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Weekly Love Chatty Style Horoscopes (Updates on Friday) - 19 October 2018


Your love life or a special relationship can benefit this week from ideas to create greater wealth in either or both. The Full Moon influences money and confidence, and a link exists between the two. You can enhance the levels of material comfort or enjoy the occasional luxury with a loved one or potential partner but only if you invest common sense at the same time. A boost to your confidence reminds you of your value in other ways. Feeling more appreciated by someone special could be worth more than money in a bank account.


This week's events could push you toward committing to a love relationship goal, even if you see only a steep mountain to climb to accomplish it. The Full Moon in your sign helps you distinguish between what's fanciful and what's achievable with affairs of the heart and launches you into the next chapter of your emotional world. It's important to accept that what you decide to take action with needs to be thought through thoroughly because you'll be heading in that direction for some time to come.


Bidding farewell to the past is an integral step in your romantic evolution this week, thanks to the Full Moon encouraging endings. Don't be surprised if a budding or established love connection takes on deeper spiritual qualities, too. There can be something delightfully sexy about exploring new territory with a loved one or potential partner where anything religious or meditative is concerned. You have a chance to enhance peace and harmony in a love connection and bringing more of both to your relationship inspires both of you to seek peace in the world generally.


Relief can replace doubtfulness this week, and you might feel as if you have finally turned a corner where affairs of the heart or a special connection are concerned. A Full Moon enhances the spirit of teamwork and your eagerness to collaborate with a loved one, especially if you share a vision of your future. Seize the opportunities on offer to speak candidly about your respective goals and where you meet in the middle. It's what you and the object of your affections share a vision with that needs and deserves attention.


It might feel as if for every step forward you want to take to improve your love life or strengthen one special connection, two steps backward are needed to fulfill increasing career-related obligations. The tactical Full Moon focuses on your professional life but complicates your love life as you realize you must give the lion's share of focus to career goals. The coming week could be tricky to balance in this respect. However, don't ignore your passionate potential because new ambitions demand attention. When this conflicting energy subsides, you'll strike a perfect balance.


Your love life usually benefits from patience on your part, but impetuousness could get you into trouble this week. A loved one might fail at trying to talk you out of doing something you're determined to do as the tenacious Full Moon shines a spotlight on your quest for learning and adventure. Therefore, it's important you look before you leap in matters of the heart. You have plenty of patience and wisdom to dip into before you throw caution to the wind in some way.


Although you might normally balance or contain your passionate energy, it could be intensified this week. The sensual Full Moon can help passionate barriers to crumble and encourage you to get deeper with a loved one than you've been willing to go previously. You might feel as if you're taking the lead in a love connection, but this might be needed briefly to achieve the level of depth on offer to reach your passionate potential. Things might need to become imbalanced before they improve but the improvements will be unignorable.


The idea of injecting spontaneous change into your emotional world or a love partnership could become increasingly tantalizing this week. You could equate romantic or relationship progress with a need to shake things up in your love life. As sexy and exciting as breaking certain rules might be, the Full Moon influences partnerships and brings sensitivity where it's needed between you and a certain person. Generosity and compassion could replace any self-centered needs, and that's the improvement you should focus on.


You won't need to focus on making any grand plans where affairs of the heart are concerned this week. In fact, the more you scale down your amorous aspirations and focus only on the present instead of the future, the more satisfaction you'll bring to your love life. Don't lose sight altogether of what you want to make happen long-term but try to succumb to cosmic pressure to live for today. What you put in place gradually and with small, manageable steps helps to form the bigger, inspiring picture.


A surge of satisfaction could engulf you as you find a way to balance your career-related responsibilities with your romantic obligations and desires. The grounded Full Moon encourages, among many things, fun and self-expression in whatever ways you choose to indulge or express yourself. You might have grown used to controlling and steering your professional life. This week, you're encouraged to shift some of that intense focus on to your love life – and with very pleasing, heartwarming results.


It could be easy to see aspects of your love life appearing to spin out of control this week and believe satisfying your hungry heart might be more trouble than it's worth. The Full Moon targets your emotional foundations, making it tricky to find emotional peace with a loved one or someone you yearn to be closer with. However, are you wise to trust what adopting a slow-paced, relaxed approach can offer to keep love-related stress at bay? Absolutely! Urgency is your enemy where romantic or relationship progress is concerned at this time. Do your best not to succumb to it.


You're encouraged this week to assess a romantic or relationship situation with as much honesty or objectivity as you can summon. The more you push aside the ways in which your passionate desires are coloring your perceptions and focus on the basics, the more far-reaching a revelation can be. You might be going to greater lengths than are necessary to win someone's heart or impress a partner. If you really want to form or strengthen a love connection, then drop a facade and be your authentic, fabulous self and nothing more!


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