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Weekly Pet Horoscopes (Updates on Monday) - 18 February 2019


Just when I was finding that old spring in my step again my energy levels are likely to drop again this week, with my motivation and get up and go underwhelming, to say the least. But where in recent weeks it was because I really was feeling drained and running on empty, this time it's my imagination that has me in its spell, encouraging me to spend hours daydreaming.


While a social vibe has been building for several weeks and my social butterfly wings have been starting to sprout, this comes to a head this week and into full bloom. While there will be times when I want to take myself off and spend some quality 'me' time, just relaxing and daydreaming, it will be on my terms and when I want to. I will also have more energy in general this week and at times may even feel restless.


I'm feeling especially competitive this week, which means that I'm not likely to want to back down when I know I'm right or when I think I can prove myself. Challenge this into constructive ways, either entering me into competitions, teaching me new tricks or steering me towards safer outlets. This combined with a social vibe in the air is likely to see me turn into a bit of a show off. I might even be a Youtube star in the making.


While I will always be a homebody at heart, my inner gypsy is coming out this week as adventurous solar vibes take hold. All of a sudden the same old same old is a bit too boring and I'm in the mood to try new things, go new places and find out what lies over the fence or around the next corner. I'm also fairly determined, so if you don't want to go adventuring with me, I might just go on my own.


You know me, I am always up for a bit of fun and excitement, but this week I am also going to love change and variety, with my boredom levels set to low. A desire for adventure and a willingness to embrace change make this the perfect week to introduce anything new into my life, routine or even into my diet. If I'm normally a picky eater, you may find that I have a more adventurous palate this week.


Watch where you're walking this week, especially if you're carrying things that reduce your line of sight, for I'm likely sticking close this week and at times getting right under your feet. Literally. This is especially so from Tuesday, when the Sun highlights just how important you are to me. Until then the Sun is still focused on my health needs, with Monday the best time for a healthy stocktake.


The Sun's return to my health sector on Tuesday will put the solar spotlight on all my health needs, making everything more obvious. Nothing changes in me and if anything I am likely to feel more energetic, apart from around the time of Wednesday's Full Moon. It is more that the things you don't usually notice become more obvious.


The focus this week needs to be on play and even though the focus will and has already started to shift to my health, it is easy to kill two birds with one stone. For chances are the things that represent fun or play for me, likely running around, are also good for my health. Remaining active and having lots of playtime is good for my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.


This week is likely to see me become more of a homebody, even though this has been slowly creeping up on me for some time. I may be more territorial as well, but mostly I am less interested in trespassers and more in being in the middle of home and family life. What I am really excited about is all things routine, the things that I usually find boring and predictable. I am waking up to how good I have it.


You can expect me to be more vocal next week, especially when it comes to letting you know what I want. This is coming from a combination of two developments coming together at the same time. The first is the Sun's focus on communication, which is giving me a voice. The second is a strong sense of knowing what I do and don't want. It is less that I am in love with the sound of my own voice and more that I am in love with getting what I want.


I know that it is a balancing act, especially at a time of when I am both starting to feel more confident and have a greater need to feel confident. Too much confidence and I am cocky. Not enough confidence and I start to fret, with Wednesday's Full Moon like to rattle my nervy and make me jumpy. Yet the biggest danger isn't in getting too cocky, but a lack of confidence. If you have to veer too far one way or the other, veer towards over confidence. Or at least, that is my opinion.


While I might be a little lethargic to start with, by the time the Sun returns to Pisces on Tuesday I am likely to experience a whole new burst in energy. This is the start of my birthday month and you know what that means? While I won't say no to birthday presents or treats, what I really need are the healthy resolutions and an update of my needs and priorities that I can't do for myself.


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