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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Sunday 21 April


The sky speaks of a need to forgive and forget. Although this could involve your dealings or interactions with a certain individual, it applies just as much to letting yourself off the hook in some way. From today until May 15, Venus occupies your sign. As you detect life becoming sweeter in more than one way, it's important to look deep within yourself and cease beating yourself up about something that it could be time to forgive yourself for.


With your ruling planet, Venus, influencing detachment, isolation, and secrets, you could also find that you feel more compassionate during the coming weeks. Although a certain journey in your world may have been tough recently, it probably pales in significance compared to what you're aware others are experiencing. Expect to feel more aware of where you can reach out and offer support to at least one other person in need of it. Your experience-based wisdom is very much worth sharing.


With Venus influencing friendships and group activities, during coming weeks, you could feel drawn toward assisting others to make a positive difference in some way. The energy and enthusiasm you bring to any collaborative effort could be precisely what others need. Although any group effort you involve yourself with may have serious intentions, you can still bring a helpful vibe of lightheartedness to it that makes it more fun and enjoyable.


If a career change you've been considering recently has cast a serious or somber cloud over your world, then Venus's influence with your career and status from today until mid-May could help you make progress in a more light-hearted way. This can also help you to acknowledge talents you're not making the most of. If you wondered if a certain creative ability could become a full-time occupation, then coming weeks could be very revealing.


This could be a time when you feel you must re-evaluate certain fundamental beliefs. With Venus now influencing your big ideas and future horizons, it could become clear that a more creative approach is needed to expand your perspectives and perhaps focus your efforts on what truly inspires and motivates you. If you think one or two seemingly far-fetched ambitions hold the potential to boost your bank balance, then you're right.


It could be your quest for perfection in a certain area that adds to your stress levels. As much as you're keen to do something completely by the book, it's important to step back and ask yourself if what you're applying so much effort toward is attainable or achievable. The fact you may not be achieving perfection you're so keen to achieve could be due to you setting your sights a bit too high in some way. Accepting this fact could be a positive step in a necessary direction.


From now until mid-May, your ruling planet, Venus, influences partnerships, commitments, and companions. If, during recent weeks, you've been sending out a clear message to a certain person regarding what you're no longer willing to accept or tolerate, then during coming weeks, you could find that you make this point more sensitively and compassionately. If a heavy-handed approach hasn't worked, then you can be certain that a kinder approach will.


Your innate ability to look past other people's exteriors and know what's really going on in their minds could come in particularly handy now. Someone may need your support or guidance at this time but feel unsure how to ask for either or both. Be willing to assist, because a few wise or supportive words from you could make a significant difference and lift someone's spirits enormously.


Having your instincts proved correct will be helpful on one level, but could leave you feeling indecisive about where a certain plan arrangement goes from here. Although you could take a significant step forward with the new knowledge your armed with, it's the fact that you must return to Square One in some way that makes you wish you didn't know what you know. However, your arrangement with a certain person may have been on shaky ground anyway. This could be the catalyst to improve it.


The wisdom you gained from someone in your past who was a mentor or taught you many valuable life lessons could be applied to someone in your world now. Perhaps, somebody you know is experiencing a situation similar to one you experienced when a wise individual took you under their wing. It's possible you could step in and assist somebody in the same way you were once helped or supported.


You may have had what you believe to be valid reasons for excluding or creating distance with a certain person in your world. However, if they're genuinely extending the hand of friendship or a proverbial olive branch, then don't be too quick to shut them out again. Let bygones be bygones and cease focusing on the past. Together, you can create a much more cordial future.


You might be unaware of how highly regarded your compassionate qualities are by others. However, that doesn't make you a soft touch and you may need to be discerning about whether to accept somebody's sob story or offer support in a way they're asking for it. Fortunately, you can strike a happy balance by offering assistance but also reminding this person of why they need to take the initiative and stand on their own two feet to solve a problem.


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