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Daily General Horoscopes - Sunday 21 April


You may discover that a chore or home repair is less expensive or time-consuming than you expected. There are no shortages for options how to spend the time or money you will save. You may find you can finally afford some hi-tech toy you have had in mind.


Your work life is about to get a major boost in a positive direction. You'll have additional resources and responsibilities, and will be happy for some guidance from an older coworker who will have some ideas for ways to improve your business communications.


You are facing a challenging decision about your career future. Do you bet the farm on a risky gamble, or stick with something you have grown out of? If you are feeling bored, you may find it hard to step outside a rut right now. You do need a challenge.


Money makes the world go around, and right now your head may be spinning from some of the changes you have faced recently. If you want the most effective long-term strategy for improvement the best thing you can do is cut up the old credit cards.


There is an opportunity for you to get out and have some fun right now together with friends or the children in your family. You want to play and have a good time. You have some wise insights about your career or financial situation, and can hunt out bargains.


Never mind what your friends, siblings and companions think, you are going to do your own thing, right? Well, maybe they have some ideas that would be helpful to you, and maybe you are being just a wee bit stubborn about taking their suggestions to heart right now.


You may be tempted to spend some of your nest egg on an expensive outing or digital entertainment of some kind. Be careful where it comes to impulsive spending, especially at the urging of a friend or companion who may have their own desires in mind.


People will be acting quite strangely. Maybe it is just family stress, or the stress of world events, but they will be acting and driving like they are in some kind of a war zone. A long-distance phone call could bring some interesting news.


A gift of money or art will help further resolve a family matter, but only if you are very careful with the choice of gifts. It really is the thought that counts here. A wonderful bargain pops up - it's something you hate, but know they'll love.


You want to spend more money right now, this time on an investment that may or may not be the bargain it appears to be. Check it out carefully before you sink the farm into the opportunity. It may turn out to be a major "learning period" for you if you don't.


You have a feeling that you must be cautious about your daily lifestyle. Someone new has entered the workplace scene who you are concerned about, but you may be blowing their impact out of proportion. Be good to yourself, take things easy right now. Get some rest time.


A charity or non profit group could really use your help, but before you agree to volunteer, make sure you understand what is expected of you. You may find that your time or financial commitment is greater than you expected, but the networking opportunity will be worth the effort.


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