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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 17 September 2018


With the Sun leaving my health sector over the weekend, this is a week for taking all my health needs seriously. While last week's New Moon was the perfect chance to start anything new, while the solar spotlight is still on my health needs, conditions and priorities is a good time. I am depending on you to make the intentions on my behalf, that I can't make myself.


Last week I was feeling torn and conflicted. On one hand I wanted to be next to you 24/7, your constant shadow and even sitting on top of you when I could. Anything to get as close to you as possible. Yet I also needed my own personal space. This week I think I have figured it out, in that I feel more comfortable taking myself off for some alone time, knowing that I can come and find you when I need to.


Home is still the centre of my universe, always has been and always will be. I am starting to look beyond my boundaries, especially if the fun stuff appears to be on the other side of the fence. Yet the real shift won't happen until the weekend. Until then, while I am starting to crave more fun and play, home and family life is still my main draw. The balance will start to shift over the weekend.


I am feeling a lot more confident this week and that is revealing itself in the fact that I am more sure of myself. I am not exactly more defiant and more pragmatic when it comes to knowing what I want and sticking to my guns. As you know, I am also an expert at reading your body language. I know when you've had a tough day, when you're relaxed and when you're stressed and I'm smart enough to know when I can and can't push the rules.


Don't be surprise if I am a lot more 'in your face' this week. It is not that I am needy or I am trying to get more attention and more that if you're doing something, I want to be doing it too. From watching TV to pottering around the house or the section, if you're doing something I'm doing it with you. It might pay to be more observant, because I might become a tripping hazard at times.


When the Sun leaves Virgo over the weekend, this will bring my birthday month to a close. But until then, it is my birthday month and we both know what that means. Whether you know my actual birthday or not, my whole birthday month is a time for new beginnings and intentions. While I won't say no to treats and gifts, what I really need is the intentions and resolutions I can't make on my own behalf.


This is a week of two halves, though not too equal halves in terms of length. During the first five days and throughout the working week I am likely to be not so much lethargic or lazy, but definitely in love with my naps. If you're at work during the week that will work out well, for I'll hardly notice you're gone. It is when the Sun returns to Libra and begins my birthday month over the weekend, that I'll come alive.


Have you noticed that I have that star quality about me this week? You don't? You can't see that I am just that little bit more special, a rock star or legend in my own backyard? Well, I can certainly feel it, which is why I have that extra strut in my step, that extra confidence and why I want to be treated like the prince or princess that I am. It's not like I'm asking you to bow down to me or anything.


Have you ever witnessed those times when I am steering into space and in a way that freaks you out, wondering if I can see something you can't? Well, you might witness this in the early part of the week, but don't freak out. There is nothing ethereal in play, just a blank expression as I get lost in my own imagination. For the rest of the week I'll be on the lookout for as much adventure as I can find.


I can be a slow starter when it comes to the adventurous solar vibes that are always in effect in the first three weeks of September. So much so that this is often over before I have cottoned on. I am often too serious and responsible for my own good. Yet with those adventurous solar vibes not departing until Sunday, this gives us and yes, I did say 'us', the majority of the week to embrace them.


I don't know where I've been, but I'm back. I have that old spring in my step and the funk I've been in has gone and hopefully it won't be back. The downside for you is that it comes with a load of nervous energy that I will need to burn off somehow. While I still need to nap, this is no longer for fun, but to recharge my batteries so I can throw myself into my day again.


While you might not have told me in so many words to 'get a life', I can tell that you have been getting impatient with me. I can't help it if I can't leave you alone, that I want to be near and often literally on top of you or that I have turned into a tripping hazard, because you're not looking at where you're going. I know you love me, but you also need your space. Don't worry, I won't need to be constantly at your side by the end of the weekend, but until then I will.


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