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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 15 July 2019


Be warned, I might need some extra support this week, especially in the first three days of the week. While I don't want to show it, preferring to maintain my 'too cool for school' image, this week's eclipsing Full Moon will have an impact on me. Full Moons don't usually bother me too much, but this one does because it creates a disconnect with the things that keep me grounded. You can help out by keeping my routines and rituals the same and by not changing things up too much in the early part of the week.


While a lot of my friends are going to lose the plot thanks to this week's eclipsing Full Moon, this seems to have the opposite impact on me. From the moment adventurous lunar vibes kick in on Monday, nearly 48 hours before the lunar eclipse itself, a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure will win me over. The only problem you might have is that this will make me prone to wandering off, with a sense of curiosity stronger than my common sense.


In terms of the impact this week's stars will have on us pets, the lunar eclipse is the elephant in the room. This will start building on Monday but will be over by Wednesday, at worst creating a bit of turbulence in the early part of the week. While this won't impact me in the same way that it might impact some of my friends, it might see my confidence take a hit. A bit of pampering and extra loving in the early part of the week will build up my immunity to this.


Because I was born under a Moon ruled sign and even an ordinary Full Moon can turn me in a puddle, this week's lunar eclipse was always going to have an impact on me. Yet the Full Moon that falls during my birthday month is always more challenging, for this is messing with not just any Sun, but a Cancer Sun. Throw in the fact that this a lunar eclipse and I might be more emotionally fragile, especially in the first three days of the week. You don't have to wrap me in cotton wool, but I will appreciate a little more affection and attention and the royal treatment won't go astray. After all, it is my birthday month.


All this talk about lunar eclipses and Full Moons has me confused, for this is having little impact on me, other than make me feel even more restless. The biggest problem I face this week is the two monkeys on each shoulder. One is giving me the kind of restless energy that makes it hard to sit still, while the other is a lazy influence, reminding me that I could just have a nap. Chances are I will alternate between the two, but if I don't have enough exercise I will get restless.


A combination of a playful lunar eclipse and a social energy is likely to keep me busy this week. A little too busy at times, for there is a stronger than normal pull to spend time napping. This is something that I will always experience in the month leading up to my birthday month, but that doesn't start until next week. If it looks like fun I'll be right into it, otherwise I am likely to take myself off for another nap.


Just as well you know me by now because this will help you see through acts of bravado. This week's lunar eclipse might impact me in a more significant way than most Full Moons normally do, except with my pride especially strong, I will work hard to disguise that fact. It is during those moments that I appear stubborn or wilful that I am more likely to be putting on an act in order to hide the fact that I am feeling fragile. Instead of seeing this as acting out, it could just be that I need a hug or a little bit of attention and reassurance. I appear braver than I actually am.


This week's eclipsing Full Moon is likely to make me a lot more talkative, especially in the first three days of the week. So much so that you might literally find me howling at the Moon. I am always trying to express myself and that includes verbally, but this week I am loving the sound of my own voice and the more noise I can make the better. The problem is that I don't think you or the neighbours are into this as much as I am. The more I feel listened to the less noise I am likely to make.


Nothing much gets me down and that includes this week's eclipsing Full Moon, which is having a negative impact on a lot of my friends. It is not that Full Moons don't affect me and more that the far stronger influence this week is a sense of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure which has taken hold. I was born under a wandering star and adventure is in my blood, so this speaks to my cosmic DNA.


I am usually the first to look at my friends and wonder why they are losing the plot over something as silly as a Full Moon. After all, this is just a ball of light in the sky and if it is cloudy you can't even see it. So quite frankly, I don't know what all the fuss is about. However, there is something about this week's Full Moon that is getting under my skin, especially in the first three days of the week. This is partly because this is a lunar eclipse and partly because the Moon is in Capricorn. Either way, some extra love in the early part of the week will be appreciated.


At some point during the Sun's month long visit to my health sector, the point in each year when the solar spotlight is on my health, a Full Moon will put this to the test. This is when I am feeling most vulnerable and if there are any underlying health issues, a bit of stress will magnify them, making them easier to see. That Full Moon comes in the form of a lunar eclipse in the first three days of the week, which is when you need to be paying attention.


Because I was born at such an emotionally charged time of year, Full Moons can impact me. Yet while this week's eclipsing Full Moon will have an impact, this is more likely to energise me than rattle my nerves. Not only is this a socially charged Full Moon, which will encourage me to come out of my shell, the sunlight being reflected off the face of the Moon is playful. This week has an exciting feel and I am ready to do some dancing under either the sun or the moonlight.


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