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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - December 2019


If you're single, then, until the 20th, Venus influences your career, making responsibility and authority your most attractive qualities. Venus could also be influential in bringing plenty of social opportunities connected with your job. Going out with colleagues for an after-work beverage could result in something between you and a particular person becoming deeper. From the 20th, Venus targets friendships and groups. Until January 13, one bond could go from platonic to passionate during this time. If you're attached, then a cherished romantic or relationship wish or hope could turn into something much more tangible!


Since November 21, Venus has influenced distant horizons and mind-broadening experiences, which might explain why you may have had a noticeably stronger 'taste for the exotic' or possibly a keener interested in someone foreign or from a different background. This theme continues until December 20, and, if you're single, then a love relationship started at this time could be with someone whom you might typically not consider attractive or whose cultural background differs from yours. From the 20th, Venus affects your career and reputation. You could be surprised at how many social opportunities exist on the professional front, and don't rule out an opportunity for a work-related romance - if you are receptive to embarking upon one!


Until the 20th, Venus can be integral to smoothing over differences between you and a particular person. If you're single, you may have experienced tension or uncertainty in a potential or budding relationship. If you're attached and feel at your wit's end trying to keep things manageable between you and a partner, then reassuring and comforting developments await regarding the sharing of power, intimacy matters, and other emotionally-charged issues. From the 20th, the romantic emphasis shifts to distant horizons and mind-broadening experiences. Travel, study, or embarking upon learning curves with your paramour are your tickets to passionate progress!


Partnerships and commitments benefit from 'Venus magic' until the 20th of December. There's bound to be something loving and comforting about one-to-one relating, and you also have a superb opportunity during the first few weeks to smooth over any differences in close personal relationships - or one in particular. If you're single, then you could decide to take a risk in the name of love and deepen a commitment. From the 20th, increased levels of love and warmth affect the sharing of power, intimacy, joint finances, and topics that may have been difficult to discuss recently. A chance to deepen a bond is on offer, and experiencing a new depth of intimacy might be the perfect catalyst.


During the first few weeks of December, romantic opportunities may revolve around your working environment. It's possible that, for the first time since the start of this year, you could associate a new level of pleasure with work. But, whether you're single or attached, it's from the 20th until January 13, 2020, that Venus influences partnerships and commitments. A special connection could form or deepen during this time, and increased levels of love and comfort permeating a relationship can help you feel more secure about the direction a connection is heading. If you have felt ignored or undervalued by a partner recently, then you could very much enjoy the attentiveness you receive during the coming weeks.


The month starts with Venus influencing love, romance, and self-expression. This theme continues for the first few weeks, and the strongest sense of reassurance could come from feeling noticeably more stable, secure, or grounded in your emotional world or a love connection. From the 20th, you might take the initiative with matters of the heart, and a desire to serve or support a loved one could feel more satisfying than submissive. It could also be within your work environment or daily routines that love blossoms or strengthens, too. Anything health-related or fitness-based is included, and although December is, for many people, a month of excessiveness and indulgence, this could be a time when you decide to look better naked - and with impressive results!


Until December 20, matters of the heart are all about security, comfort, and caregiving, while Venus works some magic with your domestic circumstances and emotional foundations. However, make sure you don't form strong attachments to the past that prevent you from enjoying the moment. From the 20th, Venus influences true love, dating, chocolates, flowers, and all that makes your heart beat faster. If you're single, then love could have more than one unusual or unconventional look, feel or vibe. Dare to be different or pursue someone far-removed from your usual preference. Attached? Wave goodbye to clouds to seriousness that have hovered for too long and embrace the feel-good factor and lightheartedness on offer!


With Venus influencing communication until the 20th, you could keep a lover spellbound with witty banter and scintillating stories. Just be aware of how a lover could misinterpret playful teasing and how it could kill any sexual vibes in a heartbeat. From the 20th, Venus targets your home and family life, as well as your emotional foundations until January 13. A time of constant hugs, cuddles, kisses, and devoted affection awaits! However, with Venus and Uranus at odds on the 22nd, sudden and unexpected stress could manifest in your emotional world. There might be limits to how much you can prepare for what transpires out of the blue, but you can certainly play an integral part in remaining patient, kind, and keeping the peace.


A Full Moon targets your commitments and partnerships on December 12, and you look set to experience a new chapter or turning point between you and a certain someone. You're urged to be more adventurous or governed less by restrictions, so seize a chance to rewrite the relationship rule book! On the 22nd, Venus and Uranus aren't on good terms, and hasty actions or words on your part could lead to a need to make an apology if you're not careful. On the flip side, someone who has kept feelings concealed could surprise or shock you. How you react to this will determine whether it's a goer or falls at the first hurdle. Once you calm down, you could feel more flattered or excited than annoyed or angry. There's no smoke without fire, as they say.


The universe intends to transform more than one area of your world this month, and your love life won't be an exception. You start December with Venus in your sign and allowing your inner child to come out and play will draw others to you, regardless of your relationship status. Make the most of your enhanced attractional powers until Venus leaves Capricorn on the 20th. Venus then influences your earned income, but the fact that cash might flow wonderfully once again could spur you on to make some magical, memorable moments somewhere with someone. Finally, a Solar Eclipse in your sign on December 26 heralds a powerful new chapter personally and, possibly, with a love relationship. Making a serious or long-term commitment is not out of the question!


Matters of the heart could have a noticeably more private feel as December commences, due particularly to Venus influencing detachment, isolation, and mysteriousness. You could be very aware of how your personal life is precisely that – and that includes what goes on behind closed doors! A Full Moon illuminates anything connected with love and romance, but you could have two options or romantic or relationship avenues to choose from. Tricky? Probably! However, once Venus enters your sign on December 20, your love life and confidence receive a delightful boost. Your power to attract is enhanced significantly, and if you're a single Water Bearer, then you could find you draw others toward you effortlessly. Attached? A partner might adore your keenness to bring a deeper level of warmth to your connection – and the way your youthful qualities emerge.


Until the 20th, matters of the heart could have more than one 'shock value,' but you'll probably enjoy the thrill that comes from daring to be different. If you're single, then a friend could either help introduce you to a potential partner – or possibly be one themselves! The line between friendship and love could be blurred, and don't mistake sympathy for love. You could then discover that your love life becomes quieter from December 20 as Venus influences detachment and privacy. Wanting to immerse yourself in peace is fine as long as you don't allow awesome opportunities to sail straight past you. Attached? From the 20th until January 13, you and your paramour could feel a revived sense of comfort and passion from enjoying shared private time. Now, what about those fantasies you and someone have discussed but possibly done nothing - as yet - to make real?


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