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Daily Money Horoscopes - Wednesday 19 June


While Moon's last visit to your career sector before next month's lunar eclipse might be stirring the pot and adding to any professional pressure, it is good news on the income front. As the heat comes on professionally you are discovering a strong sense of where the money is and now to turn roadblocks into motivation on both the income and professional fronts.


The Moon's departure from your financial sector yesterday was always going to leave you with your financial instincts and imagination fuelled and valuable clues, hunches and insights to process. For this is the reality with each monthly visit, but as a Full Moon, the last few days may have left you with a case of information overload. This makes it important to take your time and let information on the income and financial fronts settle.


The Moon is both helping and hindering a major regrouping taking place on both the income and financial fronts. With Mercury and Mars aligned in your income sector from financial tension still running high, you have the smart head for money needed to pick the right battles at the same time. Pressure from the Moon is adding fuel to any financial tension, yet at the same time is sharpening your financial instincts.


Make the most of what is the last full day for some time where you're able to keep your money hat off. With the Moon returning for its monthly visit to your financial sector tomorrow and new planetary activity on the income front the day after, the more you can go into this with your mind and your options open the better. Today leave money out of the equation, wherever possible.


While the first planetary activity on the income front this year is still two months away, you have been working to create the right professional groundwork for months now. As the Moon makes its last visit to your work sector before returning as a lunar eclipse next month this is a chance to pick up on information you do and don't want to hear.


Even without the support of Pallas in your income sector, as the planet of money, Venus has the ability to steer this professional year in a lucrative direction as she moves into her final weeks in your career sector. Yet because that support is there this is enhancing an innate sense of where the money is, even if there is no evidence to back up what your gut is telling you.


When the Moon left your income sector over the weekend, having come full circle from last month's Full Moon this left you with almost too many clues, hunches and insights to process at the time. Yet a sharp nose for money and a growing sense of where the money is, is an invaluable asset at a time when the professional momentum is building but work/life balance is also an issue.


When the Moon left your income sector yesterday it wasn't wrapping up an ordinary monthly visit or even an ordinary Full Moon, but the first with lucky Jupiter on board in 12 years. This makes it even more important not to rush the process of unwrapping the valuable clues, hunches and insights delivered. It could be weeks before all the different pieces fall into place.


As the Moon makes it last visit to your income sector before returning as a lunar eclipse next month, you have all the ingredients of a realistic trial run. As the Moon taps into the momentum building behind the scenes, it also encounters a similar push back to what you can expect next month. This gives you a chance to stand back and observe, knowing you will have time to the process what could be a web of conflicting information later.


In the lead up to the Moon's return to your income sector tomorrow and Juno's return to your financial sector the day after, there is a need to make the most of a chance to keep your money hat right off today. The more you can move into the next few days with your mind and your options open the more information the money gods will be able to pass on to you.


With Neptune turning retrograde in your income sector over the weekend the Moon returning just hours later, there will be a chance then to get a quick read on what this will open the doors to. Until then, with Neptune no longer moving forward but yet to start retracing your steps income matters may have become stalled but for all the right reasons.


When the Moon left your career sector yesterday this not only wrapped up the Full Moon there but an important few days across the income and professional fronts. With your professional instincts sharp you are also alert to the new developments on the job front in just two days' time. At a time when there may have been some uncertainty on the income front, this has brought a boost in confidence.


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