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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - February 2019


You could feel torn between the urge to take swift, decisive action in your love life and hesitant about the level of change or upheaval doing so will bring. You want to encourage change but, understandably, don't want to pay a price for doing so. However, it's important to accept that you're spurred on to take a bold step for a good and timely reason. It's also important to accept that you could be prone to applying more effort or force than is necessary to bring the result you want. If you ensure your actions are thought-through thoroughly and careful steps are taken, then all will remain manageable and controllable.


Having Mars in your sign has its plus and negative points. That's something you're likely to discover for yourself this month as you feel pushed passionately to take at least one bold step in your emotional world but could also find that you've applied too much energy or force to do so. However, Mars accepts that it is hosted by Taurus, a sign with very patient and sensual qualities, and Mars' energy will reflect this. Many heartwarming delights are on offer this month, and this is reinforced by a Full Moon influencing love and romance. If you can tip the passionate balance in favor of patience rather than impetuousness, then something sweet and memorable can occur.


This could be a decisive month where affairs of the heart are concerned, and you might distance or detach yourself to take stock of your emotional world or what is unfolding with a special connection. Single Geminis could find that an uncomfortable shift occurs with a friend, as something that has been comfortably platonic becomes something more. Attached Geminis, although content with the emotional and physical side of a relationship, could explore ways to deepen a bond spiritually. Coming weeks bring more than one revelation and reasons to feel more comfortable and secure, but you might need to call 'time out' now and again to experience all the above.


Mars influences friendships from the 14th until March 31st, and if you're single, then passionate energy could exist between you and someone you've regarded strictly as a friend until now. However, whether single or attached, the collaboration between Venus, Saturn, and Pluto between the 18th and 22nd could transform a relationship. Even if the love between you and a certain person is strong, a reality check is likely, and the restrictive influences that prevent a connection from forming, deepening or progressing could be painfully clear. If your heart is determined to overcome these, then progress can be made. But you'll need to be honest with yourself about whether your heart really is 'in it' in ways it will need to be.


A fresh start or clean slate is on offer as February commences, with a New Moon influencing partnerships and commitments on February 4. Whether you're single or attached, it could become clear that progress in your love life or one special connection requires a more imaginative, innovative or non-traditional approach. Removing yourself from a comfort zone might not be easy, but you have a superb chance to do so in the name of love. If you're single, then the New Moon could mark the start of a new commitment with a certain person. You'll also find that you're able to instigate deeper, open communication with a special person and your generous and compassionate qualities could help to take one connection into new and thrilling territory!


Communication with a loved one could become easier and balanced as Mercury works its magic with commitments and partnerships from the 10th. However, it might be the Full Moon in your sign on February 19 that brings more than one love life revelation. Whether you discover that love can't be hurried or all the effort in the world won't result in finding the perfect partner or creating a perfect relationship, you could feel more relieved or reassured by this than deflated. The period between the 18th and 22nd could be powerfully revealing too, especially if you let go of your desire to invest unnecessary effort to aim for romantic or relationship perfection!


The month kicks off with a New Moon influencing love and romance, offering you a fresh start, new beginning or clean slate with affairs of the heart. This lunation forms a fantastic link with Jupiter, and whether you're single or attached, it appears you and someone close will have plenty to talk about. To make the most of the New Moon magic on offer, you'll need to be open-minded toward a romantic connection either forming or progressing in a way that might appear unusual or unorthodox but what anyone else thinks shouldn't matter. Attached Librans might need to buckle up to prepare for powerful, changeable energy due to a Mars/Uranus link targeting partnerships and commitments. Passions will run high – and as long as passion is harnessed positively, then a positive outcome is assured.


With Mercury influencing love and romance from February 10, romantic conversations and exchanges with a loved one or love interest take on a whole new level of depth and sweetness! Your ability to express yourself to someone special is amped up wonderfully, and it's not entirely one-sided as what you're told could make your heart flutter. And it gets better – with Mars influencing relationships and commitments from the 14th until the end of March, a special connection is about to experience new levels of passion and sensuality. If you thought you knew all there was to know about the art of seduction – or yearned to be seduced in a way that makes your jaw drop and knees tremble – then it could happen this month – and beyond!


If tension has existed within your abode or a family member has been problematic in any way with your relationship, then open communication brings harmony and healing. Single Centaurs might be shocked at – but possibly delighted by – what transpires out of the blue on February 13. Mars and Uranus bring unexpected, passionate but potentially explosive energy to affairs of the heart on this day, and hasty or selfish actions can turn this into something negative or regretful. Whether single or attached, something spectacular can occur when the planets of sex, passion, and surprises get together in such a way – as long as a quick thrill is managed sensibly or, in some cases, isn't seen as something more.


With passionate and libido-enhancing Mars influencing true love from February 14 until March 31, you'll probably be in no doubt that delightful, positive energy boost permeates your emotional world or a special connection. If your passion levels have diminished or you resigned yourself to having the sex life of a tree, then some sexy opportunities are on offer if you're receptive to them. Whereas Mars is usually all about 'going for it' and 'rushing straight in,' its transit through patient and seductive Taurus will make passionate experiences sensually mind-blowing! Between the 18th and 22nd, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto form a series of links - in your sign! A love life reality check might feel a bit like a cold shower initially but the change this trio will bring will be transformational, long-lasting and take affairs of the heart to a very new level.


A New Moon in Aquarius on February 4 brings a fresh start or clean slate in any area of your world. If it's your love life or one special connection that you want to form or deepen, then it can happen. However, with Venus influencing detachment, recuperation and reflection all month, you could be inspired by romantic fantasies, and it's important not to be too strict about bringing yourself down to Earth because you have an opportunity to turn at least one fantasy into something real as long as you're realistic about your visions. What occurs between February 18 and 22 could bring proof of this. However, this powerful blend of energy can also bring healing to a past life love situation – and remind you that it's time to experience closure regarding an unhealthy - or toxic - love life situation or aspiration.


With Venus influencing friendships, single Pisceans could discover something shifts from platonic to passionate with someone who has been more of a pal in the past. This same influence can help attached Pisceans to focus on a shared dream and bring new levels of collaboration to make a vision real. However, with a Full Moon targeting relationships and commitments on the 19th, single and attached Pisceans will need to be more open-minded and receptive toward releasing control of any desire to force relationships to match precise criteria. A loved one or potential partner will have flaws – in the same way you do – and this lunar influence encourages you to accept that. It's fine to have a mental checklist of what you want and expect from a partner – but wrong to believe a relationship is doomed if a lover doesn't tick every box or live up to every expectation.


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