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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Tuesday 23 May


Trumpets don't need to be blown or formal announcements made where your emotional world is concerned. You know what – or who – has you fired up and feeling more optimistic than you've probably felt in a while but, for now, savor the moment before releasing or revealing something to the rest of the world. Making your personal affairs common knowledge will bring delightful romantic reverie to a halt.


Whilst a greater sense of clarity could be making itself felt in your emotional world, a greater sense of urgency could be forming part of the equation and that's what you need to guard against now. Having a clearer idea of what you want and need from affairs of the heart is wonderful on many levels but now you need to ensure you don't set your expectations high for overnight results. All good things come to those who effectively combine effort with patience.


Your energy and focus levels can only go so far and you might need to be selective about who receives either or both. You want your positive vibe to connect only with another positive vibe and anyone, whether they be a close comrade or partner, who brings a dark cloud to your world simply isn't allowed access to it. Don't allow your optimism and enthusiasm levels to be depleted due to anyone's Eyeore-like behavior.


You might spot a way someone is all talk or possesses a tendency to exaggerate and if they think you're someone who will fall for their spiel hook, line and sinker, then they've made one very big mistake. How involved with this person's communicative efforts you become is entirely up to you and if something sounds too good to be true, then cut the exchange short immediately.


As your confidence levels receive a helpful and timely cosmic boost, so too does your charismatic vibe and your powers of attraction can be enhanced as a result. Your unique qualities are being magnified noticeably and if you're a single Leo, then it won't take long for you to be aware of how drawn to you certain people are. Attached? You'll like the way a loved one makes that tiny bit more effort!


Rather than focus on a love life disappointment, focus instead on what you've learned from it and what can be stored and recalled in the future. Your confidence might have taken a knock but the process hasn't been entirely negative as it has helped you to become clearer about your needs and possibly your desires where affairs of the heart are concerned. The emotional road ahead is clearer now so try to connect with the many reasons you have to feel optimistic.


You could be very focused on getting a particular plan underway and as much as you'll appreciate a loved one means well by intervening, you might struggle to conceal your displeasure. You might see this as more restrictive than helpful but, fortunately, you're blessed with 'gift of the gab' and can let someone close know their help or input aren't needed in ways that might actually inspire rather than deflate them.


What might start off as a calm or gentle exchange could grow in intensity very quickly and the more intense it becomes, the more determined you could be to force a viewpoint. Try not to let any frustration associated with you feeling misunderstood or having to repeat yourself grow into something confrontational. You'll know when you've made your point. Once this is clear, back off and let tension subside. There's no point in fueling it further.


Try not to succumb to what might be a kneejerk reaction to defend or justify a point of view to someone close. You might react or respond in a way that implies you're determined to convey your viewpoint and move on from the subject without allowing someone close to express theirs. They're likely to do so anyway, so save your respective stress levels and be willing to listen once you've said your bit.


What might have been balanced in a comfortable way in your emotional world could become imbalanced in the blink of an eye, so be receptive to sudden change where affairs of the heart are concerned. It's the way you choose to react to this that can dictate how stressful or frustrating it will be. Counting to ten and stepping away from tension might not feel like the most sensible option but you can be the one who dictates how much stress you allow into your world now.


Try to resist putting a time limit on a love life development. As much as you might believe you have all necessary facts and information to draw a conclusion or two, the cosmos insists further enlightenment is about to happen and this will help you to set more realistic expectations. Try not to hasten a situation that won't be accelerated. Relax, enjoy the moment and, as the saying goes, stop and smell the roses.


Try to guard against financial extravagance to improve your love life or impress a loved one. You could be inclined to overspend and end up paying the price for some time to come. Rather than focus on what can't be done due to financial restrictions, focus instead on how applying a bit of creativity can create delightful and memorable romantic moments that won't break the bank.


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