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English Daily Love Horoscopes - Tuesday 11 May


Revaluating your romantic situation, you confidently attempt to resolve any existing bitterness that may have come between you. However disruptive it is initially, in the long run, it is worthwhile for you both. If single, your playful self-assured attitude towards others is attractive and does not go unnoticed for long.


You're sure about your feelings, showing less shyness than usual it's easier for you to meet others. Your confidence shines through and has a positive effect on those you're involved with or want to impress. Your intentions and desires are unmistakable, and you're able to articulate them to others in an impressive way.


In your romantic life, you're able to express your intentions openly. You take every opportunity to simplify your situation by having constructive tête-à-têtes with your lover. If single you need to decide what your ambitions are and make decisions that bring about some clarity regarding possible future relationships.


Any commitment to your partner improves your relationship and makes it better. If single, you create a positive impression with a certain person who shows an unusual interest in you, who thrives on your encouragement. It's a good idea for you to convince this special person of your romantic intentions.


Be wary of disputes. If they occur, remain composed. Otherwise, you may inadvertently upset the person most dear to you and be unable to explain why this happened at all. Examining the inner tensions of you both reveals some useful insights that help you resolve important issues that exist between you.


You receive many more messages and contacts than usual and enjoy all the attention. You may receive a text or message from someone special, who is obviously keen and excited at the prospect of a meeting. Respond positively, or you may find some time in the future you come to regret a missed opportunity.


You feel confident about tackling any relationship issues with your lover. Your sympathetic approach towards others makes it easy for them to accept what you say, even if it's problematic. Getting things out in the open relieves the tension, so your relationships progress and develop in a more positive way.


Misinterpreting situations can lead you to wrongly placing blame on someone with whom you need to show more trust. It's easy to imagine you have been maligned. Consequently, you must pay far more attention to what's going on and resolve issues more fairly, placating partners when it's necessary to do so.


If everyone seems distracted in some way. Don't let the situation affect you too personally; it’s not always about you– your lover, if you have one is likely concerned about something completely different. If single and you've just met someone there's uncertainty, especially if suddenly they appear rather distant.


Optimistic and content, the kindness you show endears people to you, and they find this quality attractive. If looking for love, you effortlessly charm those you meet. Your appeal strikes almost anyone you encounter. Don't get too big-headed or carried away, return any compliments you receive straight away.


If you're more irritable than usual, finding it difficult to be sensible about those you love, seeing only flaws where previously there were none. Remember the people you care about know you well but have no way of knowing what's going on in your head. Go easy on them, you may later regret some things you say.


If you seem to be at odds with the world, and what you say often conflicts with the opinions of others, you may begin to feel misunderstood, appearing more on edge and antagonistic towards those you love. Try to react calmly, in a level-headed way and avoid repeatedly discussing everything over and over again.


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