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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Sunday 25 June


You could have something of a flashback to your childhood right now. An old issue may resurface and you are much better prepared to deal with it this time around. Pay special attention to loved ones who are pushing your buttons. They could have a lot to teach you.


If you are single, you may meet someone who shares your interests and political beliefs, and who has considerably more experience than you. You may find their wisdom compelling and fascinating, but be careful if you are asked to donate or commit a lot of money to s shared cause.


You feel something like the odd duck in your family right now. You have expressed some frustration to a loved one and are surprised that they are not as supportive as you expected. If they are telling you in part to be more patient, they are probably right about the rest of it too.


You have a dramatic opportunity to change your life path, but you may be so excited that you trip over your tongue right now. Slow down a little, take things step-by-step, and be very careful when you are reading the fine print. You could need a magnifying glass to get through it all.


A friend of yours may come up with some wacky arguments about a religious or political matter right now. Your mind just isn't on the topic, so don't let yourself get drawn in over your head. Change the subject to something lighter or more entertaining.


The focus moves from your wider family to your mate, partner, and children. All of a sudden you find yourself being incredibly worried about their welfare, probably all out of proportion to what's actually going on. Relax, let go a bit, everyone will be fine.


You may decide it is prudent not to share all the details of your love life with your outer circle of friends and acquaintances right now. While you may not have any reason to distrust anyone, loose lips could be a problem later on and not everyone may be comfortable with the information.


You may be getting a raise, promotion, bonus, or job offer soon. You'll be happy with the challenge and opportunity, but one of your friends may be jealous. They need to see that the change is not going to come between you. Just be patient - they will come around eventually.


You may be the center of attention right now in your family or neighborhood, but it may come about because someone you care for or have to live near has decided to pick an argument with you over your spiritual or religious beliefs. Avoid these topics if at all possible.


You have been looking into ideas involving money and spirituality, and may have discovered an idea that could dramatically improve your financial situation. You may be spending some time right now thinking about what you really want to do with your life.


It's not the easiest day for you in terms of expressing romantic emotions. There is a lot of bottled-up stuff wanting to come out, but you're not sure of yourself. Your energies are erratic, but you do have a highly creative streak right now and can get a lot done.


You may have a misunderstanding about finances, debts, investments or shared social values right now. It is not a particularly good time to make a strong point about a contentious political issue. Try to keep such opinions low-key, or at least put them in "politically correct" language.


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