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Monthly Chatty Style Horoscopes - September 2018


It's time to reconnect with your mojo! If you've felt deflated, demotivated and uninspired during the past month or so, then you could feel as if a fire has been lit beneath your backside. Proactivity replaces lethargy, and it's likely to be your career where you feel you're finally firing on all cylinders once again. The 6th and 9th are auspicious dates where career progression or developments are concerned. If you've wanted good news related to finances or commission, then what transpires on or around the 12th could bring a huge sigh of relief! A Full Moon in Aries on the 24th heightens emotions, but this could be helpful if it brings concealed feelings into the open.


September could be a pivotal – and memorable - month for affairs of the heart. The 9th is an important date as it brings a New Moon influencing love and romance. On the same day, love planet Venus influences partnerships and commitments until October 31. Whether single or attached, a delightful relationship can be formed or strengthened, and a strong mental or communicative connection is the icing on the cake. If you've been assessing a possible career move, then you could spring into action to explore possibilities after the 10th. It might take until mid-November before you finalize something professionally, but you'll make strides quickly.


The cosmos appears determined to shift your focus to all things domestic this month. Your home, with whom you share it and family receive considerable attention from the 5th. From then until the 21st, you'll be busy considering an influx of ideas to improve your abode or communication with relatives. A New Moon on the 9th also influences home and family and a fresh start - or clean slate - is indicated. A Full Moon influencing friendships on the 24th might result in a parting of ways. However, you'll be delighted at the progress made with a special project related to social media or technology. It appears the world is appreciative of what you've created - or are about to create!


Affairs of the heart are a priority this month. With Venus influencing all things loved-up and romantic from the 9th until the end of October, you can expect a month of harmonious, amorous bliss and the 12th is definitely a date with romantic destiny. If you're single, then a strong chance exists to meet someone whose intensity and depth makes your heart flutter. If you're attached, then Venus intends to take your connection to a very new level. The Full Moon on the 24th targets your career and puts you, quite literally, in the spotlight in some way. You look set to receive some overdue and well-deserved attention!


Your confidence and optimism levels are bound to receive a tremendous boost this month, and from as early as the 5th. You'll have a surge of ideas to enhance your earnings and are blessed with fantastic cosmic support to come up with moneymaking ideas that have 'success' written all over them. This is supported further by a New Moon influencing your earnings and material status, bringing a fresh start related to income. Where partnerships or commitments are concerned, you're about to see momentum pick up delightfully. If you've struggled to summon the enthusiasm to improve one connection or felt your libido has nosedived recently, then you're about to have both back in action!


Confusion is about to be replaced with clarity as September commences, particularly due to Mercury's arrival in your sign from the 5th to the 21st. What has been cloudy, vague or uncertain becomes crystal clear and you'll find thought processes, decisions and your ability to communicate become heightened significantly. This is boosted further by Venus influencing communication from the 9th until the end of October, helping your words flow effortlessly and colorfully. Things get even better with a New Moon in your sign on the 9th, bringing you a fresh start or clean slate wherever you want either or both, so choose carefully. Financial relief comes courtesy of the Full Moon on the 24th as you become finally freed from one financial burden.


September brings relief from a home-related dilemma or issue that might have preoccupied your mind during recent weeks or been a source of unwanted financial outlay. Whatever has caused unrest or chaos on the home or family front looks set to become less of an issue on or after September 6th. The next bit of good news surrounds Venus influencing your earnings from the 9th. Working alongside lucky Jupiter, you're bound to feel optimistic and excited about a way to boost your earnings. A Full Moon on the 24th brings a relationship or commitment issue into the open, especially if you and a partner have a home or family-related matter to resolve.


You might have felt you'd met your match recently where a family member's stubbornness is concerned or been at a loss regarding how to resolve a home or family issue or dispute. A glimmer of hope might have arrived around the end of August but during September, whatever has been a bone of contention is about to become less of an issue. With Venus in your sign from the 9th, your ability to convey yourself graciously is intensified, helping to bring harmony to any tense discussions, but also boosting your powers of attraction significantly! Friendships – both existing and new – are also featured as your social life picks up. One friend could be a pillar of support where you need it as September draws to a close.


Impressive and delightful career progress is on offer this month, and the first sign could present itself from as early as the 5th. You're blessed with an enhanced ability to not only convey your ideas with crystal clarity but to also negotiate and sell as well. However, with Mars influencing communication, you'll need to understand when talking ceases and listening starts. The likelihood of career progression is supported further by a New Moon on the 9th that offers a fresh start or clean slate professionally. The Full Moon on the 24th influences your love life and could bring a somewhat harsh realization. You might not like the way you're pushed to view something realistically in your love life but will soon be glad to be dealing with facts.


If you've felt lethargic or unmotivated during recent weeks, then you'll be delighted to get back to your make-things-happen self this month! One area you'll focus your revived mojo on will be your earnings. The purse strings might have been tightened recently, but from the 10th, you'll know what's needed to remove money-related uncertainty and worries. A New Moon on the 9th might bring a new beginning or fresh start with anything connected with education, learning, studying or possibly overseas connections or travel, so take your pick. Training or retraining might become important considerations. A Full Moon on the 24th targets your home and family. You could do without having to deal with a domestic issue - and responsibility that comes with it - but will connect with your natural resourcefulness to overcome whatever arises.


Life might have been chaotic, volatile and on par with wading through wet concrete, all rolled into one, recently. During September, the pace picks up considerably, and you could feel progress becomes easier from the 10th. Some encouraging news comes your way on or around the 9th related to finances, but particularly money that's not related to your earnings. This could relate to an investment, payout or commission, so consider it a reward for your recent efforts and patience. Also on the 9th, Venus influences your career and status for an extended visit until the end of October. Career-related money could come from numerous sources, but a professional plan that might have stalled or been delayed due to a lack of capital could receive a fantastic green light to proceed. Thinking about asking the boss for a raise? This is the month to do it!


Recent weeks might have involved you looking inward for answers and possibly keeping thoughts to yourself. This might have been due to not having the energy or inclination to discuss openly what you think or feel, or as if making progress in any area of your world requires more effort than you've been prepared to give. From this month, all of that changes. The desire to bring a fresh start and new beginning to your world intensifies during coming weeks, and the changes you're about to introduce will mean there can be no looking back once they're made. However, your keenness to look to the future will override any hesitancy or uncertainty. It will also be progress you make with partnerships and one in particular that makes this month extra special. Whether romantic or business-related, teamwork results in something to be immensely proud of!


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