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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 06 December 2019


This week, it's a 'bigger picture' you need to shift your focus toward where healing an area of your world is concerned. It could be you, someone close or both of you who have emotional wounds or inner pain to face and resolve. There's no getting around the fact that time, effort, and patience will be needed to bring an improvement - or improvements - if both of you are involved with this process. However, a reassuring step can be taken if you push aside any belief that a current situation is too complex or deep-rooted to benefit from the effort that's needed. As Jupiter links with healing Chiron this week, you've every reason to have faith in a positive and far-reaching result.


This week, as Venus links with Neptune, a particular fact is emerging. There's likely something you feel about a person or possibly a situation that you could struggle to ignore. What you probably want, before taking any action, are facts. You would understandably prefer that your decisions were based on logic rather than hunches. That's why it's important to, during the coming days, trust what you feel rather than what you think. Acknowledge and respect what your hunches tell you because when the truth finally does reveal itself in whatever way it chooses to, then you'll be able to say with confidence and honesty that you knew it already!


This week, as Mercury forms a tense link with Saturn and the Moon grows full in your sign, it's important to draw a conclusion based on personal, previous experience – not what someone tries to convince you of. Something from your past might need revisiting or re-examining and, to make a positive change or bring an improvement where one's needed, all you need to do is accept that there is something you don't know or know enough about. Something that occurred previously can help you identify this. Once you do that, then you'll begin to ask essential questions about something from your past that has confused you but can lead to a valuable discovery - and a potentially wonderful development.


As Venus and Saturn link this week, and possibly where you believe an absence exists within a partnership or commitment, you're encouraged to make the most of what you have available to you. The problem is, you could struggle to make the most of what you have when you see it as a poor substitute for what you know you want. You're faced with an obstacle that could be seen as daunting or worrying but, by appreciating some of the factors in your relationship with a certain person that you're inclined to be frustrated with or resent, you'll soon see the hidden blessing - and the wonderful opportunity - on offer.


This week, as the Sun links with Saturn, it's important to trust your deepest intuition in the absence of facts. It's equally important that you do take at face value – but only to a point - what you see or are encouraged to accept is real. Far better or more impressive progress will be made during the coming days if you're willing to trust what you tell yourself. Your inner voice is unlikely to offer a confusing or ambiguous message. Connect with what it tells you – and then pursue a decision that needs to be made with all your heart!


As Mercury links with Chiron this week, you're able to strip away anything superfluous with your communication and convey yourself with crystal clarity. If you sense a need to open up or seek comfort or healing yourself from someone, then you could find that adopting a more open and flexible mind toward any suppressed issue helps you see it from a more realistic perspective. This can make it easier for them to not only view your issue objectively but offer the advice or input that your head and heart need to hear.


As Venus links with Saturn, you'll need to be enthusiastic about and genuinely willing to appreciate the reality of a particular situation, and there could be a home or family connection with this. An obstacle is presenting itself during the coming days, but try not to misinterpret it as something insurmountable. Instead, try responding with a bit more humility. Try accepting it is as it is. As strange as it may sound, you could come to appreciate some of the factors in a situation or possibly domestic circumstances that you currently feel inclined to resent. There's a hidden blessing concealed somewhere, and with an open mind and positive approach, you'll spot it.


This week brings a Full Moon influencing deep sharing and possibly a new definition regarding what is yours and what is someone else's. If you have secretly nurtured a fear, then this lunar influence could help to bring it into the open to be faced and resolved. Regardless of whatever issue presents itself, open communication is integral to making progress. Conversation at a depth that you would prefer to have it is on offer, and what you give, communication-wise, you're likely to receive. So, be the one to set an example where someone is concerned by laying your emotional cards on the table or spilling your emotional beans!


This week, you have the Sun bringing energy and vitality to pretty much anything you focus on or undertake, while Venus 'sweetens the deal' in terms of your confident portrayal to the world. This could also be a week when a money-making idea or a way to boost your earnings makes itself known and possibly in no uncertain terms. Perhaps, it's knowing your bank balance might look a bit healthier that lifts your spirits or puts that extra spring in your step. Alternatively, it might be this week's Full Moon influencing partnerships and commitments that brings closure in some way that helps you to feel more optimistic about the future - and possibly who you're setting off into the sunset with.


You have a Full Moon influencing daily routines, and it could become clear what adjustments or alterations need to be made to your lifestyle, or it's time to embark upon a self-improvement plan. There might also be issues related to an obligation you have to a particular person that comes to a head and needs ironing out, but it's nothing you can't handle with plenty of grounded and open communication. If you can keep your cool, then it's likely someone else will as well, and if a particular matter is going to be agreed or resolved, then there's no doubt that emotions will need to be removed from the equation. Be aware of how doing so will ensure any conversations or exchanges don't go off on unnecessary and unhelpful tangents.


This week, you don't need to make a grand, overblown gesture or take drastic action to bring a change to a situation that has become too predictable or comfortable. All you need to do is connect with your ability to embrace spontaneity. Be flexible where any invitations to venture into unknown territory are concerned. If you're prepared to stray from what's tried, tested or traditional or reassess what appears set in stone or immovable, then you can expect to reminded of how life tends to reward anyone takes a risk or pushes a boundary more often than it does anyone who always plays it safe or is afraid to embrace change. See what doing both brings you this week!


From a young age, we quickly discover how much easier it is to overcome someone's stubbornness by showing empathy toward them. But there is a fine line between doing so and being seen as condescending or even naive. However, as many experienced salespeople know, to 'win' someone over, it's essential to be seen to be understanding of their objection and work with them to find a solution. This week, try to be understanding of someone's situation and then be willing to be seen to provide a solution. The more imagination you offer one, the more likely it is they'll take on board what you're proposing. If anyone possesses the ability to gain trust with compassion, then you do – and that innate gift of yours looks set to come in very handy!


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