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Daily Money Horoscopes - Tuesday 11 May


While Venus left your income sector over the weekend and Mercury last week, their influence is crucial in maximising the New Moon here. Mercury has left you with a smart head for money and Venus the will and the motivation, ready to seize the potential a New Moon creates for new beginnings or to draw a new line in the sand.


Even though the usually much faster Mercury had already been in your income sector for five days by the time Venus returned over the weekend, he is already slowing down ahead of a retrograde turn. This will allow Venus to catch up, with the two remaining a tight unit for the rest of the month. It will make it easier to see what you want and how to make it happen.


Because Venus will spend just 24 days in Gemini this year, she will be in your income sector by early next month, something that last year she didn't achieve until August. With Mars already here and Venus just 22 days away, it is no wonder that her return to Gemini over the weekend has also sparked a sense of excitement and anticipation on the income front.


The closer you get to Jupiter's departure from your financial sector in three days the more challenging it might become to walk a tightrope between caution and unbridled optimism. Saturn, who is staying on is calling for caution while Jupiter is calling for unbridled optimism and that makes his call the more urgent. If you can believe in what's possible you can work on it after Jupiter leaves.


There is reason for optimism and confidence on both sides of the fence, despite the fact that there is no planetary activity in your income sector. Money matters are just days away from receiving a massive boost. However, it is the lucrative sense of direction that Venus, the planet of money left you with when she left your career sector over the weekend that will continue to bear fruit.


Thanks to the Moon's departure from your financial sector yesterday you have reached a point where you can tie up loose ends when it comes to having your financial ducks in a row moving forward. Having come full circle from last month's New Moon that was always going to be the case but even more so after the last of the faster planets left over the weekend.


The two planets that are not here in the lead up to a New Moon in your financial sector are largely responsible for getting you to a point where you are ready to draw a new line in the sand. It is the smart head for money Mercury left you with last week and the desire and motivation Venus left you with over the weekend that has prepared you to seize the moment.


While Mercury had already been in your financial sector for five days by the time Venus returned over the weekend they are already becoming a tight unit. This will only tighten over the coming weeks, with Mercury's smart head for money merging with Venus' confidence and motivation to give you a real edge.


While Venus is still 22 days away from your financial sector and won't return until early next month, with Mars not only already there but still there when she returns, has the planet of money rushing to get there. Last year Venus didn't return to your financial sector until August and Mars didn't visit at all. There is feeding a sense of anticipation.


Jupiter and Saturn might be in their final days together in your income sector but they are not only poles apart in distance but in approach. Yet with Saturn staying on to provide a steady hand at the wheel but Jupiter just three days away from leaving, it is the latter's unbridled sense of confidence and a belief in what's possible that needs to be embraced.


The closer lucky Jupiter draws to his return to your income sector in three days the stronger a sense of excitement and anticipation is likely to become. It is not just Jupiter's return that is reason for confidence but the fact that you already have Mars in your work sector and Venus, the planet of money returning early next month. There is a major change ahead.


The Moon's departure from your income sector yesterday was always going to leave you with a smart head and nose for money. However, having come full circle from last month's New Moon and with the last of the faster planets having just left over the weekend, this has brought you to a point where you finally have all your ducks in a row.


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