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Daily Chatty Style Horoscopes - Sunday 19 August


Although someone in your world might need to know something on a 'need to know' basis, you can trust that you're not depriving them of essential information by keeping certain cards close to your chest at this time. It probably won't take long before they put two and two together and make a deduction for themselves anyway. That helps you too if it saves you from having to spell something out for them or offer a lengthy explanation.


We know the disbenefits of overthinking or over-rehearsing something. We can play over and over in our minds hundreds of times what we intend to say, how we intend to say it and believe conditions will be exactly as we imagine them to be at the time we say it. Then, we discover circumstances to be very different. That's why it's important you leave some room for spontaneity in a plan that involves you conveying or making an important point at this time.


A plan being concocted in your mind might be colorful and inspiring, but it will need a solid foundation put in place before it can commence properly. This means you'd be wise to forget about any short-cuts or 'quick fixes' to make it happen. If either is increasingly appealing, then nip such thoughts in the bud and be honest about what's causing your impatience. If something's truly worth doing, then it deserves a proper and thought-through plan to make it happen.


Where others might believe you're applying too much discipline or structure in an area of your world, you know why it's needed, especially if you're going to exceed expectations. Your careful or cautious methodology could be something someone - whose opinion counts – will be appreciative of. Will others take a leaf from your book? That remains to be seen, but you're right to take pride in the diligence that underpins your actions now.


Sometimes, when making what appear to be difficult decisions, we can forget or overlook how there can be no 'wrong answer' at times. As long as we follow through any decision with heartfelt and sincere actions, we rarely go wrong. Permit yourself to be let off the hook as you wrestle with a dilemma or decision that makes seeing a clear way forward difficult. If ever there was a time to trust your heart, it's now. Whenever we want the truth, it never fails to provide it.


Even if someone misjudges your stubbornness, you appear to be certain and resolute about something you believe strongly about. You might not be swayed by persuasion or resistance coming from a certain person, either. However, try to see how their determination to alter or influence your belief is fueled by the fact they care. You might be oblivious to how they're on your side and accepting that fact could be helpful with finding common ground or a compromise.


Rarely do we ask ourselves what we're capable of. Despite what happens today, we'll continue to do tomorrow what we did yesterday and make it difficult to remove ourselves from comfort zones. Removal from these is essential if we're to consider new and potentially uncomfortable or difficult ways to apply our many abilities. So, ask yourself what you're capable of. Then, see if your answer offers an exciting glimmer of hope that spurs you on to make something close to your heart happen. If it doesn't, then ask the question again until it does. The cosmos is waiting for your answer before it can assist you.


We know enthusiasm 'sells' and enthusiasm without passion is like a Formula One racing car without an engine. We're more likely to believe or support something said with a genuine conviction, and there are times when being subtle does us no favors. However, you could get the balance right. It is possible to convey yourself passionately but in a controlled way, too. You could find this combination is precisely what's needed to gain someone's agreement or get them on your side.


You appear to have a point you're keen to make and might be assessing umpteen options to do so succinctly and ensure you're understood. Fortunately, you have superb cosmic assistance to help with this, but you could believe the cosmos' idea of the right way to convey yourself is a bit too flowery or dreamy for your liking. All you need to do is start speaking or conveying yourself. The rest will fall neatly into place from there.


We know phrases like 'the penny dropping' or 'the penny dropped' to mean a revelation of some kind or sudden awareness of something that escaped us previously. A very helpful epiphany is on offer if you're willing to trust your instincts. Something looks set to 'click' or make sense in ways it hasn't recently or previously. All you need to do is trust your inner voice to provide the essential facts about the reality of a situation facing you now.


You might need to adopt a more lighthearted attitude toward how you measure success in a particular area. What might appear to be going off on a tangent could be on course to hit its target. You're set to arrive at a particular destination, but perhaps not in the way you expected to. The cosmic equivalent of a sat-nav is working out the best route on your behalf. The only risk of disappointment involves you deciding to go off on a tangent!


Some rules and restrictions are helpful and necessary. Others exist only because nobody questions them. As you start to question or resist one you've accepted for some time, it's natural to expect someone to be displeased with your rebelliousness. However, you're encouraged to think bigger, bolder and braver. Remaining within a pointlessly enforced situation or arrangement prevents you from doing so.


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