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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Sunday 26 January


Try not to be dismissive of or ignore outright a sudden or unexpected romantic or relationship development. What might feel like a pain in a particular part of your posterior could prove to be something you'll be grateful for shortly. It's intended to help, not hinder your romantic progress or passionate potential, and if you more closely at what develops, then you will likely see it as the blessing in disguise it is.


If you felt reluctant to take a keener interest in matters of the heart recently, then you could find you adopt a more open mind toward doing so now. The positivity and willingness you bring to an existing or budding connection could encourage the one you love to respond similarly and infuse a love connection with new levels of openness and authenticity. You have a chance to lead by example - and the one you love or want to be closer with will probably be quite happy to follow!


What alters or manifests instantly or without warning in your emotional world could cause you to see only the negative side to it when a bigger picture offers something more promising and positive. Rather than focus on what you believe to be a setback, look instead at what you're now encouraged to do – and what a new option arriving through the fog of confusion can offer!


You could feel the need to connect with someone on a deeper level, while the Moon influences relationships and partnerships. This offers an ideal opportunity to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your paramour, especially if the lines of communication have been blurred or tense between you recently. Conversations or exchanges can be underpinned with the right levels of sensitivity and compassion but also with enough grounding and stability to help progress considerably easier to make.


A delightful wave of creativity permeates your emotional world at this time, and this can be integral to you expressing yourself in ways that leave a loved one in no doubt about the depth of your thoughts or feelings. You have a chance to reveal exactly what's on your mind or in your heart and in the most pictorial ways possible. This level of sincere, authentic expression is your ticket to taking you a significant step closer to your most cherished romantic or relationship dreams. Open up, and don't hold back.


Priorities and responsibilities in other areas could easily demand attention and take your eye off matters of the heart if you allow them to. These could require you to do a balancing act between obligations to others while keeping the one you love happy and content in other ways. The secret to creating this balance lies with open communication. As long as you keep your sweetheart in the loop about the various ways your time and attention are pulled, then it will be easier for them to find the support you need.


A work/love life balance might be needed at this time, especially if you and a loved one know how much time and attention you've given to career-related matters recently. The object of your affections might not say anything but could be thinking plenty. That's not to say they're unsupportive of your reasons for putting work matters higher up your priority list, but things could become tenser before they improve. You also owe it to yourself not to burn the candle at both ends. Exhausting yourself should not be a consideration whatsoever.


Try not to focus so intently on what you believe needs improving in your emotional world or how much effort will likely be required from you to bring it to a standard that meets the strict expectations you set. You may also be taking something connected with an existing or budding connection too seriously when you ought to allow a particular development to unfold in its own way without trying so hard to control it.


An abundance of romantic opportunities exist for you at this time, but you might need to apply a bit of imagination or proactivity to spot them. If you're single, then someone who gives off a very cool vibe could have the hots for you. But whether you're single or attached, there could be a sexy and subtle clue within an innocuous comment made – so keep your eyes, ears, and mind open!


You could be frustrated with a need to spell something out clearly to a loved one that you hoped they'd make sense of or get to grips with on their own. However, don't believe this is due to selfishness or a lack of concern on their part. They might want to ensure they have an accurate understanding of your point before responding, and even if it takes a bit longer to make your thoughts or feelings clear, you're bound to appreciate the way they remove any chance of misunderstanding in the future.


As the Moon influences detachment and isolation, some quality 'you' time could be helpful and therapeutic. This is particularly true if you need time on your own to pursue a creative interest or express yourself in an artistic sense. Will a loved one be understanding of this? Much depends on how you ask for it. With the right levels of sensitivity, you can eliminate any possible resentment by explaining why some 'alone time' is important to you.


Something in your emotional world or a special connection can be taken to a new and exciting level with minimal effort but an abundance of imagination. The only slight downside could surround a need on your part to be responsible, practical, and grounded. You might want to tell the world how you feel about the object of your affections but also feel the time to do so isn't right. Perhaps, there's fun to be had with keeping something a secret between you for a while longer?


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