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English Daily Love Horoscopes - Tuesday 20 March


Missed romantic opportunities occur when we judge by appearances alone. Even before we get to know someone, we quickly decide about them. If you make a fresh appraisal that's less superficial, you're less likely to miss out on an important relationship just because you don’t like how somebody dresses.


Your love life improves, and you're able to show others how capable of affection you are, as well as an attractiveness that they find difficult to resist. If single, your calm and composed approach impresses the people you meet, and they welcome and encourage the confident way you flirt outrageously with them.


How you behave towards your partner reveals what you consider to be most important about your relationship with them. You continually show why you love them, but you all too easily fall into the trap of becoming far too content. Instead, you're able to do something special and spring a surprise for your loved one.


If you're tense and restless, spending some time alone is appreciated by your partner. You can surprise them with your new-found ability to behave in a more relaxed way. This may be a forerunner of a new approach to your relationship resulting in time spent together being more affectionate.


Take every opportunity to enjoy relaxing with your lover. Spend time together, be romantic and express your feelings. If you can celebrate your relationship a little, perhaps indulge in a romantic meal, followed by lots of tenderness and love. If you are single there is no reason you shouldn’t treat yourself, why not?


If you're feeling agitated or annoyed, don't let these feelings upset the people you care about most or even worse cause you to make an enemy of them. You find those you are closest to have to show you a great deal of patience. You're mindful of this, imagining how you might deal with someone behaving just like yourself.


Your charm and wit make you very attractive to others, one thing leads to another, but this only happens if your partner takes the initiative. You’re simply too passive to get something going. If you live with someone and are in a relationship, your lover finds your indecision irritating, causing needless upsets.


In your relationship, there seem to be unnecessary misunderstandings, and you become overwhelmed by other's expectations of you. If single there's meddling you cannot put up with and need to resolve, take time out for a heart-to-heart. When you're able to rebuild some common ground, things improve.


Your ability to deal with others helps you socially. Even if normally you find it difficult, it’s easier to make new friends. With conviction, you instinctively know how to put across your point of view, impressing others with your composure and eloquence, and only pursuing these friendships if you want them to develop.


Because of your unreliability, you may inadvertently upset some good friends with this type of conduct, and your relationship is also likely to suffer. If single, attempting to attract others and any overly spontaneous actions may have negative consequences as meeting others is likely to be problematic.


You find your romantic life extremely rewarding, your lover affectionately responds to the tender way you treat them. If single and looking for a partner, you find it easy to approach someone new and get a warm reaction from them, don’t take advantage of your obvious appeal, it may lead to more than you expect.


Your thoughtful attitude impresses others, intuitively picking up on what’s needed to bring pleasure, any offer you make is appreciated by those in receipt of your attention. And if you have an ulterior motive, it's probably accomplished, whether you want to deepen a current friendship or impress someone you date.


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