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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Friday 3 April


A bit of tension in a love relationship might be the last thing you want to deal with. But fortunately, you and the one you love don't have to agree on everything. There are benefits to addressing what might appear less than perfect or airing differences calmly and sensitively. As long as the lines of communication are wide open, there's no reason why tension should be prolonged.


Being clear about what you'd like to change in your emotional world or a special connection is one thing. But adopting a short term attitude or approach won't help you to connect with the bigger picture surrounding your romantic dreams. Passionate developments await if you take one careful step after another toward a romantic relationship goal. Keeping your focus on the future is just as important as what you do in the present.


It could be easy to engage your mouth before your brain has had a chance to involve itself, especially where a love-related discussion is concerned. Although the urge to speak your mind could intensify, that doesn't mean a verbal avalanche is the way to do it. Adopting an 'if you can't say something nice, then say zilch' attitude will serve you well now.


You don't need to rely heavily on your razor-sharp instincts to know that something is brewing in your emotional world or a special connection that may need careful handling. But before you take a bold step to tackle something before it arises, try to understand the subtleties of what you're dealing with. You can bring balance where it's needed, but taking time to think through the most sensitive approach will be a very wise move.


Not knowing the best way to deal with tension in your emotional world or with a special person could encourage you to do or say nothing. This is a time when that could be a wise decision, too. Make a point of listening to what the one you love has to say, even if you don't agree with it. You could be surprised at how a difference of opinion becomes integral to restoring balance where it's needed.


If there's an answer you want from the one you love or a potential partner, then step up to the plate and ask for it. Taking the initiative to make yourself vulnerable in such a way might not be something you do easily. But finding out what you need to know requires you to be willing to ask one or two awkward questions. If you want to form or strengthen trust with a particular person, then this is an important step to do so.


It could be easy to focus on negative energy permeating your emotional world or a special connection. But it might not be as easy to accept how much of it comes from you. You can transform what feels negative into something reassuringly positive by opening your mind. Be receptive toward whatever you're inclined to dismiss or reject. Then, be the one to reduce tension rather than stoke it.


This could be a rare time when you question your intuition. It's not necessarily a case of it leading you astray, but you could jump to a conclusion or make an assumption about a romantic or relationship matter that is way out in left field. If you know you're not dealing with all the facts, then accept that. Answers will come, but don't make things more complicated by applying guesswork - and risk getting it wrong.


If you've made a mistake in some way, then you could score romantic or relationship brownie points by drawing attention to it before the one you love does. This could relate particularly to money, too. That's why two heads might be better than one to resolve this fiscal fiasco. Hold your hand up. Come clean. Do whatever you need to do. But don't try to sweep this under the carpet.


This could be a time when you must apply your Capricornian ability to bring structure to what is structureless, and matters of the heart can benefit from this now. You could deal with a romantic or relationship situation spiralling out of control. Fortunately, it's not impossible to restore harmony where it's needed. You could also be extra clever in coming up with a way to focus any negative energy positively - or pleasurably.


You could be reminded of how habits are habit forming, particularly where matters of the heart are concerned. But that doesn't mean you're not willing to open your mind and introduce a change or two where you know they're needed. It's by altering whatever has become too routine-like in your emotional world or a special connection that you can become more receptive to new positive, passionate possibilities.


Where a deeply-held romantic or relationship aspiration is concerned, you could feel inspired to push aside distractions that prevent you from moving this vision forward. But it's also important to share what your mind and heart see with the one you love. Together, you can create a workable plan to turn your mind's creation into something real. Just be willing to ask yourself honestly if this fantasy is one you really do want to make real.


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