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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Tuesday 25 January


It's going to be a busy, fun, exciting and interesting day, especially if you have kids. Their joyful energy will be infectious. Try to let go, relax and have a good time. Your own worries are most likely to intrude on your day only if you allow yourself to dwell on them. Let them go, be a child right now, and you'll find your cares melting away like butter in the hot sun.


You have taken every herbal remedy and wild new medical treatment, you have eaten oysters and raw eggs, but you feel your passion waning. Keep your chin up - this is only temporary. You will get your libido pounding again in no time. For now, some rest time spent together could work wonders.


A child or young person could brighten your spirits and raise your energy. If you are not a parent, you may be considering mentoring or teaching. If you are a parent, your child may bring home good news about a creative opportunity or challenge.


You want to make a large purchase of some kind of sporting goods or entertainment device, but if you are not careful, you could regret the purchase. Don't let yourself be talked into buying that gigantic home gym that you will never use.


You and your partner need to keep working on sorting out your "stuff" right now, but you can come to a wonderfully healing understanding if you both keep open minds. Your energy may be a little lower than normal, because you are healing in some way.


If you are still single, you could meet someone who is charming and attractive, but a little eccentric right now. If you are already married, there will likely be some unexpected developments in your love life. This is a good day to rekindle the romance.


You'll be dancing up and down the social ladder right now. While you may end up a rung or two higher when it is all over be sure you bring along some balm for the hands and feet you tread on when you are wildly swinging along right now. Tarzan could swing through the trees without harm - you may hit an obstacle or two along the path right now.


Be careful with your spending right now, especially if you are in the market to buy a new computer. You may find that the shiny, expensive gadgets appeal to you a lot right now, but it is likely they are over your head, or outside of your budget.


You may be looking for opportunities to make a difference in the world. You may be frustrated by a social or political problem or injustice, and you may find that there are a lot of other people who feel the same way. Keep your mind and eyes open, a chance to make a difference is coming.


The phone will be ringing a lot right now, and the wires are heating up with some interesting gossip. There is good news about romance, marriages and relationships, perhaps even some of it coming from you! You are chatty and talkative and that can only help in the romance department.


You may be called upon to participate in a secret investigation, or testify in a court of law soon. You may have to keep something that you know secret. Let others act on the information you provide, and stay on the sidelines if you want the best outcome.


You may have some moments of self doubt right now but a friend or sibling will give you the figurative kick in the behind that you need to get you back on course. Stick to the mundane and avoid the deeply spiritual right now if you want to stay "upbeat".


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