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White Label Astrology

Provide free Astrology content by giving personal astrology readings to your visitors. Earn 50% share of revenue you generate from the sale of astrology readings written by professional astrologers.

White Label Astrology Store

White Label Astrology stores provide your visitors with free personal astrology readings. Earn 50% to 70% revenue share of the sales you generate. Offer a wide selection of readings. Topics include Past Lives, Love, Relationships Intimacy, Future Forecasts, and Personal Development. All written by professional astrologers.

Easy DIY Store Setup

You select the Astrology readings you want to sell. Create your web sales pages. Do this by choosing the content in the management system.

Option to add your unique images to each sales page. Copy and paste ready- made payment forms to complete your sales pages.

We brand your astrology readings with the brand name/logo you supply. You pick colors and fonts to match your website.

Email List Builder

Every time visitors try a free reading or order, your email list grows. The email list is accessed from the Admin Site

Readymade Store

Store will fit your website design and size automatically. Embedded to give a seamless experience.

Both the Astrology and Tarot stores integrate with any existing site. If you already have high volumes of traffic. You can link to the store to offer both the free and follow up sales of personal astrology readings. You can select the colors and fonts to match your site.

Store Setup Tip: Use the readymade store as a guide. See how you can make your store unique. Choose the content options you prefer to offer. Promote free personal profiles as well as Package Deals containing up to 16 readings.

Free Content Forms

Use the date of birth form banners supplied to provide free content delivery. Edit these banners to match your site theme. All the free content created, generates follow-up email offers to maximize sales potential.

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White Label Horoscope Store

Demo Store

Store will fit your website design and size automatically.


Embedded to give a seamless experience.


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