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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Monday 16 September


You have an opportunity to make a new friend right now, and will meet people who are exciting, interesting and intellectually challenging. They won't be the most stable or down to earth folks, in fact, they are way out there, downright funky, idealistic and energetic.


Your career sector is starting to heat up and you may be getting a fair bit of attention from important people on the career ladder, but you are letting anxiety lead you. Be patient, wait a little while longer before making any rash or hasty decisions that you could later come to regret. You have to decide where you want to go before you set off on your quest.


Family members remain a bit cranky right now, but luckily you won't have to deal with them too much. There is an opportunity for you to get away from home, family and relatives, and out where you can forget your worries and enjoy a little energetic fun.


This is not the best day this week to embark on large new projects for your work, business or career ambitions. You may find that big projects just fizzle out or have to be re-started at a later date, if they are initiated right now. It may be best to wait until you are more sure of things.


A teacher, lecturer, or expert of some kind could bring you answers about an alternative healthcare treatment that could not only improve your well being, it could be a significant bargain compared to the traditional treatments that are available.


There will be a dramatic and unexpected phone call right now that will change the way you look at things. You may get news about a sibling or coworker who needs your help or advice. Do your best to go with the flow of things, pushing for specific results can backfire right now.


You have an amazing career opportunity but there could be strings attached. It may be that you will be asked to defer income in favor of some risky stock options or co-ownership plans, or that you will be given more work to do than you thought at first.


A battle you get into regarding money, finances, and investments, could actually end up in your favor. You will have to stretch yourself to take advantage of the opportunity, and it may indeed be a risky challenge. Use you intuition to decide whether to proceed.


A financial issue or concerns could bring you closer together with family members. Learn to listen to the wisdom of the older women in your family or community. You may be surprised to discover how much they know.


You may find that your family is a little challenging right now. You could be forgiven for wanting to find some liquid escape, but that kind of refreshment could come back to haunt you tomorrow. Expect the unexpected, and keep your sense of humor handy.


You will not have much patience for foolishness from others right now, but you may find it hard to get all that motivated yourself. You could have an argument or disagreement, a bit of an ego-conflict or a personality clash with someone who seems to want to get in your face.


There is a life-altering fork in the road and you are not sure what path to take. There is no right or wrong choice. Ask yourself which road lead to you feeling more secure, happier, satisfied and successful? What are your priorities? That will make the choice more obvious.


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