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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Monday 22 October


Some of the most amazing discoveries were discovered accidentally. Someone was pursuing one idea, become distracted, and this led to a very different discovery. If you sense something distracting you offers more in the way of a challenge or fulfillment, then be guided by this intriguing idea. It could be a more appropriate plan in more than one way.


Even if our determination to achieve or accomplish something is strong, we can still make a mistake along the way to success. Success relies on us doing something repeatedly and learning from mistakes, even if many people believe doing something over and over again and expecting a different result defines insanity. However, you look set to prove to others - and yourself - that perseverance and consistency bring fantastic rewards.


We can all recall times when our enthusiasm for something was strong enough to encourage others to support or agree with us. There are times when in-depth negotiation doesn't bring anywhere near as good a result as what a good dose of passion can bring. Don't be too concerned about being armed with a strong argument to state your case to win someone's approval or support. Your signature enthusiasm is all you'll likely need.


Rarely do we invite chaos into our lives deliberately. However, we know it can arrive from taking a risk. You might wonder if you should 'play it safe,' but a risk could be worth taking now, even if it brings a brief period of upheaval. This might be a time when an improvement you yearn to see happen can only come from shaking what has become stale, repetitive or too predictable for your liking.


Most people follow paths of least resistance and prefer to be agreeable rather than take the lead or question what they're expected to accept. It takes a special kind of person to dare to be different. You can likely see something in a situation that you wish others would see. If you're willing to be just a little bit rebellious, then others might be inclined to follow your lead.


A certain situation might require careful handling, and you might feel you're obliged to go to great lengths to save upsetting an equilibrium - or an individual. However, you know why sensitivity is needed with your approach. The more supportive and less confrontationally or insensitively you convey yourself now, the more positive the responses you receive will be.


We ought to be grateful for financial pressure we experience sometimes. Our popularity increases when people suddenly want to get in touch with us, like bank managers or creditors. Sure, most of us would prefer to be popular in other ways. However, where you might be aware of pressure on the financial front, it's not only temporary but could encourage you to give more thought to re-exploring a financial opportunity you've ignored or shelved.


With some clever thinking, you could spot a way in which a certain rule can be bent to suit you. Where you might have believed you had to accept a restriction, with a bit of cleverness, proactivity, and imagination, you can steer a situation or arrangement to suit you better. If a loophole exists and exploiting it creates a greater sense of fairness between you and a certain person, then you're wise to do so.


As such a fantastic and astute thinker, you'd be doing the rest of a disservice if you didn't share your ideas. Perhaps, you can sense how one idea or vision offers considerable potential, but you're unsure if the time is right to reveal it. If necessary, use a trusted friend as a 'sounding board,' even if you believe your idea needs more time to mature. Someone else's insight could be precisely what you need to turn an inspiring thought into something real.


It's important for us to flood our brains with ten positive thoughts as soon as one negative thought makes itself known. In practice, that's easier said than done, but we can excel at doing so eventually. You could be prone to allowing one or two negative thoughts to cloud your judgment of a seemingly daunting or complex situation. Don't let this happen. Summoning positivity will help you see how easily manageable it is.


You might need to be realistic about a situation you find yourself in now, especially if it suggests the 'chase' was more interesting or fun than the 'catch.' Having achieved something, you might miss the excitement that came from achieving it! However, you've put in place a very helpful stepping stone to something bigger that could inspire you further. Whatever 'chase' might have come to an end, a new pursuit can happen shortly.


Try, if you can, to step back and assess honestly why you might be considering throwing caution to the wind in some way. As much as you might believe it's necessary to create a bit of chaos from taking a risk, there could be more benefits at this time for leaving one intriguing situation alone. Don't let impatience get the better of you. Disruption for the sake of it is likely to be more unhelpful than helpful.


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