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Weekly General Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 26 June 2017


Dear Ram, the week starts off with a beautiful conjunction of the Moon and Vesta in your children sector that gets you bending over backwards to make sure that your flock are safe and comfortable. The rest of your week focuses almost solely on Mercury in the home and family zone of your zodiac. The antics begin on Wednesday when Mercury squares Jupiter and opens your heart to generosity within the family sector. Your communications seem to flow so well, but are you able to keep all those promises that you have made? Mercury conjunct Mars the following day, affords you heaps of motivation to get things done around the house, but not as much patience to see some of those chores through to completion. If you are going to wash all those curtains, be sure to get them back up before the sun goes down! Your mind is deeply penetrative by the weekend as Mercury and Pluto engage in a standoff across the heavens. Detective books are a great idea, and so is delving into that research for your home project that you have been postponing for so long.


Dear Bull, Mercury is ablaze in your communication sector this week, which is the perfect place for the planet of verbal expression. As the week unfolds he takes on a square from Jupiter that should get your head spinning with expanding energies that are not necessarily as orderly as you might like them to be. Let's just say that your enthusiasm and desire to paint an elaborate picture could lead to a fair amount of exaggeration if you aren't mindful! That being said, by Thursday when Mercury eventually meets up with Mars along his swift path, your competitive nature comes to the fore and equips you for a good debate. Do remember though that being forthright can be refreshing, but can also come across as over bearing, so keep things cordial, life is all about give and take. Pluto ramps up the intensity on Friday when he is across the table from Mercury and ready to rip away any untruths and reveal the secrets within. I wager you won't stop digging until you do!


Dear Twin, you have money on your mind this week with Mercury picking up the energy of Jupiter, Mars and Pluto in your house of personal resources. Be mindful not to overlook the details on Wednesday when Jupiter challenges Mercury to see mostly the big picture. It's a good time to survey any potential financial waste that might be preventing you from using your money to its full potential. You will have all the help you need from Mars on Thursday once he and Mercury join forces, and gift you a more direct approach, and the will to eliminate wasteful activities. With Mars here, your mind becomes agile, and it is much easier for you to energetically forge ahead with your financial strategies. By Friday when Pluto and Mercury go head to head, you will be ready for some answers and keen to dig deep for them if you have to. It's great that you want to get your assets in shape but try not to be obsessed with every cent you spend.


Oh my dear Crab, with all this thought energy being ignited in your personal zone I could only describe you as being a bit of a hot head this week. Jupiter steps in to challenge Mercury on Wednesday and unleashes an onslaught of verbal and mental expression that is far from retiring. You could be extraordinarily comical and entertaining, but on the other hand you could also make some broad statements that you are not able to back up. On a more positive note, you will definitely have the inclination to speak up for yourself if you need to, and when Mars joins the party on Thursday your mind will be as sharp as a tack. Try not to be blunt in your self expression though, as this does not bode well with most friends. By the weekend Pluto will have brought an intensity and personal magnetism to your persona that drives members of the opposite sex crazy. This may put you in the mind to prod at hidden taboos or repressed secrets until you reveal what it is that you so compulsively seek.


Dear Lion, although this week opens with you reaching for pure ideals, while the Moon is conjunct Vesta in your personal sector, your tack changes as Mercury takes on several challenges in your psychological zone. This draws you into a darker mode of thought. Mercury picks up a square to Jupiter on Wednesday that could get you jumping to conclusions, or flaw finding with a critical point of view. Defensiveness and taking things personally will only challenge those that are attempting to enter into a healthy conversation with you. Use the Mars conjunction on Thursday to energise your mind and motivate yourself to snap out of it! The weekend brings this challenge to a head when Mercury opposes Pluto in the skies and deepens your desire to get to the bottom of almost anything that you have had on your mind. It's not all gloom and doom though because the penetrating energy of Pluto can help you to do some meaningful study or research, that will broaden your understanding of your own psychological framework, and help you shake off old mental ruts, as you illuminate your limitations.


Dear Maiden, with Mercury taking on energies from Jupiter, Mars and Pluto, all in your friend zone this week, there may be a lot happening within the themes of friendships, groups or societies that you belong to. Jupiter hugely expands your verbal communication by Wednesday, which could see you called upon to voice an opinion or give advice. Keep things real, and try not to overstate yourself, you don't want to come across like a dog with a bone. You also have the ability to be the group clown as you entertain your friends with stories of epic proportion. Exaggeration comes easily, but Mars has gifted you with a fast enough intellect to be able to give the perfect comeback, if challenged to back up your tales. By Friday Mercury picks up a deep and penetrating energy from Pluto and you are ready to delve into the throws of debate with anyone who is a willing partner. There could be some real revelations from this, which leave a friendship blossoming with new found depth.


Dear Scale Bearer, with Mercury so active in your professional zone this week, there are bound to be some significant shifts in the way that you think about, or communicate within your career. There is a Jupiter square on Wednesday that brings about the need for some expansive reasoning. This could be difficult, as this energy is not always orderly. You tend to see the bigger picture when it comes to your job, but can you convince those around you to do the same? On Thursday when Mars enters the mix and activates your drive for success, you find it easy to be curious and enthusiastic. With your competitive nature popping out along with the need to be direct, you might want to be mindful of impatience with those that are not as sharp. This is an excellent day to get to the bottom of any redundant systems in your job that could be corrected so as to improve efficiency within the company. This idea flourishes within just in time for the weekend, when Pluto brings the gift of determination, and the desire to work on your plans until you find the winning formulae.


Dear Scorpion, there are some mind blowing inner truths that come to light this week while Mercury takes on a lot of energy from three of the big players in your higher education zone. Wednesday sees a Jupiter square bring you into the realms of elevated thought when you consider the bigger picture of life and contemplate exactly how you fit into it. It's always good to do this from time to time, but remember that with Jupiter you may be getting a huge download that is not necessarily in numerical order. Take it easy. You don't have to solve the world's problems all in one day! Mars steps into the picture on Thursday and helps you to narrow things down to a much simpler approach. You are of the mind to delve deeply into the philosophies of life and will enter into vibrant, meaningful debates at the drop of a hat. Watch those opinions though, keep them on a friendly level, because with this topic conversations can sometimes become battlefields.


Dear Centaur, the start to this week, with the Moon and Vesta in your house of partnerships, sees you devoting yourself to the welfare of your significant other. You had better earn as many Brownie points as you can because as Mercury moves through your shared resource zone, picking up several challenging aspects from Jupiter, Mars and then Pluto, you will find that the shared assets between you and your partner come under considerable scrutiny. This starts on Wednesday with the Jupiter square to Mercury that could get you over estimating your financial worth or dealing with a partner that is oblivious to the cost of living. Perhaps you are in careless mode at the moment yourself, but whatever the circumstances, Mars is there to pull you through and by Thursday he will have honed your senses into a far more practical understanding of the situation, as you feverishly attempt to pull back and cut down on any wasteful or unnecessary expenses. By the weekend Pluto will rip away any financial falsehoods and leave you enlightened and ready to turn over a new leaf.


Dear Goat, it's all about the communication styles between you and your significant other this week as Mercury traverses your partnership zone and picks up some grief from three strategic planets along the way. It's best not to allow yourself to jump to any hasty conclusions on Wednesday when Jupiter squares Mercury and sets your brain racing in several different directions all at once. It is likely that you could blow things out of proportion or have to deal with a partner who does the same. It can be difficult to get down to the nitty gritty with all that exaggeration going on, so try to keep things to the point. Luckily Mars is around to take care of these details on Thursday as you gather your wits and prepare to talk things through in a more practical way. It's difficult to express yourself clearly with so much going on, and sometimes it's better to distance yourself until things blow over. Go for a run, play some sport, or just go shopping. You need to burn off all that excess energy so that you do not come across verbally blunt.


Dear Water Bearer, there is much focus on your health and routine this week as Mercury makes his way through this sector of your zodiac and takes on some real challenges from a few of the other planets. Jupiter is first to enter the picture on Wednesday when he squares Mercury and gets your mind working overtime when it comes to self improvement. Even though you are likely to see the bigger picture, you are critical of your accomplishments, and this is not helpful. Don't over estimate your physical capabilities, you are only human, and there is no point in making any rash decisions at this time. Thankfully Mars is there to help you gain focus on Thursday as he energises your mind and gives you a more pragmatic take on the subject. One step at a time is something that you have to master, but you are well on the way to achieving a healthy strategy. By the time the weekend arrives, you will be renewed by the transforming energies of Pluto and ready to let go of those thoughts and feelings about your body that no longer serve you.


Dear Fish, with Vesta conjunct the Moon in your house of health, you will want to devout the start of this week to your physical wellbeing. Spend Monday taking care of your body, go for a massage or a relaxing yoga session to lift your spirits. You will be grateful for this respite by Wednesday when your entertainment zone bursts to life with mental challenges galore. Mercury is under fire in this sector of your zodiac, and is confronted by Jupiter, Mars and Pluto. Be mindful not to burn the candle at both ends as your discretion gets blown clean out of the water. You might just not know when enough is enough as you take on far more than you can chew. Mars jumps to your aid on Thursday and helps you to be selective with your recreational choices as he fine lines your practical awareness and helps you to cast off any excess baggage in this department. The weekend is a wonderful time for you to get deeply involved in art projects that you have had on hold, as this will revive your zest of life.

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