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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 22 May 2017


With Mars, the planet of animal instinct, in my communication zone, it has been rather difficult for me to keep my furry mouth shut. If you greet me in an excited manner, then I will come to expect your return home to be a time of excitement. Please don't reinforce my negative communication style with too much attention. It's lots of exercise that I need Mum, along with healthy discipline and then your affection. Got it?


No I'm not much inclined to share my space with Molly this week Mum, I've got Mars in my house of possessions and my space is rather precious to me. Sorry if I am behaving territorially, but my instincts are peaked, and it might be a good idea to allow me my space. At least until Thursday, when Mars opposes Saturn in my zodiac and slows me down to a trot.


Oh the sheer wonder of nature! First Mars and now the Sun in my personal sector, and I am feeling chipper about life. I have so much energy and vitality this month that it would be a real shame to waste it on being curled up on the couch sleeping. I am a fine specimen of a beast right now, so prepare yourself for a week of high energy antics!


A little sad, a little quiet and perhaps a bit nervous. This is the effect that Mars has on me when he is in my psychological zone. By the end of the week it may get a bit worse when Saturn comes into the picture and slows everything down. To prevent added separation anxiety, why not leave the TV on my favourite channel while you are out of the house. You know the one. Animal Planet.


My playful mood is so contagious right now and I am hoping that it will brim over into your life Mum. You look like you could do with some distraction that would get you in touch with your inner child again, and I know that I would love you to engage in a game or two with me. Since Mars has been in my friend zone I find it really hard to sit still for long.


Oh dear, Mars is in my duty zone and I feel that nasty streak coming out again. I found myself barking at the joggers this morning through the gate because my prey instincts were so triggered. It's not that I am nasty at all, I just have a surge of animal juju going on that's making me over protective. Please correct me Mum, so that this does not become a vicious cycle.


I am keen to travel this week, with Mars in my adventure zone giving off wonderful rays of pioneering energy. My sensory organs are heightened and I am sure there is a trail that I can follow. It's best to keep me in a secured space for my own protection Mum, otherwise I may forget my way home, and that won't be fun.


Mars is radiating an energy throughout my instincts zone that is igniting the ancient animal nature deep within my brain. Saturn is also at play in this event, and did I mention that Saturn rules bones? Yes, I smell them, calling to me from the bowls of the earth, and I am keen to discover where the loot is stashed. It's important for me to be a bit feral right now so don't judge me. Ok?


I know I am following you around a lot this week and probably staring at you too, but with Mars in my relationship zone my greatest desire is to get close to you and know that I am your dearly beloved pet. I guess the best way to deal with my energy right now would be to give me some love and then send me on my way kindly so that I don't become over focused.


Give me work, I need to move! Mars in my health and service sector is compelling it, so please be imaginative. You can get some wonderful food balls at the vets, I've seen them, and I know that Molly has one too. I would love to keep busy with one of those Mum. Maybe we can also play the game of tugs? Or Frisbee?


After so much madcap activity lately, I think I'd like to take a little break this week. While Saturn is opposite my instincts planet, things could slow down quite a bit, because I'm bound to be more controlled and compliant. Don't get too comfortable with this though Mum, this aspect will only last a few days and then I'll be back to my entertaining old self again.


The grass is green and the sky is blue, from the lookout point within the safety of my garden. I am feeling very comfortable and settled in my home this week, if not a bit protective. Mars, in my family zone, has connected my awareness to my position in the family, and there is nothing that I wouldn't do for home or human. Give me your praise, and I will lick your hand with love and loyalty.


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