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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Monday 21 May


Stubbornness on your part could bring complications to your love life. It's possible you believe that a desired development will come on its own if you continue to stand your ground. However, the saying about two needed to tango applies here, so be honest about what you're determined to get your way with. Don't see the need to reach a compromise as selling yourself short.


A loved one could excel at deflating your confidence and shaking something between you that you've grown comfortable with. However, it's possible you're reading more into their actions than really exists, possibly through being determined to cling to what's comfortably familiar. Try to be less defensive. With a more open mind and positive attitude, you can emerge stronger and be less likely to be thrown by the actions or comments from someone close in the future.


Your analytical mind could be prone to focusing on the tiny and largely irrelevant aspects of a loved life situation or development. This could cause you to read too much into it, as well. Don't overlook what's positive within whatever is unfolding now but try to see how current developments help to facilitate a very promising bigger picture. Getting bogged down by the tiniest technicalities only makes what's straightforward appear unnecessarily complex.


Your loyalty and passion are rarely, if ever, questionable and your focus on a love life or relationship goal could reach a new level of intensity. A loved one or potential partner might be thrilled to be guided by this, but, at some point soon, your fervent energy could become overwhelming. Your heart's in the right place, and you want what's best for you and the object of your affections. As able as you are to take the reins and steer a yearned-for development, remember that it takes two to tango.


You might normally move heaven and Earth to please or placate a loved one, but, at this time, you could feel a need to dial back your passionate efforts. It's possible you're confused by a loved one's sudden keenness to control the power dynamic in your relationship. As sexy as this might be in some ways, you're unlikely to be told how things are going to be from now on in some way. Keeping the peace by being seen to agree with what you're told will help briefly. Sooner or later, you'll need to speak up, so it's best to get such a conversation going now, not later.


You might not be aware of the positive vibe you send to a loved one or potential partner, but your brand of positivity is probably what they need now. You're being your authentic self and aren't going to any lengths to be the epitome of optimism. That's what someone close needs - some authenticity in their world. Being an attentive listener might be enough to make them feel more upbeat and reassured.


You could be dealing with confusing or inconsistent energy with affairs of the heart, and this might be as frustrating as it is enticing. However, it's possible to immerse yourself in a love life mystery that doesn't need solving instantly. Continue to gather facts and don't try to jump to any conclusion in the belief doing so will bring closure to what's mysterious or alluring. There could be benefits to allowing this to unfold at its own pace.


Your love life might be unfolding one way while your actions are focused in a very different direction. This could create confusing circumstances in a current or budding relationship at this time. Whatever you're dealing with or finding confusing, you're likely to have to connect and resolve it singlehandedly. If time alone helps with getting to grips with what's confusing, then don't hesitate to take it.


You could feel exceptionally inspired by a love life plan or vision and taking this from a mere thought to something more tangible could be done more easily than you might believe. However, what you want to make real could involve your needs more than those of the object of your affections. Working in tandem with a special person to see what combining passionate efforts can achieve is the way to go. It will make the development more magical when it happens.


If you've been dealing with a complex love relationship scenario recently, then a way forward to bring a very positive change could present itself. Don't convince yourself you're dealing with circumstances beyond your control because this big, brave step is one you've likely been mulling over for some time. Seeing a proverbial green light in your emotional world helps to reassure you the time is right to put a plan into action – and make something considerably more straightforward as a result.


You might have valid reasons to question a loved one's decision. However, you're not about to start raining on their parade and might be intrigued by where their decision takes both of you. It's possible a new level of commitment might result from this, or find you involved in ways you didn't expect, but your willingness to be guided into unfamiliar territory will ensure you and the one you love end up somewhere safe and comfortable.


You might be keen to bring some level of 'normality' to affairs of the heart – but are reminded that love and romance work to rules of their own! However, your desire for more comfort or stability could encourage you to shake up what is – despite appearances to the contrary – already safe and stable. The more patience you can summon toward a seemingly volatile love life scenario, the more your patience will be rewarded. With that will come stability you need.


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