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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Sunday 18 August


A love life lesson from the past can be applied to your emotional world at this time. What was learned can play a part in how you react or respond to a relationship matter or opportunity presenting itself now. If you're attached, then a sense of déjà vu you might experience could have an unsettling vibe but look backward briefly at how you overcame something similar. It can be done easier this time.


Any volatility or constant surprises in your emotional world or a close connection might have been exciting recently but could be a draining influence now. You want to know where you stand in some way, and a lover or potential partner could help to bring stability to what's changeable or vague. Creating stronger emotional foundations needs you to experience more predictability, and that's something you'll feel more of shortly.


Balance can be found where you believe something related to your emotional world or a love relationship has become a bit too one-sided. Your generosity might need to be curtailed in some way if you sense that no reciprocation comes your way. It's interesting how, when we keep giving, all is hunky-dory. When we put our foot down, we're seen as unreasonable or selfish. That could sum up a scenario you'll deal with now or shortly.


Tension could escalate in your emotional world or a close connection, but you can keep it at bay by hearing what a lover or love interest is trying to tell you. You might need to hold back your response until you've heard them out. When appropriate, make your thoughts and feelings clear, but once you have a clearer idea of what someone close wants and needs from you.


A romantic or relationship opportunity waits to be noticed and seized. Chances are, it's more available or accessible than you think so you shouldn't have to look hard to spot it – or them! It's also possible you might see what is on offer by adopting a less idealistic view of love and romance. Removing rose-tinted glasses could bring a whole new perspective to matters of the heart now.


Where you might feel alone or isolated, you could discover how well a lover understands what you think or feel and well-placed they are to offer helpful and insightful advice. The more you show a willingness to open up to them, the more reassured you're likely to feel that they have your best interests at heart. If you're single and looking for love, then someone willing to be a sounding board or confidante could ensure your search is over.


The time might feel 'right' in some way to make plans for the future - or even implement one or two that have been on the back burner for ages. If you've been waiting for a green light or reassurance before taking something in your emotional world to a new or previously unexplored level, then you could feel a noticeably stronger sense of security and optimism that helps you to take a bold step now.


Your focus could shift strongly toward long-term romantic goals at this time. Keep an eye on your future romantic aspirations, but delightful opportunities are presenting themselves here and now that are worth giving attention to. You can spot some of them but will miss others if you're in too much of a rush to arrive at a future romantic or relationship destination.


Your curiosity could blend with your sense of adventure and encourage you to seek stimulating or unusually deep levels of conversation. However, be aware of how a loved one or love interest might want a less intense - or thrill-seeking - exchange. Don't take this as a lack of interest. Whatever sexy adventures you have in mind might only need to be introduced gradually.


You could pull out all the stops to express yourself and want a loved one or love interest to match your levels of openness. This might be helpful, but only to a point, especially if you have questions you want answers to. Impatience on your part could make a sweet exchange turn interrogative if you're not careful. Keep conversations lighthearted for now, if words do need to be so integral to revealing feelings.


If a loved one or potential partner chooses to be non-communicative, then you probably won't have to try too hard to gauge what's on their mind or their reasons for being so. Their actions will likely speak louder than their words. It could be by tuning in to how they react physically that you gain a better understanding of whatever the issue is.


Superficial chat probably won't interest you at this time, and you might find it difficult to enjoy the levels of mental stimulation you need. It's not as if you want to discuss anything overly deep or taboo but might want more depth to discussions than you're receiving. Perhaps, finding common ground in the form of a creative interest or pursuit could take one exchange into intriguing territory?


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