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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Wednesday 19 June


We're aware of what's meant by the phrase, “an open mind,“ but can be concerned at times about what we'll allow in by adopting one. There are benefits to you of being a bit more flexible regarding an idea, plan, or vision now. To you, it may appear cut, dried, and straightforward. However, allowing your mind to be more receptive to certain missing information could reveal a more realistic - and potentially inspiring - picture.


Creating a stronger sense of security or stability in an area of your world where you want and need both may require you to do some detective work or embark upon a potentially intensive information-gathering process. You can probably see clearly how to get from A to B, but the steps required to do so may appear uncertain or vague at this stage. A positive attitude adopted to finding solutions will ensure they reveal themselves.


There could be benefits to allowing certain ideas to mature in your mind, but there are probably more benefits to you and others of sharing these. Perhaps, you believe doing so may be premature, but it's by revealing your thoughts that you plant seeds in others' minds that can germinate. This could also result in creating or encouraging more effective collaboration. Share your visions and see who comes back with ideas to make them more intriguing and feasible.


It's easy and understandable to try and apply logic to a confusing situation. However, seeing this in a cold, realistic light only reveals a small part of a bigger picture. Your head can be a practical guide regarding obvious steps that need to be taken in a particular area, but your heart offers a more imaginative approach. A less obvious plan of action could be the most effective one. Be willing to think outside the box.


You could feel a need to be more discerning about the company you keep it this time. Although pleasant interactions can be enjoyed with casual acquaintances or co-workers, your mind could be drawn to people who inspire or motivate you in ways that others can't. Connecting or reconnecting with those you know to be like-minded and understand you could lift your spirits or revive your mojo.


Whether you're in the throes of adjusting to a career change or instigating one, you could remove doubts or insecurities by focusing on specifics rather than a bigger picture. Looking into the future at where you want to be could remind you of the considerable effort and adjustment that will be needed to get you there. However, taking one surefooted step at a time could take you down that road much quicker than you possibly expected.


Applying an intense eye for detail can ensure that you don't miss a trick or leave stones unturned. However, it's important to look up now and again to spot the opportunities begging for your attention elsewhere. Keeping your nose too rigidly to a particular grindstone can cause you to overlook or ignore these. Making more of an effort to multitask while adopting an open mind can be very much to your advantage now.


A strong sense of optimism mixed with an abundance of excitement regarding a new era commencing in your world is real and justified. It may have taken time to close a chapter or tie up certain loose ends, but you appear to have arrived at a new and necessary juncture. As understandable as it may be to resent past events that brought you to where you are, try to appreciate them. Hopefully, it will become clear how they served a crucial purpose.


Negative people love nothing more than finding like-minded individuals. Together, they believe they can identify all that's wrong with the world or with certain people. You may not need to try hard to find such people but can and should be more discerning when it comes to connecting with those who won't make a concerted effort to bring you down. There appear to be certain people willing to be generous with love and laughter. They probably need your company as much as you need theirs.


Receiving recognition or praise and possibly from someone who doesn't normally offer much of both could touch you more deeply than this person realizes. Even if you believe you haven't gone above the call of duty and have done only what's expected of you, levels of diligence and focus you've given haven't gone unnoticed. You know you're the best person for a certain job and so too does someone else. Hearing such words come from them could be inspiring and motivating.


You probably don't need to go to considerable lengths to reveal an idea or plan that excites or inspires you, and this could be too good to keep to yourself. Your enthusiasm and passion could be evident and leave others in no doubt about your ability to achieve or accomplish what fires you up. If you need to get others on board, then you probably won't have to apply your enhanced powers of persuasion too strongly.


Creative people often see the benefits of distancing themselves from work in progress. Although many probably believe that applying consistent effort until their masterpiece is finished is the only way to ensure its completion, some also accept that it can be helpful to step back and return to whatever requires creative input at a later date. If you experience distractions where a particular goal or ambition is concerned, then that could be your cue to distance yourself from it briefly. Returning to it with a fresh perspective could prove to be more helpful.


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