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English Daily Love Horoscopes - Thursday 17 August


Wanting an easy life you make compromises with your lover, giving way to their desires. However in doing so, you may forgo some of your own needs which you're reluctant to do. There comes a point when rather than suffer any resentment, you make a stand, which in the end benefits your relationship.


You feel like making some changes. Tired routines are due for a shake up and you may provoke others or your lover in order to force change on the situation that exists between you. Their response and the outcome are likely to add some spice to your relationship or may prove more unsettling than imagined.


If you encounter disagreements, it’s important to respond to the needs of your loved one, even if you believe them to be unnecessarily pressurizing you for an answer. When everyone is calmer, it's easier for any differences which probably have a long history, to eventually be resolved much sooner rather than later.


You love to chat be with those you love, due to certain responsibilities that monopolize much of your time, you find it difficult to make your wish a reality. If you want to enjoy your romantic life plan ahead, invite somebody special and spend an evening together so you're able to experience an unforgettable occasion.


You need much more self-control if you want to avoid causing upsets by your erratic behavior. You're easily misunderstood and others wonder why you are acting so hastily, causing problems that no doubt you have to put right later on. By thinking beforehand you're able to avoid all this unnecessary disruption.


Use your genuine desire for compromise to improve your relationship. Fears, unexpressed wishes, everything that puts a strain on a relationship need to be addressed and resolved. When you make it a priority to listen and take notice of the needs of your partner, in an good-natured way a lot changes for the better.


If you enjoy spending time with your lover to the exclusion of everyone else. This may lead to difficulties with those who are relying on you to fulfill your prior commitments. It seems that anything that doesn't bring you immediate pleasure or gratification is considered not to be worth making the effort for.


You're able to resolve any unfortunate conflicts or old disagreements with your lover once and for all. You feel that open exchange of views and ideas is very constructive and rewarding. If single you're appreciated as a sympathetic conversationalist, an ideally suitable attribute for getting to know new people.


Your romantic life is turbulent, and punctuated with misunderstandings. Be careful about giving an opinion, not everyone appreciates your straightforward approach. They may misconstrue your comments believing them to be arrogant and selfish. Remain calm and objective when making claims and attempting to attribute blame.


You understand the issues that matter most to you in your private life. You're able to settle existing disagreements and face up to the consequences, even if you find talking about certain issues is rather difficult. You express yourself well and are ready to make compromises when they are deemed necessary.


Don't let yourself lose control, think carefully before you begin any argument, your powers of persuasion aren't good and need to be substantially improved. Attempt to settle difficulties with partners and don't leave matters unresolved. Appreciate how important a relationship is and unnecessary quarrels can be.


If you're experiencing highs and lows of emotions and feel you're constantly being misunderstood or wrongly criticized, be particularly careful not to overreact or behave in an inappropriate way, by being hurtful towards your love one, or doing something that at a later date you might come to regret.


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