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Daily General Horoscopes - Thursday 17 August


If you are a parent, you may find that one of your children has a problem at school that is causing sadness or depression. What they really need is to talk to you, and for you to really listen to whatever is going on. If you are not a parent, you need some play time.


You may have some unusual dreams this evening. You may be thinking about your relationship with your significant other and how you need to adjust things so the two of you have a more harmonious relationship. You may also be thinking about your investment plans for the future.


You may hear some good news about alternative healthcare options. A price is coming down or a regulation is changing that will have a positive impact on your health. You may find a new herbal or dietary option can improve your health.


You feel torn between your need to get away and have some fun and a desire to help a friend get out of a jam right now. You and your significant other have earned some time together, don't let a needy and thoughtless companion deprive you of an intimate moment.


You are enthusiastic and energetic right now, and can carve a big swath through that growing mountain of paperwork on your desk right now. You may be a little overly energetic at times and this could lead to arguments if you are too insistent in resisting compromises.


You could have a lot of fun right now picking up one of those "Time Life" type books that teach you how to fix up your home. You have been watching a lot of those television shows where people tear up and redo their homes - just remember it is not as easy as they make it look.


You are realizing that some of your spiritual interests or personal values come with a price tag attached. You may experience some resistance to a charity drive or non-profit venture proposed by someone in your spiritual circle. You don't have to explain, just say "Sorry, can't do it now."


If you want to sort out the "family problems" you may have to take matters into your own hands and get that troubled relative some help. They may need medical assistance, or perhaps a little pushing from you to get them to see they have a problem that needs treatment. Today there is an opening - make use of it!


You could have a sudden and unexpected encounter with an authority figure who throws your plans into disarray. Stick to the speed limit. If you drive slow, drive in the slow lane. And if you do get pulled over, be polite. Watch for detour signs and speed traps right now.


You are best advised right now to leave your cash and credit cards at home. Every shiny, pretty thing with a huge price tag is going to catch your eye. If you buy creative products or supplies right now you may find they sit in the closet a long time before you actually use them.


All that worrying you did last week, and for what? See, things have a way of working themselves out. You are about to get some news that should finally put all your stressful fears behind you. Keep your eyes open for a new career opportunity.


You and a friend are not seeing eye to eye right now. One is accusing the other of not being terribly realistic at best and childish at worst. If you are on the receiving end of some criticism your sense of fun and humor could come to the rescue.


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