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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - September 2018


You're back on form romantically and sexually this month, as a lack of motivation or a decreased libido no longer present problems in your emotional world. Not only are you keen to make up for lost time, but you could also feel more daring or experimental when it comes to love, romance or intimacy. If you're a single Ram, then you might find yourself considering or attracted to someone you might not normally look twice at. Whether single or attached, you have a mental checklist of desires that have been ignored or overlooked in recent weeks, and are about to tick each one off, one by one!


Any sense of apathy or emotionlessness is about to be removed from your emotional world or love partnership, so buckle up! Venus influences partnerships and commitments from then 9th, and you could be amazed at what becomes transformed in one special connection – or how your attitude toward a certain person alters. Whether single or attached, what has become traditional or remained in 'safe' romantic or intimate territory could be replaced with a stronger willingness to be more daring or experimental. A New Moon on the 9th brings a fresh start with love and romance. What starts off casual or restrained could become red-hot very quickly.


It's possible relationship rules will need to be redefined and agreed, especially if you believe a loved one or potential partner has their own idea about what constitutes a healthy relationship. You could be determined to put your foot down and make clear that it's your way or the highway but romantic or relationship progress relies on you being more flexible and open-minded. If someone close has crossed a line or been insensitive or selfish, then they'll be in no doubt about your thoughts or feelings on the matter. However, any issue that arises needn't involve, long, drawn-out discussions. A way forward could be crystal clear and require little thought or consideration.


Much connected with affairs of the heart surrounds you 'wanting to know more.' If you're single, then you could be intrigued by someone whose mysterious or aloof qualities fascinate you more than they deter you. If you're attached, then you could probe a partner for answers, possibly relating to their past that they've never disclosed or feelings and desires you sense are suppressed or concealed. Fortunately, Venus joins optimistic Jupiter to influence love and romance, creating harmony where it's needed and help to dispel tension that could erupt otherwise. Be guided by your curiosity this month, but also be aware of where lines exist regarding pushing your luck - or a loved one too far for answers or commitment.


Something connected with affairs of the heart looks set to be revived this month, perhaps due to you feeling revved up and with a very clear romantic or intimate destination in mind! However, if you sense that your intensified passion or libido need restraining or to be focused sensitively, then that attitude will serve you well during coming weeks. This is also true if you're a single Leo who has sensed confrontation brewing between you and a loved one for some time. Released passion can be so sexy on one level but harmful to a relationship if it's uncontrolled. If sparks must fly, then make sure they're of the delightful and not the hurtful kind.


Whether you're single or attached, the most delightful and far-reaching romantic or relationship progress could start with you addressing changes you want to make to yourself. Whether this involves adopting a new attitude toward a love-related matter that you've struggled to make sense of or perhaps embarking upon a self-improvement plan of some kind, such as dieting or fitness, you could end the month feeling and looking happier and sexier. The more confident you feel, the more inclined you'll be to improve any area of your emotional world you've let slip through a lack of confidence or energy. The new-and-improved 'you' can enjoy many heartwarming developments on offer that you might normally have allowed to pass you by during recent weeks.


The urge to make up for lost time or bring a huge spark back to your emotional world could be almost overpowering this month. Being aware of what has been missing or elusive with affairs of the heart recently – or perhaps over a longer period – has you chomping at the bit to ring a few changes and ensure your needs are met. If you're single, then you could decide to throw caution to the wind and consider – or do more than consider – potential partners you might have avoided in the past. Whether single or attached, your passionate purpose couldn't be clearer in your mind and you're determined to fulfill it!


There might be plenty of chaos permeating your emotional world this month, but that could be more helpful than disruptive. You could find yourself intrigued by what's in a state of flux or uncertain, especially if you're aware of how it helps to remove you from a comfort zone or injects spontaneity where little or none has existed recently. Your strongest and sexiest assets this month are an open mind and your razor-sharp intuition. Both will help you to refrain from drawing immediate conclusions or making instant judgments about anyone or anything love-related because at least one story is only getting started. If you're single, then a love possibility might be someone you've known for a long time, and you could be surprised at what they've kept secret from you!


Your love life is about to move from neutral to top gear very quickly this month, so be prepared for action! However, it will become clear that any suddenness or out-of-the-blue developments can make love and romance more complicated if they're not controlled or allowed to unfold gradually. Unless you can summon restraint, affairs of the heart could involve too much happening too soon. It's also possible that a secret – either one you've been keeping or one a loved one has kept from you – could emerge. This might not be anything deceitful as it could be a case of coming weeks being more appropriate to reveal it than recent weeks have been, especially if it needs handling with care.


You might feel as if you've wandered into La La Land this month, and possibly feel it's necessary pinch yourself at times to ensure you're not dreaming. The cosmos is keen to single you out for profound, heartwarming experiences or encounters and these can transform your emotional world beyond all recognition. In truth, you've always had such experiences available to you but maybe in true Capricornian style chose to stick with what was tried, tested, comfortable and familiar. This month, you're not only throwing the Rule Book away, but you're also prepared to rewrite it. It's time to experience a greater depth of love, passion, and intimacy that you always believed were only available to other people!


This month, it's time to release any pent-up frustration that has accumulated during recent weeks within your love life. You've been aware of what you've wanted to experience but probably encountered one obstacle after another to do so. It's also possible the opportunities have presented themselves, but you've struggled to summon enough energy or enthusiasm to seize them. This month, you have fantastic cosmic support to revive your enthusiasm, not to mention your libido. You're no longer 'making do' with less than satisfactory love life situations and are free from the restrictive or inhibitive scenario you've probably grown used to. Whether single or attached, this is a month to step forward confidently, embrace your restored mojo and some delightful, heartwarming and rewarding encounters that await you.


You might be aware of all that's magical and dreamy in your emotional world and might normally immerse yourself in it and be unconcerned about whether you're sensible, practical or realistic. This month, you look set to form a very different attitude toward love, romance or a special partnership. You want the rainbows and unicorns but also need to know security and stability underpin whatever or whoever you give your heart to. You're bringing a new level of seriousness to your emotional world because you're focused on the future. You're about to have a clearer, more grounded idea about what you want – and don't want. Whatever changes you make will be based on that new understanding.


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