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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Monday 21 May


You could receive some challenging news or information about your lifestyle or fitness right now, but before you start reacting, take a deep breath and relax for a bit. Chances are you don't have all the information, or all the correct information, anyway. Things will clear up soon.


You will be hearing good news about your finances and income right now, but don't get into too big a rush to spend any extra money that may come in right now. You may find that the hot new bargain you found in the electronics store is not as good a deal as you thought.


You may make a new friend right now, likely with an older woman who has some interesting skills or hobbies. Your own ideas are a little unusual at the moment, but you may be a little too intimidated to say what is on your mind right now.


It is not the best time to make big changes. You may feel confused or uncertain, and will lack focus or direction. Put off any risky decisions until you feel more clear and certain, or until you have better advice.


You may be booking an appointment with a doctor or homeopath soon. Be careful to listen carefully to what is said. You have a tendency to only half listen right now, and that could have an adverse effect on your treatment and well being. Be especially careful when mixing herbs and pharmaceuticals right now.


You are acting like a big kid right now, and people have noticed. You may find that a friend or companion is getting in your face with irrelevant and unwelcome arguments right now. You may decide it is lots more fun to play alone, on your computer, or with your romantic partner.


It's not the easiest day for you in terms of expressing romantic emotions. There is a lot of bottled-up stuff wanting to come out, but you're not sure of yourself. Your energies are erratic, but you do have a highly creative streak right now and can get a lot done.


You will encounter unusually lucky experiences right now. While a win big on the lottery is unlikely, more than a few members of your sign will be the recipients of small gambling wins, sweepstakes prizes, and good numbers of you are likely to find money in the laundry basket.


Expect the unexpected right now. Unusual events, ideas, and strange behavior on the part of your friends may have you scratching your head. Just enjoy the show. Things may get a little strange, but they will be entertaining.


You are likely to be a bit confused right now, because there are terrific spiritual energies affecting your personality and ego, and you are experiencing a disillusion of the boundaries you normally keep so strongly between yourself and the emotions of others.


You need to structure your financial planning, savings, and investments. You could get some good news that helps you further pay down credit card bills or expenses related to debts. An older person may be helpful in advising a safe course of action.


You are likely to be doing a lot of chores right now, and while that does not sound like a lot of fun, don't be surprised if you enjoy it. You have an opportunity to clear a lot of the little jobs off your plate, and that will leave a great feeling of satisfaction.


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