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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 24 January 2020


This week, as Venus links with Mars, there could be a problem you're determined to resolve but could struggle to settle. You want to give in to an indulgence but could be aware of how common sense dictates that you would be unwise to make a hasty or risky move. But give serious consideration to taking a courageous step toward achieving a dream. Events this week offer you a chance to be strong, proud, daring, and ambitious. If you can manage all the above, then a process unfolding during the coming days - and beyond - can restore your faith and spur you on to make something wonderful, heart-warming, and long-lasting happen.


This week, you could believe you have found what you need in a particular area and that your search is over. As Venus links with Neptune, you're likely to identify a wonderful opportunity that needs and deserves to be seized. But you could also feel that it might represent one of many options that you're obliged to explore or consider. That's why you must listen to what your heart and intuition tell you. If something looks and feels right, then you can trust that it is right.


As Mercury links with Neptune this week, you could be a bit harsh on yourself about a past decision. You might believe you made a mistake or let an opportunity slip through your fingers. What you look set to experience is a revelation, epiphany, or even a brainwave. This could help you to speed up time and create the opportunity that you want to seize or make happen. The good news is, with enough self-discipline and determination on your part, it can happen.


This week, there are many benefits to adopting a 'right here, right now' attitude. Yet, taking your focus from something further down the proverbial road that you've been giving considerable attention to recently shouldn't push you to seize control or take the reins in a way that you believe will hasten a particular process. As long as you watch what's happening in the knowledge that the change or improvement you yearn to bring or experience is coming, then you will find the process to be much more manageable and comfortable.


This week, guard against doing two things. The first involves drawing conclusions in the absence of facts. The second involves convincing yourself that because you've drawn them, they must contain as many facts as you're likely to receive. Sometimes, if we tell ourselves something enough times, then we start to believe it. That's something to be careful of during the coming days. It's essential to allow more information to come your way to ensure that something 'adds up.' If you can summon the patience to let information trying to find you to do so, then you could feel delighted and reassured that you did.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, is busy this week. One interesting link it makes is to Chiron, which represents healing. Chiron currently influences all that is dark, secretive, or lurks in the shadows of your world. With Mercury involved, you could discover that what may have emerged from your mouth in the past was far removed from what your brain agreed you'd say. This week's events could make clear that if someone deserves an apology for hurtful words said to them previously, then it's not too late to make amends.


This week, Venus links with Uranus. You may have felt recently that you have been held back in some way for too long. Although it's unfair to say you've reached the end of your proverbial tether, you could take pleasure in 'shaking things up' or making clear to certain people that it is within your ability to do so. But rather than try to hasten a process by sticking a spanner in its works, try to understand and accept what's changing or evolving. You will see that, in time, it will reach a destination that you want it to. So, try to curtail any rebellious tendencies this week.


Mercury's link with Pluto implies that the more you think about the questions you face and try to address or resolve them, the more complicated you could make particular processes in your world. It's possible to overthink certain matters, and doing so is bound to enhance any feelings of frustration. Soon, you will view certain circumstances in a very different way. For this to happen, you need to allow particular information to find you. That's what can happen this week if you give it a chance to.


This week, you will likely accept that there is a right and wrong way to do something, and the right way involves sticking with what you know 'works.' You'll have a superb opportunity to apply more ingenuity and inventiveness toward what has become stale and predictable. Yet, during the coming days, you must resist any urge to upset proverbial applecarts or create chaos for the sake of doing so. Something needs to remain stable and predictable, for now. If you can do what you can to ensure this happens, then you could feel glad that you curtailed any rebellious or 'caution throwing' tendencies!


This week, where a particular person is concerned, you know what you would like to experience and could try to anticipate their next move to determine whether it's possible. But you will need to summon patience and accept that there is little or nothing you can do to make someone's move for them. You appear to be in a situation where you've made your move in some way - or thoughts or feelings clear. Now, you must wait for them to do the same. If you give them a chance to do what they feel is right, and you could feel reassured that it's right for you, too.


I can understand why you might take offence to astrology textbooks or certain people telling you that you can be a bit too maverick for your own good sometimes. Yet, the impressive results you often achieve tend to arrive by pushing boundaries and bending or breaking a few rules now and again. This week, you could feel it's essential for something to be done your way. You're also right to expect resistance toward the way you do it. But you look set to bring a necessary improvement - and could also be a shining example of what can happen when we dare to think or do something differently!


This week you could feel it's necessary to ask a friend or close associate for advice or input regarding a matter close to your heart. But there is a tiny issue surrounding the fact that, by inviting them to share your problem, you're doubling rather than halving it. Before you lay your cards on the table and seek advice from a particular person, assess the benefits of trusting what your intuition tells you about what your next move should be. The answer you receive from your confidante will likely be the same as what you tell yourself, anyway - and you won't risk making your problem someone else's in the process.


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