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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 16 September 2019


I am facing a bit of a dilemma, especially in the first part of the week. On the one hand, I have a desire to be as close to you as possible and that means literally getting under your feet at times. Yet, on the other hand I am feeling especially independent, wanting to do my own thing, in my own way and in my own time. I might get a bit stressed about this at first but by midweek I will start to realise that it all comes down to what I feel like doing in the moment. So expect me to be under your feet or nowhere to be seen.


While I am not exactly restless this week, I am developing a new desire to be moving. This doesn't mean that I will be running around in circles or bouncing off walls but you might find that I spend more time stretching, as though I was limbering up for something. For now, it is more a desire to get my muscles moving but not yet figuring out what I want to be doing with them. If you could encourage me into forms of physical play that would be a good place to start.


I have found myself wanting more fun and play and when I say 'found myself', I meant that this is almost something that has snuck up on me overnight. Something over the weekend shifted and a lightbulb has gone off in my mind, as I remember the games and fun playtimes we used to have when we were both younger and more spritely. I miss that and I think both of us could benefit from remembering the joy of play. I am still feeling territorial but a need for fun and play is also taking hold.


You know that I am very uncomplicated. I love you, I love my routines, I love to be loved and as long as you keep the food coming, I am in my happy place. I am feeling especially contented this week, with being in the centre of home and family life putting me in my happy place. The more things run to routine and the more the daily rituals stay the same, the happier I will be. I don't need or want anything complicated, with 'normal' more than good enough for me.


Don't be surprised if I am a lot more vocal this week, seemingly having fallen in love with the sound of my own voice over the weekend. This is something that I am still adjusting to, but I not only like the feeling I get from making noise but the reaction I get. Who knew that I all needed to do is get loud and I would get your attention? I am still working out how much is too much because while I want your attention, I don't want you to get mad with me.


While I may be more subdued at the start of the week, with the weekend's Full Moon having rattled my nerves, by midweek I will not only be back to my old self but I am likely to be more energised than before. So much so that I might become over active, full of enthusiasm and nervous energy that is looking for an outlet. As the week progresses a need to move will become increasingly urgent.


While I will still need plenty of down and quiet time, there will be times when I start to get restless. With my birthday month starting next week I am starting to pick up on a sense of anticipation and a sense of restlessness is starting to develop. Then I remember that I can't really be bothered and would much rather have another nap. I am likely to swing between the two modes all week.


I might appear to be more lethargic this week but it is not because of a lack of energy or because there is anything wrong with me. To start with this is something I am trying to fight, with my mind telling me that I want to keep running around, while my body is telling me that instead, I just want to take an extra nap. I am still working out the right balance because I am really starting to like my naps and any chance to escape into dreamland.


While I am still feeling competitive and with it a bit stubborn at times, my heart is no longer in it or at least not all the time. There will be times, especially when it is something I want, where I am prepared to go into a full head on battle of wills. However, I am losing my taste for a battle of wills just for the sake of winning. I am prepared to win some and lose some, letting some things go but standing my ground when it comes to the things that matter.


I can be as stubborn as an ox at times, to a point where if I don't want to move or go anywhere, I will literally become dead weight, plopping myself down and becoming an immovable object. You might start to see more of this as the week progresses but in a more selective rather than a blanket way. It is more when there is something that I want that I will be willing to go into a battle of wills. Bribes are going to be the best approach for when I really stand my ground.


I was born a free spirit so it doesn't take much to arouse my curiosity or a sense of wanderlust. This week the spirit of adventure is speaking to me in a way that I just can't ignore. This comes at a time when I am also hungry for change, with a drop in my tolerance for boredom coming just as I am developing a case of itchy feet. It is when every day is the same and we don't have adventures that I might get a bit cranky. A bit of variety is enough for now but be warned, a passion for adventure is only set to increase over the coming weeks.


While I am still besotted with you, I am starting to forget that I am your number one fan at times. There is a sense of change in the air that has me excited and after the weekend's Full Moon rattled my nerves, I am feeling more alive than I have for a long time. I have to admit I have been in a bit of a funk but I am now excited to embrace life. I will be so happy off doing my own thing that hours might pass where I have forgotten all about you, only to remember and feel a strong compulsion to find you.


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