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English Daily Erotic Horoscopes - Monday 23 July



Take it easy with the sex toys. Read the instructions first before using them on your partner! You wouldn't want an accident to happen when you get all excited. It could get embarrassing when the paramedics have to be called in to remove those naughty accessories.


Don't expect any earth-shattering developments. Where sex is concerned, enjoy your love-making as usual. You get straight to the point and do without long-winded foreplay, erotic clothing and sex talk. Standard pleasure principles will do for a while - but take care not to bore your partner unnecessarily.


Your desires leave nothing to the imagination; instead turn those dreams into reality. Your sex life needs some pep or it might run out of steam. Surprise the object of your passion with some erotic clothing or sex toys. Try out some new techniques during foreplay. With a little luck you'll get into the swing of things: your partner is inspired to do the same for you.


You and your partner can't get enough of each other and this shows. There'll be no dull moments, either in bed or anywhere else. Do you feel like a threesome? Tell your partner about your secret fantasy - they might want to do it too and surprise you with who they suggest to tempt you!


You feel a strong physical attraction to your partner. Those erotic thoughts keep buzzing through your brain, at work and everywhere else too. Where sex is concerned, neither of you need to be told what to do. You both know what turns you on. Try some new things - spontaneity your creativity knows no limits.


The bedroom becomes too monotonous, and love-making a little too familiar. That's good, because you feel like experimenting. The great thing is - your partner feels the same way too and isn't shy of saying so. Show them how responsive you can be and open to all things new. The result is supercharged excitement for you both!


Both you and your partner can expect exciting times full of passion and desire. An impetuous love-making escapade or long nights in rapture - anytime and anywhere is OK. Surprise your partner with an erotic candlelight dinner. The first item on the menu is bubbling champagne, drunk from your lover's navel.


Your partner might be giving you funny looks. Why are you indulging in all this teasing? No worries, though - your weird behavior has a positive side-effect - great sex! What's more, both of you end up satisfied and are impatient for the next time you make love again!


Do you constantly think of your partner, indulging in erotic and lustful thoughts? If you do then they're probably thinking in the same way about you! Your sex life is full of unusual variations for you to share and experience together - you discover exciting positions and deviations. Can it get any better than this?


Your passion is at a low ebb. In fact, you want to be left alone. If your partner is more pleasure-oriented and keen for sex, things could get difficult. Don't let yourself be pushed into activities you don't like doing. Your partner will have to be patient and content with some alternative choices for the time being.


High-flying sexual adventures aren't on your agenda. Instead of passion, you feel like something straightforward. Grab your partner and get to bed. You do without that silly underwear and absurd attempts at strange positions. Right now what you need is down-to-earth delight.


You're far too easily talked into naughty romps. Just because your lover is going through an oversexed rather kinky phase doesn't mean you have to go along with it. Think it through before you agree. Not everyone has a taste for the whip or sex toys, and maybe you don't either.


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