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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - October 2018


Every Ram will have a different story to tell this month where serious reconsidering is needed with affairs of the heart. Regardless of your relationship status, if any fears – or secrets – have been concealed or ignored, then coming weeks could herald a time when brutal honesty is applied to address either or both. Single Rams might need to be honest about how self-created barriers to romantic fulfillment are based on fear – fear of rejection, fear of vulnerability or fear of forming a love connection in the belief it will be short-lived. Attached Rams might discover a past problem plays an uncomfortable part in the present, and an issue that seemed to be put to rest has only been lurking in the shadows. However, on a lighter note, coming weeks could be a time when attached Rams consolidate finances – but hold off making extravagant purchases until after mid-November!


Whether you're single or attached, affairs of the heart are about to become increasingly hotter – but potentially more complex. Venus turns retrograde on October 5, and this affects committed relationships or one in particular. You have a Full Moon in your sign on October 24 that will intensify emotions, and a tricky aspect between Venus and Uranus on October 31 will affect partnerships. September's tranquility is about to be replaced with some serious shaking – and it might be you who's determined to do it! You could be tempted to throw away romantic or relationship rulebooks and do whatever it takes to feel more loved or create a deeper level of intimacy. However, you'll be dealing with love life forces you don't understand when unforeseen events make you feel confused about what you truly want and feel. Be honest with yourself about what - or who - you want and whatever you do, don't toy with someone else's feelings.


Venus going retrograde from October 5 can bring complications to affairs of the heart, especially if you're a single Gemini. With a delightful New Moon influencing true love on October 8, it's possible to meet someone who makes your heart flutter but with Venus in a weakened state, delays and complications could surrounding getting this connection underway properly. There will be issues surrounding 'logistics,' with distance playing a part or a need to get previous, unfinished romantic or relationship business in order. It might also be a work or office romance that requires either or both of you to decide if the relationship is one that's sustainable. However, whether single or attached, you'll need to be prepared to come up with honest and creative solutions if love is to be found or strengthened this month. If the desire is strong enough, then it can happen!


When the love planet, Venus, turns retrograde, the focus often shifts from the present to the past with affairs of the heart, and that's what October can bring for you. Some Cancerians will have a past love or past love circumstances to contend with between October 5 and 31, as Venus targets her backward motion squarely on your love life. If all you must deal with are lingering but awkward memories, then you'll have gotten off lightly. Should you come face-to-face with a past love, then this unexpected event could trigger memories - and possibly desires - you thought you'd controlled and kept locked deep within your heart. This could pose an intriguing but awkward dilemma. You might see what develops between you and a certain person as a positive step toward healing - or might decide to move on.


A curious link exists between your home, family and love life this month. What transpires could bring a reality check that affects your domestic set-up and love life for a long time to come. Attached Leos sharing an abode with a loved one could become painfully aware of what's less than desirable about living together. This can lead to issues surrounding control and when these manifest, tension or confrontation won't be far behind. However, whether single or attached, you're likely to crave deeper and stronger emotional foundations and this relies on creating a stronger sense of trust in a relationship. Trust is connected with vulnerability, and if you're willing to allow a loved one or potential partner to see 'the real you' in a 'warts and all' way, then you're right to expect the same in return. Give this process time. It can happen.


Honesty is undoubtedly the best policy when it comes to affairs of the heart at any time, but especially this month. Where it might have been easy to keep a little secret or two, or perhaps suspect one or two have been kept from you, the cosmos is determined to ensure whatever is concealed comes to light. Venus' retrograde motion on October 5 affects communication and because this occurs in the dark and secretive sign of Scorpio, you and a loved one or potential partner might need to address what lurks in shadows before you bask in warm, loving light. This is a time to replace assumptions – and, especially suspicions – with facts and that's where openness and honesty are needed. If there's anything you have been glossing over in a love partnership, then coming weeks could bring a need to accept a truth and action needed.


With your ruling planet Venus turning retrograde on October 5, you could become aware of how something or someone connected with affairs of the heart has knocked your confidence. If you're an attached Libran, then you might not 'feel the love' – quite literally – from your partner. This could manifest as feeling unvalued or unappreciated. If you're single, then you might be focusing too intently on unjustified reasons to feel unworthy of love. Fortunately, you have a potent New Moon in your sign on the 8th, offering a fantastic fresh start in your personal life and a chance to remind yourself of why you deserve love, respect, and admiration. Your days of feeling 'second best' are numbered, but you'll need to undergo a potentially awkward process of enlightenment before you can bring the delightful and far-reaching improvements you deserve.


If a cosmic trophy could be awarded to anyone able to confront dark, deep fears, then you'd win it, hands down. You possess a unique and admirable ability to face these and emerge through the other side seemingly unscathed. That's your cosmic mission with affairs of the heart this month, as love planet Venus rewinds in your sign from October 5 to October 31. However, it's essential you accept how facing suppressed fears and dealing with hidden demons can lead to experiencing the delightful depths of love, passion, and intimacy you deserve. If you're a single Scorpion, then you'll need to be prepared to dig deep and be honest about any self-created barriers to love and intimacy. If you're attached, then it might be time to finally address an unpleasant issue that you and a loved one have avoided for too long.


Pressure could intensify this month to face a romantic or relationship truth. You might not have been aware recently how hamstrung you've been in your love life, due to a refusal on your part to acknowledge and accept an uncomfortable fact. However, as Venus turns retrograde on October 5 and influences all things private, concealed and in the background, secrets are not only about to be highlighted, but they're also going to be lit up brightly to see them clearly. Your secret might only involve accepting where confusion exists in your mind and heart. It might involve a loved one who's wrestling with demons that you can help to overcome. However, expect something connected with your emotional world to be much clearer and more transparent by the end of the month.


You could be surprised at the depth of your desire to assess your heart's needs this month. You might also be surprised at how coldly you do so, too! Coming weeks could be a time when you assess, layer upon layer, every aspect of your current love life circumstances. This is due to the love planet, Venus, moving backward and targeting your ability to give, receive and share love. Your emotional and physical needs are altering – and possibly whether you want them to or not, which is why October could feel confusing and intense at times. You're not simply changing your mind about what or who makes you feel loved and sexy. You're addressing deeply concealed truths that have affected your attitude toward emotional and physical closeness for a long time. Now, it's time to let clarity arrive and a new romantic or relationship era to commence.


Affairs of the heart need to be handled with extrema caution this month. This is due particularly to the way a backward-moving Venus influences your career and status – and your reputation is at stake. Even if you don't slip up and do something in the name of love or lust that causes others' tongues to wag, it's possible someone could have an agenda that involves creating controversy and besmirching your name. Because Venus rewinds in mysterious Scorpio, it might be the darker side of your love life that is brought into the open for all to see. If you're attached, then it might be a partner who is experiencing something difficult that becomes common knowledge. As long as your actions have been 'above board,' and you treat each day until the 31st with integrity and the welfare of someone close in the forefront of your mind, you'll get through this month with few or no issues.


Your deep, authentic sensitivity and compassion know no bounds, but you might need to rein both in this month. This isn't done to be selfish but to help you to see a love life situation realistically and fairly. If you're attached, then you might find yourself weary of giving a loved one enough 'second chances' in some way. It might have been easier in the past to turn a blind eye to certain actions but not anymore. You might be reminded of how your compassion and forgiveness have only served to make a problem bigger by glossing over rather than dealing with it. Coming weeks offer you a chance to decide if you're willing to continue making this emotional investment in someone. If the answer is 'yes,' then new rules or boundaries will need to be established. If the answer's 'no,' then it could be time to walk away bravely.


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