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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Wednesday 11 December


When we must face and accept a limitation, we understandably feel frustrated, especially when we can see the outcome we want to achieve. When faced with an obstacle or a need to accept that patience is essential, we sometimes try to find short cuts that rarely exist. You will soon be grateful for the need to be patient. This respite is about to highlight a way forward with crystal clarity.


It might be the effort you're investing toward certain individuals to receive a response of some kind that makes you wonder why such a constant or concerted effort is needed. But have you considered what might happen if you chose not to push or probe and waited to see what came your way? To receive whatever information or clarity you need, take a break. Give others a chance to come to you for a change.


Have crystal ball sales ground to a halt because of freely-available apps these days? Perhaps, some app developers have found a way to make crystal ball-reading easier for everyone. Where a need on your part to gaze into the future exists now, you don't need to trust anything apart from a positive vision on offer. Giving your full focus to that, along with an unwavering belief that it's attainable, will bring what you need.


As helpful as it would be to find a short cut where a particular plan is concerned, you're unlikely to find one. So, that leaves you with the need to start something properly from the very beginning. You know that, do something in the way it needs to be done, you'll have to get certain foundations in place. Trust that whatever is starting from scratch needs to be started in such a way. It's that approach that can eventually guarantee success.


Having control available is one thing; making effective use of it is another. As keen as we are to have power where we're certain we need it, when we discover we have it, we can be unsure about how best to use it! If you're not already aware of the influence you have over one situation, then you probably will be soon. You'll be expected to make use of it and apply it wisely. You'll know what to do when the time comes to cross that bridge.


You could bear the brunt of someone's indecision but try to look closely at how this might benefit you. By taking their time to decide in the way they are, it puts you in a stronger position to be more prepared than you would have been otherwise. Soon, both you and this person will be on the same proverbial page. Just be willing to be patient and supportive for a little bit longer.


There's an old saying that involves 'pouring oil on troubled waters.' It refers to settling a disagreement or dispute, usually with comforting words. Your use of words and a willingness to build a proverbial bridge with a particular person can reduce stress and tension, trying to manifest. What you give, you will receive. So, ensure that what you give is based entirely on honesty and sensitivity. Above all, don't underestimate the healing influence you can be for someone.


There are some changes we embrace instantly, and others manage to slip past our radar. Any insecurity we feel can cause us to look for immediate reasons for it rather than consider a bigger picture. With change, upheaval is always close behind, too. If you sense such a symptom now, then be appreciative of the fact that you're experiencing change – and precisely where it's needed.


Magical beings in stories and films often possess wands. But can it not be said that anyone who needs a wand to make magic happen isn't magical? Enchanted or otherworldly beings don't require a stick to make magic happen; they can do so in other ways. All you need to do to bring what could be described as magic to your world is summon a bit of courage reinforced with genuine belief. You might even surprise yourself at how powerful you are.


Think of how used we've all become to much happening immediately in our world. Where we used to accept the need for patience, we can now get what we need by pressing buttons on a mobile phone. Where we used to have to wait for a result, technology is wired to bring something instantly. But even our impressive technology cannot accelerate a process that needs time to play itself out. You know how and where patience is needed. Don't try to find a clever workaround for this. Ride it out.


Jenga – it can be an infuriating game that can drain the most patient person's patience! Delicately removing one block at a time from a tower often results in it crashing noisily. The object of the game involves removing as many blocks as possible before this happens. You might believe intervening with a situation you sense is best left alone might have a detrimental effect. Don't underestimate your skill at removing carefully what can be removed to ensure it remains stable.


Over seven billion people inhabit our spinning rock. Every one of us has a role to play during our brief stay here. That's why it's such a shame that few of us know what we're supposed to be doing. We receive a few clues but can sometimes be led by what feels right, and you could experience such a feeling now. It might be your 'life's calling' or your intuition pushing you in a particular direction to achieve your potential. Either way, your destiny awaits in some way. Don't be dismissive of even the most seemingly insignificant development.


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