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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 19 October 2018


Many people believe the definition of success is 'waking each morning and loving what you do each day.' There's truth in that statement but events this week could help you build your self-esteem as you explore the relationship between prosperity and how much you value your work. The first area you might focus on is your finances. You're challenged to manage your resources more efficiently. Committing to spending less and saving more is likely to form half of your strategy. To make the most of cosmic support on offer this week, look closely at ways you could maximize or boost your income. Learning or brushing up on a few skills could be possibilities.


You might be aware of the difficult and winding road you're on to achieve success in some way, but that doesn't mean the road isn't taking you to a beautiful destination. You believe in yourself enough to make aspirational visions become real but know that success will demand hard work - and there are no quick fixes on offer now. Thankfully, as the moon grows full in your sign, you're prepared to commit to an ambitious goal. This offers a rare opportunity for far-reaching change, so choose your direction wisely.


This week, you're urged to complete unfinished business and finally let go of the past as this week's Full Moon focuses on where endings are needed in your world. This might involve you reconnecting with your spiritual side in some way, too. Allowing your imagination to roam freely can be very rejuvenating, and this is a time to accept that your soul needs nourishing just as much as your body. This cosmos is helping you to accept that, if you can't find peace within yourself, then you're unlikely to find it anywhere else.


The future you envisaged not long ago that appeared secure or stable could appear less so in the light of this week's Full Moon. However, it might be your uncertainty about coping with change that creates hurdles regarding your long-term goals. Rather than be concerned about what's uncertain, focus instead on what you know you've made solid from your efforts. Comfort can be found in what is predictable and immune to sudden change. If you know you haven't made better use of a creative talent you possess, then events this week could push you to exploit it.


You know you're right about a certain matter and so do those around you but that won't stop at least one person opposing you. Fortunately, you have a choice regarding whether you want to get drawn into this tense exchange. It's more important you remind yourself that you're armed with indisputable facts and could be dealing with one or two people who have yet to be enlightened in ways you are. You're also right to believe that others are taking a keen interest in the way you respond to the verbal skirmish. That's something a leader like you should expect.


You're encouraged to be more practical and responsible, and this involves thinking before you act. With a Full Moon highlighting all that's mind-broadening and your sense of adventure, you could be stubborn when it comes to pursuing the ideas that inspire you most. However, you'll need to ensure any plans are tethered tightly to reality before embarking upon them. Applying common sense can only help with making grand aspirations achievable.


The week's Full Moon highlights 'deep sharing' and puts focus squarely on levels of openness that exist in a certain relationship. Conversations and exchanges could reach new levels of depth – and honesty. This is a time to steer clear of emotional vampires or people who pour cold water on your passions or ambitions. Your future is a blank page, waiting for you to write your story and coming events could confirm who features in it and who gets left behind.


There could be something thrilling about the idea of bringing instantaneous change to your world this week. However, a self-imposed reality check might be needed before you jump at an opportunity beckoning on the horizon. It could be tempting to throw caution to the wind to grab the prize, but impetuous actions come at a price. The Full Moon shifts your focus briefly from your needs onto those of others. If you want to foster healthier relationships, then it's possible to do so.


There can be enormous satisfaction from plowing through a To Do List in strides instead of tiny steps, but this week, attention to detail is crucial. As much as you might want to focus your attention and efforts on grander plans looming on the horizon, a sense of duty and urgency keep you focused on tasks that need doing in the present. The grounded Full Moon focuses on health and work, reminding you to take care of the finer details of any plan before embarking on it. The 'little things' don't only count, they're integral to you achieving 'bigger things.'


When plans unfold as you envisaged them to, then you feel pushed to be more productive. This week, certain key pieces of a proverbial puzzle fall into place where one important aspiration is concerned, encouraging you to create something extraordinary as the Full Moon enhances your artistic and self-expressive qualities. It might be possible to alter a tiring schedule to create enough leeway for you immerse yourself in a world of creativity. If you can make the time to do so, then it could be powerfully inspiring and rejuvenating.


Your desire to slow down the tempo of your life could intensify but doing so is likely to be beyond your control. However, shifting your focus from professional or domestic obligations to your physical needs can bring a helpful and rejuvenating sense of calmness. You'll need to be able to react swiftly to the demands the world places on you as the Full Moon stirs your domestic tranquility. It's about to become more important to find a sustainable pace that allows you to regain control of your life. Taking regular, scheduled breaks from work or home pressures can help enormously.


Your caring qualities could help you respond positively to everything and everyone. However, unless you re-establish certain boundaries and limitations, you could end up making promises you can't keep. The Full Moon could increase the vast amount of information your mind is expected to process, and you might have no choice other than to embark upon an imposed learning curve of some kind. Fortunately, you have a vast amount of common sense you draw from to help you handle any information overload by distinguishing which information you should trust - and which to ignore.


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