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Daily General Horoscopes - Saturday 4 July


Disagreements in the workplace may seem disruptive, but they hold the keys to financial opportunities. You may see challenges but there are ways you can make money from unfortunate events.


Changes in the health or lifestyle of an elder family member may force the re-evaluation of the family's spiritual beliefs of commitment. You may find that you are questioning your deepest spiritual values as a result to a power change in your family.


Things may seem a little crazy and chaotic right now. If you are going out for fun and pleasure, take some extra time to get from one place to the other. You may find that there are special challenges with commuting and parking, but you'll have fun when you finally get there.


Your family comes across as complicated right now. You find that some of them are cranky and unreasonable while others are bending over backwards to be accommodating to you and your needs. You may decide to pay someone back for their kindness with a gift.


The big opportunity right now is in building new romantic relationships or partnerships, in challenging or in strengthening the bonds of existing partnerships or romances. You are about to enter a phase where you communicate better than ever before.


Trust your intuition right now. It will tell you that a particular loved one or family member is feeling a little low, and could use some help. Someone you know needs a break. Maybe you could help them out by volunteering to baby-sit so they can get out of the house for a while?


Get ready for financial breakthroughs. If you have been looking for work, sharpen your pencil, dust off that resume, put on your best duds and hit the pavement. Today could be your lucky day. If you are employed look for a bonus, promotion or raise in the near future.


There are mixed aspects in the relationship sector right now. You may find that you have better luck relating to men than to women right now. There are opportunities for you to get a lot of paperwork cleared off your desk with assistance from coworkers or librarians.


You may be considering investing in a new hobby. You may be considering a new team sport or outdoor activity that involves large groups of people. If you are still single, this is a good way to get around active, energetic and healthy people.


You have an opportunity to take on a new leadership role if you can move through your initial anxiety at being told "You're in charge now." This may be a lesson in being careful what you wish for - demand change and someone may put you in charge of getting it done.


You have a mountain of paperwork to handle right now. Some of it will be frustrating and challenging at first, but it does have the potential to overturn a long-standing problem in your workplace. This could have a positive impact on your career goals. The rewards are coming soon.


You may want to sit down with a pen, paper, calculator and your check book to figure out a budget. The stars say you can figure out a better way to live within your means. A short-term cash crunch could be annoying or inconvenient, but things will work out well if you plan ahead.


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