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Daily General Horoscopes - Tuesday 17 October


Big changes in your career could bring welcome news to your bottom line. You can expect a raise, bonus or promotion. If you run your own business, you can expect higher profits or positive changes in licensing or regulations or taxation that help you better run your business.


You have an opportunity to take on a leadership role in your family circle right now. Someone may be feeling a bit bored or down, and it is up to you to play entertainment director. Have a little fun with it. Get creative. Find new ways for them to play.


You are the apple of everyone's eye right now. People see you as gregarious, outgoing and generous, and you are afforded personal opportunities that don't come around too often - grab them, make the most of them. You have new friends coming into your life who will be lucky for you.


You would rather spend time and energy on friends than on your work or chores right now. You may not have a lot of patience for the ideas and suggestions of others, and that could cause people to react to you in challenging, confrontational ways.


You are likely to encounter flashbacks to some uncomfortable moments from your childhood right now. An encounter with a childhood friend, an old teacher, or a relative you have not seen in years could have you rethinking something you long since considered resolved.


The creative juices are flowing overtime and the biggest challenge is you may not have enough time to manifest every awesome idea that comes to mind right now. Take notes, prioritize. Later on you may find these notes very helpful if you hit a dry patch.


Your finances could be a bit tight right now and a friend who wants to go out and have some fun may not understand the limits of your pocketbook. You may not be able to explain the practical realities to them because they are so wrapped up in their own headspace.


You may be playing with quite a "mixed bag" right now at the office. While you may be making more money, or your department just got a bigger budget, you may find it difficult to attract the help you need to complete an important project. Don't let short-term career frustrations get under your skin.


You will be hearing good news about a creative project or business proposal. The plans you have been working on will soon start clicking into place. You may be signing a contract or negotiating an agreement soon.


You can make a beautiful change in your home right now by taking a course at the local hardware shop or college. New painting techniques, colours and styles will appeal to you. You may decide to start a new renovation project, but it could be delayed.


Check your schedule carefully if you are a parent. Some creative project or hobby could be taking up a big block of time, and may be straining your budget. Look around for affordable alternatives, especially for school or arts and crafts supplies.


A friend or companion is having a rough day right now. They may come to you looking for advice or support about their children, lifestyle or love life. There may be an interesting opportunity for the two of you to brainstorm a solution if you don't get mired in the details.


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