then a heartwarming result can happen. If you think a family outing or gathering sounds dull, then make an effort to attend. You could be surprised at who you meet or are introduced to. For attached Virgos, a love life or relationship arrangement could alter this month, but in a way that brings a sigh of relief from you. What might have been imbalanced for some time between you and someone close looks set to become balanced, and in a way that relieves you of responsibility you've probably grown used to shouldering. If this is money-related, then you look set to be relieved at what you're released from.


Since 2011, Uranus, the planet of change and surprises, has influenced partnerships and commitments. This explains why both have been chaotic or unpredictable. Every Libran has their own story to tell about how a need for freedom or something nontraditional has influenced close relationships or one in particular. This month, on May 15th, Uranus ceases to influence this area of your world, at least until November 6th. You have a well-deserved chance to be reminded of what life was like before your love life become subjected to so many unpredictable developments. Mars influences love and romance from May 16th, boosting sensual and sexual energy. If not handled with care, this passionate, potent power can create tension or confrontation, so channel it toward enhancing, not complicating, a love connection!


This month, on the 15th, the planet of change and surprises, Uranus, influences relationships and commitments. If you've wanted to experience more surprises, spontaneity and constant change in a love partnership, then you'll enjoy Uranus' long-term influence. However, if having control in any relationship is important to you, then you won't find this process to be an easy ride. Uranus intends to alter every idea or approach you have toward commitment or marriage. If you're an attached Scorpio, then the urge to release yourself from a stagnant love scenario could grow strong, but it's by going with the flow of Uranus' unpredictable energy and allowing stale situations or arrangements to be shaken that you will benefit ultimately. Whether single or attached, the more you cling to a desire to control what will not be controlled, the less you'll enjoy the reviving and restorative experience on offer.


If you're an Archer who thought the art of conversation had vanished or communication with a loved or potential partner had run dry, then be prepared to take the lead regarding conversational topics that truly interest you. After May 16th (and some time beyond), your words carry plenty of passionate clout, thanks to Mars influencing your ideas and all communication. Fortunately, during the summer, Mars turns retrograde and will help you clarify any love life plans before taking action with them. However, whether single or attached, discussion points could enter new territory and you could be delighted with the avenues love life discussions head down. The Full Moon in your sign on the 29th will help even more with encouraging you to share thoughts and feelings with someone close, but without feeling a need to hold back or ensure certain topics are avoided. If you felt you weren't listened to previously or recently, then that's about to change.


It's time to throw away the romantic rule book and abandon preconceived ideas about love and romance! You're about to embark upon a process that commences from the 15th of this month and will end in 2026. Uranus, the planet of changes, surprises and revolution is about to influence affairs of the heart for Capricorns in a way it hasn't done for 84 years. For a sign that prefers predictability and stability in all areas of life, your emotional world is about to be turned upside down and shaken. All this might seem scary or destabilizing, but your ideas about giving and receiving love are altering. If you've grown accustomed to certain love life comfort zones, then Uranus will be on a mission to remove you from them. Also, a New Moon occurs on the same day, bringing a fresh start in some way for affairs of the heart. This is an exciting time of new beginnings, and you can trust that old attitudes are being replaced with new and creative ones that promise to take love - and intimacy - into unexplored territory!


Mars is all about assertiveness and sexual energy, but because the Warrior Planet is encouraging you to detach yourself from the world – until the 15th – the last thing you might feel is assertive or sexy. However, from the 16th, Mars enters your sign and for an unusually long stay. This offers you a chance to connect and make full use copious amounts of energy available to you. How you choose to channel it is up to you. Mars can either makes things interesting by boosting your stamina (and libido) or make things unpleasant by creating tension or confrontation in your closest connections. If you're a single Aquarian, then your sex appeal and charisma receive a noticeable boost. If you're attached, then the steaminess factor between you and a partner is about to intensify!


You have the planets of love, passion, and sex working on your behalf this month, but not quite in ways that would normally be ideal. From the 16th, Mars, the planet of passion and libido, encourages you to detach yourself from the world and you might feel as if your mojo has nosedived. There are numerous benefits to having Mars creating a desire to be alone, but few are likely connected to your love life during this time. Fortunately, Venus saves the day by influencing all things connected with love and romance from the 19th until June 13th. If you're single, then this is an ideal placement for love life opportunities to happen. If attached, then you and a loved one will be 'creating' or 'expressing' in some way. There's bound to be something fun and sexy about what you're combining talents and energies to create!


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