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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 21 January 2022


What makes sense to authority figures regarding how and why something should be done can be senseless to us. It can be assumed we've had similar trains of thought. When it becomes clear we haven't, problems can arise. As Mars squares up to Saturn, your relationship with someone in an authoritative position may need handling with care. Restrictions might feel imposed. But try to smile, nod, and do what's asked of you. That's how you'll keep tension brief.


Artists experience powerful urges to create. Writers feel something similar. Both need to release something heartfelt via any method or medium that helps others connect with them. Events this week could push you to speak your mind. But it's also possible you have something important to tell yourself that you must listen to. Either way, far-reaching, pivotal words can't be suppressed or ignored any longer. You mean them, and that's what matters. So, express yourself confidently.


If something sounds or appears too good to be true, we usually have a valid reason to doubt it. As Mercury connects with blurry Neptune, you'd be wise to be wary of a situation. However, it probably doesn't need 'fixing' like you believe it does. Neither does it need to be made more complex by believing unquestionably what you see or hear. So, give what's vague or uncertain a chance for clarity to find it. Accept that a decision will benefit from waiting until this happens.


'Adaptability' and 'flexibility' are your keywords this week. Change could unfold on professional and domestic fronts, possibly from more than one angle. You're embarking upon a learning curve requiring you to accept that situations and routines you might have grown used to are altering. Yes, this will involve a brief period of instability. But trust that this will be temporary. Trust as well that what needs shaking will undoubtedly make you stronger, wiser, and grateful for this process.


It can be frustrating when we're certain we can clearly see a way forward with something someone else or others cannot. As the Sun connects with Jupiter, you could have an inflated idea about what's best for others or maybe a certain person. So, be supportive but also accept that people have their own agendas and can be determined to stick with them. What you think and your ability to provide guidance or encouragement are valid - but know when to step back.


We tend to regret more what we don't do during our lifetimes. But it is often an unfounded fear that we will have made a wrong choice that is the biggest cause of hesitancy. As Mercury links with Mars this week, you could be increasingly convinced that a decision or action has resulted in a mistake made. But that could be impatience or impetuousness talking! One small attitude adjustment involving self-discipline blended with faith could reassure you otherwise.


This week, the Sun and Mercury collaborate in a way that enhances your ability to think cleverly - significantly! Where you may have dwelled upon a seemingly complex issue, you're about to discover that what you believed to be problematic is more straightforward than you thought. This, as you'll see, will help your confidence to return. Then, by blending imagination and ingenuity, you will distinguish between what really matters, needs attention, and doesn't.


The Sun's link with Mercury targets your emotional foundations, home, family, and closest loving connections. Yet, you might feel answerable to more people than you wish you were. You may also wonder why something obvious to you isn't as evident to others. But maybe it's time to assert yourself or be less conciliatory. Perhaps, embracing a confidence boost can help you state your case more clearly - and confirm how listened to and supported you are.


Mercury brings enlightenment this week. It connects with your ruling planet Jupiter, so info or intel that comes your way will likely make you smile, maybe more. Prepare to see evidence that life is becoming sweeter, more sensible, and logical. Also, if there's one thing Mercury loves to do, it's to strike a deal, come up with an arrangement or reach an agreement. With Jupiter involved, you'll have a genuine reason to feel inspired and optimistic about this, too.


The people we form the strongest, longest-lasting relationships with are those we share strong interests with. Connecting with someone as inspired and passionate about something as we are rarely results in a dull moment! This week, Mercury in your sign plays an integral part in pushing you toward your destiny. Yes, you read that right. If you suspected you and someone were on the same page with something love or creativity-related, then proof looks set to arrive.


This week, the Sun and Mercury connect in your sign. This union might be intense but also insightful. Much depends on how open-minded you're willing to be. Reassurance could arrive in the form of a brainwave or revelation. In addition to sharpened clarity, you're also blessed with a boost of energy to do something productive with it! But an important decision or step relies on replacing assumptions with facts. These might arrive slowly, but you're right to trust what feels solid and reliable.


A connection between Mercury and Neptune could encourage deeper pondering of how you project yourself to others. But what you see probably doesn't mirror what they see. So, the enlightenment that comes your way can provide a more realistic view while boosting your confidence and self-pride. You won't have to work too hard to reveal and confirm how uniquely imaginative you are, either. You might find your compassionate qualities do plenty of talking on your behalf, too!


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