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Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes - Friday 22 March


You may find some quiet time doing absolutely nothing is just what the doctor ordered. A few hours with a good book, or just relaxing in front of the television could be almost as good as a vacation right now. It also will not break the bank!


Opportunities are flowing out of the information or education you got this weekend. You will find yourself being placed in a position of authority as a result of knowledge you have sought out on your own. Travel plans bring interesting opportunities.


You have strong feelings about values, culture and the place of your family or children in society right now. You may find that the spiritual leaders you normally count on as a source of confusion are more lucid than normal. Seek out the wisdom of someone who counsels patience.


You may be investing in some home improvements soon. You and your significant other seem to need more room to exercise your individuality. That may require adding on a room or two, or moving to a larger home where at least one of you has a "hobby" room.


Sudden or unplanned changes to your home or family may be threatening to your significant other. Or you may be the one facing an unwanted change. Either way patience, understanding and tolerance, and being a good listener, is the answer.


Three solid days of positive energy have you full to nearly bursting with good will for your fellow man. You may find yourself invited to a number of social occasions, parties, or gatherings that feature large numbers of people and great opportunity for making new friends.


You may have too many chores to do right now, and not enough time to complete them all, and to top it all off, people seem to be doing their level best to get in your way or make things harder. Avoid any pointless arguments right now, especially the online variety.


Listen to your body right now. It is trying to tell you something. You may have recently overdone some exercises, or have not been exercising enough. You may be eating too much protein or not enough. A healthy balance is the key to overall health.


You are pondering making a considerable change to the direction of your career or social plans because there is a promising financial opportunity. The challenge is in the changes this will also bring to your lifestyle and the way you are perceived by others.


You may decide at the last minute to sign up for an Internet course, or a technology class in order to bone up on your computer skills. You suddenly realized that you are falling a bit behind in the technology department, but it will be easy to catch up.


There could be some unpleasant phone calls at work right now, but if you keep your cool, you may be able to turn a serious critic into a passionate supporter. They just want to feel that someone is listening, even if you can't do much to change the status quo.


You and your significant other could have disagreements or misunderstandings about money, finances and investing right now. You are likely to be on very different pages right now where it comes to what to spend, where, what on, and how much. One of you wants more than you can afford.


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