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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - April 2020


A big, bright Supermoon influences relationships, partnerships, and commitments on the 7th. Tension and emotions could run high, especially if a decision has been building for some time. But try not to focus on shortfalls in your emotional world. The more of a compassionate effort you make between the 7th and 25th, the easier it will be to keep the peace as April draws to a close. The last few days could coincide with one heated discussion waiting to happen.


There's no telling where romantic or relationship conversations could go this month. If you thought discussions or exchanges with a loved one or potential partner would be run-of-the-mill or unlikely to be jaw-dropping, then you could be surprised. This could be particularly evident around the New Moon in your sign on the 22nd. The last week of April could coincide with one conversation that transforms your love life, regardless of your relationship status!


You could hit the romantic or relationship jackpot with Venus in your sign from the 3rd and for a few months beyond. Because Gemini is a sign of duality, more than one option or plan may be available to enhance matters of the heart. But be careful around the Full Moon influencing love, romance, and self-expression on the 7th. Whether you're single or attached, this lunar event is determined to heighten emotions - and might stir trouble.


With Venus tucked away, influencing secrecy, detachment, and mysteriousness, your love life or one special connection could be 'your business.' Some Cancerians might feel more time is needed before revealing the identity of a lover or making an announcement. But if you're single, then you have a chance this month and beyond to ponder many passionate possibilities. There's no need to take a step in the name of love until you feel ready to do so.


From as early as the 4th, you could sense or be in no doubt that something shifts with matters of the heart. If you're a single Leo, then one friend could play Cupid and matchmaker. It's also possible that a platonic connection becomes something more interesting and pleasurable. If you're an attached Lion, then April brings a cause for celebration. A shared ambition or goal looks set to become more than a vision.


April brings a plethora of passionate possibilities. But try to accept that, as essential as responsibilities are in other areas of your world, your love life needn't take a back seat. Allow your heart a chance to experience what it wants and deserves. Where love, romance, and intimacy are concerned this month, what your mind and heart conceive, you really can achieve - as long as you remember what all work and no play does to a person.


Being more experimental can ensure that love and romance have an unfamiliar and intriguing theme. Whether you're single or attached, you could be receptive to what you had, in the past, been uninterested in with matters of the heart. A shift in attitude or change of mind could encourage you to reconsider what - or maybe who - you might have dismissed previously. Open-mindedness is your ticket to new sensual experiences this month.


If you're single, then matters of the heart could experience turbulence as April commences. Someone might pay you 'lip service' or underestimate your ability to see through their facade. Getting an accurate measure of them at an early stage could be helpful. If you're attached, then the New Moon on the 22nd brings a spontaneous development that could cause your heart to beat faster or take your breath away. Daring to be different brings delightful possibilities!


Your emotional world benefits from plenty of Venusian magic from early April until August. Venus influences partnerships and commitments from the 3rd. Whether you're single or attached, something sweet is bound to manifest between you and a particular person. Expect a relationship to become more harmonious - and be taken to a new sensual and intimate level. As love takes on a more light-hearted vibe, any uncertainty can be replaced by certainty.


If you're expecting a run-of-the-mill, humdrum month where affairs of the heart are concerned, then you're in for at least one delightful surprise. You have a gorgeous New Moon influencing love, romance, and self-expression. Who says you're not a born romantic? For some Capricorns, the spring brings a ring, as a love connection is taken to a new level. But whatever your relationship status, with unpredictable Uranus involved, expect the unexpected.


April commences with Venus influencing love, romance, and self-expression until August. Your emotional world is underpinned with delightful levels of warmth, affection, and sensuality. But it's the way Venus collaborates with Uranus that makes matters of the heart more fascinating. Whether you're single or attached, your heart could boldly go where it's never been before. The more experimental and open-minded you are this month, and beyond, the more jaw-droppingly amazing the experience could be.


With Venus casting a magical glow over your home, family, and emotional foundations throughout April until August, a link exists between emotional satisfaction and your domestic setup. If you're single and considering moving in with the one you love, then you have a 'green light' to do so. If you feel the time is right to introduce your paramour to your family, then do it during the coming weeks. A sense of relief that comes from feeling safer and more secure than you've felt in a while creates perfect foundations for love to form or flourish.


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