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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Friday 22 February


If you and a loved one can put your heads together to bring more money into your world, then you could be surprised at or inspired by where a discussion leads. If this involves a purchase or investment that offers long-term stability or security, then it could strengthen your bond and demonstrate the solidity of your commitment. If a large purchase isn't an option or necessary, then something small that you take shared ownership of could bring you closer.


A development outside of your emotional world could boost your confidence wonderfully, and whether you're single or attached, your usual sexy vibe could make you extra magnetic and alluring. You could also feel more confident about what you can offer a loved one or potential partner - but could be inclined to do so on your terms. You want to get something in place properly with affairs of the heart and although any list of demands you make are unlikely to be unrealistic or unreasonable, make sure someone knows exactly what you expect from them.


As clear as the path to romantic or relationship fun, frivolity or fulfillment might appear, you could find that obstacles stand in the way. Fortunately, you have a choice regarding how you react to this minor matter, and it's by coming up with unusual solution that helps you circumnavigate love life hurdles. If you can't pursue Plan A, then have Plan B ready – and the wackier, or far removed from you'd normally pursue, the better!


There might be something intriguing or even thrilling about a surge of excitement permeating your emotional world, but you could be keener to stick with what's consistent or predictable. If you're attached, then playing it safe shouldn't mean downsizing romantic or relationship expectations. You could find something sexy, and fun can be enjoyed by enjoying what's known or familiar. Whether single or attached, if this means eating ice cream on the sofa under a duvet watching a film together, then that could be sublime!


Whether it's because you feel you got 'your way' with a lover or have found a way to experience a bit more freedom in a love connection, it's still important to play the humility card. You could take your newfound freedom to an extreme, and this could rub up a partner – or, if appropriate, an ex-partner - the wrong way. Being more careful, thoughtful and sensitive might be necessary.


You could be aware of comments about your emotional world or a love partnership coming your way from others but have a choice about whether you absorb or ignore their opinions. What matters is whether or not you're happy with things as they are, and you aren't obliged to allow anyone to dictate what is or isn't right - or fair – in your love life. Sure, some comments or observations are well-intended, but even in response to them, you can still smile and carry on.


Ok, if you've made a mistake or glaringly obvious error of judgment in your emotional world or involving a certain person, it happens and isn't the end of the world. Your first reaction might be one of defensiveness, and that isn't necessary and only perpetuates tension. Whether it's a lover or close friend who offers criticism, it's important you accept it as constructive and helpful rather than negative or condescending.


Your stubbornness or determination can be sexy and take your love life into wonderful territory sometimes, but you might need to dial both back at this time. Adopting a more open mind and showing a willingness to listen to a loved one will be integral to making progress where it's needed now. Being seen to want to maintain harmony or compromise is the first step to achieving both.


A plan you had no reason to believe might be thwarted could go off on a tangent unexpectedly at this time, especially if it involves responsibility outside the sphere of your emotional world that you must attend to. You could struggle to give attention and effort in more than one way, and this puts pressure on you to prioritize your time. If you must postpone a romantic or relationship plan briefly, then it might be that bit more magical when you can give it your undivided attention.


Something emerging or unfolding in your emotional world could give you plenty to look forward to, but it's important to set realistic expectations. That doesn't mean a firehose should be taken to any flames of enthusiasm or passion but expecting too much, or too much too soon could result in disappointment that could have been avoided. Connect with your reserves of patience and discipline to go with the flow and be receptive to what comes your way without being the instigator.


A seemingly random or humdrum conversation or exchange could turn romantic once you sense you and someone else are on the same page in some way. You could want to take this meeting of minds into deeper territory and are able to do so if you keep things calm and collected. Whether single or attached, you could have your mind or imagination fired up in a way that turns you on immensely, and that's a development or opportunity that mustn't go ignored or slip through your fingers.


Whether or not you're pursuing your most cherished ambition in life, it's important to accept that a loved one or potential partner has grand ambitions and you might wonder how much you feature in these. This person might say much of what you want to hear and might not be able to look too far into the future to put your mind at rest. It's important you don't jump to conclusions or probe for information they might not be able to provide. Keep this conversation as one you and they return to periodically. Making clear that you're on board and supportive might be all they need to know at this stage.


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