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English Daily Horoscopes - Sunday 25 June


You’re open and friendly to everyone which makes them appreciative of you and even if you’ve been previously disappointed by someone, you’re won over by them. Try to build on these good relationships and deepen them; they may be of great importance to you in the future and make a positive contribution to whatever it is you want to achieve.


In a particularly friendly and sociable mood you don’t feel much like working at all. If you’ve time you really need to spend time with other people. Sporting activities are beneficial for happiness and well-being and provide a real boost to your personal life, additionally you find it more motivating to exercise in a group – it makes sense and is more fun.


You receive the recognition and praise you deserve and are rewarded for your efforts, so enjoy the satisfaction you get from your hard work. In your personal life you have to make more effort to be appreciated, not just friendships have to be attended to, but also love. Don’t neglect your fitness either, make sure you’re not stressed and always take your time.


You make an ideal moderator in any important meetings, unsurpassed when it comes to deals and vital discussions, the points you put forward is extremely convincing. Give your intellectual and linguistic talents a creative boost, become artistically active and write down your thoughts, enabling you to escape from the stress of daily life at least for a while.


Feeling at ease, you're confident and display an inner calmness. As well as being energetic and full of enthusiasm, your outward composure impresses those around you who feel very comfortable in your presence. Your self-assurance and passion for life, allows both contemporaries and friends to confide in you and seek your advice about important issues.


With everything running smoothly in your world you can afford to watch out for the well-being of those around you and lend a helping hand to those who you feel may benefit from your assistance. Be diplomatic and let them know how it would be a pleasure to assist them in any way you can. If you needed help, you too would appreciate it being offered.


You feel an irresistible attraction to all things beautiful. Perhaps you’re inspired and reveal imaginative qualities in yourself that you’re able to make a reality or you happen to meet person you find attractive who takes your breath away. Dare to look behind the facade for flaws, flawed beauty is often true beauty but you have to look deeply to discover it.


Using your alert mind, you can complete written work efficiently and conduct conversations of any type. You know exactly what you want to achieve. Moreover, your involvement with others can be put on a secure footing which is beneficial. Colleagues also notice you’re up front, honest with them and how effortlessly you accomplish your tasks.


You’re full of creative ideas at the moment and these have an effect on the way you spend the necessary leisure time required to think things through to their logical conclusion. Listening to your inner feelings you’re able to more easily take this opportunity to incorporate or reacquaint yourself with any artistic talents or activities that have lain dormant.


You confidently take on challenges, you’re particularly lucky in finding ways to overcome obstacles in your way. Appearing more sociable you’re appreciated by those you meet and could be preferred over someone else for no obvious reason. Be careful, the envy and jealousy this creates can destroy any good-will you have previously enjoyed.


Beautify seems important to you and if you’re particularly conscious of appearances, this could take on an exaggerated form. However, don't attach too much importance to the way you look or judge others by appearance alone. If you’ve neglected your body, it is now time to rectify this. Put a nutrition plan together and also put in place an exercise routine.


Your motto is ‘together we are strong’. Commitment and dedication to the group impresses everyone - you win new allies that you can depend on. You get a lot done and are able to celebrate all of your success together. You’re interested in everyone's well-being and your main purpose is to incorporate their contributions. Your efforts pay off in the end.


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