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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - July 2020


You could feel your limits are pushed, especially if trying to coax thoughts or feelings from a particular person has been difficult recently. The coming weeks could also be challenging. Opening up and spilling emotional beans appears to be something you-know-who is reluctant to do. But allow matters to come to a head on or around the 27th. In the meantime, trust that you don't need to keep pushing what will emerge in its own way soon.


You could set high expectations when it comes to matters of the heart this month. But don't set them so high that you end up feeling disappointed. Whether you're single or attached, consider if you're going to excessive lengths to please or impress a lover or potential paramour. You could believe they expect more from you than they do. Dial back such efforts. Don't go changing just to please someone else. Somebody loves you just the way you are.


The coming weeks could bring a much-needed reality check with matters of the heart. What comes to light, particularly toward the end of the month, could reveal where you had an unrealistic understanding of romantic or relationship circumstances. But rather than feel that what emerges brings you back to Earth with an uncomfortable bump, be grateful for it. You're about to see your love life through a more realistic lens.


A powerful Lunar Eclipse on the 5th targets relationships and commitments. This could also be the catalyst for bringing balance you have sensed has been needed for some time in one connection. If you believe you've gone above the call of duty or shouldered more than your fair share of responsibility, then a significant change is imminent. You've wanted to see the power dynamic shift in a relationship. The new chapter commencing promises exactly that.


It could become clear that your head isn't your best guide to making romantic or relationship progress. So, 'think' less and 'feel' more this month. Your head could be the culprit where draining your confidence or causing your self-worth to diminish are concerned. The message from your heart involves accepting that you need and deserve more then you're experiencing with matters of the heart. Your heart will only tell you the truth. It certainly won't let you down this month.


The Lunar Eclipse affecting love, romance and intimacy won't go unnoticed. It could also bring awareness that warms your heart. Your heart not only wants what it wants, but it's becoming increasingly aware of what it needs, too. You know what would bring deeper levels of comfort, stability and pleasure to your emotional world or a love connection. You have probably sensed it has only been a matter of time before you took a particular step. That could happen this month.


If you experience tension in your emotional world, then this could be due to a lover or potential paramour not thinking before they speak. Their barbed words could do more than sting, too. But fighting fire with fire isn't an option. Draw upon your unique ability to maintain peace and harmony. Doing so will not only keep stress and frustration at bay. It could also be what's needed for the one you love to accept that you're owed an apology or two as well.


There could be a direct link between financial issues, money worries, and your love life this month. Every Scorpion could have their own story to tell, too. But you may need to revise one or two romantic or relationship plans in the light of any financial fiascoes that occur. Stricter budgeting might be needed if you're attached. If you're solo, then don't allow a money matter to complicate - or threaten - a potential or budding relationship.


Fantasies could override reality with matters of the heart this month. Towards the end of the month, you could discover where you've had an inaccurate grasp or understanding of something or someone. But this doesn't necessarily mean you'll kick or chastise yourself. What you see realistically can be integral to forming or strengthening one special connection. Prepare to take confident steps towards a future based on a greater depth of knowledge and understanding.


Recent months may have required you to keep the faith and summon as much positivity and optimism as possible. Much has probably appeared unstable and confusing at times. Yet, you've managed to 'hang on in there.' This month promises a reward for doing so. The stability and clarity coming your way could feel overpowering initially. But don't treat both with suspicion. Solid foundations and emotional security you've wanted in your love life look set to arrive. Don't convince yourself that something's too good to be true. You've earned it.


Neptune's influence in your love life or a close relationship could cause you to see much inaccurately. But don't allow your confidence to nosedive. Ask yourself why you feel unworthy or must settle for second or third best where love, romance, and intimacy are concerned. Your opinion of yourself could be much lower than what someone else sees when they look at you. With less effort than you think might be needed, you can boost your levels of self-care and self love in ways that will enhance your love life - wonderfully.


Whether you're single or attached, the first half of July could feel confusing or uncertain. Mercury moves backward until the 12th, causing your love life to feel unstable or directionless. But from mid-month, much could feel clearer and manageable. The New Moon influencing true love on the 20th could also assist with releasing hefty emotional baggage. Allow this special event to bring helpful and timely levels of clarity and certainty with matters of the heart.


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