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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 17 December 2018


For the most part, this is a good week for me and I am likely to be fairly chilled out and relaxed. However, by the weekend my sixth sense will be putting me on alert, ahead of this year's last Full Moon. This is when I am going to wake up to the fact that my normal routine is being disrupted. I should have known better, as this happens at this time every year, but I have been blissfully unaware, in my own world.


I will be looking for signs of change this week, especially to my routine. Less so I can try and avoid them and more so that I can be prepared, not wanting to have anything sprung on me. For the most part, I don't mind how busy your life is, as long as my own routine isn't disrupted. Especially when it comes to time to just laze around and chill out. Yet over the weekend, I am likely to feel a sense of wanderlust and curiosity.


While I am still likely to be your constant shadow or at least will want to have eyes on you at all times. As long as I know what you're doing I'll be content. I am acutely in tune with your routines and know when you veer from that. When you leave for work and come home at the same time and life proceeds as normal I'll be happy if you're out of sight. However, alter that routine and I won't be happy.


I am in my happy place this week, apart from one major blimp that I might need some help getting through. I am loving a playful and adventurous energy in play and while the Sun still has the solar spotlight on my health needs, chances are all signs are looking good. It is over the weekend that things temporarily turn to custard, with a Full Moon throwing me for a loop. A little bit of reassurance will go a long way.


You know me, the more excitement and adventure you can pack into my week the better, with the message being to 'bring it on'. Fortunately, the stars oblige, with playful solar vibes in play for the majority of the week, which in turn are tapping into a sense of adventure. This is my kind of week. However, don't be alarmed if my energy levels and motivation dip over the weekend, with a Full Moon temporarily taking the wind out of my sails.


Home is not so much where my heart is this week, but definitely where the rest of my focus is. I have become a real homebody, loving my routines and rituals, at a time of year when they are more likely to be disrupted. Christmas might be happening all around me, but I am more than happy with my routines and rituals. My heart is focused on communication and yes, I have fallen in love with the sound of my own voice.


While I am more than capable of entertaining myself and I have no problem with my own company, this week I prefer company. Whether it is time spent with you or just knowing that there is life and activity going on around me, as long as I'm not alone, I'll be happy. I am also feeling more confident, which means I am less likely to hide away when we have visitors or with other pets.


I am not sure what you're putting in my food or maybe it really is the impact of the stars, but this week I am feeling good. I am feeling playful, adventurous and dare I say brave. This is not like me at all, with life all of a sudden feeling like a party. I am under the influence of playful, adventurous and passionate forces and this is having a positive impact on my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


I have just six words to say to you. Those six words are 'my birthday month ends on Saturday'. Are you listening and do you realise what that means? My birthday month is coming to an end and if we haven't celebrated already, you're running out of time. Yet while I won't say no to treats and gifts, what I really need are the healthy intentions and resolutions that I can't make for myself.


On Saturday the Sun will return to Capricorn, beginning my birthday month. However, until then I really can't be bothered, with the final days of my old solar year sapping a lot of my energy and motivation. This is a time of year when I will naturally be more lethargic, needing to spend more time napping and sleeping. However, I am suffering from a case of social butterfly syndrome, coming alive when we have company.


My inner diva is playing up this week and don't look at me, because I have no control over it. All of a sudden I not only know what I do and don't want, but I have a cocky sense of confidence that is likely to turn me into a royal pain at times. In any battle of wills, I will have perfected my 'make me' look. Apart from picking your battles wisely, I am not beyond being bribed.


From past experience you know that I don't handle Full Moons too well, often turning into a jittery puddle. Yet there is something about the weekend's Full Moon that will do the very opposite, bringing out my playful and even adventurous side. It helps that I am feeling braver in general and a lot more confident.


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