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Daily General Horoscopes - Monday 17 December


Friends and family are at each other's throats and on each other's nerves, and both are dancing around you, while you make up your mind where you stand. Dither a little longer, and you may find that the whole mess sorts itself out. Jump in, and you'll have to take one side and stick with it.


Communication is scattered and strange right now. People seem to be from some other planet or something. Hidden within the wild-eyed ideas are some useful innovations, though. This is not a good day to install new phone, cable or Internet services.


You might want to double-check the medical or lifestyle information you've been reading lately. Indications are you are missing a key part of a balanced lifestyle somewhere along the way. You'll work it all out, but keep an eye open for better resources.


Family members could help you sort out a problem with your health, or perhaps it is you who ill be playing doctor. Either way, if you are on the giving or receiving end of unusual advice, it may pay to keep an open mind, especially if you are told you need to get more active.


Your phone will be ringing off the hook. The gossip lines are just burning with good news, and everyone you know is eager to be the first to tell you. You are likely to have good news of your own. There is a new stage coming in an important relationship.


You have a wonderful opportunity to make some new friends right now. You may be invited to join a club or group of people who share your interests in the arts or music. You will feel that these people are important to your future even if you are not sure why yet.


Your creative juices are really glowing right now. You are full of thoughts and ideas, and some extra time may free up for you to get to work on a craft or hobby project that you have been putting off. Give yourself the gift of some re-creational time.


You have opportunities to learn things that will make a positive impact in your life, or the lives of others. Most likely this will take the form of alternative health-care, holistic healing, or naturopathic remedies. Keep an open mind, and your eyes open for good leads.


You have an opportunity to take on a new leadership role if you can move through your initial anxiety at being told "You're in charge now." This may be a lesson in being careful what you wish for - demand change and someone may put you in charge of getting it done.


Try to take things much less seriously! Where did your sense of humor go? Right out the window with someone's unkind or thoughtless comment. Give yourself some prayer or meditation time so you can get back on track, and you will come through this just fine.


Artwork, entertainment devices, and recreational tickets are better bargains right now. You will find you have more time, energy and money for self-enjoyment than you have had recently, and you really do need some extra time out to relax and recreate yourself.


Your subconscious mind is sharp as a razor right now. You may be the beneficiary of some secret information that leads to unexpected benefits and opportunities. A family member may confide that you are mentioned in a will, or are being considered as the executor of an estate.


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