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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - August 2019


This month, it's as if the universe huddles together to see what can be done to bring delightful levels of love and romance to your world. This could be evident as soon as the 8th, and feeling lucky in love is more than a possibility. Another sweet development is an offer on the 14th, and passions could run high at that time. You're blessed with so many opportunities to take your love life or one special relationship to a new level. Whether you're single or attached, you could be spoilt for choice regarding opportunities to find or strengthen love. Embrace the joy that awaits you!


It might take until after August 18 that you become aware of how your love life moves up a gear or three, but the wait will be worth it. Your passion levels will increase noticeably, and matters of the heart will have a more romantic and sensual feel from the 21st. Passion blends wonderfully with love on August 24 and what transpires between the 26th and 28th could leave you in no doubt about something magical unfolding between you and one lucky person. The month ends with a New Moon influencing affairs of the heart on the 30th. If you want a clean slate and fresh start, then you have a fantastic chance to seize both!


If progress has been frustratingly slow in your love life since April, then you could find momentum picks up this month. If something connected with a relationship has been in a planning stage since April or if you and a lover decided to take a break, then from August 11, it could be all-systems-go, once again. Whether you're single or attached, you will feel “luckier in love“ this month. You're also likely to find that pessimism is replaced with optimism. If you've been considering making a move or asking “that“ question, then taking advantage of the momentum on offer could take your love life or one special connection to a very new level.


Love, romance, and intimacy could take on an unusual and perhaps unorthodox vibe this month. The Full Moon could accentuate this on the 15th as it influences 'deep sharing' and vulnerability. Even if you were inspired by and have done the whole 'Fifty Shades of Grey' thing, you could find that unexplored and intriguing intimate territory exists!. If you try it, not only might you like it, but you could find you want even more of what inspires or thrills you – and frequently!


During the first few weeks of August, the universe boosts the levels of love and passion in your emotional world or a special connection. Affairs of the heart could have a more luxurious feel as well, which could appeal to your lavish tastes! You're bound to feel more loved and adored, and one date for your diary is August 14, when matters of the heart could be pure bliss. A Full Moon on the 15th influences partnerships and commitments, bringing you and someone closer and possibly surprisingly or unusually. Buckle up for a passionate and thrilling time!


From August 18 until October 4, your passion levels - and libido - could increase noticeably and delightfully. Your mojo returns with a vengeance, and your emotional world becomes even sweeter from August 21 once Venus enters your sign. You have a powerful blend of passion underpinned by love and sensuality that can transform your love life or one special connection. A potentially memorable date for your diary is August 24, when you could be reminded of what happens when love becomes lust! A New Moon in your sign on August 30 offers a clean slate or fresh start wherever you want one - and a romantic or relationship wish coming true isn't out of the question!


Romantically, the highlight of the month is likely to be the Full Moon on August 15 that influences the stuff true love is made of! A new chapter commences, and you might have to pinch yourself to believe what you're experiencing at that time with matters of the heart. If you're single, then somebody who is unusual in an intriguing way or stands out from the crowd could have delightful romantic potential. If you're attached, then love could be strengthened - or revived – as you're reminded in more than one way of how special a partner is to you.


Relationships take on a more consistent or less chaotic feel from this month until January. The volatility and unpredictability you've dealt with for the past year won't disappear altogether but will become less noticeable. This gives you a superb chance to reassess what you want from love while you have the equivalent of a cosmic ceasefire. You can afford to drop your guard and the need to prime yourself for sudden, unexpected developments. Choose instead to create romantic or relationship plans in the knowledge that they won't be as prone to change without warning!


August could be a mentally stimulating month, but that doesn't mean it will lack passion! There is a strong emphasis on learning and indulging in mind-broadening activities or pursuits during the coming weeks. If you're single, then you could connect with a like-minded person who matches your zest for life and wants to be a travel companion. If you're attached, then you and a partner could embark upon a sexy learning curve that is both intellectual and spiritual. Either way, adventures are on offer by embracing the spirit of partnership and teamwork to explore and learn. Could matters of the heart get any sexier than that?


Just as you've become used to your love life being chaotic or unpredictable since last year, you should find that, from this month, affairs of the heart become calmer and more manageable. From August 11 until early next year, you have a superb chance to assess, reassess, and become clearer about what you want in the name of love or the direction one special connection is heading. Use this time-out period to consolidate your love life in the knowledge that you're doing so in much less unpredictable and volatile conditions!


Whether you're single or attached, heartwarming progress is on offer where relationships are concerned this month. One stand-out date is August 14, and what transpires could touch your heart. You could be surprised at and delighted with the attention and affection that come your way during the coming weeks, and the more receptive you are to each, the more you'll enjoy. A Full Moon in your sign on August 15 shines a spotlight on your feelings about a certain person or helps you to acknowledge confusing emotions. You could discover that you're more willing to discuss feelings openly and how doing so takes a relationship to a new level – and possibly into new territory!


You have an abundance of romantic and passionate energy influencing partnerships and commitments this month. There could be something uniquely thrilling about the way you feel a profound sense of affection for a certain person but are equally aware of how often this ventures into lustful territory! Whether you're single or attached, it could be the way you and a lover or love interest understand that teamwork will be the catalyst for making a dream work. If there's a creative or artistic slant to whatever you and your paramour are considering, then it appears to have “success“ written all over it!


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