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Daily General Horoscopes - Wednesday 11 December


You'll have the opportunity to make money or boost your social standing through a slightly flirtatious contact you make right now. Be careful not to make any implied or overt promises that you can't keep! You might have to do some quick research to keep up with some strange conversations right now.


Expect unexpected phone calls, letters, and email messages. Strange news or communication is featured right now. You may hear from a friend or sibling who has been out of touch for a while. They may present you with some interesting challenges or opportunities.


You may be one of those overly-cautious drivers that drive everyone crazy right now. If you can't keep up the pace, stay off the highway right now. Seriously, you do need to be more aware - but being timid is worse than being aggressive. Do anticipate delays on the roads as well.


An investment may be about to pay off. You may hear some interesting information that could boost your bottom line. Your financial picture may be improving because of information you receive through the workplace or online.


Your hobbies, interests or entertainment diversions could bring money into your bank balance instead of taking it out, for a change. You may encounter an innovative new companion, or come up with a stunning idea of your own while you are out relaxing.


may have to go "back to school" or "back to the drawing board" right now, but the challenges you face could also have some fun moments, provided you allow the fun stuff to happen! Don't let yourself get tensed up about minor problems. Let things flow and they will sort themselves out.


You may have your own financial ups and downs of late, but right now your compassion for someone else's troubles is going to take your mind of any worries you might have yourself. You'll be an angel to someone in emotional distress. Be a good listener.


If the cops come calling asking for donations to a charity, be generous. You may be a little impulsive and driven right now. Your subconscious mind is driving you to push for changes and adjustments in relationships.


There are radical changes coming in a friendship or association. Someone you know is finding it difficult to live life in the "real world" and you're about to hit them with that, both barrels. While the immediate reaction may be intense, the desired result will be to bring them back to the earth.


You may be the center of attention right now, because everyone around you is in a panic and they don't seem to know where else to turn. This is not the best day to step into a leadership position though, especially among your family members or in your career.


A friend is trying to play matchmaker with you and all you can think about is getting all your work done! Tsk! Cut yourself a little recreational and pleasure time this evening, and get out together with friends or love-mates. Don't spend the night hunched over a dark desk fiddling with paperwork. It can wait.


An email message from an old friend or older person could contain some very good news. Expect a good news, a proposal of some kind or an offer for a new job, news about a promotion, or information you can use to better your career or business prospects.


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