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Weekly Career Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 17 September 2018


You have reached an important point in your professional year and this is a week which is akin to stepping back, rearranging your backpack, ready to put it back on your shoulders and take this professional year home. There are two things going on this week. The first is that the Sun and Mercury are in their final days in your work sector and when they leave over the weekend, this will bring all planetary activity on the job front for the year to a close. Yet before they go, Mercury is giving you the intellectually savvy edge needed to keep your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open, while the Sun will continue to shine the solar spotlight on your work situation and job matters. In the meantime, the Moon will spend the middle part of the week in your career sector, connecting with the planets there as career forces prepare to take things home.


In terms of the heating up of this professional year, where over recent months things have been seen to heat up, only to dial back, in a series of steps things reach a point of no return. By that I mean, as things start to take off on both the job and career fronts there will be no dialling back and the push to bring this professional year home will be in full swing. To start with this is fairly low key, with a chance to adjust to having Mars back in your career sector. At the same time, Ceres is on her own in your work sector, focused more on reflecting on your needs in terms of job satisfaction and a sense of purpose. Yet the Moon's return to your career sector on Thursday will see your professional instincts, imagination, passions and fighting spirit join forces with explosive results. By the time Mercury returns to your work sector on Saturday and the Sun on Sunday, there will be no holding things back.


On both the job and career fronts there is a chance this week to regroup and also to get a better feel for the impact of having Venus in your work sector, this early in the year. As Venus moves into her second week in your work sector the Sun is still nearly six weeks away and that is already having consequences. Venus can't get too far ahead of the Sun and is being drawn back, slowing down ahead of a retrograde turn early next month. This is a massive advantage, for with Jupiter in his final two months, while he can provide the right conditions, Venus can attract the opportunities. If there was any work tension and job pressure last week, as you look back you're able to see this as a call to work smarter. For after all, you're running a marathon and not a sprint. By the time the Moon returns to your career sector over the weekend you'll have a chance to regroup.


While the Moon will be gone by Tuesday, just starting the week in your work sector is giving you an advantage from the get go. On paper this is a very ordinary visit, one that the Moon makes every four weeks. The Moon returned over the weekend and before leaving will spend time fuelling your imagination and giving you an intuitive read on work and job matters, before leaving you with a wealth of valuable clues, hunches and insights to process. The Moon's visit might be very ordinary, but with lucky Jupiter less than eight weeks away from your work sector by the time the Moon moves through, the message is anything but. Already there is a chance to start lining up in front of new doors before they open. In the meantime, with a Full Moon in your career sector next week, there is a need to keep your mind and your options open. Full Moons are wildcards and are best approached with the words 'surprise me'.


This was always going to be an important week to regroup, when it comes to work and job matters. It was last week that Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos wrapped up his short 29 day double dip visit, one that saw him retrograde back in, do a U turn and then leave again. Yet that double dip visit came just as Saturn was turning direct and work and job matters were waking up after a period of hibernation. Mars effectively threw a bomb into the room and then left. With Pluto moving into his final two weeks in retrograde motion here on Monday, the tides are still turning and with Saturn in his early weeks in direct motion, you're still wavering between the past, present and future. This makes the timing of the Moon's return on Monday and position here in the first half of the week auspicious. By the time the Moon leaves you should have a better sense of where you've been and where to from here.


When Mars leaves your work sector you usually don't see the warrior planet of the cosmos again for another two years and just as well, for his typical six week visits are run at full speed and can be exhausting. Yet nothing about Mars' departure last month can be seen as the norm. For starters, he was there for three months instead of six weeks and he spent the last six weeks in retrograde motion. Instead of exhausting, things may have become stalled, frustrating and there is likely to have been some work tension and job pressure. It is no wonder then that Mars raised the protest flag and demanded a do over and that's exactly what he has. Mars is spending his first full week back in your work sector and not due to leave until mid November, he's determined to make it count. The Moon will return on Thursday, giving you a better read on the implications of Mars' return and where this is already steering things.


With Neptune not only in retrograde motion in your work sector, but in retrograde motion since June and no other planets in either of your two professional houses, you should expect more of the same this week. Yet while the reality is that this is exactly what you have, this is more important than you might think. Dreamy Neptune has been in your work sector since 2012, but until April he shared the space with Chiron, planet of healing. While Chiron focused more on old baggage and things that hold you back, all Neptune wants to do is dream. And with support from Jupiter and now Venus in your income sector, those dreams are becoming more confident. However, Chiron is retrograding back in next week and this is Neptune's last full week, for now anyway, where it is just about having the dream. The Moon's return over the weekend will help with that, especially when it comes to daydreaming and letting your imagination run wild.


By the time you move into the new week it has been 11 days since Mercury left your career sector, ending all planetary activity. Now Chiron is spending his last full week in your work sector, before retrograding back out next week. Yet while this is slowly taking the heat out of your professional year, as you have no doubt already found on the career front, this has not slowed down the momentum. The reality is that neither Mercury nor Chiron are the sole forces in play, but they are forces that gain a lot of attention. With Mercury gone from your career sector you no longer need to have your head in the game 24/7, but you're likely to find that as a result things now flow more smoothly. In his last full week, Chiron is giving you a chance to learn from the past, before reaching a point next week where you're able to get away from its shadow.


With the Sun and Mercury both leaving your career sector over the weekend, this was always going to be an important week for having your professional hat on from the get go. Until leaving on Saturday, Mercury is giving you the intellectually savvy edge and articulation needed to keep your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open. As the last planets in your career sector, this is also a chance to finalise your professional game plan and resolutions. Until the Sun leaves on Sunday, he will continue to keep the solar spotlight on your career and professional situation, matters and options. Yet while this will bring all planetary activity on the career front to a close, unlike other years there are powerful forces in play on the income and job fronts that are here to stay. This makes the Sun's job more about leaving you with a sense of professional direction.


You have a back to front week on your hands, with the professional gods largely standing back during the working week, then coming out over the weekend. In reality this works to your advantage, for with the Sun and Mercury not returning to your career sector until the weekend, this gives you time to spend one on one time with Ceres. Ceres, queen of nurturing returned during Venus' final days and was able to take the reins, keeping the seat warm until the Sun and Mercury return. While Ceres is a dwarf planet, she performs an important role and the timing couldn't be better. That role is to redefine your needs and priorities and on the career front, her focus is more on a sense of purpose and even redefining your definition of professional success. By the time the Sun and Mercury return over the weekend to usher in a more productive and hands on period, you'll have an edge from the get go.


As they spend their second full week together in your career sector, two things are happening for Venus and Jupiter. The first is that Jupiter is drawing closer by the day to his departure in early November, with the planet of luck and expansion building for the future and not just the coming months. Once Jupiter leaves he won't be back until 2029 and he is building the foundations that you can continue to build on from. The second is that Venus is slowing down. Instead of moving through in 24 days, Venus is slowing down ahead of a retrograde turn early next month, giving her time to work with Jupiter to make the next eight weeks some of the most stunning of at least this professional year. While Jupiter can create the potential, Venus is able to attract opportunities your way. Yet what you have is time, with last week's work/life balance issues a timely reminder to pace yourself.


Starting the week with the Moon in your career sector will always be an advantage, with your professional instincts sharp and your professional imagination fuelled from the get go. Yet while the Moon will have moved on by Tuesday, both the timing and the message couldn't be more important. This is the Moon's first visit to your career sector since Mercury left your work sector earlier in the month and over the weekend in particular, this was a valuable chance to regroup. Yet as you move into the new week, with your professional instincts and imagination fuelled, you're looking to the future and the major new career developments now less than eight weeks away. It is Jupiter's return in early November that will kick off your biggest and most expansive professional year in over a decade and for some, your most important professional year ever. You have time to slowly process the valuable clues, hunches and insights the Moon will leave you with.


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