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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - April 2019


The New Moon in your sign on the 5th is a powerful one! It encourages you to reinvent yourself personally, introducing a new look or way of expressing yourself. If you're single, then you have a superb chance to consider how to present yourself to others, and changes you introduce could boost your confidence noticeably. However, whether you're single or attached, Venus's glides into your sign on the 20th and, until mid-May, your powers of attraction are intensified. When it comes to affairs of the heart, coming weeks offer a superb chance to search for – and find – love if you're single. If you're an attached Ram, then Venus can assist with reigniting love between you and your paramour - and strengthen your connection wonderfully!


During the first half of April, Venus encourages you to be sociable, which, for single Taureans, is bound to offer romantic opportunities. However, during the second half of April, Venus influences detachment, isolation, and privacy. Secrecy could feature more prominently, or affections will be expressed privately. A concealed crush or secret love affair might be possibilities. However, a superb link between Venus and Neptune on the 20th presents you with a wonderful opportunity but you could see it as a poor alternative to what you believe your heart truly desires. Listen to your heart and what its intuition tells you. This opportunity could be more appropriate – or ideal – than you believe it to be initially.


You've had lucky and optimistic Jupiter influencing partnerships and commitments since November, and on April 10, it takes a four-month rest. However, this has benefits. If you're single, then you could find yourself in contact with a past lover or might consider reviving a past connection. This can work if it's done with the intention of correcting whatever wasn't done properly the first time around – and could also be wonderfully rewarding. The Full Moon on the 19th intensifies partnerships and commitments. It's time to strike a balance with a loved one or partner. A relationship could feel tested, but you and your paramour could feel more deeply connected once you get through the other side.


This month, you could assess how or why your relationships seem to follow the same course. Perhaps, you keep making the same mistakes or are attracted to the same types of people. However, whether single or attached, coming weeks offer you a chance to examine past patterns to see what you can change to improve your future. You also have a chance to address issues surrounding openness or vulnerability on your or a loved one's part. You know what barriers exist to forming or strengthening a deep and meaningful connection but rather than believe a loved one is entirely to blame for these, try instead to understand why you react or respond in ways you do. This is a month where being honest with yourself and what you need from affairs of the heart could prove revealing and enlightening.


Since November, lucky and optimistic Jupiter has influenced true love, self-expression and creativity. On the 10th, it becomes weakened by hibernating for a four-month period. However, if you're a single Leo, then you could find yourself swept off your feet by someone you wouldn't have considered previously. You could also feel an urge to express passionate thoughts and feelings to a loved one more creatively. From the 20th, Venus encourages you to broaden your horizons in the name of love. A romance begun under this influence is likely to be with someone of a different background, educational level, whom you meet through travel or has foreign connections. If you're attached, then you and your paramour could embark upon a learning curve of some kind or put your heads together to get a plan underway that may have appeared too ambitious recently.


You have two planets influencing true love. The first is Pluto, and it has brought pleasant and unpleasant transformation to your love life since 2008. The second is Saturn, and its influence started in December 2017. This month, both become weakened by going retrograde within days of each other. During the next seven months, your emotional world is about to feel less intense and restrictive. If obsessiveness or control has featured in a love connection, then expect a respite from both. From this month until September, you have a chance to prepare for a new level of responsibility coming your way that's somehow connected to your love life. Be prepared to learn a valuable lesson of love in the process, too.


You could feel torn between communicating or expressing romantic or relationship needs or desires and opting to say nothing. This might be due to you feeling dissatisfied with how whatever emerges from your mouth differs considerably from what your head and heart intended you to say. It's also possible you may choose to say nothing because you fear revealing too much and don't want to experience regrets or guilt from doing so. It's the latter scenario that could cause you to become insular and uncommunicative. If in doubt, speak your mind and from the depths of your heart. Summoning courage is integral to healing past wounds attached to regrets or guilt you might nurture regarding what you said - or wished you had said – in the past.


This month, you could focus intently on what you believe is missing in your emotional world or lacking in a special connection. On the flip side, you could wish something was removed from your world, perhaps believing life would be simpler and happier without it. However, what you're granted this month an exceptional opportunity to be happy. To seize and benefit from this, avoid paying too much attention to what you sense is wrong in your love life. Resist any tendency to be overly cautious or pessimistic. If you can relax and believe wholeheartedly that an uncertain situation can and will improve, then you could be surprised at how much quicker happiness finds its way to you.


This month, where affairs of the heart are concerned, be willing to do a bit of 'detective work.' You appear to need certain information. You probably have suspicions about the outcome of your efforts but it's important that you dial back any inclination to be too impulsive - or assumptive. Once you've finished your fact-gathering exercise, you can expect to find yourself surprised at - and then delighted with - what you discover. However, you'll need to be honest with yourself about what you know and trust to be solid and factual and what remains blurred or vague. Deal only with facts this month and don't trust your ability to fill in any gaps. That's how awkward complications will undoubtedly arise.


Developments this month could encourage you to assess whether certain romantic or relationship choices you made were good, bad, wise or unwise. You could accept a situation in your love life or a special connection as it is and not bother to question it. The easy option surrounds believing whatever appears most obvious. However, you have a chance to see something connected with your love life from a new perspective. Rather than wonder if you made a wrong decision, congratulate yourself for being so bold in the past. As Venus links with Saturn, you have a chance to gain a new level of understanding regarding a romantic or relationship matter. That's a gift you'll be grateful to receive.


Mars, influencing true love, links with Chiron, the healer, this month. This could make you more conscious of the energy you possess to heal your closest relationships or one in particular. However, you'll need to be prepared to address deep-rooted pain and work through old issues to do so. Once you start to see the positive effects of this, you could focus your efforts on encouraging and supporting a loved one or potential partner to do the same. You might also deal with issues surrounding self-acceptance and rejection, and the latter could require you to look deep within yourself for answers and solutions. The experience might be painful briefly, but it's by addressing these that you can embark properly on a journey to achieve your passionate potential.


This month, where affairs of the heart are concerned, it's possible that plans made outside the sphere of your emotional world or a love partnership will be more likely to unfold as you envisage them. Love works to its own agenda and sometimes doesn't care what becomes derailed along the way. However, one way to ensure your love life integrates snugly with other aspirations is to have a loved one or partner accompany you on your ambitious journey. Embracing the spirit of teamwork and discussing your dreams with someone close can result in taking steps together to create a more stable future. Getting solid foundations in place from the outset will ensure you and your paramour become clearer about the roles you play in each other's lives – and that certain plans do go to plan!


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