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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Tuesday 25 January


An opportunity to get close or closer to someone could be brilliantly timed. But don't be afraid of a bit of vulnerability because it can lead to something revealing – in more than one way. Dropping a barrier could play a part in something heating up with a lover. Single? Being less guarded could bring a wake-up call about what you want and need from a serious relationship.


A special bond has the potential to flourish now. So, be receptive to change unfolding because it could lead to a shift that breaks down a barrier or an obstacle that has been problematic until now. Whatever your relationship status, prepare to receive justified reasons to believe and invest in love and intimacy. Above all, believe the past is not a guideline for the future.


Communication lines narrow and misunderstandings could occur as Mercury moves backward in a way that affects deep, open sharing. But you can avoid or eliminate any issues by being upfront with a lover about anything that needs to be brought into the open. If one of you gives or takes more than the other, it's by looking beneath the surface that a solution can be found, too.


A relationship dynamic may experience hiccups until February 3 as backward-moving Mercury affects one-to-one connections. Assume nothing and reiterate any important point to a partner! But the 'rules of engagement' regarding commitments or one, in particular, are up for review, too, regardless of your relationship status. Maybe, it's time to clarify something that has been unsaid?


Single? Straying from a routine could result in you meeting someone new, and an instant spark isn't out of the question, either. The time could be ideal for expressing sexual needs openly and uninhibitedly if you're partnered. It may not be like you to be shy about such things, but the care you appear willing to apply to doing so now confirms how much you care in other ways.


Mercury now moves backward to skew thoughts and communication with love and romance. So, you may struggle to create a harmonious atmosphere with matters of the heart between now and early February. However, it's not impossible. All you need to do is take extra care and apply extra levels of patience where any exchange of words is concerned. OK? You've got this!


Interactions with a lover or potential paramour may need handling with extra care. You could feel inspired or motivated to speak openly but may interpret that as delivering a few home truths to the one you love. Suddenly, what should be calm and civil becomes unnecessarily heated. Get the picture? Remind yourself of how there are right and wrong ways to speak your truth!


Mercury's backward move until February 3 affects thought processes and how you communicate. The fact that Mercury rules both is a strong indication of misunderstandings or words emerging that differ considerably from what your head came up with. But getting through the other side of this brief communicative chaos involves keeping any message short, sweet, and sincere. Being more of a listener than a talker will help, too.


Extravagance could soon catch up with you if you're not careful from today until early February. Lavishing a loved one with gifts may need to be seriously curtailed as Mercury rewinds in a way that could create money mischief. But this does offer a chance to sweep someone off their feet with affectionate and heartfelt gestures that don't cost a penny. Go on, let those ideas flow!


Mental Mercury moves backward into Capricorn, affecting your appearance and self-expression. But with the planet of communication weakened until early February, this is a time of review and assessment, not one to get heavy with any discussion. Instead, ask yourself what your ideal image of love and intimacy looks like – and if your current passionate trajectory will help you attain it.


You could feel distanced from a lover or potential paramour from today until early February. But as backward Mercury affects hidden thoughts and your subconscious, you can also gain a new and deeper awareness regarding your wants, needs, and desires. Unattached but looking? Don't believe a secret affair won't be revealed eventually.


Backward Mercury affects friendships along with your dearest hopes, dreams, and wishes. But from now until early February, you're encouraged to assess your connection with chums and ponder possibilities to bring a romantic or intimate aspiration more within reach. If you're attached, this might involve coming up with a new and exciting vision of a shared future.


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