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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 16 August 2019


You're blessed this week with an ability to strip away anything superfluous with your communication and convey yourself with crystal clarity. If you sense a need to open up or seek comfort or healing yourself from a loved one or partner, then you could find that adopting a more open and flexible mind toward any suppressed issue helps you see it in a more realistic perspective. You have a chance during coming days to bring and receive comfort and reassurance on offer from open, authentic, and heartfelt communication. Play the helpful part you can in making this happen, and you could have your heart touched by the responses you receive.


This week, it could be something related to your domestic set up or family where a drama could present itself. It is by understanding the source or cause of this problem that you'll be able to identify the most effective way to improve, or better still, resolve it. Ignore any desire to be somewhere else. Removing or distancing yourself isn't the answer. The solution surrounds coming up with a new and possibly clever way to approach and resolve a tired situation. Have faith in the fact that you can be integral to improving this scenario and the change that is applied as a result could be far-reaching or permanent.


This week, you're encouraged to make a point, 'sell' an idea or gain somebody's trust or approval in ways that leave them in no doubt about the levels of belief you have in what you say or ask for. There's also every indication you'll be successful, too. However, the one potential downside to all of this surrounds the possibility that you might not know when enough has been said, or it's no longer necessary to apply verbal pressure. Your enthusiasm and the conviction that supports what you say or convey is likely to be impressive and undeniable. Just try to be aware of the point at which it becomes clear that you've been victorious.


This week, you could experience a brainwave with implications that might be more far-reaching then you believe them to be. What might start as an idea that you give brief consideration to could, very quickly, become something you feel extremely passionate about. Of course, you're likely to be delighted with the fact that your mind's creation can help others or make their life easier in some way. Perhaps, you might identify a better way of doing something or bring a much-needed improvement to something done routinely or traditionally. Once you start to see the benefits connected with whatever you come up with, the passion, confidence, and optimism you invest toward it will, without doubt, be justified.


Deciding we want something isn't enough. We must be prepared to invest the levels of patience and effort required to turn a vision into something real. When it comes to matters related to love and romance, well, things become a bit more complicated. This week, accept that heartwarming experiences you want to achieve won't necessarily come as a result of pursuing a strict or rigid plan. We know that love doesn't cooperate in such a way. It has its own agenda and won't be forced or hastened. Although your emotional world or a special connection could undoubtedly benefit from the ideas, planning, and levels of passion you're keen to invest toward either or both, it's important to know when too much is done. Something on offer that can truly touch your heart this week needs plenty of patience applied. Trust that it really is worth waiting for.


This week, you could feel inclined to 'rally the troops' or play an integral role in getting those closest to you together in some way. The one area you're most likely to focus your efforts on involves your family. You could find that you have an influx of ideas that can help to strengthen your connections or possibly build bridges with family members whom you may have become distant from. You appear keen to remind those closest to you and possibly demonstrate with loving gestures or actions how important they are and reasons why you also believe it's important to be closer, emotionally and in terms of physical distance. The suggestions and changes you put in place from this week could be integral to achieving the closeness you want.


We can sometimes be oblivious to how overwhelming our enthusiasm can be, and that's something you might need to keep an eye on this week. You will likely be in no doubt about how passionately you feel about a particular idea or vision and can be certain that anybody you convey this to won't deny the levels of conviction you have toward it. What you might need to guard against is conveying this so strongly that you make it difficult, if not impossible, for anybody to connect with it in a way that inspires and motivates them. If you can find the necessary balance between your communicative enthusiasm and allowing enough gaps for others to understand what you're saying and offer their input, then you could find that you gain the understanding and possibly the support you want and need.


This week, if you sense tension is permeating your world, then welcome it. This could take the form of you feeling pushed in some way, and it might be your relationships or partnerships, or possibly one, in particular, that benefit from this. It's by taking the step that you feel pushed to take that you can remove yourself from a state of complacency and make progress with something connected with a particular individual. Ultimately, the choice is yours. However, if you take a step or the plunge, then you're likely to find you have no reason to regret doing so.


This week, it's important that you adopt a very open mind. Try to give all your ideas fair consideration. Don't be quick to dismiss some as irrelevant or insignificant in favor of others. Those that you feel passionate about will be easy to identify. However, it could be those that wave subtly in the background that deserve just as much, if not more, attention. What your mind conjures this week can form the basis of genuine, solid reasons for you to feel optimistic and enthusiastic. Opening it to all the possibilities on offer will, undoubtedly, ensure that you feel inspired and motivated in many necessary and potentially delightful ways.


Where forming or strengthening a romantic connection is concerned or you might have ignored or played down a particular creative talent or skill you possess, you could feel pushed out of a comfort zone that you've become accustomed to. What transpires this week could prove to be something you look back on in the future and accept that, had you not been pushed in the way you are, you wouldn't have experienced the heart-warming or inspiring opportunity on offer. Allow any tension you experience to work some magic on your behalf. Without it, you might not take the step you're urged to take.


This week, you might have many reasons to believe that all is comfortable and copasetic where matters relating to your home or family are concerned. However, you could also feel pushed to take a particular action that's likely to disrupt any feeling of comfortability or create a sense of discomfort that you'd prefer to do without. Tension might be something you naturally resent but can play a surprisingly helpful and integral part in stimulating action where it's needed. With both Mercury and Uranus involved in the ways they are, it's clear that conversations or agreements can be reached that will change something connected with your home, family circles, or both. However, it's important that this process of change gets underway. Welcome rather than resist the action you are encouraged to take this week.


This week, you could feel passionate about removing yourself from what has become too habitual or routine-like and aiming a bit higher where a career aspiration is concerned. You could also become aware of why it's necessary to remove yourself from a work-related comfort zone and possibly make yourself a bit uncomfortable briefly by exploring the options surrounding taking an ambitious step toward something you know you would find more challenging and fulfilling. The optimism you are blessed with this week isn't unfounded. The passion you're likely to feel toward taking this step is unlikely to be unjustified or misplaced. The sooner you take this step, the sooner you could feel relieved that you did.


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