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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Thursday 17 August


Focusing too intently on the future of a love relationship could be taking your eye off of what deserves to be enjoyed in the present. It's possible you're feeling confident that something is moving in the right direction where you and someone close are concerned but are struggling to conceal doubts and insecurities. Both are a symptom of change and what's changing gradually is very positive. Trust that.


You're being encouraged to put a recent episode in your love life behind you but could still be clinging to it in the belief something left unfinished or unresolved holds the key to future happiness. If you're not yet convinced you have a very real and valid reason to be looking forward instead of backward, then the sky insists a reason is about to appear. The present needs your full attention now.


Speaking openly and honestly might, in your mind, be on par with taking a stick to a hornets' nest, especially if you believe someone close isn't going to be punching the air with delight at what you need to tell them. However, your candidness is what's needed to strengthen a certain bond. Someone needs to understand what you're thinking and feeling. This can be precisely what's needed for the two of you to work together to resolve an outstanding or ongoing issue.


It's definitely a case of 'better out than in' where expressing thoughts and feelings to a loved one or potential partner is concerned. You might be aware of your own emotional intensity and feel it's best to show some restraint but doing so might prove to be futile. Say what you think. Make clear what you feel. A very new level of closeness can result from you taking the lead now.


A clear line might exist regarding separating a friendly involvement from becoming a passionate one. You might struggle to summon restraint where it's needed but might also be able to connect with reasons why caution and patience are needed where progressing something between you is concerned. Allowing something to progress gradually instead of instantly is the best plan of action now.


You could be surprised by the strength of your passionate emotions and, by feeling something is reaching a breaking point, might decide to release thoughts and feelings that ought to have been considered closely first. Expressing yourself so passionately could cause you to reveal too much, too soon. Adopting a 'slowly, slowly' approach will undoubtedly serve you well now.


A sense of optimism making its way into your emotional world could be building in strength, helping you to accept whatever obstacles or issues exist can be overcome. As you feel more confident, you'll be more willing to explore possibilities surrounding sensual daydreams and fantasies. Sharing these with a loved one can strengthen intimacy in a powerful and very delightful way.


Regardless of what might appear confusing or challenging in your emotional world at this time, you know you're sticking rigidly to what's honest and authentic. This could be precisely what's needed to bring you and a loved one closer together to overcome an issue affecting you both, possibly financial. A combination of mutual honesty and collaboration can help you tackle and resolve what needs attention now.


Try not to allow a sense of optimism to become overridden by doubts or insecurities. Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial if you're to be receptive to delightful romantic opportunities coming your way – and to send a clear message to a loved one or potential partner that you're able to smile and remain upbeat when the going gets tough. Don't underestimate the sexy quality that conveys!


If you're aware of tension growing in a close partnership, then rising above it and maintaining a positive attitude will bring numerous benefits, to you and a loved one. They might be expecting you to act or respond oppositely and will be delighted when you surprise them. Your can-do attitude will also encourage them to think similarly, ensuring you overcome this hurdle with ease.


You have an excellent opportunity to show how trustworthy and reliable you are, so seize the chance to make a good impression with a loved one or potential partner. If a bond is to deepen, then trust has to be at the very foundations of your relationship, regardless of whether your connection is a new or established one. Playing by the rules and keeping everything above board is what's needed now.


A revelation in your emotional world or within a close partnership might have come as a bit of shock but might also be precisely what's needed for you to drop your guard and open up to a loved one. This works both ways, as your acceptance of a certain truth encourages a loved one to be accepting of it, too. A fresh start or new beginning can commence as a result.


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