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Daily General Horoscopes - Monday 21 May


If you are aching for some time off but don't know what to do, head to a local library or bookstore. You can get a lot out of new reading material right now. A new science fiction novel or even a computer "how to" manual could be just the diversion you were looking for.


Talk to a pal about a workplace problem - they have been swamped with office politics for weeks now, and are getting to be experts at dealing with cranky coworkers. "Herding cats" could be the best way to describe the office atmosphere right now.


If you can avoid traveling or going out it may be for the best. You are impatient, distracted and cranky on the road. Your mind is working through facts, figures, numbers and ideas when you should be fully present driving on the road. You may have to re-edit your paperwork again.


Home, family and relatives form the keywords for your activities right now. You may find yourself asking why everyone you are related to suddenly is demanding your time and attention. They are looking to you for advice, suggestions and wisdom, you are seen as the teacher and leader.


A friend or loved one is coming off as a bit of a sour puss in your chart at the moment. Rather than spend much time with old Grim, focus your energies on the younger members of the family, or on your love life. Someone you care for needs a hug and some private time.


Not the best day to sit behind a computer, if you can avoid it. It will seem to have a mind of its own, one bent on chaos. You may be considering buying anti-viral protection, firewalls, security programs, but it is important you back up all your date before installing anything new.


You want to get some needed chores done around the house, or some time to do some renovations, but your life is a little too busy and complicated. Today is not the best day for you to be working on "do-it-yourself" projects anyway - you are likely to hit your thumb with the hammer.


There are some confusing and contradictory aspects in your workplace right now, and while you may have an occasional disagreement, it is most likely to be some kind of last-minute rush that has your coworkers in a tizzy. Treat it like an adventure, it could be fun.


You and your significant other may have some disagreements over the budget right now. Try to find a way to compromise, to work together in some new way, and you may both find a new way to build your mutual resources together. A friend may have some investment tips or suggestions.


You may discover an exciting new food alternative. Your diet has been changing over the past while and you may experience a sudden craving for something unusual. Do not be afraid to try something exotic, it may be just what your body needs right now.


You might want to double-check the medical or lifestyle information you've been reading lately. Indications are you are missing a key part of a balanced lifestyle somewhere along the way. You'll work it all out, but keep an eye open for better resources.


A new computer or electronic gadget could dramatically improve your life, but it may take a lot of time away from the practical matters you have on your plate right now. There is a lot of paperwork or studying to be done and you are spending a lot of time playing with your toy.


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