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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Tuesday 20 March


A boost to your feel-good factor can have a very positive knock-on effect to your love life at this time, regardless of your relationship status. The more you're seen by others or someone in particular to simply love and appreciate life, the more attractiveness you'll radiate. This is bound to encourage you to want to give back what you receive and can make one special person very loved and wanted in ways they'll be thrilled with.


You might need to tread carefully where your interaction with a certain person is concerned, especially if you're an attached Taurean. Your outgoingness or alluring charm could be seen as flirtatious in a way you didn't intend, leaving you with some explaining to do. As long as the object of your affections knows they're the apple of your eye, you shouldn't encounter problems.


Like tends to attract like and if you're a single Gemini, then you could be aware of how similar you and a newcomer to your world are. It could clear from the outset that you share many attitudes, beliefs or ideals. Feeling instantly compatible could put you at ease with each other. Planning or organizing something together that involves a learning curve of some kind or unexplored territory could bring you closer.


Being encouraged to open up and discuss a potentially tense or sensitive matter by a loved one or someone close could be something you'd prefer to postpone. However, if you're willing to placate them, then you could be glad you did. An issue swept under the carpet could emerge and might also require you to summon as much patience, understanding and compassion as you can muster, but you'll feel relieved at knowing the truth behind a certain situation.


A loved one or someone close could test your patience at this time. However, your support is needed, even if you struggle to refrain from telling them how difficult they're being. However, counting to ten, summoning patience and tolerance and making an effort to listen could take a conversation down a different avenue that makes you feel more reassured and calmer.


If you believe you let a romantic opportunity pass you by then don't despair because it could still be very much within reach or attainable. You'll probably need to make allowances for a change in circumstances or accept the reality of a situation has changed from what it appeared to be previously. However, it's worth seizing this second chance. Keep your eyes open for it.


You could feel a renewed sense of freedom in your emotional world, and every Libran will have their own story to tell about how this applies. It might involve something or someone from your past that has had an anchor-like influence being released or removed. Attached Librans could discover a restrictive influence within a relationship is waning and its removal can bring a chance for a fresh start where one's needed.


What a loved one says or implies could boost your enthusiasm and excitement levels. However, you might want more reassurance that what's said isn't just an off-the-cuff or thoughtless comment. Chances are, it isn't, and you might see possibilities surrounding what's said in ways your sweetheart can't.


You might feel it's necessary to draw a line under what you're no longer willing to accept, tolerate or support in your emotional world or within a close relationship. This could be a time when a new era commences regarding your interactions with others, and you could feel that what you accepted previously might now be unacceptable. Your fervent desire for change is understandable but be careful how quickly – and forcefully - you instigate it.


A boost to your energy could be combined with an 'enough is enough' attitude where affairs of the heart are concerned. If you sense the time has come to change something in a love connection, then you could find a loved one or someone close shares your thoughts or feelings. It's what you and someone agree on regarding the future of a partnership that dictates which direction it goes in now.


Tackling and resolving a love life issue will require careful thought combined with a focused effort on your part. If you feel you must to bide your time to assess a matter in more detail before deciding upon a course of action, then take the time you need. It's hasty action you need to be careful about now. If your actions are underpinned by a clear and confident thought process, then something connected with affairs of the heart can be transformed.


On the one hand, you might feel it's necessary to say nothing through not wanting to create tension within a close relationship. At the same time, your instincts are encouraging you to speak your mind and hang the consequences. It's a case of 'better out than in' and the good news is, you probably have an inflated idea about any tension you'll create by speaking from the depths of your heart. As long as that's your strategy, you can't go wrong.


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