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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Tuesday 11 May


If communication lines seem to have widened with a loved one, then you can seize a chance for a potentially deep exchange. 'Deep' needn't mean 'confrontational' either. Once you get talking and a discussion flows, you could be surprised at what emerges from your mouth. It could be an authentic declaration of love - or a secret you've managed to conceal - until now.


If you've struggled to face any truths about your love life recently, then you can do so confidently with a New Moon in your sign. This could be a particularly important time for matters of the heart, especially if you seize the fresh start or new beginning on offer. You can step forward with confidence and integrity blended with the right levels of patience, all rolled into one!


Whether you're solo or spoken-for, a barrier to romantic or relationship progress could be hesitancy on your part. You can likely see a line that you should cross but might choose to remain behind it for reasons known only to you. But consider how that line needs to be put behind you. Something pleasurable awaits once you manage to do it.


You have a chance to confirm where you stand in a romantic or relationship scenario. You could feel frustrated if you struggle to get answers to some deep, essential questions. But it could be a sense of the unknown that also makes this intriguing or thrilling. With patience, you can keep that thrill very much alive. Confusion or frustration won't hang around long.


This is a superb time to strengthen foundations in a special connection. As much as you and someone might turn each other on in many ways, the real strength of your bond involves mutual trust, loyalty, and camaraderie. Fancying the pants off the object of your affections is fine. But knowing you're there unconditionally for each other when needed is something else altogether.


If you're going to reveal grand plans or ambitions to the one you love, then do so seriously rather than halfheartedly. Don't be embarrassed to explain what fires you up or pushes you to pursue your life's calling. If it's authentic, then describe it in vivid detail. You might see your loved one's eyes widen inspiringly as well!


You appear to have something to say and could be determined to say it unconditionally at this time. But consider if you have a watertight case in ways you believe you do. Don't be defensive if a loved one points out a few flaws in your point or vision. But a discussion or an exchange needn't end in disagreement. Any faults identified can be resolved or improved together.


You could feel hesitant about granting yourself necessary 'you time.' But today's New Moon affecting partnerships and commitments offers a chance to create or restore balance regarding shared interests. Is it possible a lover or potential sweetheart could be more involved with something you prefer to do solo? A new beginning or clean slate on offer could make it possible.


If an idea resonates deeply within you, then you know it holds considerable potential for a lover or potential paramour to feel equally inspired. But conveying your vision to the object of your affections could be frustrating. Much depends on how confidently you describe it. 'Enthusiasm sells,' and you might need to dig deep for it before instigating this chat or an exchange.


Change, spontaneity, adventure, more between-the-sheets action - you might not be able to pinpoint what you want to introduce or experience. But you might feel it's time to push a boundary within your emotional world or a special connection. Slowly but surely, you're becoming clearer about what you want and don't want emotionally and physically. A big step in a new direction awaits.


Matters of the heart could take on an unusual or unorthodox feel now. That might suit you just fine, too, if you sense something thrilling about new territory on the horizon. Whether this involves being more experimental intimately or a keener interest in someone from a different background if you're single, pleasure awaits by straying from norms and beaten passionate paths!


More self-care can increase your self-confidence, and that can lead to more self-love. Applying more focus to your needs is essential for you to be the best you can be for someone else. But any improvements should be all about you in the first instance. Whether you want to lose a self-isolation belly or smile proudly when standing naked in front of a mirror, any effort to improve yourself could put a sexy spring in your step!


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