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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 10 April 2020


As the Sun in your sign links with Pluto, you have a choice about how much of a big deal you make of a particular situation, and it could be career-related. This probably has less to do with making a mountain out of a molehill than it does adding one tiny spark to dry tinder. It might only take that to create something that could, potentially, become confrontational or explosive. But it needn't come to that. Acknowledge an issue, but see it for what it is – something you can manage. With the right attitude and approach, it could be a mere storm in a proverbial teacup!


As Venus links with Pluto, you're encouraged to not only consider what would make you happy or happier but also to accept that your ability to be so is greater than you think. Rather than believe life would be easier if only you had 'this' or 'that' or didn't have to focus so intently on what you're convinced will go wrong, focus instead on being less idealistic and more relaxed. You have your ruling planet and one that governs love and comfort on many levels linking superbly with the body that rules transformation. You are one small attitude adjustment away from bringing a wave of warmth, comfort, and admiration to your world. With more of an open mind and by adopting an attitude of gratitude, that can happen.


We're all aware of the phrase 'learning curve.' There's something visual or pictorial about these words. But it's interesting how learning tends to involve a curve rather than a straight line. As Mercury links with Uranus, you could feel as if a learning process is more involved or stressful than it could or should have been. But you mustn't keep looking to the past to identify what you should have done differently. Despite appearances to the contrary, you are in a beneficial and enviable position. You're also on the brink of a valuable discovery. So, don't stop doing what you're doing. Let what's unfolding continue to do so in the knowledge that you will soon have something to be very glad of.


This week, try to accept that changing your mind or altering a plan in some way does not mean you're indecisive or inconsistent. But the change you appear keen - or are possibly forced - to introduce is based on circumstances you probably had to adjust or adapt to rather than try to continue to control. It's possible that a commitment, an arrangement, or possibly a relationship can't continue in its current format and therefore needs to be transformed into something more suitable, appropriate, robust, or resilient. Events this week help you to address what has become uncertain or unstable - and what you can do to heal or strengthen it.


Somebody hasn't missed the point in a way you believe they have. That's why you mustn't merely pay somebody lip service or nod willingly to shut them up. This person might not have the perfect answer or solution. However, they've likely got something worth listening to that could shed helpful, significant, and transformative light on a matter that you could do with assistance with or insights into. This is a time to pull together and form alliances, partnerships, or collaborations rather than push away anybody ideally placed to support or assist you. All that's needed on your part this week is a very open and receptive mind.


This week, you're capable of tackling what needs to be tackled. It is the discovery of certain information that will boost your confidence. Once done, you will face issues or possibly individuals you've feared facing. You'll also feel more inclined to bring out into the open what has been conveniently brushed under a proverbial carpet. You might, understandably, want to see genuine, tangible reasons to feel confident before you do. But your new-found confidence, combined with real desire to bring a significant change to a particular situation, will result in a positive and necessary transformation where you have wanted to see it.


This week, Venus and Pluto draw attention to a fact that must be faced. Of course, you can choose to ignore it. But you can trust that, at some point soon, you will have no choice other than to listen. There's something you no longer need to tolerate or accept. At long last, you have a chance to redress an imbalance or create a set of circumstances that are more advantageous to you. But it all starts with listening to what your heart urges you to consider. Then, the second step involves bringing into the open what needs to be seen, acknowledged, and addressed.


This week, expect a revelation or valuable discovery. On an equally exciting level, and perhaps something that might take a little bit of time to manifest, is the fact that an epiphany or discovery holds significant potential to transform an area of your world. You'll likely need to embark upon a learning process that takes you into unfamiliar territory or apply focus to sensitive subjects you prefer to ignore. But something necessary and beneficial is trying to manifest in your world this week. Don't underestimate the strength of the new perspective you're gaining with something that you've perhaps seen in a particular way for too long.


You're likely aware of a significant change that must occur in an area of your world. But you're are also right to accept that it has aspects attached that are acceptable and need to remain as they are. It's the other side to whatever it is that needs to be restructured, improved, or maybe even destroyed and started again from scratch to bring the confidence and reassurance that you want or need. This week, you can trust that you are supported where getting that transformational process underway is concerned.


This week, if somebody expects you to be argumentative or defensive, then surprise them. An ideal scenario involves listening to what they say and responding compassionately and sensitively. But if you think you might struggle with summoning both qualities, then nothing stops you from distancing yourself briefly from whatever tension is brewing until things calm down. You can apply plenty of sensitivity and compassion at that point. Either way, you can be integral to diffusing rather than increasing tension between you and another. Make that your mission this week.


There's something fun and thrilling about creating disruption and watching it settle and transform once again into calmness. That's fine provided something isn't shaken to the point where it can't return to the to its previous form or format. As Mercury links with Uranus, that's something to be aware of. You have the planet of thought and communication connecting with your ruling planet that rules change, disruption, sudden developments, and chaos. So the opportunity that might intrigue you is probably worth taking, but it deserves to be thought through before you take action. This week, be certain you know what you're doing - and why.


This week, don't ignore or play down any desire on your part to be the captain of your own destiny. It's also important that you don't disregard advice or support that could help to make a cherished vision real. You might understandably believe that nobody apart from you understands what you're keen to achieve or accomplish. But if you adopt a more open or flexible mind to suggestions coming from others or perhaps someone close, then you could discover that they have at least one valid point worth listening to.


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