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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Sunday 25 June


You might see clear in your mind a romantic or relationship idea or vision but taking it to another level could prove tricky. It's possible you're attaching too much urgency to what you want to see unfold, too. Try to focus on what you know is happening through patience being applied. As keen as you might be to get to some point in the future with the object of your affections, there really is much to be enjoyed and appreciated here and now.


You might believe you don't need support or encouragement from a loved one or someone close but when you receive either or both, you'll likely be very grateful for the input. You don't need to adopt a strict, independent attitude toward something a partner wants very much to assist or support you with. Accepting their help isn't a sign of weakness and can only benefit you.


Whatever you might be trying to avoid in your emotional world or a close relationship won't be avoidable for long so if you receive any hint that now is a good time to deal with or discuss what you've been steering clear of, then summon courage and make the effort. A loved one won't be nearly as judgmental or uncooperative as you might believe they will be, so give them a chance to show you how they'll respond.


Don't underestimate levels of creativity and sensitivity you can combine to convey thoughts and feelings to a loved one. You might have been rehearsing what you intend to say in your mind but could discover what emerges is very different to what you intended to say. There's something you want and need a certain person to know and truly understand. It's very much within your ability to convey this now.


Your connection with a certain person could be deepening in a way that makes connecting with their thoughts and feelings almost psychic. It's by being able to anticipate what they're thinking or intend to say that puts you in a superb position to have your response ready. As long as you don't allow this ability to become overpowering or controlling, then something sweet can happen.


You might be aware of how you're taking on more than you can deal with easily in your emotional world but that's unlikely to stop you from making determined effort to bring a result of some kind. The positive change or step you're keen to instigate or take is likely to require all you're able to give so make sure your heart is truly behind what or who is demanding such levels of effort.


It's very much within your ability to steer a discussion or exchange with a loved one or potential partner into calmer territory than it might appear to be heading. You'll probably have to summon as much diplomacy and tact as you can summon but, by being able to anticipate the unnecessary and unhelpful direction a certain dialogue could head toward, you can navigate it safely to ensure a much more harmonious outcome.


You're going to have to bite the proverbial bullet and make a few things clear to a certain person before they start to believe you've no intention of following through with certain promises made. They've taken you at your word so far but your choosing to assess what you feel from every angle is only delaying progress that awaits if you can push aside a certain fear.


The last thing you probably feel like doing is bringing a 'business mindset' to your emotional world or a close partnership but doing so might actually clear up one or two issues that have been left open-ended – especially if these are related to finances. Something shared needs discussing in ways that make clear where responsibilities lie on both sides.


You appear to have someone very willing to listen if you're prepared to open up to them – and possibly in a way you've never opened up to anyone before. An exchange or discussion has potential to way beyond superficial chitchat and whoever it is that is so very keen to let you do the talking wants only to deepen their connection with you. Oblige them!


You might experience a powerful epiphany but before you decide to share it with the world or someone close, allow yourself a bit more time to get to grips with your discovery. Before you can share or expect someone close to understand and accept it, there's something you need to learn for yourself first. Once you understand how this revelation affects you personally, you'll be better placed to share it.


The cosmos continues to encourage collaboration between you and a certain person but in a way you and they might not have considered previously. There are ways you can assist or support each other that might take you both by surprise but, once you look more closely at what you achieve together, the unusual angle will appear much less unusual and much more straightforward.


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