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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 15 April 2019


The final days of my birthday month are going to take me on a bit of a roller coaster ride. I am just warning you, that I might be all over the place. I start the week on a high, infected by playful and adventurous bugs at the same time. Yet I might come to a crashing low by the time of a Full Moon on Friday, which in the last full day of my birthday month could rattle my nerves. This is when I might need a bit of reassurance. By the weekend things will be smoother and a more level playing field.


In the days leading up to my birthday month, I am usually lacking in energy, waiting for the Sun's return to Taurus over the weekend to bring a fresh injection of energy and vitality. While I am likely to be fond of my naps, I have plenty of energy for the things that I want to do. If you find me unmotivated and unwilling to move, it is less because I can't and more because I don't want to. In the meantime, my birthday month starts over the weekend and you know what that means.


Quite frankly, I don't know what all the fuss is about. The closer we get to Friday's Full Moon the more my friends will start freaking out and collectively losing their cool. I just don't get it. To me, the waxing lunar vibes ahead of Friday's Full Moon are fun and exciting, with a playful quality to them. If anything, this will have me excited. However, I guess anxiety and excitement do feel kind of the same, except I'm being drawn to the excited side of the fence.


Because I was born at a Moon ruled time of the year, it is a given that I will be impacted more by a Full Moon. Us pets are always more perceptive than humans and we all feel the building tensions and that is especially so for me. In the days leading up to Friday's Full Moon, the more you can keep my routine the same the better. What will help me to feel settled is being able to cling to my normal rituals and routines. Mess with those and I really might lose the plot.


Boy, am I in a good mood this week. From the get go there is something in the air, with playful and adventurous forces getting under my skin and into my veins, making life look fun and exciting. While this might wane a little during the week, the core feelings will be there. In the meantime Friday's Full Moon could have a curious impact, fuelling a need to express myself. I may even end up literally howling to the Moon.


While this week's Full Moon isn't until Friday, it will start building from Wednesday and is something that I might need some help with. I am usually too sensible and practical to be influenced by Full Moons, but this one could put a dent in my confidence, making me more jumpy and fragile. This is easily overcome by some extra reassurance, but also by not putting me in situations I don't feel comfortable in.


Chances are you have already noticed that I am spending more time up close and personal, wanting to be physically closer to you. Until now this has been subtle and to a point that you haven't noticed. That is about to change and by the end of the week, I am likely to be glued to your side. There is also another development, in that midweek I will also find my voice, becoming more talkative. In my own way of course.


The Sun continues to shine the solar spotlight onto my health needs until Saturday, but it is not until halfway through the week that the stars favour making actual choices, decisions or plans. Even then, while the solar spotlight will move off my health needs, you still have several weeks to do anything with this. What you can't afford to do is ignore this opportunity. Pay extra attention in the lead up to Friday's Full Moon.


My week gets off to a very good start, with playful solar and adventurous lunar vibes coming together in a way that speaks to my inner need for both fun and adventure. While the adventurous lunar vibes won't continue too far into the week, as I was born under an adventurous star, once awoken I sense of wanderlust and curiosity won't be forgotten. This sets me up for the coming week, which I want to be all about play, fun and adventure. What do you mean you have to go to work?


I was born at a time of year steeped in earthy, practical, common sense and this has become part of my DNA. For that reason, I am not easily rattled and I am usually mostly immune to an emotionally charged Full Moon. However, the build up to Friday's Full Moon might rattle my nerves, not because it turns me into an emotional mess and more because it will cause me to feel the full weight of my responsibilities. Before you ask what responsibilities, I would like you to know that I take my job of watching this house and everyone in it seriously.


I am looking at my friends, neighbours and pals this week, frankly confused by the fuss they are making about the lead up to Friday's Full Moon. Some of them are losing the plot, whereas all I can feel is a rising sense of excitement. I know that Full Moons speak to all of us differently and not all Full Moons are the same, but all this one is doing is fuelling a sense of wanderlust and curiosity.


Even though my birthday month ended last month, I am still expecting the royal treatment. This will start to wane from the weekend, when the conditions that look and feel just like my birthday month finally move aside. Until then, because I have no idea what the time, let alone what the date is, to me it still feels like my birthday month. This might be making me a bit of a diva, but I know that you love to spoil me when there is an excuse to and this is the perfect excuse.


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