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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - September 2021


Mars brings energy to relationships and commitments from the 14th. Oh, this will have plus points! But one spark that creates something delightful can also become raging and confrontational. In addition, backward-moving Mercury affects one-to-one relationships as September draws to a close. So, plans could go awry, or confusion might affect your interactions. But no matter how you slice it, your love life needs you to be restrained and patient this month.


Perhaps the biggest highlight with matters of the heart is a brilliant New Moon affecting true love and heartfelt expression on the 6th. A fresh start or new beginning this brings is wonderful and inspiring enough. But Uranus hints at a need to expect the unexpected, too. Venus then casts a delightful influence with partnerships and commitments from the 10th. Put all these together, and September could be one potentially magical month, romantically, intimately, or both!


Mars brings its brand of fiery energy to all things love and romance-related from the 14th. As a result, you might no longer think about what you yearn to experience with matters of the heart. Instead, determined action will bring delightful results. But the only snag could be backward-moving Mercury from the 27th. This could mark the start of confusion or uncertainty until mid-October. So, trust that being as patient and practical as possible will pay passionate dividends!


From the 14th, Mars shakes your emotional foundations. So, it could be something or someone connected with your home or family that touches a sensitive nerve within you. Every Cancerian will have their own story to tell. Woe betide a lover who creates problems with somebody close to you or family-related beliefs. This is reinforced by backward-moving Mercury affecting your domestic setup, too. But if you can summon enough patience and sensitivity, all will be fine.


Maintaining harmony and stability might rely on you applying a mental filter when communicating or expressing views. Not only is mighty Mars likely to make you communicatively forceful, but it could also make your words blunter or more hurtful than intended. On top of this, mouthy Mercury moves backward to create more communicative confusion. So, remember there's much you can do to keep the peace with a lover or potential sweetheart by thinking before you speak!


A New Moon in Virgo on the 6th can affect any area of your world. Is romantic or relationship progress on your list? If so, seize the fresh start or new beginning on offer. Make a clear wish and send it out to the universe! But it could be a Full Moon on the 20th affecting relationships and partnerships that marks the start of something wonderful. A far-reaching commitment could form or deepen. If you're attached, a sweet reminder of why a partner is so special could arrive, too!


With passionate and libido-enhancing Mars in Libra from the 14th, you could be oblivious to how alluring you are! If you're single, you could also find the strength and courage to make a bold move. If you're attached, a new level of sexy determination could replace complacency. But you also have backward moving Mercury in your sign from the 27th. So, try not to get caught up with 'analysis paralysis.' It could be easy to overthink more than one love or relationship matter.


The universe singles you out for special loved-up treatment as Venus enters your sign on September 10. But you also have a brilliant Full Moon on September 20 that targets true love and heartfelt expression. So, September is clearly a month with plenty of focus on matters of the heart. With passionate Mars and transformative Pluto also involved, you could be taken aback at the spontaneous and unexpected developments that occur!


You could be on a roll with impressing people in your career. But your emotional world could experience resistance or confusion, particularly with a friend or two. With Mars affecting social interactions from the 14th, negative energy could affect your love life. Further confusion arises with communication and interactions with chums as Mercury moves backward on the 27th. So, summon as much diplomacy as you can if a lover takes a dislike to a friend - or vice versa!


With so much potential in your career, your love life could receive less attention. But it's essential to ensure it's not neglected! With Venus influencing the social scene and involvement with groups from the 10th, single Capricorns might benefit most from the planet of love's magic there. But, by no stretch of the imagination, are attached Sea Goats left out! See what Venus does to inspire and excite you and a partner regarding an important shared aspiration.


A New Moon on the 6th targets what you own, owe, or share – and this includes intimacy. So, seize a fresh start to explore new passionate territory. However, from the 27th until mid-October, Mercury moves backward. This could have a profound effect on your romantic or partnership beliefs. Is your pursuit of love or an existing relationship aligned with what you truly believe in? That's something you could start to ponder as September comes to a close.


A New Moon on the 6th affects relationships and commitments. Upping the ante in a relationship or deepening it can happen. Mars brings its brand of passionate energy to one-to-one relationships from the 14th, too. So, a wave of assertiveness and determination can be applied positively to help you form or strengthen a special bond. A Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th is bound to boost emotions. However, you have a superb chance to let somebody know what's really on your mind - or in your heart.


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