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Daily Love Horoscopes - Friday 10 April


The Moon's departure from your relationship sector yesterday has brought the Full Moon this created to a close, putting the challenges this presented behind you while leaving you with the benefits. This was a stress test for the balance between your personal and relationship needs, leaving you with a better sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you.


While the Moon may have clashed with Uranus in Taurus when it returned to your relationship sector yesterday, but there are no more roadblocks before it leaves tomorrow. Instead, with any issues now out in the open, this last visit before the North Node leaves your communication sector is a chance to give your emotional responses and relationships a voice.


As Venus nears the end of her first seven days in Gemini, she has already interacted with a romantically charged Full Moon and with newly arrived planets in an adventurous part of your chart. The Moon may have left your romantic sector yesterday, but the mix of nostalgia, romance, passion and adventure this locked into remains available.


Today's romantically charged lunar vibes have come with perfect timing, managing to catch up with Mercury before he leaves an adventurous part of your chart. That will come tomorrow, but the Moon's friendly aspect to dreamy Neptune there today is already creating a potent mix of romance, adventure and nostalgia.


It is the Moon's return to your romantic sector tomorrow that brings the promise of a romantically charged weekend to look forward to. Until then, the focus is still on making the most of the Moon's departure from your communication sector yesterday and the Full Moon this brought to a close. This is a chance to work with planets in your relationship sector to give your emotional responses and relationships a voice.


Having the Moon in your communication sector during Mercury, the planet of communication's last full day in your relationship sector is doubling the power when it comes to getting the communication lines open. With both the Moon and Mercury leaving tomorrow this will take the only two communication tools available out of the game, making today all about doing whatever it takes to ensure the communication lines are open.


The spirit of romance and adventure is coming together in a way that will start knitting together between now and the end of the week and then stay strong through the coming months. This is being driven by the fact that you have Mars, the planet of passion in your romantic sector and Venus, the planet of love in an adventurous part.


In his last full day in your romantic sector, Mercury's mission is the same as it has been seen he returned two months ago, which is to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page. The spirit of romance is in safe hands and will even expand during the course of May and June. It starts with giving your heart a voice.


When the Moon returns to Sagittarius tomorrow it will be to find Venus, on the other sky in your relationship sector and in opposition. This will be first stress test for a balance between your personal and relationship needs. It is today, when there is a friendly aspect between planets on the communication and relationship front that you have a chance to get out in front of this, by getting the communication lines open.


Ever since Mercury, the planet of communication returned to your communication sector over two months ago, he has been working with the North Node in your relationship sector to give your relationships a voice. With Mercury leaving tomorrow and the North Node next month, there is an urgent need to work with both today. It is all about having the communication lines open.


Over the course of the next four months, from her position in your romantic sector, Venus will connect three times with Juno, in retrograde motion in an adventurous part of your chart. With Venus turning retrograde next month, the planet of love will contribute to a growing mix of romance, adventure and nostalgia, with a Full Moon over the last few days a small window into this.


In hindsight, a clash with the Moon as it moved through your relationship sector earlier in the week is the best thing that could have happened for Mercury, for you are able to get more out of the planet of communication's last full day in Pisces. Mercury's last full day here was always going to be a chance to ensure the communication lines are open but thanks to the Moon your relationships are at the front of the queue.


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