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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Tuesday 20 March


Your relationships are about to undergo dramatic and powerful changes. You may be coming off as a bit strident and pushy right now, and those you are closest to could be pushing back. If you are finding people are acting more stubborn than normal, this could be the main reason why.


Don't be shocked to find yourself reacting in ways that surprise you. You want to get down to business, but that may not be possible right now. If you can't be in a working environment, you can at least write down or make a note of the ideas that flash through your mind. At least one of these innovations is a major winner.


You may feel that you have to go back to school in order to move ahead in your career right now. You will be impulsive and eager to get started, but your interest could wane if the class lasts too long. Look for shorter workshops, they will be more effective.


You may encounter some strange electrical disturbances around your home right now. Computers and electronic devices are acting strangely, fuses are blowing, appliances suddenly stop for no reason. It is not a good day to put in new networks, set up a new computer or rewire part of the home.


Family members will bring mixed blessings right now. On the one hand, some relatives are receptive to your wild ideas and impromptu calls. On the other, they may express frustration with some aspect of your love life. You might want to avoid the in-laws if you can.


You may be over-thinking things right now. Your mind is zooming around in circles and getting you nowhere. Take a break from trying to figure out how to fix things. Some time spent relaxing could give your mind the chance to let a solution bubble up to the surface.


You are likely to experience a dramatic encounter over money or finances right now, but there are unexpected opportunities in your work or career, especially if you are involved with the Internet or communications technology. If you don't have a web site, no better time than the present.


Your love life gets downright strange. There is a love-hate note in the passionate symphony you are playing out right now. Ride along with it - let it sort itself out. Trying to force it into something predictable right now would not work.


You are feeling anxious about getting the chores done right now, but you just can't drag up the energy. You really want to stay in bed. Know what? That might be just the way to treat yourself right now. It doesn't cost anything to give yourself a break.


You could use a little time to yourself at a spa, the salon, or just a nice long walk alone. You will have an opportunity to treat yourself, so go for it with the gusto it deserves. You need to give yourself a pat on the back, it will bring rewards.


Your intuition is sharp right now, but you are somewhat impulsive and you may find that it is a good idea to put off an important health or lifestyle decision for a few days until you can check everything out. You may find something that changes your plans.


Family members are out of this world right now. You can't make up your mind if you love them or want to forget the lot of them. There is someone in your family or circle of friends who can help out, and they may help you find a way to solve a thorny financial problem.


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