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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 14 December 2018


If you haven't felt comfortable with your vision of the future in a particular way, then that could change this week. What might have felt daunting or maybe instilled a sense of trepidation or fear could appear to be more inviting or alluring. Allow a greater sense of confidence to encourage you to think bigger, bolder and more optimistically about something looming on the horizon. If this relates to a financial matter, then support could come from a most unlikely source.


The saying, 'if in doubt, then don't' could be appropriate this week. A development or possibly an opportunity might, on the face of it, appear attractive and not require much further or detailed thought or assessing on your part. However, it's important not to ignore even the tiniest shred of doubt should it arise. Remember the saying about what certain wise people say about those who 'rush in.' You owe it to yourself to take whatever time is needed to assess whatever it is you're considering or presented with thoroughly.


Developments this week could give your confidence a helpful and timely boost. However, much depends on how willing you are to accept that you needn't succumb to pressure to give more than you already are financially in some way. Much also depends on your willingness to accept that a pessimistic outcome you're certain is most likely in an area of your world could actually be the least likely. You're being given a chance to relax and reframe your attitude toward an obligation. Prepare to feel more reassured from doing so.


Coming events could push you to summon more patience, empathy, and compassion where certain people are concerned than you might be used to summoning. You might also fee frustrated at a lack of control you have over a certain area and the lack of support you seem to be receiving from certain others regarding it. Focus only on what you can achieve or accomplish. Be realistic about your responsibilities and obligations to others. Some people might be quite happy for you to carry their load for them.


This week, it could be helpful and timely to assess what your efforts have brought you recently in a particular area. You appear to have a reason to feel confident and optimistic about where a certain plan, idea or project is heading but it might be the fact that it's heading a certain direction and hasn't arrived there that could deflate you. Try not to see a certain plan as failing or falling short of your expectations. There could be momentum you've created that's invisible. Give it a chance to reveal the true value of what your efforts have brought.


Mars brings a noticeable sense of reinvigorated passion where passion might have diminished recently. This can bring a helpful and timely boost to your confidence that helps you to overcome an issue or situation you've felt powerless to influence or alter. This could help you to find a shortcut or easier option for something that has seemed to demand more effort and perseverance than you've felt about to give it. Just remember to pace yourself. The urge to run where you've grown used to talking slow steps is understandable but not advisable!


Try not to take an offhand or possibly thoughtless comment to heart this week. As quick as you might be to make clear that it has touched a sensitive nerve, consider the benefits of showing restraint - and being seen to do so. Assessing the situation realistically will likely reveal that don't need to make a tense situation worse by fighting fire with fire.


A situation that has ticked along comfortably and predictably could show signs of heading off in a different direction this week. Should this happen, then try not to read too many warning signs into it. The fact it's changing means it's evolving, and this is something to be receptive to or embrace rather than be defensive toward. Connect with the part of you that has, for some time, wanted to see a situation or arrangement change, regardless of any comfort that has come from it being predictable.


In some way, a matter of pride could be at stake this week, and you might feel a need to reassess a certain arrangement or commitment. If you sense a collaboration or shared venture isn't panning out or progressing in ways you expected it to, try to resist instigating changes immediately. You might be grateful for taking a bit more time to assess where you really stand with it. It could be unwise to pull the plug on something that is moving in the right direction, only slower than you wish it were.


A greater focus and emphasis exists on commitments and relationships this week, and this will intensify next week. However, where you might have felt you had no choice other than to accept your position or 'know your place' where one arrangement is concerned, you could discover that you hold more clout or aren't as beholden as you believed you were. Someone is about to sit up and take notice of you – and not before time! Emerge from the shadows. Make yourself known and heard!


You might be aware of a clock ticking away or very aware of pressure you're under to make something happen. Regardless of how much this is intensifying, succumbing to it puts you at risk of compromising your ability to make an incisive and accurate judgment. This could, in turn, result in a process being prolonged that doesn't need to be dragged out. If you allow a bit of clarity to you to find you, then you'll gain a more realistic picture of where you stand – and how less urgent something really is.


If you need reassurance or proof of how loved, admired and respected you are, then reassurance and proof are coming. You might not be wanting dramatic levels of praise or recognition, especially for what you've done to relieve pressure in someone else's world. However, you do look set to feel reassured that your efforts and perseverance are moving something in the right direction. If certain people haven't appreciated your role in this, then they're about to.


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