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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 19 April 2019


You could discover how you may have made a quick but inaccurate assessment of a certain person. Whether you've judged someone too harshly or dismissed their words or actions as inappropriate before getting to grips with their motivations, a reason could present itself to take stock of what you'd made your mind up about. Allow information that comes your way this week to help you to adjust an opinion or expectation.


This week, applying an attitude of gratitude toward current circumstances in your emotional world or one special connection can work a bit of magic. It could be easy to focus on pitfalls or shortfalls and fail to see how much deserves to be embraced and appreciated. If you need a reminder about how loved, respected or admired you are, then reassurance can come this week. However, to receive the positive vibes trying to make their way to you, it will be essential for you to send them out as well. With a bit more grace and appreciativeness, you'll do it.


Your desire for circumstances in your emotional world or one special connection to be 'just so' or as close to perfect as possible could be due to a similar desire to create order or structure with affairs of the heart. The more you focus on what's less than perfect, the more issues you're likely to find - and many of these could be imagined. It's understandable that you yearn for love life perfection. However, be open-minded toward something that could be just fine as it is.


This week, you could be aware that your imagination hasn't played tricks on you and you have a valid reason to feel anxious or concerned about your current love life circumstances, or maybe a certain person. Something that has come to light recently may have unnerved you or caused you to rethink the direction a close relationship. However, it's important that you don't let a minor issue overwhelm you. If you can adopt a more open and relaxed mind, then you'll likely find events this week prove to be more reassuring than daunting.


Optimism could become blended with passion this week. Although that's bound to be delightful as far as spurring you on to make passionate progress, it could cause you to overlook or ignore a certain fact. There could be something connected with affairs of the heart or one special connection that it's important you accept. Your optimism could push you to believe this matter will sort itself out if left alone, and that's unlikely to be the case. If you redirect passion to make a courageous move this week, then you'll put something in your love life on a firmer foundation.


You could sense the time has come to restore balance in your emotional world or one special connection. Perhaps, it has been you who has taken the lion's share of attention or required the most support from a loved one. Alternatively, it could be they who you've gone out on a limb for or above the call of duty to assist. Perhaps, it's both. In any case, it's time to bring balance to what has become one-sided. By doing so, you'll be able to look back on a helpful and valuable lesson learned from what has transpired recently.


Where affairs of the heart are concerned this week, it's important to 'strike' while a certain proverbial iron is 'hot'. You may be aware of what has been left unresolved or open-ended in your emotional world or a close connection, but an opportunity to bring closure in the way you want it might not allow you to have much thinking time. Be prepared to act or react swiftly, but responsibly. You are right to seize a particular chance but it will also be necessary to take careful, measured steps to do so.


The theme of change remains strong with affairs of the heart and you could take the initiative this week to ring a certain change that you sensed for some time is overdue. However, this doesn't need a grand, over-the-top gesture or intense conversation to bring it. If anything, it's worth testing the water in a gentle, measured way to see what happens. A calm, steady or restrained approach is likely to bring the most reassuring result.


Something that has come to light regarding a particular person recently may have caused you to rethink your connection or involvement with them. However, this doesn't mean you're forced to do a U-turn in any way or withdraw support or commitment. Events this week could help you to identify a new way of interacting or connecting with them. It's important to see how your relationship is evolving as opposed to changing in a way that makes you feel nervous or cautious.


Many government organizations operate a 'blame culture'. When something goes wrong, numerous people look at each other and expect someone to hold their hand up and take responsibility for what happened. Where your love life or one special connection is concerned, you could feel pressured to do something similar. Just because somebody expects an apology or for you to accept blame in some way, that doesn't mean you're obliged to give in and placate them. You are right to summon some pride where it is needed.


Rather than feel defensive or suspicious of something connected with affairs of the heart or one special connection that finally seems to move in the right direction, welcome and embrace it. You're owed and deserve a break. A period of tension or drama is coming to an end. It may take some time for proverbial dust to settle, but try not to see any calmness permeating your emotional world as something preceding another storm. The more effort you make to relax this week, the easier it will be for one or two heartwarming developments to unfold.


You might struggle to continue to be an observer or watch a situation connected with affairs of the heart or one special connection from the sidelines. A change you want to bring can happen but if you take the initiative in a way that suits you. A lover or potential partner may have had their chance to do something their way and with limited success. Now, it's time for you to step up to the plate and show what you can do to move something forward that means much to both of you.


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