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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Thursday 20 September


A misplaced or unjustified sense of negativity might be felt in some way now, especially if you believe you're not meeting a loved one's expectations or must curtail fun and frivolity in favor of focusing on something seemingly serious. The good news is, pressure you might be putting yourself under isn't fair or necessary, as coming events will confirm.


Don't feel it's necessary to prime yourself for criticism from a loved or confrontation involving them. It's possible you can go to greater lengths than are necessary to prove a point or placate someone who isn't expecting you to move heaven and Earth in ways you could feel inclined to do. If you sense anxiety increasing in your emotional world, then it's possible you're misreading certain situations by seeing them in an inflated or exaggerated way.


Passionate energy can be channeled in many delightful ways. You could feel more passionate about a particular love life matter, and this could be conveyed clearly in ways that have the object of your affections taking a keen interest in what you have to say. On the flip side, a loved one might struggle to match your energy levels so be prepared to adjust your libido accordingly!


There's likely to be no doubt in your mind about how loved and needed you are by someone. You might even be taken aback at the level of support that someone close offers where you believed you were on your own with a certain matter. No longer having to fight for attention makes you more receptive to opening or reopening the lines of communication with a special someone.


The sharing of an idea with a love interest could be a perfect way to strengthen a connection or be the catalyst to embark upon a new one. What you've pondered secretly, wondering if it would be supported by someone close could form a discussion that results in collaboration in some way. You could be surprised at how supportive a loved one is of something you were certain they'd reject or dismiss.


A compromise reached between you and someone special should be done with both of you believing you've gained or benefited. Don't allow it to cause you or them to feel a sacrifice has been made unwillingly or resentfully. If you sense imbalance exists in a new arrangement with your sweetheart or potential partner, then now's the time to say something. Silence could be interpreted - or misinterpreted - as agreement.


You might have to navigate one or two tricky or awkward conversations or exchanges with a loved one but adopting a calm approach will ensure words flow freely. You might also need to balance time between your love life and social life which could present a problem. As long as lines of communication are wide open, any misunderstandings or spats will be short-lived.


A love life matter that appears significant or demands much of your thinking time and energy could appear very differently shortly. Whether it's resolution you're looking to achieve with an ex or planning something with a loved one, something's about to become much less complex. It might not be resolved overnight but will become more manageable as you see it more realistically.


Fear of change and the upheaval that comes with it could cause you to cling too tightly to the way things are currently with affairs of the heart. However, rolling with the changes is essential and so too is focusing on what you know is worthy of appreciating. An attitude of gratitude could change the vibe completely between you and a certain person, especially if a cloud of negativity or intense seriousness has hung over your emotional world or a special connection lately.


You might be more aware of what's not said rather than what's said in a special connection. This could be a time when being an observer reveals much more about what's occurring in your emotional world than putting yourself in the middle of it all. If you sense a loved one or potential partner has something on their mind or is choosing the right moment to say something, then continue to give them space to do so. Being slightly detached can have its benefits now.


You might not be pining for the past but could be inclined to spend much time gazing at it. Whether your current love life circumstances feel familiar or you wish you could turn back time to do something differently, there are few benefits to looking backward because that's not where you're going. Getting to grips with what's occurring now might require you to summon plenty of self-discipline to look forward, but that will be essential with embracing some imminent delightful developments.


Even if you're enjoying overindulging or experiencing too much of a good thing where affairs of the heart are concerned, it will become boring eventually. You're encouraged to be spontaneous but also restrained in your love life, and this could be a tricky combination to manage or balance. Rather than give in to an urge to bring more of what you're enjoying, whatever that might be, try to savor what you have. The sky insists that a little of what you fancy can go a long way if you slow things down.


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