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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 18 November 2019


I might demonstrate Jekyll and Hyde like tendencies at the start of the week, not quite sure if I want to be the boss of me or whether I want you to be the boss of me. There is something about knowing that you are the leader of my pack and that you have everything under control that makes me feel safe, but then I also want to rule the roost sometimes. I will find it easier to get the balance right by midweek.


Chances are that restless energy and need to be moving that may be driving you crazy could be even more extreme at the start of the week. However, this is more a last flare up before things even out and my energy levels become more balanced by midweek. However, don't be surprised if I go the other way, finding it hard to keep me moving. The same laws that dictate that a body in motion will stay in motion and a body at rest will stay at rest still apply to me this week and it is just that I flip from one to the other.


For the most part, I am feeling happy and playful this week but I am likely to experience an energy surge midweek, one that could make me more restless, wanting to be moving. This comes just as the Sun is preparing to leave my health sector over the weekend and while the solar spotlight is still on my health needs, this is likely to expose any issues. However, if I remain lethargic don't see that as a sign that something is wrong, for chances are I am just being lazy.


While I can be too busy watching over my family and guarding over my domain to lighten up too much and have fun, I am ready to throw caution to the wind this week. Even more so from midweek, with a growing desire for the kind of fun and play that gets the blood pumping and the endorphins flowing. No matter how old I am, I can feel some youthful exuberance returning.


As much as I am a real homebody this week and this will not only continue but I could become quite territorial with it by midweek, I am also ready to have fun. There is already some playful energy in the air but it is the playful solar vibes that kick in over the weekend that will exacerbate this. This won't take away from my devotion to family or my duty to guard my territory, but within the confines of my castle I am ready to play and have fun.


There are two forces that come together this week to make me a potential noise nuisance. The first is a need to express myself and yes that does include a love for the sound of my own voice, whether I have something to say or not. The other is a growing sense of confidence, especially from midweek and the more confident I feel, I am sorry to say, but the louder I am likely to become.


If you have been worried about me, sensing that I am feeling stressed but unable to work out why I am sorry but I am just as in the dark as you are. I feel the pressure but as much as I try, I can't figure out what I have to be worried about. After all, I have everything and everyone I need around me. Whatever it is, this will not only eventually pass but fairly abruptly midweek. I might start the week feeling stressed but by Wednesday I will feel the weight lifting off me. I don't know what it was but I will be glad to see it go.


With my birthday month coming to an end over the weekend, I am ready to enjoy the royal treatment this week. Regardless of when my actual birthday falls, as far as I am concerned, if the Sun is in Scorpio it is my birthday month and I want to be given the royal treatment. So far I haven't been too enthusiastic about this, but there is a shift midweek that will all of a sudden see me come alive, ready to embrace both my birthday month and life itself.


While I am unlikely to be too lethargic this week, mainly because I find that too boring, in the lead up to the start of my birthday month over the weekend, I will need more time to nap. This has been the case for several weeks now but don't be surprised if my energy levels and motivation take a dive midweek. While even to me it will feel like I am simply being lazy, this is something that I need. I need a break from all that rushing around, for at least a few hours here and there.


I am likely to become not only a lot more agreeable from midweek but a lot more socially engaged. I have no explanation for why I have been so bull headed and obstinate, ready to stand my ground and go into a battle of wills, for no other reason than because I can. While this is partly my nature so will always be there, this will ease back midweek, replaced by a socially charged energy that is likely to distract me. I will start to prefer company over getting my own way or at least most of the time.


While I am right into any opportunity to embrace a sense of adventure and wanderlust at the start of the week, this will ease back a little by midweek. It is not that I will lose my sense of curiosity or a need for adventure and more that this won't be as all consuming. However, unfortunately for you this will be replaced by a rise in my competitive spirit, as I start to feel more compelled to stand my ground and start to enjoy a battle of wills a little too much.


I am feeling uncharacteristically mellow, relaxed and also spontaneous this week. There has been a sense of adventure in the air for some time and this has been fuelling a sense of curiosity that is making my tolerance for boredom a lot lower. Normally, I can take myself off into my imagination and have an imaginary adventure any time I want. However, as the week continues I will start craving real adventures and this is making me feel a lot braver.


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