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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Wednesday 19 June


Your emotional world or one special connection could contain many mysterious qualities, intensifying your desire to find answers. This could result in you becoming clearer about your emotional and physical needs. If you're attached, then one or two revelations could come your way that remind you of how special your connection is with a certain person. Either way, discovering or rediscovering a certain truth could be reassuring.


Any sense of restlessness that you may feel in your romantic or relationship world can serve a helpful purpose if it pushes you to cross a line you've been determined to remain behind. Whether single or attached, you're right to believe there's much to be explored and enjoyed with affairs of the heart. It's by making yourself a tiny bit vulnerable by heading into unexplored emotional territory that something delightful and pleasurable awaits.


Your innate curiosity could encourage you to explore new realms of love and romance, and you could be delighted by what you find. This may take the form of a willingness on your part to be more open and expressive regarding thoughts and feelings. Engaging in deeper conversations brings important and heartwarming revelations. This new level of openness could feel unfamiliar initially, but you'll soon grow to embrace it.


Your desire to dig deeper into the mind of a loved one or love interest could be done to discover more about what makes them “tick” or to uncover passions that you sense they may be suppressing. However, unless discussions are two-way and done on a “quid pro quo” basis, they could be one-sided or feel interrogative. Rather than push for answers, let them evolve or appear naturally. Try not to be so determined to discover so much, so quickly.


There can be heartwarming benefits to not suppressing thoughts or feelings at this time. Whether it's because you assume a loved one or a love interest knows what you think or feel or you sense emotional disclosure on your part could create complications, it's a case of 'better out than in' at this time. Revealing what's on your mind or in your heart needn't be tense or dramatic. Lightheartedness that underpins exchanges had now could be precisely what you need to reveal all.


There appears to be a connection between your professional ambitions or aspirations and love life at this time. There may be implications attached to something you're keen to pursue career-wise, and these could have a knock-on effect to your emotional world or one special connection. Although there may not be immediate implications, it could be helpful at this stage to put in place a strategy that can balance your love life and professional pursuits.


Although you could draw comfort from what's ticking along predictably in your emotional world or a special connection, you could also sense a need to inject even a tiny bit of spontaneity into it. Plenty of light-hearted moments are on offer to enjoy a bit more fun and frivolity where affairs of the heart are concerned. Whether you're single or attached, you could also be reminded of how powerful an aphrodisiac laughter can be.


If you sense that a new chapter is commencing in your emotional world or a special relationship, then that's a cosmic indication that it's time to move on from the past and embrace the future. You appear to have learned more than one lesson in the name of love recently and gained valuable knowledge and insights that offer a more fulfilling future. Even if one or two harsh lessons have been learned along the way, it's important to accept how integral they've been to bringing you to where you are now.


Someone who makes you smile or possibly laugh from deep within should be the company you seek to immerse yourself in at this time. Despite somber influences that may be evident in other areas of your world, it's your love life or one special connection that can bring a delightful ray of sunshine that permeates clouds of seriousness. As much as you may need and appreciate someone's upbeat and positive qualities, it could be your generous spirit and light-hearted attitude that they need to connect with and benefit from.


The path of least resistance could be appealing in more than one way where affairs of the heart are concerned at this time, but may not be the most sensible option to take. You could feel tempted to 'better a certain devil you know' than continue to feel uncertain or possibly insecure in some way. However, a step taken recently in your love life probably has yet to reveal how far-reaching or transformational it can be. Don't disrupt a positive process unfolding now by choosing to cling to what is familiar.


There could be no time like the present to instigate a conversation with a lover or love interest. Not only are you blessed with enhanced confidence, but you could also discover that your powers of persuasion are increased noticeably. These may require you to make more of a concerted effort to listen than talk, but if you have something to say, then you could be surprised at the ease in which thoughts transform into words effortlessly and how easily you're understood.


Although we can all be fearful at times of what we don't know or understand, it's important that you don't treat an unusual or unexpected development as something to be suspicious of. It's by being flexible, spontaneous, and open-minded that you could experience something heartwarming or pleasurable. If a plan goes off on a tangent, then this offers an opportunity to explore new and potentially more interesting possibilities with a loved one or love interest. Welcome and don't resent change or what occurs unexpectedly.


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