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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 14 September 2018


The art of love, they say, is largely the art of persistence. Maybe 'they' have had more than their fair share of struggles with anything romantic. This week, you have a choice regarding whether you struggle to attain peace of mind and harmony with a certain, special person. This might require you to accept that the heart can be a fickle thing sometimes and be prone to changing. Whatever new plan you apply to your emotional world will be a likely noticeable improvement. But once you make the change, you'll need to pursue it consistently and persistently.


This week, there could be considerable focus on expectations where affairs of the heart are concerned. You might expect a certain person will expect something from you and might also be aware of how your expectations of what they're expecting can be a bit on the high side. There. See how complicated things become when we expect too much of someone else? You don't need to lower your expectations in any way this week but can benefit from not clinging so tightly to them. Relax and see what a bit of spontaneity can bring.


Where affairs of the heart have been concerned recently, you've probably felt comfortable bettering a certain devil you know or choosing to play it safe in an area where you'd normally be more willing to take a risk. This week, you're being pushed, albeit gently or gradually, from a certain romantic or relationship comfort zone. You're encouraged to explore a possibility that might not have appealed to you previously. You're right to be a bit more adventurous or willing and could be very pleased to have taken one small but bold step.


Constant and open communication solves so many problems or prevents them from happening in the first place. However, there are limits to how constant and open anyone can be when communicating. All it takes is one, tiny essential piece of information to be withheld or overlooked and presto – we're dealing with a seemingly complex situation. Should you encounter one this week in your love life, try to trace its source to a communication issue. Even if essential information was provided, it's unfair to assume it was immediately understood. It's this assumption that could create an issue this week, but it can be overcome easily.


Hopefully, it will become clear this week how you hold considerable power to alter one special relationship. Whatever state it has been in recently or even for a considerable period, it can be improved enormously with very little effort on your behalf. Perhaps, the words, 'effort' and 'on your behalf' don't sit well with you because you, understandably, want to know someone is prepared to meet you halfway. Reopening the lines of communication can be done in a lighthearted way. Try it. It's by removing any serious undertones that someone will respond enthusiastically.


We can deal with home, family or career issues with much more pragmatism than anything connected with our emotional world or love life. Even when sensitivity is needed to deal with anything domestic or professional, it's a different kind of sensitivity that we apply when hearts are involved. That's why you're wise to handle one situation in your emotional world with a bit more care than you might normally give it. This can take the form of being a bit extra cautious, too. However, you'll be grateful for having applied care and caution where they're needed.


Compromises and finding common ground are two of many relationship obligations and are essential to sustaining them. However, unless a willingness exists on both sides to attain both, things become tense and complicated. You and a certain person might find yourselves in unfamiliar romantic or relationship territory. Bringing balance to what's imbalanced will require a potentially brutally honest chat about the direction both of you want your relationship to head toward. If you sense compromise and finding common ground are essential, then you're right.


If it becomes clear that you're projecting or conveying yourself one way to the world but are struggling to conceal certain thoughts or feelings in another, then that's good news. It means a way others see you, or possibly one person, in particular, is about to become a lot more authentic. Whether you've suppressed what you think or feel for someone else's benefit or because you've been unsure about what you truly think or feel, you're about, to be honest with one person whose needs have been overlooked recently – yours! This week, be willing to drop a façade and let the real you shine!


An issue might present itself that encourages you to wonder how much of your efforts are made to keep someone happy. Ensuring their needs are addressed constantly might have resulted in you feeling as if your needs were secondary and the cosmos appears keen to at least draw your attention to this imbalance. Whether you choose to take action and resolve it is up to you. However, one special relationship can be strengthened by you sticking up for yourself in some way. A deeper level of respect can come if you truly want it.


These days, we live in an increasingly 'throwaway society.' If something breaks, we can visit one of many online retail sites and have it delivered or replaced the following day. That provides a quick solution but not necessarily a permanent one. This week, avoid applying a quick-fix solution to a love or relationship matter. To make an improvement, a longer-term strategy is needed. It's only by thinking long-term that you'll address properly some essential needs for the future.


Even someone who adores the spiciest food has they limits regarding what they can tolerate. Some people not only enjoy the adrenaline surge that comes from eating food that's two degrees cooler than the Sun, but they also need it! Perhaps, it's your desire for an unusual love life accompanied by plenty of stress or tension that has provided a bit of excitement recently. You're about to find your emotional world reaches a more even keel but don't believe it holds fewer opportunities to be thrilled.


Love is far too fickle and changeable ever to be perfect. Even when we believe we've found the perfect companion, we know there are qualities they possess that make them less than perfect. But that's how it should be. If we see someone with rose tinted glasses and put them on too high a pedestal, then we end up being disappointed at some point. The cosmos is bringing a 'reality check' of some kind to your love life of a close relationship. It might reveal what's far from perfect about it, but that doesn't mean it is devoid of mind-blowing magic!


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