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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 16 April 2018


With my birthday month coming to an end on Friday the first part of the week is the most important for celebrating my birthday, not with presents, toys or treats but by making the healthy intentions on my behalf that I can't make for myself. By the way, you know I wasn't serious when I said no presents, toys or treats don't you?


While I might be feeling lethargic in the early part of the week that's to be expected in the final days of my old solar year. With the Sun returning to Taurus on Friday, as well as kicking off my birthday month this is when I'll get a new spring in my step. However, I've become quite partial to my naps and I'm not ready to give them up just yet.


Despite the fact that the month long lead up to my birthday month begins on Friday and this is the point where I usually become more lethargic and turn into a bit of a couch potato, I'm feeling too sociable to turn into a hermit just yet, if at all. You know me, I have to be in the centre of things and while I'll have a nap when nothing is happening, I'll have one ear cocked to make sure I don't miss out on anything.


I might be taking life a bit too seriously at the moment, making it important to remind me to lighten up. It's when I'm left on my own too long that I am likely to start worrying, with companionship making me relax. Monday's New Moon will energise me, but it may also cause me to try and gain more attention. It's where there is a battle of wills that I'm really saying 'notice me'.


As long as I am busy I'll be happy, taking my job seriously. You may be wondering 'what job', but as far as I'm concerned I am busy being useful and going overboard to prove my worth. The problem is that my idea of useful and yours might not be the same. What I really want is praise and to hear 'who's a good boy' or 'who's a good girl'. Me, me. That would be me.


There is something about this time of year, whether it's that the seasons are changing or it's something in the air that gives me the courage to embrace change. I can be a bit of a stick in the mud and a worrywart at times, but there is something about the leaves, the change in temperature and the colours that make me want to get involved as well, ready to try new things. Within reason that is.


I'm likely to be sticking to you like glue this week, with Monday's New Moon only energising my total devotion to you. This may wane a little by the weekend, as I start to become too absorbed in what I'm doing, but I will still want to be close. Until Friday I am likely to be quite needy, but by the weekend this will be more because I genuinely want to hang out with you.


With the Sun leaving my health sector on Friday the first part of the week is the most important for paying attention to my health needs, mainly because they're more obvious. That doesn't mean that once the Sun moves on you can stop paying attention and more a need to make the most of the time while things are more transparent. Just knowing what my needs are as I age could save on Vet bills later down the line.


This week has a lot of focus on fun and health, something that allows you to kill two birds with one stone. While going to the gym might not sound like fun to you, anything that allows me to play and run around is always fun for me. The key keeping me agile and healthy in body mind and soul, is keeping me moving. Use it or lose it is as valid for me as it is for you.


Home is most definitely where my heart is this week, though I am also into having fun. While I've been in a playful mood all month, this doesn't stop me from taking my job of guarding my territory any less seriously. Yet it's when home and fun come together that I will be in my element. The happiest moments for me are when I have my family around me, for this is when I feel happy, safe and needed.


While a need to communicate is just as strong this week, there will be times when I don't have anything to say. I have lost what was last month a case of being in love with the sound of my own voice and the frustration of not being able to express myself. Knowing I can say what I want when I want, will see me pick and choose the moments.


While confidence is important for you, it is even more important for me, impacting my health itself. As I become more confident I'm also likely to become more determined to do what I want and while I still need boundaries, I needed to be humoured. The fact that I may become a little cocky is a sign that I'm feeling confident. Reign me in when you need to, but not at the expense of my confidence.


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