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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Monday 22 October


You might be able to look back at a challenging time in your romantic past or a love relationship and chalk whatever occurred up to experience. However, a loved one might have a tough time enjoying this stroll down Memory Lane. This offers an opportunity for both of you to look for meaning together and be honest about how far you've come. There's so much you and the object of your affections can discover about each other and accepting what was learned previously can be more heartwarming than disheartening.


Your no-nonsense approach is coming through loud and clear with how you approach a current love relationship matter. However, your determination to control the situation could make things worse if you're not careful. You can easily navigate around potential problems if you adopt an attitude of gratitude and encourage the sharing of thoughts and feelings, rather than focus solely on your own. Embracing the spirit of trust can make a love life snafu much more manageable.


Plenty of patience might be needed to manage your love life and work life. You can probably sense something is shifting with a loved one but could be at risk of missing out on a delightful development if work matters receive all your attention. The more flexible, patient and compassionate you can be, the easier it will be to manage the energy shifts in your romantic world right now – while still keeping on top of professional priorities!


Too much routine in your emotional world can be disheartening, but a subtle shift in your love life circumstances can soon change your perspective. This could encourage you to examine your self-esteem and how it affects your attitude toward affairs of the heart, or, if attached, a love relationship. Focusing on what you have to be grateful for and can change with a small attitude adjustment can soon turn that frown upside down.


Your intuition could tell you that a loved one is keeping you in the dark about a certain matter, but it's difficult to keep calm and not let curiosity get the best of you. Changes are unfolding in a love relationship, but a fear of the unknown could be more exhilarating than intimidating. Keep your cool and your distance where whatever has piqued your curiosity is concerned. All will be revealed soon enough.


A certain special person could open your eyes and mind to new possibilities and opportunities. You could find their knowledge and experience to be powerfully alluring but try not to let discussions or exchanges become too one-sided. You might be in awe of them, but it's not as if they can't learn something from you. Keeping exchanges balanced helps a bond to deepen.


You might need to downsize your expectations slightly where a romantic goal or aspiration is concerned. It's possible you want too much to happen too soon, and although an ambition might be achievable with time, it's important to keep a lid on your enthusiasm or impatience. Too much of both could put a loved one or potential lover off the idea of sharing your explorative journey so show restraint wherever possible.


A little bit of something might not be enough in your emotional world. Your current love life circumstances could make it difficult to accept that 'less is more,' making you prone to excess or overindulging with something that deserves restraint. The sky insists plenty of romantic enjoyment and pleasures are on offer if you savor rather than seize them!


This could be a time when you possess romantic 'gift of the gab' or can say the right words at the right times and know intuitively what a loved one or potential partner wants to hear. However, the downside to this might involve you not knowing when you've said enough. Stopping to listen for long enough to know when you've received the desired response will save any verbal overkill.


If you can sense intuitively what a loved one or potential partner wants to hear, then let your words flow in any way they choose to. You might be keeping certain thoughts or feelings to yourself – or choosing to say nothing because you fear where a conversation could end up. It's not impossible to take a significant step forward in making a romantic dream come true, but you'll need to speak up to help it along.


Adjusting to change in your emotional world could cause you to feel unsure about how to communicate certain thoughts or feelings in the light of shifting love life circumstances. However, it's because of this shift that it's important to convey yourself clearly and openly. If you relax and be your authentic self, then you'll likely find conversation flows easily and naturally. Change can be a magical experience when it's embraced and not resisted.


Your sexy, romantic side could reveal itself in a wonderful way, possibly helped by feelings of warmth, gratitude, and appreciation growing within you. If it has been some time since you looked at the object of your affections in 'that' way or made clear how special they are to you, then you wouldn't want a better time than now to open your heart and say the words that will mean the world to you-know-who.


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