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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 22 October 2018


I can't explain why, but I am feeling like my old self again this week, especially in the first part of the week, when everything will feel clearer and more alive. At the same time, I am turning into a bit of a deep thinker, so much so that you may find me spending a lot of time just steering into space. Fortunately, I have all the time in the world.


Don't be surprised if I am especially bull headed and obstinate this week, especially in the second half of the week. Born under the Sign of the Bull, I can be stubborn and bull headed at times, but for the most part, I am fairly amicable, happy to go along with the flow. But there is something about this week's Full Moon that will awaken my need to stand my ground.


Full Moons don't usually bother me too much, especially when it comes to losing the plot as I have seen some of my friends do. Yet this week's Full Moon will have an impact, just not a negative one. I am unlikely to become stressed or fretful, but I could become more sleepy. This comes laden with dreamy lunar vibes that will speak directly to my imagination. I am likely to be taking more naps, not because I am tired and more so I can escape into my daydreams.


As I was born to a Moon ruled sign, Full Moons do impact me more than they do my friends, often playing havoc with my nerves for days before and after. Yet while that may still be the case this week, especially as I approach the middle of the week, this is more likely to also fuel a sense of camaraderie and a desire for companionship. I usually enjoy lots of time on my own, but I might literally be crying out for company in the second half of the week.


Home is where my heart is this week and this will only strengthen as the week progresses. This comes at a time when I also want to be as close to you as possible, making the times we get to spend at home together the best parts of the week for me. So much so that I am likely to protest, especially if you spend too much time away from home or my routines and rituals are disrupted. This is not like me at all.


I am usually level headed, practical and not too prone to spontaneous behaviour, which is why I am likely to shock even myself this week. I blame it on this week's Full Moon, which will fill my head with a sense of curiosity and a thirst for adventure that could see me forget the meaning of common sense. Don't assume that just because I would never normally wander off, that this will be the case this week.


Monday and Tuesday are the final two days of my birthday month and I am starting to panic. Whether we have celebrated my birthday yet or not is not something that I am particularly bothered about, though I won't say no to any last minute treats or some royal treatment. What I am concerned about is the intentions and resolutions for this new solar year that I need you to make for me, on my behalf.


While a sense of lethargy will never completely leave me, I should snap out of it to a certain degree by Wednesday. It is the Sun's return to Scorpio and the start of my birthday month that might have me too excited to spend too much time dozing. Until I start to wane that is, in which case I'll be off to my favourite spot for another nap. You do know what the start of my birthday month means don't you? It means I have a birthday coming up.


Usually, like you, I might start the week slow and then warm up to things the further into the week I go. This week I'm doing things back to front, starting the week with a spring in my step, only to find my energy levels start to wilt and flag midweek. This happens every year, a month out from the start of my birthday month. I reach that point midweek, just as a Full Moon may see me want to escape into my own sanctuary.


While I am usually far too sensible to be bothered by Full Moons, this week's Full Moon is likely to have an impact on me, though for all the right reasons. This is not only a fun and playful Full Moon, but with an intensity that I will find impossible to resist. No matter how old or young I am, this is likely to see me all of a sudden become a lot more frisky, wanting you to spend time playing with me.


I am starting to find that my energy levels are not only up, but they are also finally stable. It wasn't that my energy levels haven't been up in the past and more that they have been taking me on a roller coaster ride, in what has been a crash and burn cycle. I would get all excited about a new lease of energy, only to find that I pushed myself too hard and I needed to spend time napping. This week my energy levels balance out, to a point where I have all that I need, but the crazy roller coaster ride of ups and downs is over.


While I am always going to be a dreamer, loving times when I can nap in my favourite spot, daydreaming to my heart's content. Or you may be used by now, to finding me simply steering into space. This is part of my nature, but this has become more intense over recent months and even more so this week. However, there is a new sense of excitement setting in, as my sixth sense starts to pick up on a new energy burst approaching.


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