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Daily General Horoscopes - Friday 22 February


If you want to perk up your mood, raise your spirits and have some fun, arrange a group "tidy" at the house of a relative who is struggling. Get everyone to potluck some frozen dinners for later. Giving to others really is the best way to brighten your own life.


This is not a good day to invest new funds into risky ventures, especially on the advice of friends. They may mean well, but the information they provide could be off the mark. And you will not be at your most clear-headed or realistic right now.


If your local library or Learning Annex offers courses in meditation, alternative medicines or healing, you may find you benefit greatly from the time and money you spend. You may even make some new friends who share the interests that you are taking up now.


Someone is trying to push some ideas on you that conflict with your religious beliefs or sense of personal values. You may be tempted to defend your position, but that could lead to an argument. You don't have to agree in order to be a good listener.


You have some interesting aspects affecting your love life right now, but you may find it is a little challenging to communicate with your partner. If you are single, you could find yourself attracted to an older, more established person who has an intriguing mind.


No matter what ails you, a little bit of brisk fresh air and exercise will help clear your head. Avoid high-impact and extreme sports, though. This will be one of those days if you have a parent who is urging you to add a new branch to the family tree.


It is not a good day to go out shopping for music, musical instruments, or other creative tools and implements. You want to expand your creative skills, but could end up spending too much money on craft supplies, CDs, or other creative toys and supplies.


You have to make some significant adjustments in your attitude towards the religion or values you grew up with. You are finding that there is less power and mystery there than there used to be, and some pretty strange alternatives are catching your eye.


You will be spending a lot of time right now planning a trip, or making several small trips back and forth. That restlessness you are feeling is the old travel bug in your pants again. You will be dreaming of far-off places and unusual new people will come into your life.


You may wonder what planet your partner's head got transported to - they do seem completely out of this world. But their vacation from reality is likely to be just that - a temporary situation. And they likely harbor some similar thoughts about you right now.


You may find that you have an amazing opportunity to expand your financial potential and career future through your creative gifts right now. If you are feeling any confusion about your future path right now is a good day to meditate on your choices.


You may find you are a bit frustrated and cranky with yourself lately. You need some more rest and re-creation time. Make sure you find at least a few minutes each day to get in a fun, creative activity, it will keep you from burning out.


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