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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Monday 23 July


If you heed your instincts carefully, then they can offer helpful insight into the truth of a love life situation now. This probably has more to do with something you must learn or discover for yourself than a loved one or potential partner. Be willing to be honest with yourself and accept the reality surrounding what you discover. This is essential with helping you to grow and evolve before a love relationship can do so.


Communication with a loved one could encounter obstacles and barriers, but these are unlikely to cause your optimism levels to dip. You have plenty of positive energy to draw upon to lighten the mood of anything connected with love and romance. As long as you keep the lines of communication open and don't see any hurdles as major issues that need to be dissected and analyzed deeply, then you'll see any love life snafu in the right perspective.


Adopting a more serious or perhaps 'no-nonsense' approach to affairs of the heart might be necessary. However, this involves creating a stronger foundation for emotional security with a loved one and needn't kill any fun or magic in the process. You can consolidate a relationship simply by increasing the love, compassion and respect you and someone show each other: Adopting an attitude of gratitude helps you see everything between you in the right perspective, and that's what matters most at this time.


It could become clear that something in a love relationship needs a little more focus and attention at this moment. Seeing this realistically is essential now, especially if you've been fantasizing too much or idealizing current matters of the heart. If you're in a long-term partnership, then don't be afraid to think ambitious thoughts about your love connection. It's by seeing one grand plan realistically that an important step can be taken to achieve it.


The act of releasing whatever serves no purpose in your love life is the first step to helping something in your romantic world to blossom and flourish. This can also work some magic with your self-esteem, and when that's boosted, you know anything becomes possible! Let go of whatever is outdated because space is needed for something much more emotionally satisfying and fulfilling.


Something connected with your love life is flowing and moving in the right direction, even if it feels like it isn't. The shift happening in a special relationship might be subtle but mustn't be misinterpreted as something to feel frustrated with or doubtful toward. Instead of focusing so hard on your destination, focus instead on the sweet developments on offer. To see and connect with these, all you need to do is relax and let them carry you. Going with the flow will be to your advantage now.


Honesty is essential to making progress in a love relationship at this time, perhaps more so than ever. You're able to find a necessary balance because your mind and heart are working in tandem. However, an issue surrounds responsibility – what you should take responsibility for in a relationship and where it lies with someone close. As a love connection is viewed more honestly, the bond of integrity deepens considerably.


Even though your instincts rarely fail you when they're applied to affairs of the heart, the cosmos is encouraging you to be more trusting in a 'down-to-earth' way at this time. This can help with creating or setting boundaries and expectations with a loved one, especially if any topic has been avoided due to fear or raising it. Adopting a calm and measured approach to communication will also help impulsive or dramatic decisions or actions to be avoided.


You have plenty of cosmic support to bring any improvement you want to bring to affairs of the heart at this time. Not only are you able to identify what you can do to bring an improvement or two, but you're also able to back up words with actions. Expressing yourself positively and constructively helps a loved one to understand your need for more interaction, support or physical closeness. You might have finally hit upon the perfect way to convey your need for any or all of the above.


If you're aware of how you might have been nodding or offering the occasional word of acknowledgment when a loved one has spoken with you recently, then you have a chance to improve that situation. Without being told to, you could make more of an effort to listen, especially if you know a loved one or potential partner has made a clear effort to listen to you recently. A desire to truly understand a loved one's heart and mind won't go unnoticed or unappreciated, that much is certain.


Bringing an improvement to your current love life circumstances will require patience and discipline. Fortunately, you're blessed with plenty of both and applying both wherever your intuition sounds an alarm for either or both will serve you well now. Adopting a more grounded attitude toward affairs of the heart can open up a whole range of possibilities and is integral to you being the most positive influence you can be for a romantic relationship at this time.


Prepare for proof that effort you've put into a love relationship has paid off, especially if a dark cloud has hovered over your connection recently. Now that something between you and the one you love is on an even keel, it's time to look inward at your needs and what you can do to satisfy them. Taking better care of a loved one requires you to take better care of yourself, in whatever ways you identify. You can continue giving in every way you want and need to while still checking in with yourself to ensure your needs aren't be overlooked by doing so.


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