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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 21 May 2018


Chances are I may want to stay close to home or remain anchored in all things familiar and routine this week. A lot of shifts last week has left me feeling unsettled, with the more things can get back to normal the better. It helps that home and all things to do with my family is where my heart is. While I usually love drama and excitement, I have a fondness for all things tame this week.


There is a rumour going around that I can be stubborn, but I like to think of it as knowing my own mind. Well I not only know my own mind, but I'm feeling a lot more confidence this week, which could make me a little cocky. Apart from a warning against power struggles and to pick your battles wisely, this is making me more decisive. I'll let you know if I do or don't like something.


My birthday month starts on Monday and from the get go I am really excited. I might not know this means I have a birthday coming up, but the Gemini Sun, in conjunction with a new passion for adventure and a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure is really making me excited. A sense of curiosity might get the better of me at times, but I'll always find something to explore or get excited about. Life feels fun again.


Even though my birthday month is still a month away, I'm likely to be strutting around like I own the place. As much as this brings me to a point in the year when I need to take it easy and I will still love my naps, there is a sense of fun and adventure in the air that I am also tapping into. Are you sure it's not my birthday month yet, because I really do feel like I deserve to be treated like a prince or princess?


As much as I love company this week, I also love those times when I get to sneak off by myself and take a nap. I have a severe case of FOMO, but it is not just a fear of missing out that has me in its grip, but a genuine need for companionship. This is when I feel torn, because my daydreams are so exciting that I really do love my naps.


As much as this is usually the point in any year where I become more serious and responsible, there is a playful and adventurous spirit that is not dialling back and is unlikely to. I am nothing if not responsible and I'm not sure I can become a free spirit just like that. It will help if I get a message from you that this is okay. If you can take the lead then I'll have no trouble following.


The Moon might push my buttons and play havoc with my emotions midweek, something that happens once every four weeks when it moves through Libra, but something has shifted. I will find it much harder to hook into this or to be rattled. Instead, this is more likely to encourage a sense of playfulness and adventure. I'm trying to take life seriously, but it is becoming harder by the day.


In general I am likely to look a lot more relaxed and a lot less on edge this week. You know me, still water runs deep here and you don't always know what I'm thinking. Yet where I may have looked as though something was bothering me over recent weeks or I was on edge, waiting for something to the shift, this week I'm a lot more relaxed. This sends a message that you can do the same.


This is the time of year when you can always expect me to become your shadow, but this has been the reality for some time now. This week I am also likely to become more vocal about it. There will be times when I have something to say or something that I'm trying to tell you, but for the majority of time it is just a means to get your attention. I won't enjoy being overlooked, nor will you have much of a chance to.


I always tend to take things seriously and while that is still the case, I am expanding my list of responsibilities. I am now starting to see the importance of having fun and in the middle part of the week in particular, I'll be hit by a wave of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure. Because it is my job to take things seriously, I will be taking seriously a need to encourage you to embrace this as well. Life can't be all work and no play.


Don't be surprised if I have a lot of nervous energy this week or if I need a lot more exercise than I normally do. An excess of energy all of a sudden needs somewhere to be channelled and this might put new demands on you. Yet as long as I'm active I don't care what I'm doing. However, after I've worn myself out I'm going to embrace my naps.


While I am known to spend a lot of time daydreaming, I am likely to take this to extremes this week. There may be times when I appear to be lethargic and times when I'm sleeping so deeply you may need to check that I'm still breathing. Yet if you observe me you'll notice that I don't look exhausted or under par and more that I genuinely love time spent lazing around. It's a hard life, but someone has to do it.


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