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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 19 March 2018


Where until now I have been seesawing between needing to be active and wanting to be a couch potato that's likely to change this week. As it does every year, the Sun's return to Aries falls on the equinox, with the Sun's return to Aries on Wednesday doing more than just begin my birthday month. Make the most of my quieter pace at the start of the week, letting sleeping dogs lay there so speak. For I am about to wake up from Wednesday.


I am in my social element this week, wanting to be in the thick of things and to know what's going on and when. I'm also just as likely to take myself off, preferring my own company and getting away from what's going on around me. Especially from Wednesday, when the Sun begins a month long preparation for my birthday month. I'll be happiest when I get to decide which way I want to swing, deciding myself whether I want to join in or retreat to my safe place.


I may as well have 'don't mess with me' tattooed on my forehead so strong will be the message I'm sending, especially at the start of the week. I'm feeling competitive and I'm hungry for any battle of wills. However, that will change fairly dramatically on Wednesday, when the Sun begins beaming from a more friendly socially charged part of the sky. Until then it may pay to pick your battles wisely.


While I'm usually not that much of a free spirit and I'm usually more of a home body, a combination of a new sense of confidence, a desire for change and a sense of wanderlust all combine to see me more susceptible to boredom and a sense of restlessness. I've got a serious case of itchy feet and wanderlust that I might need help with.


Chances are I'm going to be a little hyperactive this week, with a lot of restless energy having kicked in over the weekend. Also be warned, this is no passing fad and for the next two months at least I will need more exercise and a chance to run off all this nervous energy. While I will find this myself, anything you can do to keep me active will give you some peace when I eventually exhaust myself.


If I've been sticking to you like glue over recent weeks then expect that to dial back this week, especially from Wednesday. However, while it will be me that is lengthening the leash this week, I will pull it back in when I feel that I need to. However, I suspect that there is as much in this for you as there is for me, with time spent with me at the end of a stressful day likely to be therapy for both of us. Let's face it, we need each other.


It is during the Sun's month long visit to my health sector, at this time every year that health matters and concerns are more noticeable, but also when you're more aware of my health and wellness needs in general. With the Sun leaving on Wednesday this was already becoming more urgent, but a New Moon over the weekend has already called for a more proactive stand.


There is a sense of playfulness that is bringing out the inner kid in me and no matter how old I am, I'm discovering that I'm never too old to tap back into those old energy reserves. I'm not only in the mood for play I'm likely to have more energy and a genuine need to let off steam. With the Sun returning to my health sector on Wednesday, play is the best way to keep the Vet away.


While I'm already turning into a bit of home body, this week it will start to wear off a little, especially from Wednesday. Until then, the Sun is coming from a part of the sky that makes me more home centred and even more territorial. Yet from Wednesday there will be more playful solar vibes coming down on me and I won't care where I am or who comes to visit, as long as I'm having fun.


While I have been a bit of a home body for weeks now, this becomes a lot more extreme from Wednesday. You know me, I can get a little stubborn at times and take my responsibilities seriously. As the focus turns more to my home and family, we're talking my territory and my responsibility. Watch out, I'm ready to defend my territory and my family from any invaders.


My inner diva might have a ball at the moment, but chances are this is exactly what I need. While I might get cocky at times, an excess in confidence is far better than the alternative. A lack of confidence will ensure more time at the Vet later down the track. Confidence is so key to my body, mind and soul health that I can never get enough. Don't ever hold back on the ego stroking.


Regardless of when my birthday falls, with the Sun leaving Pisces on Wednesday, I hate to tell you, but we're running out of time. And I don't mean running out of time to spoil me with birthday gifts or treats, though I won't say no. What we're running out of time for, are those healthy new intentions that I can't make for myself.


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