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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Friday 16 November


Romantic attractions hit you like bolts of lightning out of the blue. You are likely to get positive responses from more than one potential partner, whether you are single or not. If you are not single, and you want to do the right thing, set up a romantic surprise for your special someone.


Good news is coming if you like to travel or study. You may find that you have some hidden insecurities but if you overcome some small challenges from some small minds, you can accomplish miracles right now. Don't be afraid to try something totally new.


If you want to make the best use of that burst of creative, playful energy you'll have right now, make some time to get together with an old friend who could use some cheering up. Look for someone within your circle of family, friends or associates who shares your spiritual faith. They need support.


A romantic relationship seems to skid to a halt right now, but don't worry. There are unlikely to be long-term repercussions to anything that is said or done right now, particularly in romantic or business partnerships. This is not a good day to sign partnership agreements.


You may be facing some sudden "personnel" changes in the workplace, and may have to put in extra work because of someone else's erratic behavior or incompetence right now. Hold your temper - you may also find some opportunities in the chaos if you are sharp.


Your focus will move towards the spiritual from the emotional and there are definitely challenges to overcome. You could have something of a crisis of faith - ask yourself if you are not holding onto old ideas because they support a purely secular or mundane notion - like your place on the social ladder?


You are still tripping over your words right now, but it is in the area of love life and committed partnerships that you make your biggest errors of judgement. Don't pop the question right now, whatever you do. Wait for more favorable conditions or a more romantic atmosphere before asking for any promises or commitments.


You are enthusiastic and energetic right now, and can carve a big swath through that growing mountain of paperwork on your desk right now. You may be a little overly energetic at times and this could lead to arguments if you are too insistent in resisting compromises.


You might find out that your partner had been keeping financial secrets from you right now but the upside is there is more money in the bank than you thought. If you are single, you may find that your financial advisor was right about a key piece of advice, or that you have a raise coming soon.


An association, union, or perhaps even a friendly co-worker might prove to be a bit of a liability or challenge right now. It's not a good day to have confrontations in the office, but it is a good day to plan for long-term stable financial investments.


You may be forced to confront someone close to you who calls or suddenly drops by with challenging or depressing news. Distance yourself from taking responsibility for their happiness. You may or may not be able to help them, but you sure can't help if they drag you down with them.


You may have nagging doubts right now, despite the energy or good financial news that permeates your chart. Put aside the doubts for the time being - they are mostly self-esteem or anxiety-caused, not based on reality. Small problems are easily overcome with patience.


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