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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Thursday 20 September


It is hard for you right now to get your ideas across to others right now. It seems at times like you are speaking a language all your own. You may need to slow down and think through your ideas slowly and carefully so you can penetrate some of the thick skulls you encounter right now.


Your coworkers or subordinates have come around. It's a miracle. You may wonder if a UFO came by and replaced the lot of them with hard working clones but no, nothing so drastic. Everyone just needed a little extra time to retune and catch up to you.


You have a wonderful opportunity to help a loved one or family member to improve their wellness, fitness, lifestyle or health. You may be thinking of encouraging them to join you in a regular aerobics, fitness or yoga class, or present them with music or a video.


You may have to make an adjustment in an important friendship soon because of a misunderstanding, because of a friend's health concerns, or concerns about children could come between you and a friend or coworker. Use your creativity to come to a solution.


You have some wonderful ideas right now, and your creative power is red hot. This is an excellent time to devote yourself to a favorite hobby or entertainment pass time. It would be good for your health and well being to devote some time to your greatest joy.


Your love life slows down a bit right now. You may have some feeling of insecurity right now because your partner's attention is on other matters. Keep in mind that they have a life of their own too. If you are single, you may encounter someone who is older than you.


You may be feeling a little lonely right now. A change in a relationship may upset or confused you, and you may be looking for answers. If you get things a little time, they will sort themselves out on their own.


Considering a trip of some kind? A lucky break could make things smoother, but make sure that you pack everything you need, and don't count too much on the professionalism of "travel agents" and the like, they will seem rather scattered and unreliable.


Be careful if you are on the road right now. You may forget your turn signal or do something else that confuses another driver. If you want to stay safe, drive like you just graduated from "Driver's Ed" - pretend there is a driver's instructor sitting next to you and you will do just fine.


You and your partner are likely to be reading or learning together again right now. You may find that you need an extra computer though, because you are both so excited and eager to learn even more. If you are single, you may meet someone in an online chat room.


You and your significant other will be a lot warmer and cozier right now than yesterday. In fact the two of you are downright frisky. You will find some way tonight to work off all that extra energy you have been storing up the past day or so.


Paperwork is the last thing you want to do right now. Unfortunately, the creative or people-oriented aspects of your work will have to be put aside. Get a strong cup of java juice and hit the books. The sooner you clear up the paperwork, the sooner you can get to the fun stuff.


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