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Daily Love Chatty Style Horoscopes - Sunday 21 April


It can be easy to replay in your mind a past l love life episode and wonder what you could have done to improve it or make it less stressful. It's possible you're absorbing too much responsibility for something that ought to be shared. It's most important that you learn from whatever occurred and move on from it. Giving this matter too much thought could result in you convincing yourself that there is more you could or should have done - and that's unlikely to be the case.


You have an abundance of wisdom to connect with that can be applied helpfully and effectively in all areas of your world, and your love life is no exception at this time. It's possible that a friend or close companion is experiencing something in their world that you experienced, and you're superbly placed to offer the advice they need. You've been 'there' and 'done' or 'seen' that – so step forward confidently to share your wisdom with this special individual.


If a cloud of seriousness hangs over your emotional world or one special connection, then you could know precisely what's needed to make things more lighthearted. Your unique brand of energy and enthusiasm could bring more than just a ray of sunshine to a love connection at this time. This could be integral to taking a love life development that's heading for the doldrums into somewhere much more pleasurable and enjoyable - in a heartbeat!


If you thought you'd done everything possible to move a budding or existing love connection in a particular direction, then you could be reassured to discover there are options you haven't considered or applied. You could be also surprised at how imaginative your idea or plan is, too. It may be unusual but could shake up or move one special connection in a way you wanted to for some time.


If you've been aware of how you and a loved one or a potential partner haven't agreed on certain matters or principles, then you could assess honestly why you adhere to certain values, and if you do so habitually. Emotional and psychological insights are finding their way to you and will do so increasingly during the coming weeks. Trust that the new perspectives you gain can be integral to your love life feeling more fulfilling – or much less directionless.


Rather than focus intently on what's imperfect in your emotional world or one special connection, try and open your mind to reasons why you deserve to feel appreciative of what your passionate efforts have brought you. Adopting an attitude of gratitude could help you to accept that you may have set certain romantic relationship expectations too high. Let love flourish in a way it intends to because it's unconcerned with any strict agenda you have for it.


You have a choice regarding whether you nurture negative energy in your emotional world or a special connection. However, it's important that you understand that choosing not to pursue a matter of principle is wise at this time. You could waste time and effort defending a viewpoint that you and a loved one can agree to disagree on, for now. If you must pursue something passionately, do so positively and pleasurably rather than risk inviting or prolonging any confrontation.


Even if a loved one or a potential partner doesn't come right out and say it, you know there's more going on behind their eyes than they're letting on. Your sharp intuition could also put two and two together quickly to determine what is causing any inner turmoil. Rather than wait until they come to you to ask for support or guidance, step forward and offer both unconditionally, even if you sense they don't see you as an obvious first choice to go to for either or both.


Something that comes to light regarding a certain person could confirm your suspicions, but your greatest sense of frustration might come from convincing yourself there's more you could have said or done to make this less of an issue. What emerges could present an obstacle, but it's important that you and this person focus on the future and where things go from here. You could end up feeling grateful for a new level of agreement that gets put in place as a result.


You're probably aware of how often you're criticized unfairly for being so practical and logical but it's these qualities that a loved one or potential partner need from you now. You're able to offer support or advice in a way that gets straight to the point and makes crystal clear what someone close needs to do. It's not that you're unsympathetic; you want to ensure they take the most sensible step to overcome a problem or dilemma. You could also be reminded of how the advice you offer is strangely similar to the same advice someone once offered you, too.


If you're aware of a certain person you've removed from your world or maybe even turned your back on, then you could be taken aback at how willing you are now to allow them back in. You may also surprise yourself at how much time has been spent nurturing a certain grudge unnecessarily. Someone close is willing to put your shared past behind them. Be willing to dig deep for the same levels of kindness and compassion.


It may feel as a loved one or potential partner has crossed a certain line by pushing you to agree to something. However, this person probably sees no harm in the way they're asking you to go above the call of duty. Don't automatically assume that they're taking advantage of your goodwill or generous, compassionate nature. Whatever you give now will be returned to you in some way, so show more willingness where you could be inclined to be defensive.


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