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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 23 July 2018


A need for fun and socialisation both become super important this week and there may be times when the two conflict. I will be torn to whether I want to hang out with you or my four legged friends or when I want to do my own fun things. I might even become stressed by this in the lead up in the weekend. Maybe you can take the lead so that I don't have to worry about it so much.


Full Moons don't bother me too much, but the closer we get to the weekend's lunar eclipse the more I'm going to feel the pressure. This could see my stress levels rise, especially in the later part of the week, without knowing why. This is something you can't fix, for I'm simply feeling the pressure between the Sun and Moon. However, you can help by keeping my routine and everything else the same, for that will help me feel grounded.


While the build up to the weekend's lunar eclipse is likely to be driving some of my friends crazy, this super charged Full Moon has my name written all over it. Instead of feeling stressed, as the week progresses the stronger a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure is likely to become. As I become more curious and adventurous, my boredom tolerance levels are going to drop.


Because I am a sensitive type, all Full Moon's can affect me and as the total lunar eclipse even more so this week. It is the later part of the week that I might start to fret a bit. Yet confidence is my natural immunity to this, with the more confident I'm feeling the less this is likely to impact me. A few more 'good boys' or 'good girls' and a bit of extra attention should help.


Born under the sign of Leo, a Sun ruled sign, I shouldn't be impacted by this week's lunar eclipse. Yet as my birthday month begins on Monday, the light reflected back from the weekend's lunar eclipse is Leo sunshine and the Moon is picking on my Sun. This is going to put pressure on me, pressure that I'm going to push back on. I won't like anyone telling me what to do, especially in the second half of the week.


While I may appear to become more lazy as the week progresses, this is something that happens at this time of year. In the month leading up to my birthday month I will always become more nostalgic and reflective, enjoying spending time daydreaming and napping. Yet the exception will be if there is anything fun going on, because that I'm not going to miss out on.


There is a change that comes over me at the start of the week that will have a ripple effect throughout the week. It begins on Monday, when a competitive urge drops back and a more friendly and sociable one takes its place. Then, in the lead up to a playful lunar eclipse over the weekend, I will be more interested in having fun than in a battle of wills.


I am feeling torn this week or at least I will be, the closer to the weekend I get. On one hand I am devoted to all things routine, feeling territorial and also ready to defend the status quo. That means I don't want anything in my environment to change and especially not on the food front. Yet I am also feeling competitive, wanting to challenge myself to try new things.


If I'm not usually one to howl at the Moon then that might change in the lead up to this weekend's total lunar eclipse. This is an especially long Blood Moon that speaks directly to my need to express myself, preferably vocally. So if I become more vocal, to a point where by Friday I am literally howling at the Moon, don't be surprised.


Chances are I am experiencing a back to front week compared to most of my four and two legged friends and even to you. Everyone is going to be impacted by this weekend's total lunar eclipse, but it is at the start of the week that the pressure I've been feeling drops back. By the time the eclipsing Full Moon has a chance to put any pressure on me, I'll be feeling bullet proof and a lot more resilient than I have been.


Even without the weekend's eclipsing Full Moon I am likely to feel some pressure this week and at times a little hard done by. Yet it is less about being bound by rules and restrictions and more about my own inner sense of rebellion. I'm a rebel that at times may have a cause, but for the majority of the time it will be all in my own head. A few concessions with the things that don't really matter will help to humour me.


Because I am such an emotional and intuitive creature, all Full Moons can have an impact on me and especially the weekend's eclipsing Full Moon. Yet for the most part this is more likely to make me extra lethargic, with any pressure or stress I'm feeling having the effect of wanting to take all my antennas down. If I can sleep my way through this it will have less impact on me. While the solar spotlight falls on my health needs this week, you'll get a more accurate read next week.


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