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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Tuesday 11 May


You're probably aware of how much in your world is about to be done differently. You may have grown used to established habits or routines. But these may have been created with particular needs, beliefs, and principles in mind. Today's New Moon can boost your confidence to be a bit more spontaneous or inventive where you may have been a bit too relaxed, obliging or complacent.


Sometimes, a bit of pressure helps us create the right kind of priority list. But that doesn't necessarily mean a lack of pressure creates an unhelpful or pointless list. Today's New Moon in your sign offers a superb chance for you to decide where your focus can be applied most effectively. But this lunar event doesn't mean you'll only be 'effective.' It's a clear sign that success can be yours, too.


All too often, adopting a trial and error approach to something is seen as hasty or reckless. But making an effort to see what happens is better than doing nothing. You may have found it has taken more than one attempt to make progress in a particular area or get something' right.' But it's by exploring various options in the past that you look set to hit upon one that works.


Somebody's pride and stubbornness could pose a problem between you. You can probably create a helpful list of ways to assist them or make an aspect of their world more comfortable or easier. But, try as you might, you could find that the progress you're keen to make needs to become the idea of whoever you're trying to help. Soon, that will happen.


What's the most effective way to benefit from a certain conversation? The answer is to say as little as possible! Instead, allow someone else to do all the talking. Then, take on board the clear message they make to you. Let them convey themselves without interruption or distraction. You look set to gain something insightful and valuable by doing nothing more than listening.


Some people can convincingly tell us what we want to hear by looking for specific reactions from us as they speak. This helps them to put forth a more convincing point. It appears someone knows how to 'read' you in such a way, too. Pay close attention to a point made with unusually high levels of enthusiasm or conviction. That's what you'd be wise to be wary of now.


One shift in attitude can bring a significant or far-reaching change. You might believe a profound change is something you'd prefer not to experience. Yet, you may have resigned yourself unfairly to a belief that something has reached a point where any further progress was unlikely. But adjusting your attitude from pessimism to positivity can really make a difference. Give it a try.


As crazy as it sounds, we can sometimes do the 'right' thing for the 'wrong' reason. We can take an appropriate step, but our reason for doing so might not be as fair or balanced as it should be. Your keenness to take particular action might cause you to overlook whether what you're doing is as fair to you as it is someone else. Make a point of thinking this through first


Many people believe they work or perform best under pressure. They thrive when imminent deadlines loom and crave the danger attached to doing something at the last minute. But can they honestly say they do a better job than if they had more time on their side? Hmmm. That's arguable. Try to apply patience and discipline where pressure rears its head now. A 'quick fix' definitely won't cut it!


If you feel pulled in several directions or a dilemma seems to have complex strings attached to it, then welcome whatever appears confusing. Any confusion can be motivating and encourage you to focus stricter attention on what genuinely inspires you. Trust that clarity will soon replace chaos. What needs and deserves the most attention is about to make itself known.


We know that within any problem, there are often smaller, less obvious issues. We wonder if we should focus on dealing with the more minor, manageable matters and hope that doing so resolves the biggest one. Try to focus your attention on the main matter that demands it the most now. You could find that you address and resolve other smaller issues connected to it.


If you want reassurance, then you can trust that it's coming. But before it arrives, a process must play itself out. That's a bit like watching the annoying adverts on some media platforms that we can skip after what feels like an eternity. You might feel impatient, wanting to get to the important bit but can believe the frustrating distraction you're experiencing is temporary. For now, simply watch and wait.


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