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English Daily Erotic Horoscopes - Thursday 23 September



Your desires leave nothing to the imagination; instead turn those dreams into reality. Your sex life needs some pep or it might run out of steam. Surprise the object of your passion with some erotic clothing or sex toys. Try out some new techniques during foreplay. With a little luck you'll get into the swing of things: your partner is inspired to do the same for you.


That tingling sexy sensation is the greatest thing there is. Eroticism permeates your relationship and makes itself felt in the subtlest of ways. Your longing for each other is mixed with the sensation of being in love. This serves to increase the excitement of lovemaking. However, you tend to be a little self-seeking and passive - don't forget that your partner wants to be spoiled too.


Your sex life is dominated by two things: passion and harmony. In your intimate moments, you like your partner to take control and give you special treatment. Remember to "conquer" them on occasion, and not act in such a passive way. Show them how eager you are.


Cuddling, caressing and those small tokens of love mean much more to than sexual acrobatics. Your partner enjoys your taking time for them and not feeling obligated to trying out those positions. Why not spoil each other with even more erotic and sensual caresses? Let your imagination do the rest.


Everyone knows that you love to be spoiled in every possible way, but don't be too lazy. Show your partner how much you appreciate them. They might be irritated by your sexual fantasies, but don't be concerned or change your mind - your partner is more likely to be amazed and thrilled by the candor you show in the end.


Your partner might be giving you funny looks. Why are you indulging in all this teasing? No worries, though - your weird behavior has a positive side-effect - great sex! What's more, both of you end up satisfied and are impatient for the next time you make love again!


Your personal life is full of excitement and sensuality. Don't be surprised if your partner grabs hold of you when you walk through the door and makes love to you on the spot. You might think of an artful response yourself. Wear something sexy, dab on some heady cologne or take a bubble bath together. Let things develop from there!


You feel like doing erotic and exciting things. How insatiable do you feel! Love-making doesn't ever have to be faked or dreary. If both partners trust each other and know one another physically, they're able to try new ways to push or overstep previous boundaries. And if you make your partner aware of your desires, the results will be even more special.


You're a big success at social gatherings. Take advantage and play a little game with your partner: by ignoring them and unashamedly flirt with others in the group. As soon as the evenings over, you'll be so hot for each other that you won't be able to wait. A note of caution: arrange it in advance, so there's no jealous scenes.


You feel like trying new unusual love games – flexible and acrobatic positions from the Kama Sutra or certain types of leather accessories. Go ahead and do it - your partner will play along. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't completely satisfy you. Sophisticated techniques need a lot of practice and where sex is concerned, practice makes perfect.


Take it easy with the sex toys. Read the instructions first before using them on your partner! You wouldn't want an accident to happen when you get all excited. It could get embarrassing when the paramedics have to be called in to remove those naughty accessories.


Don't expect any earth-shattering developments. Where sex is concerned, enjoy your love-making as usual. You get straight to the point and do without long-winded foreplay, erotic clothing and sex talk. Standard pleasure principles will do for a while - but take care not to bore your partner unnecessarily.


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