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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Thursday 23 September


Any balance or lightheartedness you need in your emotional world might require action from you. If you're attached, it could be clear a lover has become a dark cloud or negative influence recently. If you're single, somebody could behave inexplicably. So, you may need to take a stand personally - and in the name of love - to clarify what you want to change.


The Moon in your sign can boost your intuition where assisting or supporting a lover is concerned. This could come in particularly handy if the object of your affections or somebody close has dropped subtle or almost invisible clues about the help they need. The good news is, you can be their necessary grounding force – and with no strings attached!


It's probably not like you to go over the top in the name of love. But you may need to guard against excessiveness or taking something between you and another to an extreme. As boring as it sounds, 'anything in moderation' is the motto to stick to. If your actions intend to provoke a response or create a bit of chaos, you might end up wishing you'd shown more self-restraint.


Whereas you might normally be quick to draw attention to a thoughtless remark or demand an apology, you might need to be careful about both now. Choose your words strictly and convey them with care. As long as patience, compassion, and kindness underpin your message, you can be certain there will be no room for misinterpretation or anything hurtful.


If you struggle to summon energy, you may need to be realistic about what fills your agenda now. But don't be concerned that a lover will see your keenness to indulge in something calm and mellow as a copout. If anybody knows how to enjoy gentle, soothing activities, you do. But it might also be interesting how you manage to summon certain energy when you need it.


If you're single, you may need to apply your eye for detail to discover a particular person's less obvious qualities. You know you can be a bit scathing or critical at times. However, you could dismiss somebody based on one or two flimsy assessments. But the lesson on offer affects both single and attached Virgos. Open your mind, and don't judge anything by the cover!


Pushing aside self-discipline and self-restraint could be on par with running with scissors in your love life now. You could easily end up with proverbial egg on your face if you don't apply caution and care where both are needed. In fact, the more you put others first in your world now, the less likely you are to stumble or fall – literally!


You probably have reasons for being selective about who you would ask for help or support from. But it would be unhelpful to include a lover on a list of people you wouldn't ask. Don't be too proud or embarrassed to reach out to someone close if you need assistance with something. When you see what a lover does by stepping up to the plate, you might wish you'd asked sooner!


Any romantic or relationship routines that may have felt intense recently could benefit from the Moon's influence. You and a lover are encouraged to slow down and enjoy immersing yourselves in quiet reverie, healthy eating, and a good night's sleep! You might need to push aside any temptations to indulge or overindulge. But mutual self-care could be so much sexier.


You could feel more relaxed about putting a lover or potential sweetheart in the picture about your past. Whether this involves where you grew up, went to school, or who you've been intimate with previously, you could be willing to answer any question as authentically as possible. If it's not you spilling beans, it could be the one you love. In any case, love can form or flourish by being rooted in truth.


There is still an emphasis on secret-keeping with matters of the heart. For some Water Bearers, this could be something a lover or potential sweetheart has confided in you with and demanded you keep quiet about. But, the right thing to do involves zipping your mouth and sharing nothing with anyone. More than one aspect of trust is involved here. That's love's essential ingredient!


Nobody offers compassion or champions an underdog like a Piscean. But who comes to your aid when you need compassionate support? There could be something draining and frustrating about how a lover demands attention or focus in ways that exceed what you might be able to offer. Of course, you won't let the one you love be unsupported. But this could set a helpful precedent regarding you asking for what you need in return.


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