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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 22 January 2018


With Mars, my instincts planet, moving into a very adventurous part of my zodiac at the end of this week, I am feeling rather restless Mum. My thoughts have turned away from feral activities, and onto themes of freedom and the big outdoors. If I need to go outside more often than normal this week, it's probably adventure that I seek, rather than the toilet.


I am far less concerned with being by your side this week Mum, and I think it has something to do with Mars, the planet of animal instincts, who is due to move into my primal sector on Sunday. I am in tune with my natural nature at the moment, and interested in digging and foraging for more than I usually am. It's best to leave me to my own devices now, and turn a blind eye to any of the animalistic ventures that I undertake.


My energy levels have stabilised this week Mum, now that Mars is leaving my health sector and heading straight for my relationship zone at the end of the week. Already I feel a protective urge to remain close to your side, and by the time January comes to a close, I may even have become a bit of a nuisance. Please know that it is only because I love you so dearly that I wish to be near, so try to remain patient through my clingy phase.


What a relief Mum, I'm finally taking life a bit more seriously this week and it's all due to Mars, my instincts planet, moving away from my fun zone. I'm more inclined to be outdoors now, exercising and honing my strong muscles, so make sure that you allow extra time to give me a lot of exercise. With Mars in my health zone now I have the propensity to shed hair or run a fever. Just thought I'd mention that Mum!


No more playing policeman for me Mum, I've ditched this responsibility now in favour of some fun in the sun. Mars moves into my creative sector this week and with that comes the silly season for me. I'm seeking attention now, so don't be surprised if I upturn the dining room chairs or act the fool in the house. It's best to get me outdoors as much as possible so that I don't end up getting myself into unnecessary trouble.


My wanderlust has temporarily been placed on hold this week Mum, due to Mars' move into my home and family zone. That's why I have one eye on the door while I sleep. My main priority at the moment is to ensure that my environment is kept safe and sound, even if I do get a bit confused between friend and foe. You can help me out with gentle correction, which is given in a calm and controlled way. This will alleviate the huge responsibility from my shoulders and give me a sense of obedience rather than belligerence.


This week you may notice that I am less inclined to eye my food bowl, and more willing to bond with other animals. Mars, my planet of instincts, is entering my communication zone on Sunday, and this has opened up a whole new avenue of self expression for me Mum. I'm keen to connect now, and it's probably a good thing to get me out to play where you know I can network with my own kind. It will certainly lessen the frustration for me!


Thankfully I can let my guard down now that Mars is moving into a sector of my zodiac that deals with my creature comforts Mum, even if this does bring about some new behaviours. I am intent on making sure that my needs are met while Mars is here, so if you see me staring intently at my food bowl that will be why. Giving me enough to eat, and making sure that all my toys are in one place, will definitely help me not to over focus right now.


After two months of retreat my battery is on full again and I am rearing to go. Mars has come out of the reclusive sector of my 12th house Mum, and given me a new lease on life, the only problem is, I am extra vigilant when it comes to self protection now. Please make sure that people don't make sudden moves in my direction, especially towards my face. This will make me nervous, and I may not be in control of my responses.


The pace is slowing down for me this week Mum, now that Mars is moving into a reclusive part of my zodiac. This is a time where I hang up my hat for a few weeks and allow my battery to recharge. It's best to leave me in peace at the moment, there is nothing wrong, I just need to chill and get in touch with the inner world of instincts that humans find hard to understand.


I know that I have been very tense and combative lately Mum, but I'm pleased to say that that phase comes to an end this week. Mars, the planet of animal nature is moving into my friendship zone on Sunday, which means that my concerns are far less protective. I need to network with my buddies now so that we can sniff tails and have a good old chin wag about the latest goss on the block, so please take me out as much as possible.


I've had some wild and intrepid excursions while Mars has been in my adventure zone Mum, but this week my attention has turned to more serious matters. Mars' move into my reputation zone on Sunday urges me to put my responsibilities first, and that may mean that I become quite a bossy boots around the house. It would help heaps if you can demonstrate leadership skills and control around me. Then I would not have to try so hard.


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