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Weekly General Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 24 January 2022


There is a lot of focus on Mars this week and as your ruling planet, this is not only giving you better access to his warrior and competitive spirit but more alert to his shift in focus. If you are suffering from a case of Mondayitis as you move into the new week there are two reasons why you should lean into rather than fight this. The first is that with Mars in his final hours in an adventurous part of your chart, there is a need to embrace and capture his passion for adventure. The second reason is that on Tuesday Mars will not only leave but will join a host of planets in your career sector that are already regrouping after the Sun left last week. This is Mars' first visit in nearly two years and with Mercury retrograding back in on Wednesday, the Moon returning on Saturday and Venus turning direct less than an hour later, this new professional year is not just catching its second wind but just as the brakes have come off income matters.


If things look a little different this week it is because your whole perspective has changed. Not only is Uranus spending his first full week in direct motion in Taurus since last August but the North Node, something that always has its eye on the future is spending its first week in your sign in 17 years. All of a sudden your focus is on the future rather than the past and for you, this is the week when 2022 really begins. However, it is not just that the focus has shifted from the rear view mirror to the road ahead that brings a new sense of confidence, excitement and anticipation but what you see. The week not only begins with a lot of positive energy on the job and career fronts but with something exciting developing on the adventurous front. This is something that will get an even bigger boost when Mars returns to an adventurous part of your chart on Tuesday, on a mission to fuel a passion for adventure and a hunger for life's richer experiences.


The North Node's departure from Gemini has left you with no cosmic activity in your sign for the first time since April 2020, though with a sense of professional direction and a chance to let things settle. For rather than bringing an end to all cosmic activity in Gemini this is simply a firebreak, with the dwarf planet Ceres not only returning next week but to begin another almost continuous run of planetary activity for the rest of the year. This is more a chance to come up for air, get out of your own head and focus less on yourself and more on what is going on around you. This is allowing you to focus on your relationships in their own right ahead of Mars' departure from your relationship sector on Tuesday, something you haven't been able to do until now. Meanwhile, it is Mars' return to your financial sector on Tuesday that will begin what could be the most empowering six weeks of this financial year, with a chance to take your financial power back.


There is a lot going on this week, including the Sun and Mercury starting the week aligned in your financial sector, a busy start to the week on the job front or with whatever it is that keeps you busy on Monday and some playful and adventurous influences midweek. However, in terms of the sheer amount of planetary activity the main focus this week is on your relationships. While the Sun left your relationship sector last week a combination of Mars' return on Tuesday, Mercury retrograding back in on Wednesday, Venus turning direct on Saturday and the Moon coming full circle from a New Moon at the start of the month just 38 minutes later, will see an exponential growth throughout the week. This is Mars' first visit in your relationship sector in nearly two years and it will be the first time that the planets of love and passion have been here at the same time in two decades.


While the Sun left your work sector last week and this is the point in any year that the solar spotlight shifts off work and job matters and it then becomes more about the journey, things instead catch their second wind. While the Sun is spending his first full week in your relationship sector and is now more focused on your relationships, in his wake things are not just waking up on the job front but an even bigger wave of activity is about to begin. Just as Uranus is spending his first full week in direct motion in your career sector and the North Node its first week here in 17 years, Mars' return to your work sector on Tuesday will inject a lot more energy into work and job matters. With the brakes now off this professional year, Mars returns to fire things up and with Mercury retrograding back in on Wednesday and Venus turning direct here on Saturday, this kicks off the most exciting six weeks of the year on the job front.


While the Sun is not only spending his first full week in your work sector but aligned with Mercury, even if you wanted to you would find it hard to let life become all work and no play this week. While you still have the momentum, drive and the options you had when Jupiter left your work sector at the end of last year, even without Mercury in retrograde motion there is a decided lack of urgency. If it feels like you are holding back or are waiting for something, that something is Mars and Venus' return in early March, buying you time for a more gradual start to this new professional year. Taking advantage of this is not just Uranus' first full week in an adventurous part of your chart and the North Node's first week here in 17 years but Mars' return to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart on Tuesday. This is what is stopping life from becoming all work and no play.


We are only three weeks into the year but already there have been a lot of changes and there will be even more by the end of the week. There are three significant cosmic shifts this week and they all centre around one common theme that is things close to home. While the Sun left your home and family sector last week, this never took all the focus off home and family matters. What you don't expect to see is an increase in activity, which is what you have this week. It begins with Mars' return on Tuesday when for the first time in nearly two years he will direct his drive and need for action onto home and family matters. However, not before spending Monday doing what he can to push through communication barriers before leaving your communication sector. It is on Wednesday that after spending the weekend aligned with the Sun in a playful part of your chart that Mercury will retrograde back in on Wednesday, with Venus turning direct here over the weekend.


The Moon will return for its first visit to Scorpio for the year this week and as always, this will be a valuable chance to check in, both with your own inner voice and the ever changing cosmic conditions. As there has been a lot of the latter so far this year and even more this week, including while the Moon is in Scorpio, the timing couldn't be better. The biggest change is that the Moon will return to find the South Node in Scorpio and its partner the North Node in your relationship sector for the first time in 17 years. For the next 18 months, the lunar nodes will work to balance your personal and relationship needs, with the Moon's return to Scorpio putting this to the test for the first time. Fortunately, with Mars not only returning to your communication sector on Tuesday but Mercury, the planet of communication retrograding back in to join him and Venus here on Wednesday, there is an abundance of communication support.


Monday is not just Mars' last full day in Sagittarius but the last day of any planetary activity in your sign until later in the year, bringing you to a pivotal point in an ongoing journey. While Mars only returned to Sagittarius on 13th December, this was not only during your birthday month but there has been continuous planetary activity here since November 2020. When there is planetary activity in your sign you are at the start of a new journey so for the last 14 months you have been on the starter's line and while planets have left and begun their journeys there was always another just starting. Finally, Mars' departure means the journey can begin but with a chance to fill up on his passion, warrior and competitive spirit before he leaves. It is then that Mars will not only join a growing line up of planets in your income sector but will kick off a defining and pivotal six weeks on the income and job fronts.


While the Sun left Capricorn last week, bringing your birthday month to a close it is only this week that you will begin to explore the real options that this year holds. While the Sun has moved on and is benefiting from not only beginning the week aligned with Mercury here but from having the Moon in your career sector until Tuesday, in his wake new doors are opening. It begins with Mars' return to Capricorn on Tuesday, for the first time since 2020. Apart from returning to begin a new Mars cycle and to fuel your passions, drive, warrior and competitive spirit, Mars returns just a day before Mercury retrogrades back in and just days before Venus will turn direct here over the weekend. For three days Venus and Mercury will both be in retrograde motion, holding things back but also looking back to ensure nothing has been missed. This will have a positive impact on what is happening on the fun, playful, romantic and creative front.


The first full week of your birthday month has a lack of urgency or the hype from last year but you are likely to feel a lot more centred, in control and empowered. This was always going to be the year for taking your power back and you are likely to feel it from the start. A lack of urgency comes partly from the fact that while you began your birthday month with Mercury in Aquarius, he is already slowing down and on Wednesday will retrograde back out. The Sun and Mercury spent the weekend aligned, giving both hindsight and foresight a lot of clarity. The main reason is that with Jupiter gone but Saturn here for the whole of 2022, the opportunities have been banked and now you have a stoic and pragmatic planet at the wheel who also happens to be one of your ruling planets. Another reason for a lack of urgency is the growing number of planets in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart, with Mars returning on Tuesday and Mercury retrograding back in here on Wednesday.


As much as the Sun's return to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart last week has brought you to the first full week of the month long wind down of your old solar year, you aren't ready to isolate yourself away. The Sun may have left your friendship sector last week, he has not only left plenty of planets behind but that number will swell. Mars, who begins the week in your career sector and on Monday is on a mission to fuel your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit until he leaves, will return to your friendship sector on Tuesday. This is just a day before Mercury will retrograde back in for a double dip visit on Wednesday, just 24 days after leaving. With Venus in retrograde motion here until Saturday, for three days heart and mind are on the same page and focused on the past and on reconnecting while Mars begins fuelling your passions, competitive and team spirit for the first time in nearly two years.

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