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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 03 July 2020


If there's one thing people in positions of authority need in their life, it's plenty of agreeable people. Those in positions of power need to know that what they say, 'goes,' and that others will simply nod and comply. As Mars links with Saturn this week, you could be reminded of how taking orders or accepting restrictions doesn't sit well with you. You and I know that you're wired to be defensive or confrontational at times. But it's in your best interests to ensure that somebody doesn't see that side of you.


This week brings a slightly tense link between Venus and Jupiter. Venus encourages you to bring more levels of love, warmth, and comfort to your world. But the fact that it's at odds with Jupiter, the planet of exaggeration and excess, could pose a problem. The temptation to go overboard or overindulge in some way could be strong. In fact, it may be too strong to ignore. Only you will be able to identify and apply restriction or self-restraint where both are needed. A little bit of what you fancy will probably do you good. Try your best to leave it at that.


If there's one message that Mercury's link with Uranus this week urges you to consider, it's 'don't change a thing.' In other words, while you are undoubtedly experiencing a process of change as well as a significant shift in attitude, all you need to do is roll with what is changing. Don't believe you're in any way indecisive, erratic, or inconsistent. New options are presenting themselves. The really good news is, it's no coincidence that these are arriving at this time.


Although everybody wishes they had more control or influence than they do, not everybody understands what they'd do with more of both. It's easy to think 'if only I could do this, then I will change that instantly.' But we're not always prepared for the sudden way change arrives. This week, a development you've seen in the far off distance could stare you straight in the face or at least tap you on the shoulder. This could cause you to think quickly and act fast. But you're probably more prepared than you think you are.


Rather than feel frustrated at what more you believe you should do in a particular area, try relaxing. That doesn't mean you must take your foot completely off the pedal. But it does mean you have momentum working to your advantage that you might underestimate. As the Sun links with Venus this week, you're superbly placed to take a small and seemingly insignificant advantage and turn it into something bigger. Applying ingenuity and trusting your instincts will help with this. And don't rule out the possibility of good old-fashioned luck playing a part, too.


Sometimes, we need reminding of the fact that a little bit of praise goes a long way. Perhaps, it's because so many people believe that a bit of recognition isn't worth offering that it doesn't get offered. The same can be said about loving words and gestures. We believe them to be more profound or far-reaching when said or made dramatically. But as Mercury links with Venus this week, expect not only to receive well-deserved praise but also to be reminded in no uncertain terms about how highly regarded and loved you are.


There is truth in the saying about never upsetting a waiter or waitress. Yes, it takes a certain type of person to get revenge in unsavory (literally!) ways. Dealing respectfully with people who have a close connection with those cooking and serving food goes without saying, but it's also sensible. The nicer or more congenial we are, the less stressful life becomes, and the easier it is to gain others' support. Nobody needs a degree in psychology to work that out. This week, bear that in mind when you feel it's necessary to make a demand or lay down a law. Be aware of how you may deliberately hurt someone.


The Sun's link with Pluto this week intends to enhance your creativity in some way. It could fire your imagination. It could also help you to express yourself artistically - and impressively. But even if you believe you don't possess any artistic skill, you're still able to apply your imagination in ways that remind you and others of how clever you are. In fact, 'resourceful' might be a better word. Prepare to turn something seemingly disadvantageous to your advantage - and gain admiration by doing so.


This week brings a slightly tense link between Venus and Jupiter. The message it encourages you to consider is along the lines of not getting too carried away. Somehow, somewhere a balance is needed between overconfidence and realism. You have a good reason to feel confident and optimistic. That's fine as long as you keep both feet on the ground where an important goal or aspiration is concerned. Allow yourself to be fired up about what you want to make happen. Just make sure to apply a sprinkle of realism regarding the timescales involved.


You respect structure and discipline. That's one of your many admirable traits due to having Saturn as your ruling planet. Saturn also governs logic, sensibility, and responsibility. Its tense link with the Sun could create an irritating scenario, to say the least with a certain authoritative person. Where they believe they're structured, disciplined, sensible, and responsible, you could see only madness in their methods. This could be a significant source of tension during the coming days. Just keep your cool and don't lose sight of an objective that does inspire and motivate you.


'It seemed a good idea at the time.' We've all said such words and often with some degree of regret or resentment. Brainwaves can be wonderful things, but they need monitoring at times. They can urge us to do something we know might not be particularly helpful or wise. As Mercury links with Uranus, you're encouraged to take action that's intriguing but potentially reckless. If you believe you're able to manage the wave of change or chaos that could enter your world from doing so, then proceed.


It's usually not difficult to identify people who 'get' us. This is often something we can spot from the outset. There is also much truth in the old saying about great minds thinking alike. You and somebody appear to be 'on the same wavelength' regarding something others may consider to be unusual - or even bizarre. What intrigues and inspires you does so with someone who can help turn your vision into something real. This week, keep these conversations flowing. They promise to lead somewhere fantastic.


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