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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 19 April 2019


You could feel torn between speaking your mind and saying nothing. This may be due to you believing that what you say could differ considerably from what your head and heart intended. However, summoning the courage to speak openly and honestly can heal past emotional or psychological wounds attached to regrets or guilt regarding what you said in the past - or wished you'd said! Don't allow a refusal to speak up this week to become a similar regret. Do so sensitively and compassionately, and all will be fine.


This week, you could get caught up in a chaotic and possibly tense situation with a certain person who insists on dictating what you should and shouldn't do and when you should or shouldn't do it. You could in the throes of - or are about to enter - a period of ludicrous challenges and absurd dramas. That's enough of a reason to do what you know to be true and right for you – regardless of who's 'laying down the law' elsewhere!


This week, your voice could be one of reason. It could also, if conveyed sensitively, heal a tense or awkward situation, between you and a certain person. Circumstances are what they are, the past can't be changed and there's little point in dwelling upon what happened or who's to blame. However, it's important that you accept the positive influence you can be with restoring faith or boosting someone's morale. Be guided by your compassionate side – and also allow your leadership qualities to shine!


You know what you want to accomplish – and there's likely a career connection with this – but could be fearful of taking a crucial step to do so. Convincing yourself that failure or rejection is guaranteed could prevent you from giving essential focus to your secret plan. This week, consider the benefits of no longer keeping it a secret. Be honest, at least with yourself, about why this idea or ambition means so much to you. Then, make a heartfelt and concerted effort to reach for it.


A Sun/Neptune link urges you to separate facts from fantasy, otherwise, you could be at risk of being seen as unrealistic or having an inaccurate grasp of what you claim to be so certain of. If there's something you don't know, then hold your hand up and say so, rather than defend a point for the sake of it. Much could be distorted this week and the more realistic, pragmatic, and grounded you can be, the less stress you'll likely experience.


This week, you could find that you become more curious about what motivates others or possibly one person in particular. However, even though you could be noticeably more skilled at analyzing people and understanding their motivations, you could choose to keep your discoveries to yourself. This would be a shame, because you're able to convey yourself with more authority and, when you share your insights and observations, others will listen.


You may need to keep your antennae sharp and alert this week, especially where someone's words and actions are concerned. What they do might be the opposite of what they say and that's where confusion could exist. Your instincts might urge you to consider that they have a hidden or secretive agenda – and your instincts could be right. However, the good news is, you don't you need to go to great lengths to bring what's concealed into the open. Certain information intends to come to light in its own way and time. Let that happen.


Farcical situations, ludicrous challenges and ridiculous dramas could find their way into a particular relationship or commitment. Initially, these may appear to be connected to a serious matter but closer examination could reveal that there's something almost laughable about the way pressure is increasing in your world. However, if you can try to see the funny side or focus on what really matters and ignore what's superfluous, you'll overcome this admirably!


We often discover that we can achieve a perfectly satisfactory result without investing the levels of effort we thought would be required. Sometimes, we discover this after we've invested more effort than we had to! True, you might have taken the long way to get to a situation you're in currently. However, what matters most is the fact that you are where you need to be and shouldn't resent the additional effort that may have been spent to get you there. For now, it's important that you keep a certain process moving.


This week, be careful how much attention you give to something that can potentially drain your enthusiasm. Fortunately, you're one, small attitude adjustment away from seeing this situation in a positive and reassuring light. You may need to put right something that has gone wrong or overcome a problem you'd prefer not to have to face and tackle. However, you're about to gain clarity where you need it. Being armed with this will ensure you emerge victorious.


As Venus links with Uranus, it's important you don't underestimate the power of your potent imagination. The more inventive you are this week, the easier it will be to see the delightful potential in a situation that others may perceive as dull or uninspiring. You're also superbly placed to set your personal, emotional or romantic life on a firmer, and less stressful footing. All you need to do is be guided by your imagination = and take one brave step into the unknown.


Think of how the power of suggestion makes many horror films more terrifying. Our imaginations can come up with something far scarier than what any film director can create. You're blessed with an amazing imagination but it could cause you to see a situation in an unfairly negative light. If it's a fearful fantasy that preoccupies your mind this week, then ignore it and tell your imagination to focus on the many more sensible, inspiring visions the sky insists you can conjure!


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