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Daily General Horoscopes - Wednesday 19 June


You might want to consider taking in a new sporting activity right now. If you are already in some kind of team sport, your team may nominate you for a coaching role right now. You have an opportunity to take on a new leadership role that you will greatly enjoy.


Watch your pocketbook again right now. You will be spending money on medical supplies, herbs or alternative healthcare, and some of these items may be less effective than you thought. If you are getting something new, do check to make sure there are no interactions.


Working relationships are challenging right now, because you can't tell from one moment to the next just how a given person is going to react. One minute they are warm and accepting, the next, they are harshly critical. Chart your own course, don't depend on others for approval.


You may be considering changing your career on the spur of the moment. An unusual opportunity to improve your career prospects could present itself right now. Make sure that you pay special attention to your wardrobe and appearance to make a good first impression right now.


A recent controversy in the news or on television could be getting on your nerves. It may be that you are too emotionally attached to your own opinions. Keeping an open mind could lead you to change your political or social opinions in some way.


You have a coworker who is not your best friend right now, and you are going to have to do some serious dancing right now to put things right if you speak honestly right now. Your words can be very sharp right now. The good news is once you see eye to eye you can accomplish a lot.


You will be re-examining your personal values in light of unexpected information from a loved one or relative. Someone may have been hiding a pregnancy or an indiscretion that you would normally judge quite harshly, but things look differently right now.


You have an opportunity for a healing moment with your spouse or partner right now. You have a chance to find a way to rediscover what made you friends in the first place. If you are single, someone in your circle of friends may know of someone special they would like to introduce you to.


If you are feeling uptight or uncertain of yourself right now, get out to a local book store and get yourself some low-brow reading material. A hot and steamy gothic romance novel or anything you call a "guilty pleasure" should be about right.


You can get good travel deals at the last minute from a friendly tip or an online travel site. Keep your eyes open for something unusual or off the beaten path. A short trip somewhere for a few days may be in the offing.?


Even if you are not a parent yourself, you may have strange or frustrating encounters with children right now. If you are a parent, make sure to keep a firm handle on your temper, as you will be sorely tempted to say something that you will regret later on.


You are planning a get-away or vacation and will have some unexpected news that may help you get to that dream trip sooner. You will be making long distance phone calls, sharing information and gossiping with a loved one or sibling that challenges your mind.


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