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Daily General Horoscopes - Saturday 4 April


Your intuition about a friend or companion is dead centre on target. They are a bit stressed out and could use some fun and play time to get their head back together. You can help by finding them a fun way to express their creative energies.


You will definitely want to be focused on romance and relationships right now, but it may seem the world is conspiring to thwart your plans. There might actually be a benefit in this for you - you could find that delayed gratification is more satisfying than you thought.


Flattery may work right now if you want to avoid a conflict with a coworker. But make sure it is sincere, or it could come back to haunt you later on. Because once you turn them around they may be turning to you for help on a project that is more important to them than to you.


Family members may not be terribly supportive right now, and you may face some criticism from a loved one whose aesthetic sensibilities are radically different from your own. Keep doing your own thing, you need to live with your reflection, they probably don't.


You may find out that some dreaded change in the workplace works out better than you expected. A new supervisor or authority figure may not be the awful challenge they appear to be at first. Someone you view as a threat could actually be an ally, if you give them a chance. If you are patient, and are willing to listen, you may realize you have misunderstood something crucial. Once you sort out the misunderstanding, you will discover you actually are on the same page.


Dreams, strange visions, and unexpected changes in your well being are possible right now. If you don't need to go out, you might want to spend some time in prayer or meditation right now, but it could be hard to concentrate. The problem is you are pushing too hard.


Listen to everyone who is offering advice on the alternative healthcare treatments that are available to you or ro a sick loved one - but take your time to study the matter through third parties or the Internet before you make up your mind on a new course of treatment.


You may bring joy to another person today just by being who you are. Your sense of humour and grasp of the absurd are sharper than ever. Some crazy new policy or situation in the workplace may stress people out until you come along to point out an obvious absurdity.


You will be asked to take on a sudden challenge, or a leadership role in the workplace, but there are significant issues to overcome before you can make this dream a reality. You may have to go back to school or do a lot of research, first.


It is not a good day to make last-minute changes to your travel plans. Follow your well-worn path to work and back, but expect the unexpected along the way. Leave early and take some deep breaths if you come across construction or road work along the way.


If you find yourself in the middle of a "domestic dispute" there is no shame in reaching out for professional assistance, especially if there are children involved. It's more likely to be the family of a friend or neighbor in trouble than your own, but you may be in over your head.


Family members are back to normal. Well, normal is as normal does in your family, but they are yours and you love them anyway. They will bring your joy, good news, and perhaps even financial opportunities - if you are paying attention.


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