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Daily General Horoscopes - Friday 18 October


If you and your significant other are not seeing eye to eye right now, it may not be the best time to bring up your vacation plans, even if that makes for a welcome change of subject. If you want to surprise your partner with a spontaneous trip, make it to some place that they have always wanted to go.


Someone is playing matchmaker, with a strange or unusual twist. They are trying to bring together polar opposites. This time, it could actually work. If you are one of the parties to the experiment just remember that this could change everything for the better. Give it a chance.


You have some good money news coming your way, and will be looking at ways to leverage a social advantage into personal or financial gain. You will have wild and exciting ideas that you can use to advantage in your career later in the week.


Someone you look upon as an authority figure can help you financially or in your career ambitions for the future. You may find that there are hidden strings attached though, so make sure that you are careful to outline al the responsibilities and rewards clearly.


Your interests, and the needs of a friend may seem at odds right now. One wants to play, and the other wants to work. Don't get pushed into any unscheduled commitments if you are the work-a-holic one and if you want to play, make sure there are open spots in the calendar first.


It will be a trying and challenging but potentially rewarding day. You may find that you attract disagreements, but once you get past the initial debate, you could learn a lot about others, and about your own subconscious motivations. Careful planning helps smooth the rough spots.


Secrets and their consequences are the theme of the day. You have gotten a message recently that you take much better care of others than you do of yourself. Now is the time to buy yourself some space, some rest or some free time for a hobby.


Your career may make a sudden and dramatic 90-degree turn right now. There will be challenges but the overall impact looks positive. So even if you experience changes that are troublesome, keep an open mind. You may find yourself in better shape than you thought possible.


You may be feeling that money is going out as fast as it is coming in, but you can stem the tide if you are more careful about discretionary purchases right now. You especially want to avoid any goodies that are shiny, pretty, flashy and unnecessary.


You may have to make a sudden adjustment to your budget because of the actions of a friend who leaves you hanging right now. Your significant other has some ideas that could help you use your social connections to find a new income source, new clients or a new job.


You are the center of attention right now. You are extremely popular and everyone seems to want to grab a piece of your time right now. You can make new friends and learn things right now that will be important in your future. Keep the door open to some unusual people - they may have unusual gifts.


Small animals can make a hug blessing in your life right now. If you are not able to maintain your own menagerie, you may find you can volunteer at a local rescue shelter, or foster an animal temporarily. A friend may even ask you to be their pet sitter.


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