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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Tuesday 17 October


The idea of increasing your workload or responsibilities could be appealing, especially if you can see ways your love life will benefit from doing so. Putting in overtime or boosting your workload to subsidize something connected with your emotional world or a close partnership is admirable. However, ensure the rewards from your efforts aren't going entirely someone else's direction.


Your determination to make something happen romantically could result in you wishing you'd been less carefree or spontaneous. This is particularly true for single Taureans tempted to rise to a perceived romantic challenge that could end in disappointment. Being a bit more restrained and cautious helps you to see realistically what - or who - you're setting your sights on.


If you're a single Gemini looking for love, then you could find yourself intrigued by someone who doesn't tick any boxes regarding the sort of person you'd normally be attracted to. Choosing to be more open-minded toward connections that are unusual or fall outside the love life boundaries you've set for yourself can bring more than one amazing and very pleasing result.


Saying what you want to say verbally to someone close might not have as powerful an effect as conveying what's on your mind or in your heart in other ways. Whether your chosen method of communication involves a pen and paper or electronic messaging, you can tell a loved one what you want to them to know concisely and without distractions. This will give you both plenty to talk about later!


The love of money could be the root of evil in a love relationship now. One of you has a different idea than the other about spending money to indulge in creature comforts. If you're a single Leo, then discovering someone shares the same beliefs as you in a particular area could lead to a superficial connection becoming something more – and in a short space of time, too!


How you're seen in the eyes of a loved one or potential partner could be extra important. You appear keen to be seen as hard-working and conscientious when the object of your affections would prefer you were more relaxed and less determined to prove yourself in some way. Try to see how pressure is probably coming from within you and nowhere else.


A puzzle or mystery presenting itself in your emotional world or within a close partnership could be more intriguing than frustrating. Something needs 'solving,' and requires you to apply a combination of logic and imagination to do so. The sky doesn't speak of an unwelcome surprise, but it does suggest you'll uncover information that could give you plenty to consider in private.


Your love life can benefit from a little help from your friends, or possibly one in particular. This is particularly true for single Scorpions, and a chum could take it upon themselves to play Cupid on your behalf. Attached Scorpions aren't excluded; it's within a social or group setting that you could see the object of your affections in a new and sexy light!


A dark cloud that's possibly permeating your world from the area of work or career could have an unwelcome effect on your love life. A professional issue could be preoccupying your thoughts, or you might believe you have 101 work-related tasks to complete before you can indulge in romantic reverie. Taking career obligations too seriously hampers romantic or relationship progress now.


What's predictable or remaining safely behind certain boundaries in your emotional world brings comfort. However, you appear keen to push a boundary to see what excitement or fulfillment can come from doing so. This is fine if you're a single Sea Goat. If you're attached, then expect some resistance to your spontaneous, experimental ideas. Introducing changes gradually is what's needed now.


You and the object of your affections could have different ideas about what constitutes 'fun' or 'humor.' Your playful side is encouraged to reveal itself and could be more overpowering than you believe it to be. Although a loved one will be intrigued by your increased friskiness, there appears to be one line you're at risk of crossing that you need to remain behind – for now, anyway!


You're encouraged to assess and make an effort to achieve what you want in your emotional world or within a close partnership. This might appear to be an obvious or run-of-the-mill exercise, but you have a considerable amount of energy to give to what or who you believe is truly worthy of receiving it. Before you can unleash this, you need to take some time to be clear about what or who is most deserving of it.


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