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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 22 February 2019


It's reassuring that many people are determined to achieve 'peace at any cost.' This week, you can be a peacemaker where one might be needed. A link between the Sun and your ruling planet, Mars, offers positive power that you can turn to your advantage. You can step in to heal a rift, clear up a misunderstanding or bring closure to an ongoing saga. If you ensure your actions are positive and consider others' needs, then you can be integral to making progress.


This week, be aware of how what you receive from others could be connected directly to what you give. This might seem painfully obvious and be dictated by common sense. The fact that so many of us are unconcerned about what we convey or give to others and then wonder why they don't offer support we want from them means such 'sense' isn't as 'common' as we think it is. If you choose to be defensive or stubborn, then it's fair to expect someone to react similarly.


'All that glisters is not gold.' William Shakespeare was right when he expressed the idea that what's shiny or loud isn't necessarily precious, valuable or important. Something that seems small, trivial or insignificant can have an immense, amazing influence. As your ruler Mercury and Pluto link this week, it's important that you keep a watchful and discerning eye on what's hidden or seemingly minor or small. What appears irrelevant or unimportant has the power to transform your world. Keep your eyes peeled and your mind open.


This week, you might need to summon patience or tolerance if it becomes clear that a plan close to your heart can't proceed due to a lack of finances. It's important to trust two things: that the obstacle you're dealing with is temporary and, if it's someone else's circumstances that play a part in any delay or obstruction, then they could be dealing with a situation that is beyond their control to influence immediately. Don't be too quick to shoulder more responsibility to try to hasten a process. Be a patient observer instead.


We don't need to attend goal planning seminars to accept that success is largely dependent on creating a strategy that will get us to where we want to be. Well-laid plans are often the foundation of many remarkable successes. However, there is magic in spontaneity and serendipity. Both are wonderful things and require us to be willing to act on the 'spur of the moment' rather than adhere rigidly to a plan. This week, be adaptable. Should a plan go awry or off on a tangent, then see it as a gift, not a potential problem. It could be a blessing in disguise.


If you feel the time has come to let go of people or situations that have acted as a hampering or restrictive influence, then that must surely be something to appreciate - or maybe celebrate! A new era beckoning now requires you to accept that your personal progress or success with a new idea, plan or project relies on you releasing anyone or anything that has acted as an anchor. Others' worries or concerns needn't be yours or your responsibility. It's time to step forward confidently and rise to – and conquer – a challenge tailor-made for you.


This week, don't be too strict with yourself regarding how you judge success in an area of your world. In the same way countless people work in the background to create a spectacular film or stage production, you have momentum working in the background of your world. Sure, you'd like to see more evidence that something is progressing but could be wrong to believe that, just because immediate evidence isn't obvious, it isn't happening.


'These things are sent to try us.' We can often resent rather than appreciate such words when they're said to us by a well-meaning person. We know the words to mean that every event happens for a reason and we have an obligation to rise to a challenge. However, even if we can't change a situation, we can always change our attitude toward it. Adopting a more positive attitude toward a seemingly awkward scenario this week is not only helpful, but it's also essential. You've overcome this before and can do so again.


This week, remind yourself that everything happens for a reason. There can be mystical explanations for this, involving unseen forces creating situations that we don't always see the logic within or benefits of immediately. There is also a scientific explanation that highlights how, for every action, there is always a reaction. You can believe whichever offers you the most inspiration when presented with a second chance this week. Whether unseen forces are at work or your efforts have finally brought a visible result, seize the opportunity presenting itself in your world.


If you were unsure how passionately you feel about a certain matter, then that could become clear or clearer this week. Passion, we know, can be extremely attractive and you could radiate a certain intensity that conveys undeniable power. However, it's important that you're careful regarding how you choose to apply this – especially where love and money are concerned. There might be something fun and sexy about going 'over the top,' but you could underestimate the strength of certain desires and end up wishing you'd shown a bit more restraint.


Astrology textbooks tend to portray Aquarians as intensely forward-thinking people who are unconcerned with the past. Regardless of how forward-thinking you are or believe yourself to be, you're human. We're blessed with memories for many good reasons, and if you need to put the brakes on a plan or idea and cast your mind to the past to remember a lesson learned previously, then that's bound to be a positive and productive use of your time. Don't resist the urge to look backward if it helps to move something in your world forward.


Let's consider the analogy about a glass being half full. An optimist sees it that way, a pessimist sees it as half empty, and a realist sees it as half full of liquid and half full of air. However, a realist might also see a glass that's twice as big as it needs to be! This week, there could be more than one perspective available regarding a certain situation or arrangement. Where you see a shortfall, perhaps the correct way to see it involves accepting that you've set your sights or expectation too high. If you dial them back, then you could start to see something inspiring in what seemed to be uninspiring.


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