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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Monday 17 December


Be prepared to dial back any intense desire to react confrontationally or aggressively to a loved one. The Moon in your sign could easily heighten emotions and fuel a desire to give as good as you get. Allowing emotions to die down and a bit of time pass will help you to not only see any romantic or relationship kerfuffle in the right perspective but will also help you to see the benefits of building a bridge with the one you love instead of reacting in a way that pushes them away.


Love is never straightforward, but you could be at risk of overcomplicating a romantic scenario, possibly because you feel challenged in a way that feels unfamiliar. Try not to equate drama or intensity with sexy passion. Adopting a gung-ho or overly determined approach to trying to make sense of or resolve a love life matter won't be nearly as effective as allowing a solution to find you in its own sweet time. Give it a chance to do so, and it will.


A sense of urgency could start to diminish in your emotional world. Instead of pushing for progress or results, you could be inclined to be an observer, monitoring from a comfortable distance all that is unfolding in your romantic world generally or one special connection. Allowing your heart to retune or realign itself with your deepest needs is a priority now. There are times when love needs breathing space to manifest or strengthen, so accept now is such a time for you.


The more you view what's occurring in your emotional world generally or within a love partnership, the more you feel it's necessary to take realistic stock and make one potentially long overdue decision. Fortunately, you're helped at this time to focus on possible solutions rather than dwell solely on problems. You know what your heart needs to feel more fulfilled, and this could be a time when you start to take those needs more seriously.


Your signature passion levels could be intensified, and anyone on the receiving end of these knows what special treat awaits them. However, what someone in your world might consider to be mind-blowingly deep, you might feel only scratches the surface of what you want to convey, share or experience. Your desire to deepen or strengthen one connection comes from a very unselfish place within your heart. Just keep a watchful eye on how overpowering it could be.


You want to reveal your authentic self to a loved one and want the same in return. However, getting them to open up to you in ways you want them to requires you to dial back any pressure and ask in the sweetest way possible. This deep discussion needs the time and place to be as close to perfect as possible. Unless you're certain it has arrived, delay this exchange for another day.


You could be inclined to take disappointment or rejection too seriously at this time. Rather than focus solely on what didn't go to plan, focus instead on how any temporary setback encourages you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on. See whatever occurs now as another step to achieving your passionate purpose and offering an undeniable chance to become stronger and more emotionally resilient.


If you allow them to, doubts and insecurities could make a romantic or relationship dilemma unnecessarily complex and difficult. You might not feel confident that you have an accurate understanding or a love life situation – or possibly a certain person. However, it's possible emotions are finding their way into thought processes. For now, give emotions a chance to subside. Dealing with any unfounded worries could only add to concerns and stress levels.


Someone close could undoubtedly benefit from your emotional strength or words of wisdom. You're able to see beyond what's obvious in any situation that's causing the object of your affections to adopt a negative or pessimistic view or attitude. You could also see at least one helpful solution that they can't and can soon turn a loved one's frown upside down by being the positive influence you can be – effortlessly!


You're right to refuse to get drawn into a romantic or relationship snafu at this time because it could vanish as quickly as it arrives. If you're attached, then biting your tongue, counting to ten and keeping emotions out of any discussions can help a solution to manifest as if by magic. A loved one or potential partner thinks they know precisely how you'll react or respond. Sometimes, the element of surprise can be the best plan of action!


Be prepared to dig deep to summon patience and compassion because both will be needed to resolve a tense love life scenario determined to manifest. Your heart knows the benefits of reacting calmly to what arises, and if you trust its intuition, then you can be the voice of reason where this skirmish is concerned. You're armed with enough discipline and sensitivity to overcome this challenge so don't let impatience or confrontation get a foothold.


Try to see what's exciting or tantalizing about taking a calculated love life risk at this time. Being too cautious can cause a potentially heartwarming opportunity to slip right through your fingers, and it's only afterward that you'll probably discover a fear was unfounded. With a bit more trust and willingness to explore something new or unusual, a delightful development awaits.


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