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English Daily Woman Horoscopes - Tuesday 25 January


You are enthusiastic and in making such an effort, you enjoy being the focus of attention. You possess the vitality and concentration needed to deal with any complex task you decide to undertake. An opportunity occurs to provide assistance to someone in need of your experience. Your firm offer is gratefully accepted and you're pleased with the way you are able to help.


However difficult, you remain in control, handling your resources economically. Being in demand is taking up more of your energy than usual and you have to say no occasionally to take a mental break from the demands made of you. Not everyone is satisfied with the personal time you allocate to them. The approach you decide to take gets you through this phase without encountering too many problems.


You're optimistic and absolutely nothing prevents you from getting your own way. Possessing the calm attitude needed and foresight required, you're able to resolve outstanding issues and resolve disagreements you might have with those you love. A surge of energy enables you to finally finish those projects you've put off for so long, helping you take control of your expectations and frame of mind.


Certain circumstances you encounter may be disruptive. You stay out of the way and keep your head down, hoping to avoid any unsettling consequences. You continue to be careful with your commitments and are reluctant to spend too much time before making your preferences known. Where love is concerned there’s no need to panic, changes for the better are just as likely to occur.


The increasing number of commitments you have to contend with eventually force you to decline certain offers, to go more easy on yourself, taking time out to relax. Eventually you accept you’re reluctant to become involved and avoid situations where arguments might arise. In matters of the heart, you don’t have to make any decisions, you're deserving of the love you receive.


You discover not everyone has your interests at heart – they sometimes act in an underhand way. With faith in your capabilities you remain composed and unruffled by events. Being aware of these possibilities helps you feel safe. You ensure calm secure surroundings for yourself and your partner. If single, you stay at home and enjoy some pleasant relaxation, winding down and you look after your health.


You feel like making some much needed changes in your life. Either at work or at home, whatever it is that's been bothering you, that you found unsettling, is resolved or otherwise forgotten. Looking optimistically to the future, you quickly find the help and assistance you need. Taking on fresh challenges is the most advantageous way to break new ground and make progress.


It seems that you’re attracting problems as if by magic, don't be too concerned. When viewed realistically, you notice that things aren’t so bad after all and some of the difficulties disappear by themselves. You are extra cautious at work and avoid getting into arguments. Keeping a low profile, don’t feel you have to take part in every discussion. This phase then passes uneventfully.


Your discerning approach helps you forge ahead. You influence people and get your own way. Having understood the situation, you behave accordingly. Others find your methods effective, you get opportunities to make important new contacts which help you realize a long-standing dream. You're aware of exactly what you're doing, using cleverness is okay within reasonable limits.


You finally cross the line in your personal race. Too much time has been spent working alone on a project without finishing it, for fear it might not be perfect. Forget about your fears. You’re good and so is your work. Getting others on board, sharing ideas helps boost progress and your self-confidence. Letting others be a part is beneficial - they complement you on your achievement.


You consider new prospects and look for potential opportunities. Remaining open to proposals and fresh ideas, you’re in need of some suggestions. Instead of the usual predictable approaches, you want to make a change and look to the future. Opening up your horizons to possibilities makes you visible to potential partners. Include fun socializing and flirt as much as you want.


You know exactly who the people are you can rely on. Ongoing effort to maintain friendships pay off in situations you otherwise expect to be tense. Avoiding awkward situations, instead you meet with friends to exchange ideas that engender positivity between you. Helping create a fulfilling experience with an inspiring outlook is enriching and one commitment you'll share with them long into the future.


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