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English Daily Love Horoscopes - Friday 22 February


The important decisions you must make are particularly difficult, as your heartfelt feelings and those of your head jostle for more prominence. Calmly reconsider your present situation before making any hasty decisions. Maybe you need to withdraw and keep a low profile if you want to avoid any crisis.


Your lover may seek your advice, and you're able to inspire them with your positive outlook on life. It seems everyone wants to talk and you’re in the mood to converse with them all. If single, someone you’re attracted to and happen to find interesting and appealing may find their way into your heart.


When you're with the people you care for most, you easily find yourself on the same wavelength as someone you consider rather special. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to make yourself known or let yourself be overwhelmed by all the attention you're given. Show you're worth all the kindness you receive.


Others notice how tetchy you appear to be. There's no point in making an issue over matters of such little consequence; they only result in unnecessary animosity. If you feel you're losing control, regain your composure by adopting a level-headed approach and getting to grips with your potentially bad mood.


Feeling self-assured and cheerful, you have a stimulating effect on the people you meet, and you are an interesting person to talk to. If single use your relaxed approach, flirt and take advantage of promising new friendships that have the potential to develop into something more romantic in the future.


Potential dates notice how confident you are and enjoy sharing time with you. Every place you go your natural, friendly attitude reassures others. Don't overlook existing friends; you may be surprised at the reaction you receive if you decide to contact an old friend you've been thinking of a lot, for a while.


You respond positively to those you're closely involved with; such sensitivity enables you to put yourself in their place and be more appreciative of their feelings. Your intuitive understanding of situations makes it easier for you to get to know people, to be more adventurous about disclosing the real you.


Do something romantic that strengthens your love and the bond of trust you share with your lover. If single you are socially in demand, remain open to making contacts, you're easily able to charm others with your winning ways and have no problem getting a date, effortlessly earning approval.


Rejuvenated, you take every opportunity to spend time with your lover and prove how romantic your feelings are for them. If you are single, other, notice your smile, your warmth, and generosity, they find you attractive. If there is a special person you want, let them know, and they'll respond with affection.


Eager for pleasure, overindulgence makes you live beyond your means. Although satisfying for you initially, you cannot buy what is truly important. The real satisfaction you get in going for a walk under the starry sky with a loved one or an enjoyable evening with friends, these shared moments cannot be bought.


Any romantic feelings you share are intensified, you experience true warmth and affection more passionately. If single, you find it easy to meet new and interesting people, in fact you don't have to consciously look that hard for somebody to date whose company you enjoy, it's likely they'll approach you.


You're able to express yourself in a heartfelt way and accurately explain your ideas and wishes to your lover. However, you may misinterpret the cues they give about how they want to be treated, so you can benefit from asking them to clarify what they mean, and from understanding things from their perspective.


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