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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Wednesday 11 December


Speaking your mind could be helpful in more ways than one at this time but try to be aware of limits that exist to doing so. Once started, you might struggle to finish, and instead of gaining the support of someone close, you could be at risk of coming across as overpowering, insensitive, or even selfish. Try to make any discussions as two-way as possible now. Talk 'with' someone rather than 'at' them.


You could be aware of how comfortable something connected with your emotional world has become. Although you could be loathed to disrupt or lose this, you might also be aware of how removing yourself from a comfort zone has its benefits. Give in to a sense of the unknown or what's unfamiliar. It won't take long for you to see what's potentially exciting about doing so.


Something connected with your romantic or relationship past could demand attention, but it might offer an answer to something requiring attention in the present. Whether it's a lesson learned previously or action taken that brought a positive result, look at how what occurred might be helpful now. However, don't dwell on it or make too many comparisons. Simply address it, apply it, and move on.


Try to resist being cautious toward or suspicious of an idea that could bring a pleasing or reassuring result where your relationship with someone is concerned. Perhaps, there's something a tiny bit sensitive about it, and you might need to be careful about how you implement it. What's untried could be extra appealing now. Just try to put any plans to explore it in place slowly.


Look closely at whether a genuine, heartfelt desire motivates you in some way where an emotional plan is concerned – or if what you feel is impatience. Wanting change for the sake of it is not the wisest plan to pursue. If you sense your head is too determined to rule your heart where this concerned, then step back and avoid being led by logic or what's seemingly practical. That could be a cold way of trying to move something forward with matters of the heart now.


Your instincts are likely steering you in the right direction in some way, but this is a time to look honestly at facts rather than assumptions. If accepting reality means instigating a conversation with a loved one that has been delayed due to fear or waiting for the right time to raise a particular topic, then your innate integrity could point the way forward with crystal clarity.


The reality surrounding something connected with your emotional world could be making itself more apparent now and possibly give you plenty to consider. Single Librans could find a friendship occupies much thinking time. Might one be progressing into something deeper, or might a friend's interest in your loved one make you feel uneasy? Either way, uncertainty could be the catalyst for an essential conversation.


A need to accept what's authentic and genuine where affairs of the heart or a close connection are concerned might need addressing. You could be on the receiving end of mixed messages from a particular person or aware that someone's intentions or affections are noticeably more inconsistent. The path to true love is far from straightforward, so see whatever is vague or confusing as a brief bit of turbulence on your journey.


Knowing what you want from a lover or the boxes a budding relationship must tick will go a long way to ensuring any issues raising their heads now are dealt with swiftly. The more you remove indecision, the easier it will be to balance what has felt uncertain or imbalanced recently. That shouldn't be easier said than done. The first step involves you applying focus to where shortfalls exist. With a positive mindset, they can be temporary.


You could feel confident that a loved one hears what you say, but do they truly understand you? Is there a way you can make a point clearer – or do you need to be clearer yourself about what you're trying to convey? You could be at risk of releasing a verbal avalanche, so choose your words carefully. There's a limit to how much a loved one or love interest is probably prepared to process mentally. A few physical gestures to support words wouldn't go amiss, either.


It's what has been vague, structure-less, or on shaky foundations that could receive focus in your emotional world now. You have an excellent opportunity to make healthy and timely improvements. You might also be aware of how assumptions you and someone close have nurtured need to be replaced with facts or structure, and agreeing new levels of sharing between you could be an excellent way to start.


There could be some degree of reluctance on your part to speak openly to a loved one, and it could be helpful to assess your reasons for this. Do you sense they wouldn't be interested in what you have to say, or is caution playing a part? Chances are, your paramour knows there's something you want to say. The present is an excellent time to let whatever emerges, emerge. It's a case of 'better out than in' now.


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