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Monthly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - December 2018


Events this month will require you to dig deep into your Aries reserves of strength to take your love life from its current position and transform it. Recent months have probably involved you taking stock of what you want and don't want from a love connection, and during December, you get to do more than simply 'test the water' with giving your heart what it truly needs. Allow coming weeks to bring a delightful reminder of what all the recent assessing and decisions were in aid of. It's time to embrace a new and potentially more fulfilling era.


You might have found yourself surprised at love life decisions you've made during recent months and probably thought putting one or two into action wouldn't make one iota of difference. Coming weeks offer a chance to discover how wrong you were – or are – to think such a way! Your heart has a much clearer understanding of what it wants because you probably have a clearer idea about what is meant by the word, 'partnership.' What might have been one-sided in one special connection looks set to become balanced – and a way forward couldn't be clearer!


It's important to remember that you have good luck and optimism planet, Jupiter, influencing partnerships and commitments and will benefit from its influence throughout 2019. A New Moon affects partnerships on December 7 and can instill a deeper sense of optimism than you've experienced recently. A commitment can alter in so many wonderful ways, whether it involves healing or shifting to a new level altogether. Don't resign yourself to heartwarming developments happening only to other people. The cosmos is singling you out, so be ready!


You've borne the brunt of cosmic activity in recent months that is unlikely to have been pleasant. Love life complications, issues possibly surrounding possessiveness, obsessiveness, suspicion, or betrayal could have raised their ugly heads. However, even if the idea of making yourself emotionally vulnerable and dropping a defensive barrier is far from appealing, you could be surprised and delighted at what doing so brings. The past is by no means an accurate guideline for the future. Accept that and embrace a much brighter romantic future unfolding this month.


If you're a single Leo, then the New Moon on December 7 can transform your love life during the coming weeks. However, whether single or attached, romantic or relationship progress is all about feeling more motivated and inspired to form or strengthen a connection, rather than letting the love gods do all the work on your behalf. A wave of reassurance is about to permeate your emotional world, and all it needs to do so is a signal from you that you're receptive to emerging from behind whatever protective barrier you've grown comfortable with.


With Venus influencing your thoughts, ideas, and communication, how could you have nothing else but love on the brain? Venus cast a similar influence a few months ago but, back then, it was all about reassessing your romantic or relationship needs and gaining a more realistic perspective on either or both. During coming weeks and into January, you look set to experience an epiphany regarding affairs of the heart. Prepare to take a significant step forward from having had a chance to decide what you want from love – and why you must not downsize expectations!


It can be easy to allow career matters to take up much of your time, and it might not be until nearer the end of December that you finally get a chance to make affairs of the heart more of a priority. Once passion planet Mars starts to influence partnerships, you'll feel more inclined to make an effort in ways you haven't had the time or inclination to recently. Just remember that passion can be applied sensitively or aggressively. Clearing the air with a loved one might have its benefits but be willing to apply your Mars energy in more constructive or imaginative ways!


With the love planet Venus returning to your sign from as early as December 2, you can expect your confidence to also return toward anything connected with affairs of the heart. You've had months of reflection and assessing. Chances are, some of what you encountered or discovered wasn't particularly pleasant but, this month, Venus has a very different agenda. It's time to allow the cosmos to know what your heart yearns to experience most – and then give the universe a chance to respond. Whatever your heart wants, it can have so aim high and do not settle for second best.


With jolly, jovial Jupiter in your sign, to say the cosmos has your back regarding boosting your optimism and happiness levels is an understatement. Jupiter wants to cast its benevolent influence in every area of your world and has every intention of bringing a special gift for you this month. This could take the form of a romantic or relationship opportunity that you might sense is too good to be true. Trust it. It's meant especially for you, and you'll have no time to waste once Mars starts to influence true love from December 31. If your passion levels or libido have nosedived recently, then a wonderful reawakening awaits!


Although a Full Moon influencing commitments and partnerships doesn't occur until December 22, you'll likely feel its influence before then. Insecurities – yours, a loved one's or both – could surface, and the Full Moon shines a bright light on what needs to change or improve in a special connection. However, this can be enormously positive if it encourages you to take a step you've been considering but haven't for one of umpteen reasons. The cosmos is also singling out single Capricorns, too. The love gods are on your side if you can mingle socially on December 16 and December 21-22.


Communication in your love life could have dark undertones early in December. You might have to choose your words or responses carefully because one tense scenario could escalate quickly if you don't underpin your words with plenty of sensitivity and compassion. After December 7, things lighten up considerably, and your attitude toward affairs of the heart becomes much more upbeat. You can feel justified pride in the fact that you handled one awkward love life scenario with dignity and grace – and can be certain this won't be overlooked by others, either!


Whether single or attached, coming weeks bring a chance for you to assess honestly if certain morals, principles or beliefs you adhere strongly to affect either your choice of partner – or a partnership. What might have been a minor difference of opinion between you and someone close could feel magnified in the light of coming events. This can encourage you to assess your romantic or relationship needs in new ways. If you're single, then the conclusions you draw could spur you on to seek a different type of person, or someone who will accept your convictions. If attached, then you might discover how you and a loved one aren't on the same page in a way you thought you were.


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