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English Daily Love Horoscopes - Monday 22 October


If you feel something is missing from your life or perhaps you recently experienced a setback in your love life, you may not feel in the best mood to approach others. Attempt to develop a degree of composure and self-confidence, and accordingly, you see everything adjusts more naturally.


If you appear to be acting in a combative way that may impact on your love life, nobody is likely to respond well or appreciate this inappropriate conduct. Feeling capable of holding your own in any disagreements it's still necessary to try and meet people half way, be more considerate and less self-righteous.


Your love life is exhilarating. What helps you most is having such a considerate and thoughtful attitude. If you alienate your partner, it's most probably because of a change in your attitude that causes friction in the relationship. If you make a little more effort, it's easier to overcome obstacles and focus on the future.


You understand the issues that matter most to you in your private life. You're able to settle existing disagreements and face up to the consequences, even if you find talking about certain issues is rather difficult. You express yourself well and are ready to make compromises when they are deemed necessary.


If you're feeling tired, at the outset let your partner know you need some space and exactly how you feel, then they won't expect too much from you. You seem reluctant to try to do anything much, even to the point of breaking prior commitments, and if pressurized are less likely to respond at all.


Going nowhere, you have the feeling that nobody wants you to reach your destination. Don’t worry, when faced with unexpected obstacles, show your loved ones how resourceful and flexible you can be, finding a proper solution, you surprise people with your ingenuity and demonstrate how capable you are.


Believe you can forge a new future together and let go of past obstacles. Show your lover exactly who you are and what you are made of. If you're single visit new places; appreciate how easily you make new friends. Your self-confidence is attractive to others, but be wary of appearing too conceited or big-headed.


You’re more certain about your romantic future and prioritize your main concerns. If you're in a steady relationship, you need to include your partner in decisions. If you're single, you evaluate your situation, examine where you are going and make sense of your unfulfilled dreams and focus on making them a reality.


If getting on with others is proving difficult and you feel misunderstood, the smallest thing triggers events that lead to the controversy which seems impossible to resolve. Setbacks force you to face up to rejection and realize how useful it is to wait out problems that eventually are resolved to everyone's satisfaction.


Remain open to new things in your romantic life. Many changes can be of a positive nature if you're able to give up your old habits and relinquish them for good. Accomplishing this you initially feel overwhelmed, try to cope with the transition, and you find you're able to enjoy a new way of existing with others.


Keep your social contacts to a bare minimum. Stay in your local surroundings, where people know you and perhaps know how to handle your present mood. If you try to make new friends or attempt to find a new relationship partner, it's unlikely that you'll be very successful but instead just become more disheartened.


You focus your attention on your lover and appear readier to show some affection towards them. A heightened awareness of your situation enables you to understand clearly what others say. You acknowledge the people you're able to rely on completely; in case you need of their help or assistance at any time.


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