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English Weeky Money Horoscopes - 10 May 2021


If you´re wondering why your hard-earned money is disappearing before your eyes, get an overview of your financial situation. You can take measures to stop this happening once you realise where you´ve been too careless or wasteful. Avoid any risky investments now. You might be fooled into thinking you'll get back more than what is really achievable. Keep a cool head when it comes to finance.


Investments or financial decisions taken earlier on are now paying off. Revel in the profits and use the beneficial influence of the stars to plan for future investments. Of course you can afford something special now, as long as others aren´t disadvantaged. You have the right to enjoy what you have earned.


Money transactions you carried out earlier are now bearing fruit, and you may profit without making a huge effort. You´re simply lucky with finances, so use the time to put your money in the right places for even more profits. Friends you lent money may pay it back, or your boss might praise you.


It´s a good time for new financial projects you can start now. What counts is that your whole personality is in harmony with your values. Don´t be too impulsive, though, sometimes you should think it over for one or two days before making a decision. Consider the long-term implications, as initial enthusiasm can quickly die down.


The stars have a benign influence on your finances, and you can afford something really nice. You may have some unexpected additional income or receive loaned money. The time is ripe for making money-spinning investments. Read up on the pros and cons of all the options, and in case of doubt, get advice from experts you trust.


Income and expenses are well balanced and you may have noticed that your finances are doing well. To keep it that way, you should take time to check your investments. You might find even more profitable options without taking unnecessary risks. You have a good understanding of your finances and can prepare for the future.


Even if your finances aren´t looking that healthy, remain patient. You shouldn´t be acting hastily where money is concerned. This week is not a good time for investments, loans and big purchases. Be careful, otherwise decisions made on the spur of the moment might turn out to be mistaken.


Your financial situation is likely to develop in your favour. You might receive an unexpected repayment, some winnings or a pay increase. In any case, it's worth seizing this opportunity to talk to your bosses and let them know how much of an asset you are. Optimism and good preparation will only enhance your chances of agreement.


If you´re offered a lucrative deal, check it thoroughly first and take sufficient time to consider. Otherwise you may be taken advantage of. However tempting the offer sounds, acting impulsively where money is concerned would be counter-productive. Keep a cool head and don´t be taken for a fool.


Avoid any spending unless absolutely necessary. This isn't a good time for larger financial transactions and making a critical assessment of your own motives is more useful. Under no circumstances should you live beyond your means, otherwise you'll soon regret it. Simply accept that better times are on the horizon and tighten your belt a little more until you weather the storm.


As tempting as it might be to spend money, it´s better to wait a little and consider what you really need now. Impulse purchases might otherwise turn out to be mistakes later on. Adopt a sensible approach instead and plan for the long term, the money you save now might serve you well in the future. You will soon rekindle that special touch for financial matters in no time.


Your finances are likely to develop positively and the stars will support your purchases and investments. Maybe you´ll snap up a shrewd bargain or get some smart tips. Don't be too careless, otherwise you might regret it once this positive phase blows over. A healthy mix of common sense and optimism will help you make the right decisions.


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