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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Saturday 16 December


A passionate adventure could be a possibility with a loved one, and travel could be integral to plans. Planning a romantic getaway with the object of your affections might involve an exciting risk, especially if a journey to unfamiliar territory is involved. The more spontaneous you can be with your passionate plan, the more memorable an expedition will be!


Wanting to open up to the object of your affections is one thing, but you could offload thoughts and feelings to a loved one without thinking through your message first. You can see the benefits of speaking from the depths of your heart and letting your words flow, but you owe it to yourself and someone close to give your message some forethought. This won't dilute any magic; it will only enhance and strengthen it.


Something might feel or appear vague or ill-defined with affairs of the heart as you struggle to make sense of what a loved one tells you. Don't take everything you hear as gospel as you could be receiving tidbits of information rather than the whole story. One discussion might need to continue for a bit longer before you're able to truly understand what someone close is telling you.


Keeping a romantic promise is of paramount importance now. You want to follow through on your word, so a loved one has no reason to question your motives. However, your passionate quest to prove your worth could cause you to miss out on other magical moments if your actions are too hasty. Don't succumb to any unjustified or unfounded sense of urgency. It isn't coming from a loved one.


Allowing a past romantic or relationship issue to influence your thoughts and actions makes it tricky to move forward with a love life matter at this time. This includes a sense of guilt or overwhelming desire to have done something differently. Instead of beating yourself up, look for the lesson contained within your love history that can be applied to the present. Future happiness and fulfillment rely on your ability to spot and apply this now.


You could surprise yourself and possibly a loved one with how you react calmly and practically to a present love life situation. You and someone close are very aware of how you might have responded to it previously. Your willingness to be receptive or offer support in ways you might not have previously is a clear sign a relationship has progressed, so keep your mind and lines of communication open!


You might feel uncertain about supporting a loved one in a way you're asked, especially if obligations are increasing in other areas. You want to be there for someone close, but professional matters could demand an unfair amount of time and attention. Applying yourself methodically to professional tasks helps with getting them out of the way to give undivided attention to the object of your affections.


Clarifying something to a loved one or potential partner could be done more effectively with actions rather than words now. Making a promise and being seen to be following through with it are two different scenarios. A superb opportunity exists to strengthen a loved one's trust by demonstrating how you truly mean what you say.


Even if you're convinced a loved one isn't connecting with what you're feeling, chances are, they are. The Moon's passionate energy turns on in your sign and makes seeing into your heart much easier. Hiding any truth only complicates an otherwise straightforward romantic connection. You'll feel much more positive if you spill your passionate secrets.


Your instincts won't let you down as you assess the best way to raise a topic of discussion with a loved one or potential partner. You want facts to replace assumptions and asking awkward questions achieves this. However, more energy than is needed could fuel any exchange. This can either be channeled positively or create unnecessary tension. The choice is yours.


Your actions might tell a different story, especially if an effort to be spontaneous results in you appearing indecisive or inconsistent. Stick with what's predictable, even if doing so is unappealing or uninspiring. Altering a tired routine is understandable, but you could be prone to hastiness or impetuousness. Allow this confusing energy to subside before taking any sudden – or drastic - action.


Professional pursuits might be a priority now, but a connection exists between career ambitions and your emotional life. Fortunately, you have cosmic support on offer to help with finding a necessary balance between the two. Ensure your intention to consider someone close with your career objectives is crystal clear. This will reassure them and increase their level of support.


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