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English Daily Love Horoscopes - Monday 17 December


Focusing on the way you feel, your emotions seem more accessible, and you have an overwhelming need to be with someone special. A confident attitude impresses people. If single, check up on your existing contacts or try and cultivate new ones. Get active, make that personal call and arrange a date.


If you're in the mood, an opportunity of a short-term fling is available, and likely to be based purely on physical attraction and be a short-lived affair. If you're looking for a long-term relationship, you’ may be let down. Reconsider what you want from your relationships, and you’ll spare yourself from any disenchantment.


Take time to seriously consider your romantic life and decide if you want to share your future with another on a long-term basis. If you do and have someone in mind, it's important to find out if they feel the same way too. You need certainty on such an important matter to plan properly.


Your lover may seek your advice, and you're able to inspire them with your positive outlook on life. It seems everyone wants to talk and you’re in the mood to converse with them all. If single, someone you’re attracted to and happen to find interesting and appealing may find their way into your heart.


If you enjoy spending time with your lover to the exclusion of everyone else. This may lead to difficulties with those who are relying on you to satisfy your prior commitments. It seems that anything that doesn't bring you immediate pleasure or gratification is considered not to be worth making an effort for.


Your love life improves, and you're able to show others how capable of affection you are, as well as an attractiveness that they find difficult to resist. If single, your calm and composed approach impresses the people you meet, and they welcome and encourage the confident way you flirt outrageously with them.


You're reluctant to show any 'give and take' in your relationship. Others who you're close to, notice how difficult you find it to retain your composure and relax. Looking at things from your partner's perspective, try to understand exactly what they feel before any decisions or compromises are made.


You get opportunities to meet new people. Your charm and self-confidence are perfect for making an impression. Contented and playful, your infectious mood is enjoyed by all. You cannot help but be flirtatious, but don't be too obvious if you're already in a steady relationship, have proper respect for your partner.


You fill the life you share with others with love and affection. Loved ones enjoy anytime they spend with you and appreciate you as a thoughtful and stimulating lover. Your natural approach makes you an attractive and desirable partner to have, something you can use to your advantage, especially if you find you're single.


You have difficulty communicating with the people you care about and have trouble telling them exactly how you feel. You can easily convey the wrong sentiment or misunderstand what is being said. There is no real reason for your mood, try to ignore it and it will disappear as quickly as it appeared.


Rejuvenated, you take every opportunity to spend time with your lover and prove how romantic your feelings are for them. If you are single, other, notice your smile, your warmth, and generosity, they find you attractive. If there is a special person you want, let them know, and they'll respond with affection.


You feel romantic, enthusiastic about love and if already in a relationship are extremely affectionate towards your partner. You resolve any ongoing disagreements in a way that strengthens your connection. Singles get to breathe a sigh of relief; there's real promise that you’ll get to meet someone special soon.


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