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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Friday 18 October


You could feel excited about an extravagant purchase for the one you love, perhaps believing a dramatic material gesture will confirm your passionate feelings. However, save yourself time, stress, and money by accepting how heartfelt and authentic words will mean and count for much more. Underpinning these with the right levels of passion will ensure what you say or convey is heard and understood. Save your shekels and choose instead to express your thoughts or feelings authentically. That's the way to truly make someone's heart flutter.


To gain a loved one's interest or attention, you could feel it's necessary to look more closely at your appearance or how you project yourself in some way. However, don't underestimate how being your authentic self is enough to capture someone's imagination - or possibly sweep them off their feet. You don't need to go to great lengths to please this person, and definitely possess enough attractive qualities to make the right impression, and in more than one way.


This could be a time when your mind is cast to your romantic or relationship past, and possibly to focus on something left open-ended or unresolved. You could discover that you have a very different attitude toward a past love life matter, and this could be helpful with healing an old wound. As long as you're willing to learn the valuable lesson contained within whatever occurred, then you shouldn't have any problem with moving on confidently.


If you experience tension in a love relationship at this time, then it's possible to bring the right level of healing to put things right. It's important that you nip an issue in the bud, and this will likely involve you looking inward and being honest with yourself in the first instance before being honest with the one you love. You're dealing with real emotions now, and these can either be helpful or unhelpful, depending on how you choose to harness or focus them.


Even if your emotional world or a special connection feels like it has unrealistic or dreamy qualities, you're able to identify what's realistic or grounded. Fortunately, there is a strong sense of truth that exists within love life lessons learned in the past. You could be aware of how these influence your current attitudes or opinions where matters of the heart are concerned. But if you want to take heartwarming and reassuring steps toward the passionate potential available in the future, then you might need to be clear or clearer about what you want emotionally and physically.


Giving in to a lover or walking away from a tense exchange isn't weak, it might be sensible at this time. It doesn't make you naive or a pushover in any way, either. However, you could perhaps sense that what your lover sees as a major issue, you see as trivial. There are right and wrong ways of resolving any differences of opinion, and allowing a conversation or exchange to become confrontational isn't what's needed. If pursuing the matter at a later date helps you and the one you love to be clear about whatever it is you disagree with, then you could find a more sensible and rational discussion is had then.


Something could feel increasingly challenging within your emotional world or a close connection, but you possess the ability to look beyond what's obvious to get to the root of a particular problem. Whatever it is you believe needs to be put right, you could decide to apply plenty of passion and gusto to all you do. If you believe whatever is occurring now to be complicated or problematic, then you could create unnecessary hurdles. Keep your eye on the sexy prize as you address any tense or awkward matter now.


You could feel something is undoubtedly flourishing between you and a special person in your world. This shift in your connection could leave you in no doubt that something is progressing between you - and possibly unsubtly, too. Try not to tread too carefully where this is concerned because you're dealing with a positive shift in a passionate paradigm. There could also be something delightful about the way whatever is progressing is both profound and authentic. The more something moves forward between you, the more passionate potential you will see awaits you in the future.


You might believe a romantic or relationship issue was something that you should shoulder alone, but this could be a burden that needs and deserves to be shared. Don't be reluctant to ask for a loved one for support to face whatever issue you find challenging at this time. Whether your connection is romantic or strictly intimate, it's by embracing the spirit of friendship that you and someone close can address and resolve a matter that affects both of you.


Any enhanced ambitiousness you might feel this time probably won't be focused solely on your career. The same go-getting approach that you adopt to professional matters could be applied just as effectively to making delightful progress with a particular person. Whether single or attached, it's important to open your mind to the shared synergy that exists between you and the object of your affections. There might be something very alluring about discovering how you and a certain person make a superb team.


This could be a time when you connect with your Aquarian way of doing things differently, and it might be how you express what's on your mind or in your heart that has different or unusual qualities now. Whether single or attached, you could come up with a new way to express feelings, and might also be unconcerned if this surprises or shocks the one you love. Your unique approach could be seen as powerfully alluring by the recipient of your words.


This could be a time when you assess honestly what and who matters most in your world. It could be the way you analyze the value of all that you own and the importance of key relationships that you enhance your own self-worth. To receive the levels of love you want in your emotional world generally or from a particular person, you might need to make an effort to love yourself a bit more first. This rise in your confidence could be exactly what someone special wants to see.


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