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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Thursday 23 September


Something chaotic in your world could demand attention. But restoring order and balance shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Of course, there may be others or someone in particular who play the biggest part in sticking a spanner in the works. But even if it appears that they deliberately cause disruption, you have the final say regarding how you react.


If possible, try to stick to what feels logical rather than be guided by emotions now. You can certainly trust your heart to steer you in the right direction. But progress you appear keen to make could rely on you accepting what you're determined to resist. One minor attitude adjustment toward this could be something you'll be grateful for.


Your desire to shine could result in you going over the top with particular tasks or trying to impress people who don't need impressing. There's nothing wrong with wanting to stand out from the crowd or attract certain attention. But you'll probably succeed more at doing both by being seen as a reliable option or a leader, rather than a whirlwind of activity.


Thoughtless words could land you in hot water now. You could be tempted to say whatever pops into your head and be unconcerned about how confrontational you appear or sound. But interestingly, a reverse strategy is likely to be more effective. Let one or two people see your sensitive side. That's your ticket to being heard and understood.


Once again, you could focus so intently on your lengthy To-Do List that you forget to allocate time for yourself. Of course, that might feel responsible in light of the number of responsibilities you appear to shoulder! But some proper Leo pampering in any way you do it could boost your mojo in ways you might need it boosted!


That old saying about judging books by covers might be relevant now. You could make an instant assessment of a particular person, and it might not take long to discover how inaccurately you judged them. Whether this relates to a potential friendship or working relationship, try to adopt a more open mind.


If you feel like you're 'all thumbs' or as clumsy as a baby elephant, take that as your cue to slow down. Even if you don't end up knocking a drink over your keyboard, you could allow distractions to get the better of you. This could cause one or two important tasks or commitments to be overlooked. A slow and steady approach might make something take longer, but you'll avoid mishaps.


There seems to be a consistent 'quid pro quo' theme happening in your world at this time. Either you're asked to be there for others, or you might feel it's necessary to ask for support now. In any case, these 'you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours' interactions can do much to help form or strengthen at least one special connection.


Stepping back into the shadows could be much more appealing than immersing yourself in any crowd. If you don't believe you possess the energy or inclination to be sociable in ways you're expected to, then offer a polite refusal. You can trust that anybody who wants you to be the best you can be won't see this as selfish.


A particular relationship or possibly collaboration likely shows signs of strengthening. But this is probably happening due to willingness on your part to listen and compromise. Yes, you often come up with the right answers, and others know it. But making yourself a bit vulnerable and allowing somebody to confirm what they can contribute plays a part in teamwork flourishing.


You could be aware of something others or someone, in particular, haven't yet become privy to. This might pose a dilemma. You could weigh up the benefits of putting them in the picture or allowing information to find them in the same way it found you. But whatever you choose to do, be aware that there is no middle ground. You'll likely either you spill the beans completely or say zilch.


Being confident is one thing. Being overly optimistic is another. So, be careful about how much you take on or commit yourself to at this time. There appears to be more than one person who would gladly take a mile if you offered an inch, too. Creating a definitive list of who and what you're obliged to and sticking to it reduces the risk of you and others being disappointed.


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