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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Friday 18 October


Some time ago, a 105-year-old woman was interviewed and asked what she would have changed in her life were it possible to do so. She replied she wished she'd made more mistakes. What surprising response. We all tend to see mistakes as unhelpful and problematic, but without them, we don't learn or grow. Something you might view as a mistake could prove to be very helpful. Don't be too quick to chastise yourself for a perceived error of judgment.


Anyone who believes, 'anything is possible' is usually thought of as ridiculously optimistic or naive. We don't have to think hard to identify what's clearly beyond our abilities. However, we can be too quick at times to dismiss an idea as far-fetched when it might, with the right levels of faith and effort, be achievable. You're right to be intrigued by a possibility now. If someone else has achieved success with it, then so can you.


Anything magnified will always be seen from an unusual perspective. That doesn't necessarily mean we're seeing it unrealistically, but, in the same way an insect can appear frightening with the right levels of magnification, we could see it disproportionately. Try to bear that in mind where an issue in your world is concerned. If you accept the possibility that you see it magnified or exaggeratedly, then that might help you to see it in a less daunting perspective.


One of the many wonderful benefits of achieving success involves making available what was unavailable to us. All the tools or ingredients needed for success are rarely laid out neatly on a proverbial table. It's up to us to identify, find, or create what's needed. You have all you need available to make something wonderful happen in your world now. Don't underestimate your ability to improvise or be cleverly resourceful.


Flowing water always follows paths of least resistance. It will avoid challenges wherever possible and succumb to any form of resistance. We all do the same occasionally. Although you might be able to spot an easy option or shortcut in some way now, something greater can be gained by rising to a challenge or pursuing a less obvious route. Something needs and deserves to be explored further or more closely. You'll be glad you rose to this challenge.


Enthusiasm is powerful in more than one way. It can do a good job of convincing others of our belief in something, but if apathy or disinterest is strong enough, then both can also be effective with discouraging someone. You might, in an area of your world, say one thing with utter belief but convey a lack of faith in another way. This imbalance is something someone will understandably find confusing. Take some time to be clearer about where you truly stand with it. You might need it to progress further before you air your views.


You're granted some potentially much needed 'breathing space' in an area of your world now. Something that may have needed constant thought or careful monitoring can be left alone to tick along at its own pace and progress in its own way, for now, anyway. You needn't give a matter that might be out of your hands as much time or attention as you believe is necessary. Try to be less concerned about something that might prove how able it is to take care of itself.


There could be so much that is positive unfolding in your world now that you might be more appreciative of if you didn't believe you should focus so intently on what can be seen as negative or a setback. Turn that telescope around and focus on what you have to be optimistic about. That's the best way to put properly into perspective what shouldn't take up so much thinking time. If it helps, then be honest about fears you might sense are unfounded. Chances are, they are.


Something you might see as confusing could be more helpful than it appears to be. If you give it the right levels of consideration and scrutiny, then you could discover how superbly placed you are to not only make sense of it but apply what you learn in a way that will undoubtedly benefit you. Try to see how whatever is perplexing encourages you to give it more attention. A real gem of a discovery awaits.


There can often be something strangely satisfying about creating chaos or upheaval within a situation that has grown stale or tired. If efforts in other ways fail to inject life or inspiration, then throwing it up in the air to see how it falls or reassembles itself can be satisfying. There is fun to be had by accepting a rule or two adhered to strongly recently might need to be broken to alter a tedious situation. Will others understand your motive? Probably not. Don't worry about that.


There's much to be said for improvising or 'winging it' when we don't know exactly what we're supposed to be doing but know enough to at least make a spontaneous effort to see what it brings us. Where you might believe a shortfall exists regarding your knowledge or experience in some way, see what can be done with what you have available. This is a time when pushing your luck can work in your favor.


Where others might take on someone's problem and believe it's necessary to do so to solve it, you could be able to see someone's issue in a detached or unbiased way, and what needs to be done to resolve it. Be integral in ways you know you can to make someone's life easier without having to absorb their problem directly. The sound and sensitive advice you offer will likely be enough to inspire or motivate this person. Offer it and leave it at that.


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