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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - October 2019


On October 4, fiery Mars influences commitments and partnerships until November 19. During this time, you'll likely possess an energetic and intensely passionate attitude toward close relationships, or one in particular. However, you might also find something thrilling about engaging in – or instigating – heated debates or confrontations. You'll enjoy going toe-to-toe with a lover, and because you'll have no issue with conveying thoughts and feelings fervently - or aggressively - you could expect the object of your affections to do the same. Try to channel this abundant energy into something pleasurable. Just go easy on a partner who might struggle to not only challenge you in ways you want challenging but could also find it difficult to keep up with you intimately!


This month, you're unlikely to see any 'middle ground' or a 'grey area' regarding what you believe to be right and wrong with matters of the heart. A loved one or potential partner might think you're inclined to go a bit overboard with your determination to adhere to particular morals, values or do 'the right thing' this month. Although this is admirable in many ways, it can become an obsession that involves you feeling overly keen to control and steer much in your emotional world. However, your powerful sense of morality can have transformational qualities. Just be aware of how suddenly your passionate qualities emerge – or return!


This month, your ideas and communicative style are underpinned with new levels of passion – and this could feel intense at times. You could also excel at identifying the most logical ways to make romantic or relationship progress, but might there be something unattractive about applying so much logic to what should be spontaneous? Rather than focus on how your emotional world or a special connection must offer necessary levels of mental stimulation, try to 'control' less, and 'feel' more. To bring heartwarming progress this month, you'll need to request that your head stops drowning out the message your heart encourages you to hear.


Since April, you have had time to assess or come to terms with why, to you, close relationships should involve nothing less than a 100% effort at all times. You could feel less inclined to 'scratch the surface' where forming or strengthening a love connection is concerned. If you're single, then you could be drawn more to powerful, passionate, and enigmatic people. However, as Pluto, influencing relationships and commitments awakens from a 5-month slumber, the new level of intensity affecting relationships or one, in particular, could feel overbearing at times. As long as you focus your ardent energy in less oppressive and more pleasurable ways, all will be fine.


This month, any quality 'you time' you crave is likely to involve others – or one person in particular. Rather than retreat alone into a comfortable world of your creation, you're likely to feel safer knowing the object of your affections is at your side, sharing the experience with you. As Venus influences your emotional foundations from the 8th until November 1st, your home is also likely to be where you enjoy and nurture your closest relationships. Whether these are family-based or romantic, your abode could provide a perfect setting for love to form or flourish. If tension has existed domestically recently, then, during the coming weeks, you could become an ideal 'peacemaker.' Shutting out the world to indulge in whatever you and someone close consider fun and pleasurable could occur much more frequently!


This month, you could find that expressing yourself – romantically, creatively, or both – is underpinned with new or revived levels of passion and intensity. The fact that this might also be shocking to a lover or love interest could be thrilling but also overpowering. If, during recent months, you've felt hampered when expressing what's on your mind or in your heart, then you're likely to refuse to do so in half measures this month! The object of your affections could find your no-holds-barred approach enticing, alluring and intriguing. However, they could, at times, also find it too much to handle or understand. Where romantic connections are concerned this month, try to accept that 'less' can be 'more.' Being subtle or maybe a bit more mysterious can be much sexier.


Wow, what a difference a month will make where affairs of the heart are concerned! A new sense of passion and perhaps urgency is likely to be felt this month and into November as Mars brings ardent energy to your sign. Although you could be more active, energetic, and dynamic, you might come across as too forceful at times. This could be a major turn-on for someone, but not if it leaves them hurt, sore, or bruised! You also have Venus influencing your confidence, values, and material gains from the 8th until November 1st. Although you could possess an even stronger penchant for enhanced financial status and items of beauty and value, you're also likely to learn a valuable lesson about how money can't buy love. It's not a cliché as you're likely to discover.


This month, you could emit an even more powerfully warm and alluring vibe, thanks to Venus gracing your sign from the 8th until November 1. Venus joins Mercury, also in your sign, and to say you probably won't leave a lover or love interest in any doubt about what you think or feel is an understatement. You could be more upfront and transparent with your emotions, and a particular person is bound to find this endearing. You also might not be above using your enhanced attractiveness to get what you want, either! The way you glow on the inside will be just as evident on the outside. Prepare for matters of the heart to take on a new and powerfully sensual dimension this month!


During recent months, and particularly since April, you might have found that a budding or existing connection became noticeably more shallow or uninspiring. As Pluto awakens after a 5-month slumber, you could take one special bond into deeper and more ambitious territory. However, it's also possible that you could become more self-indulgent at times and your love of money or all things material grows stronger. Try to accept that money and material status pale into insignificance when you're reminded of the power that comes from loving yourself in the first instance. Once you accept how compelling and attractive your self-esteem can be when you give it a chance to underpin your actions, you won't fail to form, strengthen or revive a special bond.


This month, as Venus influences group efforts and friendships, you're likely to bring a strong vibe of positive and harmonious energy that, in addition to inspiring and motivating others, makes you very alluring. If you're a single Sea-Goat, then one friendship could go from platonic to passionate. Your social charm could make you instantly likable, and someone who is or has been an acquaintance one day could become a lover the next. But regardless of your relationship status, your magnetism stems from knowing how to look beyond someone's obvious or exterior qualities at what is hidden beyond these. Whatever bond is formed or strengthened this month, the connection will be deeply authentic, with plenty of trust and everything it needs to stand the test of time.


With passionate Mars influencing mind-broadening and distant horizons, you could feel increasingly keen to explore or pursue adventures that may have been sidelined – and you can be sure someone wants to be your travel companion! However, you might also feel noticeably more emotionally self-sufficient and inclined to put yourself first at times. Don't believe you must prove yourself to a lover or love interest or that encouraging new levels of competitiveness will be met with the enthusiasm you thought they might. This is a month to embrace the spirit of partnership and focus your fervent energy toward achieving lofty ambitions. The more you embrace collaboration and shared learning on offer, the deeper one connection can become.


This month, as Venus influences your need for freedom and desire to explore, you could emit a delightfully sensual and attractive vibe when freed or unrestricted by life's shackles. You could also feel noticeably stronger toward cherished beliefs, and a lover or love interest will admire the way you defend these calmly and sensitively. Teamwork is bound to be more important to you during the coming weeks and forming or strengthening a relationship with someone who shares your positive, kind and adventurous outlook will be, as far as you're concerned, as perfect as perfect can be! Whether you're single or attached, love can form or flourish with anything connected with travel, learning, studying, or the media – including social media. Take your pick!


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