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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 20 May 2019


If the weekend's Full Moon rattled my nerves I will be putting on a brave face, especially as I work to regain my cool. After all, I have a reputation to protect and I can't be seen to be pushed around by the Moon. The biggest hit will have been to my confidence and the only way to counteract that is to fake it till I make it. If I seem overly cocky or precocious it is just that I am over compensating. As my confidence returns the over compensating will ease back.


With my birthday month ending on Tuesday, the big question moving into the week is, what are you going to do about it? While I am not saying no to being given the royal treatment, with plenty of treats and attention, what I really need are the intentions and resolutions that I need you to make on my behalf. Yet while the Sun will leave Taurus on Tuesday, it is never too late to step in.


To begin with, I may be low on energy, something that may have crept in over the weekend. Over recent weeks I have been a bit erratic, with wild swings from having the energy to burn to all of a sudden dropping with exhaustion. That pendulum came to a stop over the weekend, centred in a place between the two. I am not so tired that I can't do anything, but can no longer be bothered if there isn't anything in it for me. I will get a fresh infusion of energy when my birthday month begins on Tuesday.


I was born under the Sign of the Moon, so I know all about what it feels like to be bounced around, bruised and buffeted by a Full Moon. Yet the weekend's Full Moon seems to have done the very reverse, infusing me with a new sense of confidence and unleashing a torrent of playful and adventurous influences that I am more than ready to embrace. This has also given me a sense of courage that I don't usually possess, leading me to feel a lot braver this week.


While I am still right into a battle of wills when it is something that I care about or really want, I am losing the taste for battle just for the sake of winning. Over recent weeks I haven't really cared whether I wanted something or not, as long as I came out the winner in any battle of wills. This week I am being more selective, as I find that I am more interested in socialising and camaraderie.


If the weekend's Full Moon literally had me howling at the Moon, in love with the sound of my own voice, this will ease back this week. Yet now that I have found my voice I will continue to use it, even if it sounds like noise to you. Yet I will also remember that I have other ways to communicate and that we don't have to speak the same language to connect. I am realising that it is the connection itself that is important and that is something we feel and sense. I feel it and I know that you do too.


Be warned, I am feeling a lot more competitive this week, hungry for any chance to engage in a battle of wills. Chances are I will use this as a default setting when I am feeling out of sorts, for I am especially sensitive to anything that is out of balance this week. Too much alone time, too much company or just variations to my routine will put me into a tailspin. All I know is that I feel out of sorts and this is when a battle of wills will feel like the right panacea. Instead of addressing any behaviour issues this might create, focus more on keeping everything balanced.


Talk about feeling like a superhero. If you find me in dangerous situations, acting out of character when it comes to acts of bravery or should that be stupidity, you can blame it on the weekend's Full Moon. This was a Scorpio Full Moon and it has awoken my inner superhero, the one that can leap tall buildings in one bound or take on the threats that I would normally shy away from.


I am not sure why, but I begin the week feeling empowered, centred and with that indescribable sense that all is right in the world. While the conditions behind this will weaken as the week progresses, starting the week with this kind of advantage it will be hard to shake the feeling. It is that feeling that I have had a really good sleep and I have woken up refreshed, ready to take on the world. I will be doing my best to help you feel the same as well.


I am definitely not feeling myself this week. I am struggling to find anything to worry about or to take anything too seriously. While I normally carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, feeling responsible for everything and everyone in my orbit, there is a playful energy in the air this week that is making me feel quite reckless. I am even happy to abandon my duties to any chance that comes along to make friends or have fun.


While home will be important to me this week and will remain the centre of my world, along with my love of family and all things familiar, I am ready to have some fun. It is because I have such a strong connection to all things familiar and such a love of home and family, that I am finding the confidence to branch out, ready to have fun when I get the chance. If any of my routines were abandoned over the weekend I may feel out of sorts to start with, but the sooner I can get back to my regular routines the quicker I will recover.


Something about the weekend's Full Moon has messed with my internal wiring, completely reprogramming the scripts that I operate on. This has really messed with my ability to remember what I was worrying about or what may have caused me to lose confidence. I feel alive, brave and there is a sense of adventure and fun in the air that I am ready to embrace. Full Moons usually do mess with me, but not in the positive way that this one has.


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