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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Tuesday 11 May


You'll get some good news that could ease your disappointment at a recent letdown involving an investment deal or partnership. A partner will help you sort out the confusion. Get the agreement on paper, as there could be misunderstandings down the road.


You will be counting your blessings in the form of the many people who will add to the harmony and abundance in your life right now. You will be in love with love, and so will almost everyone else. There could be a cranky holdout in your family tree.


You will have a hard time putting words and ideas to paper right now. You may think you want to write love poetry but what comes out is an abridged version of "War and Peace". If you have been putting off writing a scathing letter to the editor though, this is the time!


Expect a phone call or letter from an old flame right now. If you are already in a new relationship, you could be thinking about taking things to the next level, and it could be that call that gets your current partner thinking about "settling down".


Keep your pocketbook closed right now. Someone's accounting, bookkeeping or financial advice may not be the best. You may need to find someone who is more established or professional, as your career seems to be going places. Make your money work for you.


You might think it is a great day to head out to the salon for that makeoever you have been wanting, but if you are trying to impress a loved-one with your new look ... forget it. Someone in your family is wound up in their own stuff right now and you are better off to avoid their input.


Your family members are probably not suffering from bi-polar disorder. Well, not all of them. But they have been a little fickle lately. All of a sudden they are coming around to your way of thinking about things, especially where it comes to work, career, lifestyle and spirituality.


You may be thinking about going back to school. Looking into your options, you could find an affordable way to improve career and social prospects at the same time. A night school, home study or online course could pay off many times over.


You'll have sorted out your romantic confusion by now and settled on your true heart's desire. You'll be flirtatious, witty, charming and irresistible right now. You will enjoy a warm romantic moment at a cultural or entertainment event where there are a lot of people.


You are still a little foggy right now but it is a warm, friendly "I don't give a hoot" kind of fog now. The anxiety you may have felt yesterday is gone, replaced with a strong feeling that everything is going to work out all right. You may be considering a makeover or a new hair style.


A friend or companion may offer you a chance to travel or to go out to an educational event, lecture or seminar. If for some odd reason you find yourself on your own right now, head out to the library or bookstore. You never know who you might meet along the way.


If you are still single, a family gathering or get-together could be an interesting place to meet someone new, but be careful. You and a sibling or cousin could be competing for someone's affections or there could be other challenges.


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