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Weekly General Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 06 April 2020


Your birthday month reaches an important point this week, mainly because of aspects the Sun is forming to either the Moon or different points in the solar system. It was a playful Full Moon over the weekend and a friendly aspect to the Sun that brought a boost in confidence and a reminder to have fun. Yet the week will begin with the Moon in your work sector, just as planets on the income and career fronts are regrouping after planetary departures. With the professional landscape changing, this couldn't come with better timing. It is midweek that a Full Moon in your relationship sector on Wednesday will see your personal and relationship needs clash. This could create some personal and/or relationship tension but the timing couldn't be better. With Venus, the planet of love in her first full week in your communication sector, she is on hand to give you, your heart and your relationships a voice.


This year is evolving at a fast pace, at a time when for many the world is slowing down. Whatever lane you are operating in at the moment you have the right conditions to work with. Venus left Taurus over the weekend but with your birthday month and new solar year still two weeks away, you not only have time to let her desires and expectations settle there is time to let this current solar year play out. If you are on lockdown then you have a much better chance to take the Sun's advice and slow down, making time to hear yourself think and to recharge your batteries before your birthday month and new solar year begins. At the same time, there has been a surge in planetary activity on the income and career fronts that will be energised by Wednesday's Full Moon on the job front. Whether you are working through, are on home isolation or you are unable to work, planetary support will continue to increase for months.


The lines are not only blurred between the past, present and future this week, you have a chance to move between them. Even though Venus left a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart over the weekend, with Uranus still there you have a chance to draw back when you need to. Yet with Venus in her first full week in Gemini, you also have a chance to look to the future and start making your wish list for a new solar year that is still over six weeks away. It is having the Sun in your friendship sector and Mercury returning over the weekend that will not only keep you socially connected but grounded in the moment. Social distancing does not mean social isolation and as a Mercury, the planet of communication ruled sign, you will be a master in managing the two. Meanwhile, you may need to find some creative solutions on how to manage Mars' new passion for adventure, which will get a boost from Wednesday's playful Full Moon.


Last week saw Venus and Mars, the planets that rule our heart and passions make a shift and this is going to change your priorities. It was early last week that Mars not only returned to your financial sector but just nine days after Saturn returned to help you take your financial power back. At a time when across the globe there is financial uncertainty, Saturn has returned with the discipline and Mars the motivation to stay on top of money matters. It was over the weekend that Venus returned to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart, where she will spend the next four months. Venus will make home isolation a lot more enjoyable, making it easier to relax into this. This could also make Wednesday's Full Moon and its focus on home and family matters easier to embrace. This is the Full Moon that sets the date for Easter each year but this year there could be more than just a few days to make home and family a priority.


There are two distinct camps emerging this week and they each have three interconnected and empowered parts to them. In the one camp, you have forces in play across the income, work and career fronts and they will be grabbing your attention from the get go. You begin the week with the Moon in your income sector and at a friendly aspect to planets on the job and career fronts, who are all regrouping after shifts last week. The Moon will also play a pivotal role in drawing your attention to the other camp, which is made up of planets in your communication, friendship and relationship sectors. This will be energised by Wednesday's Full Moon and the contact that the Moon will make with planets on all three fronts. Meanwhile, halfway through a month long visit to an adventurous part of your chart, the Sun is trying to find ways to keep the spirit of adventure alive during a near global lockdown.


Starting the week with the Moon in Virgo is more important than just having an intuitive edge from the get go. As well as amplifying your inner voice, your sixth sense and your emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses, before leaving it will make an aspect to every planet that is having an influence on you right now. This is why there could be some mixed messages. The week begins with the Moon at a friendly aspect to planets in a playful part of your chart yet in opposition with planets in your relationship sector. This is also giving you an intuitive read on what can only be described as a major mobilisation of forces, into position across the income, work and career fronts. Regardless of how the current shutdowns are impacting you, whether you are working through, are on home isolation or you are unable to work, this is helping you to make the best of either a good or a bad situation.


As far as the astrological conditions are concerned, our lives take a familiar and well worn path. The outer planets, those that can spend years in an area of our chart are in position and will be for years, so there is little change there. At the same time, the Sun and faster planets move through the same areas of your chart at the same time every year, creating predictability. It is a given that the Sun will have the solar spotlight on your relationships at this time of year or that Mercury might still be tying up loose ends on the job front. However, this week, just as the world itself is in unfamiliar times, we have some outliers in play, conditions that are not part of a familiar annual or long term pattern and this couldn't come with better timing. Those outliers are on the playful and adventurous fronts, with a call to embrace life coming while the majority of the world is on lockdown but with some creativity, can still be embraced.


While it is not until later in the week, the Moon's return to Scorpio will bring a valuable chance to check in. Especially as so much has changed in the world and in our realities since the Moon was last in Scorpio, four weeks ago. Right now, four weeks is a lifetime ago. It is on Thursday and Friday that you will have a chance to check in, however, be aware that you might become more emotional. The Moon has to amplify and exaggerate your emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses in order to deliver important messages and insight on. This will also be a valuable chance to check in with some other changes and especially on the home and financial fronts. Whether you are on lockdown or not or how you are being impacted financially, with Mars in his first full week in your home and family sector and Venus in her first in your financial sector, they have returned to support you through these uncertain times.


Within the space of four days last week, first Mars returned to your communication and then Venus to your relationship sector. This is Mars' first visit since 2018 and Venus should still be months away, yet both have returned at a moment in time when your relationships are probably more in need of their support than ever before. Even the best of relationships will be under more pressure, whether the lockdown and financial uncertainty is impacting you directly or not. At a time of social distancing and when the normal distractions of life are unavailable, this is forcing us to spend more time together. To have the planet of love not only return to your relationship sector earlier in the year than she normally would but to spend the next four months here is a huge advantage. As is not only having Mars in your communication sector but Saturn, together giving you the power to push through communication barriers in order to keep the communication lines open.


The week begins with an eight day alignment between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn running its course and the conditions couldn't be better. With Saturn and Mars gone from Capricorn life is no longer as hard or as urgent and this has given the planets of luck and change a chance to regroup. This comes just as global shutdowns are giving us all a chance to push the 'reset' button but you are better placed than most to use this as a circuit breaker. When life starts back up again, you will be positioned to reinvent yourself or to decide what kind of new normal the future will hold. In the short term, it is the adventurous lunar vibes at the start of the week and their friendly aspect to Jupiter and Pluto that brings a much needed boost in confidence. Meanwhile, there is a movement taking place that is putting some serious support behind income, work and career matters and especially where they come together.


If it was just Mars spending his first full week in Aquarius then this would still be a game changer. By leaving a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart and returning to Aquarius last week, Mars emerged from where he had been winding down an old Mars cycle and begin a new cycle. It was Saturn's return to Aquarius nine days earlier that makes Mars' return part of a much bigger call to take your power back. However, this isn't in isolation, with Venus' return to a playful part of your chart over the weekend already putting her onside with both. That will also be the case with an adventurous Full Moon on Wednesday, which with social distancing might call for some creative thinking. The world is changing and for many this is a reminder to start living, which you have the perfect opportunity to do. With Venus in a playful part of your chart until August and planets in an adventurous part of your chart until November, this is no flash in the pan.


While your birthday month ended over two weeks ago, until Mercury leaves Pisces over the weekend you are still tying up the loose ends on your choices, decisions and plans for the coming year. Yet even then, Mercury appears to have no interest in locking anything down and this might come across as procrastination. In reality, while this will usually be the point in the year when the last of the faster planets to move through Pisces is the last to turn the lights out, Mercury is not the last planet to move through. Mars will return to Pisces in mid May and won't leave until the end of June, so in terms of the opportunities and options that this new solar year holds, you haven't even begun to explore them yet. This buys you time but it also allows you to use Mercury to ensure the communication lines are open, especially on the relationship front. Starting the week with the Moon in your relationship sector will help with that.

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