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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Tuesday 19 November


It is a challenging time for financial agreements and partnerships. If you have to sign any legal paperwork that involves your money, be sure to read the fine print carefully. You may want to re-visit some of the fine print or re-write a section or two of a contract.


Friends and companions could introduce you to new artwork interests, hobbies, or music right now. You will have some fun and laughter and may even make some new friends. Allow yourself the freedom to have some fun, even if you can only afford to sneak in a few moments under your headphones.


You may benefit from the advice or mentoring skills of a strange or uniquely talented person in your social circle. If you are seeking advice, look for someone who has distinctive talents and insights, which are radically different from your own.


You may feel stifled or blocked at the moment, though you may not know why. You may feel you are just slightly out of sync, especially where it comes to mass movements, popular culture or the media.


You may have some trouble with some home repairs or renovations right now, or with a family member who is a little cranky over some changes in your love life. Once you find your energy again, you'll be able to fix a problem and may actually increase the value of your home.


You may discover right now that your memories of childhood have been somewhat distorted. It is like going back to your old grade school - everything looks smaller than you remember for some reason, and the old foods you used to love seem "icky" now.


There is good financial news coming your way. If you are looking for work, it is a good day to set aside time to polish your resume. If you are working, volunteer to take on a new responsibility. If you are in business for yourself, you could get new clients right now.


Talk to an older family member if you have any financial troubles. They may or may not be able to help out with a loan or a gift of money, but they will at least be able to give you ideas or advice for ways that you can improve the bottom line.


A friend is in danger of having his or her ears boxed right now. You are sick and tired of watching them shoot themselves in the foot, and no longer want to be their designated "shoulder". A little tough love may be hard to deal out right now but it may be the only way to wake them up.


You are going a mile a minute right now. Your energy is high - too high, and you may find yourself suffering from moments of anxiety. If so, get out, get physically active, and work it off. It's just physical energy that is stressing you out right now.


You are not being realistic about your budget right now. You are being impulsive, and could find yourself buying into entertainment distractions that are far more expensive than you bargained for. If you buy any electronic devices, make sure you have a good warrantee.


You will be getting a lot of truly unusual phone calls, emails, faxes or letters right now. Don't be surprised if people confess all sorts of strange things. You may find that there are changes in how you communicate with a family member or loved one. Someone may finally buy themselves a cell phone.


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