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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Thursday 17 August


You might find out that your partner had been keeping financial secrets from you right now but the upside is there is more money in the bank than you thought. If you are single, you may find that your financial advisor was right about a key piece of advice, or that you have a raise coming soon.


It may be hard for you to make your children understand that you can't have everything - even if you can "afford" it financially. You'll have an opportunity right now to teach a child the cultural or family values you cherish, but it may not be as easy as you hoped.


You should listen to your intuition right now, especially if you find yourself in a room full of people who are all struggling to get the attention of the "big cheese". You may get more attention if you don't go over the top in order to stand out.


You are about to take on a leadership role in a group setting of some kind. Even if this is not something formal, you may find that others are looking to you for guidance on spiritual or emotional matters. Keep an open mind about a friend's unusual relationship.


The home has not been the most secure or welcoming place the past few days, but you are starting the see the light at the end of the tunnel. The key to communicating with your loved ones is to appeal to their values, and to their need for security and stability.


Today your friends will come to express their thanks or understanding of a tough choice you made yesterday, and sharing experiences will draw you closer together. You will have an opportunity or invitation to join a group or club, or to start a charitable effort with the potential to help a lot of people.


If you are a parent, don't forget to set aside some playtime with the kids right now. Don't get too competitive with a board game. Remember it is only 'Monopoly Money' - but there are lessons being learned about sportsmanship that may last an entire lifetime.


Impatience with family members is likely to obscure your vision right now. You may find yourself to be a lot more edgy and energetic than normal. If you are seeking a physical outlet for your energy, avoid throwing yourself into home improvements - you are likely to put a hammer through the wall.


You have an opportunity to make a new friend right now, but they may be a little odd or strange. There may be a health or emotional problem you have to deal with, and while that may be something of a challenge, it could turn out to be more than worth the effort.


Your partner may ask or hint around for financial assistance at the same time that you are struggling with your budget. Don't let anyone guilt you into a hand-out. They have to make a little extra effort if they are going to be picking your pocket when you are vulnerable.


You could benefit from joining a group, club or association that is related to your workplace in some way. It could be a union, a professional association or just a hobby club that gets together on occasion to gossip and brush up on the latest developments.


A recent gift or a gift of money will brighten up your home. You will be hearing good news about a loved one or relative whose musical or creative talents are just now starting to blossom. You may be invited to a concert or entertainment event involving music.


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