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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Tuesday 25 January


So, is 'writing' on the proverbial 'wall'? You might convince yourself that what you see is a huge neon billboard drawing attention to a scenario you feel will happen regardless of your efforts to steer or avoid it. But maybe the message is blurred, or essential words are hidden. A reassuring insight is available. Give enlightenment a chance to arrive, and you'll feel less determined to prime yourself.


If an idea intrigued you not long ago, give it a chance to do so again. You may have had a vision you believed was worth pursuing. However, as circumstances have since changed, you might sense it's no longer feasible or worth the effort. But that's what doubt, confusion, or uncertainty excel at doing – creating unfounded negativity! You were inspired before; you can be even more inspired now.


To speak or not to speak, that could be a question you ask yourself. What you believe needs saying will involve making yourself more vulnerable than you'd prefer to be. But this attitude could reflect a dip in your confidence. So, be aware of how unfounded fears create unhelpful obstacles. Focus on the outcome you want by speaking your mind or revealing your truth. That belief will create it.


Try not to let vagueness affect your assessment of a relationship or commitment. You could convince yourself of more than one untruth. Instead, trust what you feel rather than see. With Mercury moving backward, you can't expect to have a 100% accurate understanding of what your mind is expected to process where a partnership is concerned. For now, let your heart confirm that.


Even if you're certain your ability to conceal a fear is worthy of an Academy Award, believe that others, especially those who know you well, probably know what you're doing. Chances are, they'd understand. But where a concern is concerned, don't believe you're unsupported! Releasing a desire to control or steer might reveal this reassuringly.


Relief can arrive from speaking openly at this time. But this can't be done half-heartedly or 'a bit now and more later.' Apprehension or uncertainty could increase if you form a rigid idea about the outcome of a conversation. If it's something you dread, focus on the benefits you know exist by embracing a bit of vulnerability. Keep your eye on those prizes, and regrets will not apply!


It's hilarious when we see a rug pulled out from under someone in a film. In the real world, when something catches us off guard or shakes our security's foundations, we don't laugh. Try to honestly assess what you've seen as secure now appearing volatile. Yes, it might experience brief turbulence. But the fact is, it's changing – and in a way you need it to.


We seem to have a deep, justified fear of 'tempting fate.' But fate doesn't always have an unwelcome agenda. Where taking a bold step is concerned, you understandably don't want to disrupt what's safe and predictable. Yet, you might sense fate 'eggs you on' as well. That's because it has inside information about what you can expect if you rise to its challenge!


One pearl of wisdom we received as kids involved never letting a bully know we feared them. Even if we 'shook in our boots', there was no way the bully was to know this! But where a fear you might have now is concerned, accept that you're not 'bullied' or pushed in a direction against your will. It might feel like that. But, with a bit of courage, you can take control and send a clear message by doing so.


Certain circumstances might push you to adopt a 'whatever will be, will be' attitude. You could sense that whatever will happen between you and someone or involving an arrangement will occur regardless of your effort or input. Yet, out of two possible outcomes, you could focus too much on the one that creates the strongest sense of fear. In truth, you're in a win/win situation, as you'll soon see.


It's not uncommon for managers to tell teams that star players on the other team appear tired, hungover, deflated, or uninterested. Even if it's untrue, it still served the purpose of boosting confidence and morale! Information you receive could sound like it has had a positive spin put on it. Maybe, it has. But you will undoubtedly benefit from the attitude it encourages you to adopt.


The fact that you might think reaching out to someone is a good idea or would be welcomed by them should be all you need to do so. But it's also worth getting certain ducks in a row first. Might there be something you need them to know? Can you go beyond polite chitchat in a way you'd prefer to? Your intuition won't fail you with instigating a chat in the right way. So, reach out confidently and sincerely.


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