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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 18 June 2018


I am likely to be a lot more light hearted this week, with the more serious demeanour of recent months making way for a more playful one. I have my old spirit back, but not at the expense of being a bit of a homebody. Any chance to be in the middle of home and family life and to play will send me straight to my happy place. I will be encouraging you to do the same.


I am likely to be feeling a lot more confident this week. Not to the point of being cocky or being stubborn, as I can be at times. This is more a quiet sense of confidence that is likely to see me more comfortable in my own skin, more relaxed and just more mellow in general. A quiet sense of confidence is key to my mental, physical health and wellbeing.


I don't want to alarm you, but my birthday month ends on Thursday. With my birthday month about to end we're running out of time, especially when it comes to the new intentions and resolutions that I am relying on you to make on my behalf. The birthday treats and toys are nice, but whether we've already celebrated my birthday or not, it is those new intentions and resolutions that I really need.


To start with I might lack energy and motivation this week, preferring to be more of a couch potato. Don't try and shake me out of it, for the closing days of my old solar year will always take the wind out of my sails and purposely so. Instead make the most of my quieter demeanour, for when the Sun returns to Cancer on Thursday and kicks off my new solar year, it will be a different story.


There is a good chance that I'll be strutting around like I own the place this week, feeling that I should have special treatment. These are the kind of feelings that usually come with my birthday month, but as that is still over a month away this is more a preview. I not only know what I do and don't like or want, I won't be afraid to express it.


My energy levels might start to tank this week, only to return and falter in fits and starts. I still can't decide whether I need to run off nervous energy or just sleep it off, so I'll take a trial and error approach. This might see me start to throw myself headlong into life, only to find that I can't be bothered. There may even be times when I falter midstride, going after something then changing my mind.


Variety is the spice of life for me this week, enjoying a bit of fun and adventure, but also loving stability and my routine. Everything in moderation will keep me happy, with balance even more important to me than it normally is. I might be born under the 'sign of the scales', but a need for balance is really speaking to me this week.


While I am open to change, it has to be in moderation and on my terms. I reserve the right to dial it back or to change my mind. If you are going to introduce anything new, then this is a good week to do it. However, introduce one thing at a time, otherwise too many changes at once is likely to see me rebel.


Now that I have found my voice I'm not likely to let it go, though I will be more measured this week. There will still be times when you wish you could know what I'm trying to say, although you're starting to suspect that it is less the message and more the attention that I need. Even just taking the time to listen to my noise or just to chat to me will keep me happy.


With the Sun leaving my health sector on Thursday, the early part of the week is the best time to be vigilant, paying attention to my health needs. The Sun doesn't cause health issues, but makes my health needs more transparent. This is more about preventative health and being aware of what my health needs are, especially as I age.


The week begins with playful solar vibes in play, in the lead up to the Sun's return to my health sector on Thursday. Both are equally important, with play being the perfect stepping stone to an examination of my health needs. Especially as I age, play is key to not only my agility but my mental health as well. Pay as much attention to this as you do my actual health needs.


To start with I am likely to be a stickler for all things routine, not happy with anything outside the norm. That includes being even more of a homebody than I usually am. Yet the closer to the weekend we get the more a playful vibe is going to wash over me, making me feel more relaxed and flexible. Play is key to my ongoing health, benefiting body, mind and soul.


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