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Weekly Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 17 September 2021


With a Full Moon affecting endings, fantasies, escapism, and secrecy, you can probably see how the coming week is far from clear or straightforward. You might prefer to immerse yourself in a world of rainbows and unicorns rather than face a particular reality, too. But when the universe encourages you to enjoy quiet, secluded spaces, there's always at least one beneficial reason attached. So, you needn't resist seizing some quality 'you time' if you believe it's necessary.


Is it possible that certain people will see your Taurean stubbornness in all its glory? It's more than likely! Not only are you likely to dig your heels in for some reason, but you're also prone to allowing your rebellious side to emerge. Anyone who dictates what you're doing and when you'll do it may be in for a shock. But don't go overboard with showing anybody how capable you are of creating disruption just because you can!


There could be occasions when life seems to be like a tennis ball machine! Fortunately, you're armed with a hefty racket to swiftly return whatever comes your way. But it's important to trust any tension you experience points toward a fresh start or new beginning, possibly involving a particular person. Remind yourself that everything happens for a reason. Whatever appears to be an ending is always a beginning.


Everybody resents challenges sometimes. Everybody also dislikes a boring and run-of-the-mill life. So, a challenge now and again brings the right kind of spontaneity! You might think that getting from A to B with an important plan is straightforward. However, you could discover obstacles in your way that cause your journey to zigzag. But don't see these as a problem. You're heading in the right direction but possibly taking a more scenic route than you thought you would!


With a Full Moon influencing deep sharing, intimacy, and investments, it might be time to let go of something you have been deeply invested in. But the Full Moon also wants you to face a suppressed fear - and do something about the emotional wound it may have caused. There is a valuable lesson on offer. But wait and see how might not have made sense previously becomes enlightening during the coming days.


A Full Moon targets commitments and companions this week. But this lunar event is likely to be a magnet for deeper concealed emotions. There could be something sweet and delightful about this. Full Moons bring endings and new chapters, too. So, whatever occurs, trust it's right. And if certain words need to come from your heart to a partner or someone close, the coming days offer a perfect chance to speak up or 'fess up.


Deliberately ignoring a situation you know, in your heart, you should face realistically is easy. We all do it and are aware of when we do it, too. Much would be more manageable if that situation remained static or unchanging forever. But eventually, what we ignore evolves to a point where we must address it, whether we like it or not. Events this week could push you to do something along such lines. But welcome the fact that you're finally about to do so.


This week, you'd be wise to look before you leap. Venus in your sign may encourage you to be carefree or careless. But things become more complicated when Uranus wants you to throw caution to the wind spontaneously. So, remind yourself that you're dealing with comfortable but confusing energy. Try to spot the difference between what genuinely excites you and what you could be inclined to do simply to see what happens. That's how excitement might turn to regret.


Certain situations could have a spontaneous or adventurous vibe this week. That might suit you down to the ground, too. But you could be surprised at what you find you don't have control over. Emotions might be at the top of that list, too. So, try to be strict with yourself about how actions will have consequences. Something you believe to be minor and done in the spur of the moment could turn out to be something you'll wish you showed restraint with later!


You could be in an interesting and pivotal position this week involving a dilemma you can't ignore. You could come up with a dozen reasons why certain circumstances or a particular arrangement shouldn't change. Yet, you might come up with thirteen reasons why it's worth taking a risk! A Full Moon illuminates your dearest hopes and wishes. If you're willing to take a bold step, you could soon see why you were pushed to do so.


Even if others around you are losing their heads, you must keep yours intact this week! Fortunately, you have the proper cosmic support to spot the confusing and distracting energy you're likely to deal with. But that doesn't mean you're completely protected from it. Remind yourself that any drama that arises is temporary. The more effort you make to remain grounded, the more likely it is that you'll see anything challenging from the right, manageable perspective.


A Full Moon in your sign will likely sharpen your already-sharp intuition. But it could heighten emotions, too. Fortunately, you'll be able to spot when conditions are right to open up to one person in a way you may not have done in a while. Do that, and you'll see how a bit of vulnerability on your part strengthens or restores communication with somebody who might be the perfect confidante or 'sounding board.'


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